Dressed For Dinner

Rather than taking a vacation for two weeks, we enjoy occasional long weekend getaways. Both Mr. Mickey and I own businesses that require our constant attention. Going away for more than a couple of days is something I have rarely done over the last twenty years.

When we getaway, we enjoy making it an elegant event. Pampering, excellent food and fine wine, and lots of rest are tops on our list. I want to exist for a day and allow someone else to do the work and decision-making.

We may not eat very much food, but the evening is made special by the rituals we both enjoy, such as getting dressed for the occasion and tasting something new from the menu or the wine list. We often share an entree. I sometimes have a salad and then an appetizer as a main course. I may eat an evening meal only once or twice per week. Breakfast and a late lunch provide enough food for me. I am an early riser and thus early to bed. Sleep is more peaceful on an almost empty stomach.

I complimented this lady on her blouse and visited her table because she wanted me to meet her sister. I learned that they were enjoying a regularly occurring sisters’ weekend getaway.

The pink jacket is by IC Collection via ShopMyFairLady.com. This is the jacket I showed you in the most recent video. Notice that I did not gather up the neckline detail or button it up because that would not flatter my round face. I love how this fabric moves and flows across the body without drawing attention to anything I don’t want to. The jean style reptile embossed pants are by Eric via Stein Mart. The shoes are from last year by French Connection. The bag is a couple of years old from S.M. Bradford on Hilton Head Island. The Thistle & Bee cuff was a gift from Mr. Mickey.

In this two-story specially designed storage space, The Primland has an enormous collection of the finest wines.

  1. Classic and classy as always Ms. Susan. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Thank you for allowing me to live vicariously through you. You inspire me.

  2. I’m looking carefully at the length of your jackets. The length looks perfect – not too long so the jacket does not “dumpify” you. Your friend’s top is beautiful and I love that she wears a long necklace.

  3. Mr. Mickey and you certainly make a handsome couple! You are so pretty in this bright pink. But then I think any color you choose looks fabulous on you because as you have been blogging about, you know which colors are most flattering for you to wear. I always thought my coloring was a warm, but after following you for over a year, I see that I’m actually cool.

  4. You look great! I love your blog! I’m 52 now and I was very scared of the life after 50. But the older I get, the more adorable women cross my path. You are one of them! Thank you for your wonderful outfits and your positive attitude.


  5. I love the pink! That is not a color I’ve seen you wear, but it is flattering with your silver hair and light complexion. I can see why you like the swing of the jacket. It is just enough to cover, but not overwhelm. Such an attractive couple!

  6. Gorgeous outfit and super pictures. What a beautiful place to visit. You both look very happy and I wish you many more years to cherish one another. Happy Anniversary!

  7. I saw that you had a lovely weekend in Virginia. That is where we live but down on the Chesapeake Bay. We love fine wines and it is my husbands hobby. We like travel and are fortunate enough to be able to take long trips. Had a wonderful 2 weeks in Egypt last month. I enjoy your blog and wonderful advice.

    Susan B.

  8. Happy anniversary !Both of you look gorgeous and so happy !
    Pink color is very flattering on you .Nice pictures ,thank you for sharing .

  9. These photos show perfectly how a slight difference in warmth of pink can suit either a cool or warm skin.

  10. Beautiful as always, Susan.

    I like the idea of a mini-escape. These short trips can do more for the soul than one trip in a whole year. Yes to the pampering and rest!

    Do you and Mr. Mickey shut the cellphones off during these sojourns?

  11. Dear Susan: I admire your poise and your elegant outfits. However, many of us (older than 60!) have serious problems with our FEET, and cannot wear those high heels and sandals you usually wear. Bunions and hammer toes and the like make us be much more “conservative”. Any good tips for us oldies?

    1. I will try to show more examples of similar flat shoes. Wear what is comfortable for you. If you don’t want to draw attention to your feet, try to match the color of your shoes to your pants or in the case of dresses and skirts wear nude (the color that matches your skin most closely).

  12. I have kaspersky security system on my laptop and it is blocking me from registering with you. Has anyone else had this problem? I can dismiss it but I am concerned why it is warning me. Any ideas?
    I would like to order your video.
    I also tried to order a pair of pants and the same thing happened.

    1. There is no reason for that to happen. I have shared your comment with my site designer so that he can check into it. You are the first to tell me about this. I will be happy to help you if you want to call me at the number on the site.

    2. Thank you, Susan. I finally just registered on my ipad which does not have the same security system on it.

  13. You look fantastic in that fuchsia! So enjoy going on adventures vicariously with you and Mr. Mickey

  14. I agree with you about not eating a lot at dinner time. However, we have found when we dine out that trying to split an entree is unpopular with most restaurants, even if we have ordered salads and wine. Some restaurants charge a large ‘split plate’ fee or even state ‘no split plates’ on the menu. I am also afraid that they get irritated and spit in my plate (not to be indelicate, just read some of Anthony Bourdain’s kitchen confidentials.) How do you handle this?

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