A Celebratory Weekend

We spent a perfect restful weekend away at Primland Resort to celebrate our eleven years of dating anniversary.

Friday was our travel day, so I wore a jacket over a scarf and tank top with slim-fitting jeans and sandals. The layers allowed me to remain warm or cool enough in the changing temperatures. The jacket is by Antonio Melani from Dillard’s. The tank top is from Chico’s. The jeans were the Smooth Fit Slim Ankle dark wash from J.Jill last year. The shoes are a couple of years old by Vince Camuto. The bag is by Ralph Lauren a couple of years ago.

Earlier in the day, we enjoyed an excellent lunch at Chateau Morrisette, the premier Virginia Winery and Restaurant located along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Floyd, Virginia, not far away from the Primland.

The view from our balcony.

The spacious suites are elegant, modern, and comfortable.

Those are rocks wrapped in leather in a wooden “basket.” A bit of mountain appropriate art for a centerpiece on the coffee table.

Live orchids are in every room and throughout the resort.

After a refreshing nap, it is time to dress for dinner. To be continued…

  1. Susan, as always you SLAY me with the simplicity and elegance of your outfits! I can soooo rock this look! Thank you!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

    I, too, love your style–such simple pieces to make such elegant looks! I have learned so much following your blog! Thank you for sharing! I have one question about your jacket/tank/scarf look today. I wear scarves just about every day! How do you get your scarf to stay in place with the way you wore it today? Do you fold it or drape it over your shoulders like a shawl?

    Thank you so much for sharing!!


    1. I often fold them into a triangle and drape them across my shoulders and then put a jacket or cardigan over that to hold it in place. If I am not wearing a jacket or cardigan, I fold the scarves into a triangle and tie the ends in front and the push them to the side so that it rests on my shoulder.

  3. You look effortlessly great as always! So really appreciate all the great info you share in your blogs that goes into making that happen. May be a funny question, but what is up with the basket that looks like rocks or potatoes wrapped with blue ribbons?

      1. Thank you..don’t know how I missed that explanation right below! Cute & very original! From a lady who decorates with bird nests & seed pods,smiles.

  4. Congratulations to you and Mr. Mickey. This is certainly an event to celebrate! I wasn’t sure what the basket with the blue ribbons contains. Are they rocks or potatoes? The resort looks very lovely. Being a girl from NYC, I haven’t visited your neck of the woods much. However, a couple of years ago, I went to a wedding in Charlottesville, VA. We down and coming back home, drove through the mountains which were very lovely.

  5. I love how you make jeans and a t shirt into something glam, smart and special. Belated congratulations, hope you had a lovely celebratory break. The hotel looks wonderful. My hubby and I have been together for 12 years but (fortunately for him!) we got married the same day so I’ve made date remembering as easy as is possible!

  6. Me again! Forgot to ask, what IS that in the basket? It looks like beribboned stones or potatoes but I’m guessing it’s not!

  7. Hi Susan , Happy Anniversary and many more !! i also love the elegant simplicity you have , I do not have many scarves , most are for the colder weather , so to begin collecting , what color pattern would you suggest i begin looking for , i had read once to match your eye color , do you agree ? thanks

    1. I highly encourage the concept of matching your own colors such as your eyes, the darkest and lightest natural strands of your hair, the rosy pink of your flushed cheeks, the lightest color of your skin. If we honor our own natural coloring as we choose our clothing and accessories they will look good on us and they will blend together effortlessly. For example, my eyes are clear blue-gray with no gold flecks. My hair is silver gray on the top and very dark slate gray underneath. My skin is a pale almond cream where the sun never reaches it. These colors in a scarf are perfect for me.

  8. I love the way the resort has brought the beautiful outside to the interior in its decorating. So many natural elements in a modern, attractive combination. Love your jacket. As always, you look very smart and are an inspiration.

  9. I like your look and congratulations on another anniversary. I like the idea of natural rock and leather around them for a centerpiece! As you said very appropriate and great idea.

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary! You look especially pretty in these photos. Younger. I think it’s the hair and/or makeup.
    What is the main difference between satin and silk scarves? Do you prefer one over the other? Thank you for sharing!

  11. I can no longer wear high heels….unfortunately. I don’t feel that I can look elegant anymore. Any suggestions ??

    1. I am wearing heels less often when I know I will be walking a lot. I look for flats which have lots of support and a slender look. If they have an almond or pointed toe, I am even happier with them. Match the shoes to the color of your skin or the color of your pants to draw the least amount of attention to your feet.

  12. What a lovely way to celebrate. Life is too short to miss an opportunity to mark a special anniversary.
    I like your travel look very much!

  13. I’m a Brit living in Cyprus and I love your blogs. I’m transitioning to silver right now so find your beautiful hair and style an inspiration. I also love your streamlined way of dressing, so simple but stunning. Thank you Susan.

  14. You look very elegant for traveling. I always end up looking crumpled. The view is fantastic. Congratulations on your anniversary.

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