Blue and White

Blue and white is a favorite color combination. I often reach for a royal blue top to wear with white pants. The accessories determine whether the look is dressy, casual, or professional. Blue jeans and a white blouse are also very versatile but not always appropriate.

When I started wearing this color combination with a pop of orange earlier this summer, many of you left comments that you would never have thought of putting these colors together.

A question I get on repeat is, “How do you determine which colors will look good with each other?” I often look to nature for inspiration. Nothing is more uplifting than a vivid blue sky with pure white puffy clouds. In the fall, the leaves turn orange and gold against a strikingly blue sky to create a contrast that I have always loved.

Earlier this summer, I was at the Inn on Biltmore Estate when I saw a stunning woman wearing a blue top with crisp white jeans. She was carrying an orange Hermes Evelyne III PM bag, which provided instant inspiration. The search was on for an orange bag within my budget. The orange Dooney & Bourke bag was the result of my long search.

Favorite silk scarves also provide endless inspiration for pulling together pieces to create harmonious color combinations.

The blue top by Clara Sunwoo was from My Fair Lady last year. The white jeans are by Liverpool Jeans Company. The espadrilles were by Ralph Lauren last year. Links in my posts may generate a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

  1. Look no farther than the color wheel….complementary colors always provide a satisfying pop of contrast. Blue-green and red-orange are my redhead favorites!

  2. Great minds….I selected a blue top with white shorts today even before I logged on to my computer. I love pairing white pants with many bright solid color tops such as red, pink, purple and even gray. And forget that old “rule” about white after Labor Day. I simply switch to white jeans or corduroys. But I wear white on the bottom much more than on the top. Wonder why?

      1. Great point! I had never thought about that. I also like the way dark colors look next to my skin (neck/face) much better than white.

  3. Surprised to hear that many people did not know that blue and orange go perfectly together since they are opposite each other on the colour wheel. It’s a great tool if one isn’t sure which colours go well together.

  4. It’s starting to get cool up here in Toronto. Other than boots, what can we wear with socks for a casual look? It drives me crazy to see bare feet & heels when it’s freezing outside.
    Love your blog!

  5. I love knowing that a lady as stylish and elegant as you are, Susan, still gets inspiration from both nature and other stylish women!

  6. I live new Los Angeles, Ca. All of our stores are NOT showing white pants. You always look nice in white pants any time of the year, but having been raised in the east, white pants were ‘out’ after Labor Day.

  7. I don’t think I have commented before but just have to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! Today is so classic in how you help me understand fashion!!! Thank you very much!!!

  8. It is a matter of personal taste, but I am always glad to put away the white pants and welcome fall with its rich colors. I look forward to this season and prefer to express that in my clothing.

  9. Regarding your D & B handbag, is the color actually ‘Orange’ or is it ‘Pumpkin’? I just looked at their site and I can’t figure out which color is the one you have. Thank you!

  10. Susan, you site is very inspirational! I just went and purged a bunch of frumpy items out of my closet. So glad you post the retail brands of items you show. Last spring I tried to find a pair of white pants like the ones you are wearing. Did not have any luck at all. The store clerk at White House Black Market had a pair with holes in the knees and gold threads. She said I looked great in them, but I think my husband would have laughed and said “not age appropriate”. So, I did not buy. Over the years, I have found some nice things at J. Jill that were neither too young looking nor too old looking. We moved to south Florida a couple of years ago and I’ve been trying to pull together some good looks for this climate. Seems like it was easier when we lived up north!

  11. Always size medium? Anything for those of us who live in the very cold north? Any colours featured fall 2018, cognac to dark brown

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