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Choosing three words to define personal style helps keep us on track as we shop or get dressed for the day. One of my three words is simplicity. The other two are classic and natural. I am most comfortable in two or three neutral colors with a few well-chosen accents.

When I apply makeup, style my hair, or decide what to wear, my guiding principle is always to avoid the “too much syndrome.” For example, I enjoy wearing a dramatic necklace with simple necklines, but I do not wear dramatic earrings simultaneously. Bright (never dark) lipstick can light up the face, but I apply, blot, and repeat so that it is never a slippery mess that travels into lines. Blow drying my hair with a large round brush helps to tame my unruly waves and a bit of spray keeps the frizz in check. However, I fluff or brush the spray out after it dries so that the hair remains soft and has movement. My goal is to look rested, natural, and well-groomed.

A similar necklace is here. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

I mostly share links to similar items since mine are rarely new. JacketTopPantsBootsSocksBagBeltEarringsSkincareLip Stick (507 Blue Red) – BronzerEye Shadow (Cocoa) – Fragrance.

Mr. Mickey has adapted his eating plan to avoid the “too much syndrome” also. When his glucose levels became dangerously high recently, we did some research and teamed up with his doctor to change what and how much he eats. (No snacking and smaller, more nutritious meals fewer times daily.) After six weeks, he lost seventeen pounds and corrected the high sugar readings through mindful eating and proper medication. It becomes too easy to overdo everything during the festive season, so we are doubling down on self-discipline to remain as healthy as possible.

We enjoyed another delightful meal at Gourmet and Company on Saturday evening. Our friend chef Jacob sends us the most beautiful amuse-bouches! We now avoid bread, dessert, and dairy products. Instead, our food choices are centered around vegetables and occasionally wild-caught fish.

An amuse-bouche is a small hors d’œuvre, different from appetizers in that they are not ordered from a menu by patrons but are served free and according to the chef’s selection.

I do not accept gifts in exchange for reviews, so my posts are never ads, but I show you what I have purchased and how I use it repeatedly. A summary of recent outfits is here. In addition, shopping links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission at no cost to you.

  1. Good morning! Lovely as usual. Good job with Mr. Mickey’s health. I am still having difficulty with food as reward (I love to bake) vs. length of life. In moderation, I am still enjoying my desserts. What is in the non-appetizer? Scallop, chick peas, pepper? Thanks again for your wonderful updates.

    1. There is a scallop and a handmade pasta strand in the mix. Also included in the unique gift are some tiny bits of vegetables. I almost forgot to mention the shaved truffle!

  2. Arlene, there’s a Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount code, 22BFCM15, in effect now. I love these ActiveX Sheec socks.

  3. I commend Mr. Mickey for quickly taking steps to correct his blood sugar. Seventeen pounds lost is a real feat! You both are looking terrific! I have gained a few pounds and need to channel some self discipline too, or it could get worst as we head into a season of eating opportunities. Enjoy this lovely time of year!

  4. I love this hair style on you! It so perfectly frames your face.

    Thanks for inspiring me. I always look forward to your posts.

  5. Susan, you always look lovely. I appreciate the knowledge you share with all of us. Mr. Mickey looks great! I’m happy to hear he’s healthy.

  6. You are so lovely. Love your style and your three words! I adore my necklace. I got it in gold and it is wonderful. Thank you

  7. Very inspirational especially at this time of year when there are so many temptations! Impressed with
    how you and Mr Mickey support each other’s healthy lifestyle!

  8. Date night fashionista! Always charming Mr Mickey too classy. Admire your style and style of diet you follow.

  9. Discipline is the key. This is the hardest part to keep it up. Congrats to Mr Mickey.

    Your health is your greatest asset.

    Happy Holidays!

  10. Hello Susan, I look forward to finding your emails in my in-Box. I don’t know exactly what it is but every time I read them I find myself not just enjoying the content but the pictures you share of Mr. Mickey, the places you dine in, the trips you take, etc etc. Thank you for sharing with us. Be safe and keep taking care of yourself and Mr. Mickey.

  11. Hi Susan,

    I have to tell you that I often Google images of your outfits to get ideas for when I go out. I love your style and get the greatest ideas from you. Thank you.

  12. From reading your past entries, it seems you are both fortunate to have found one another. Happy for you both.

  13. Hello Susan.
    Why do my people are avoiding dairy products ?
    Do you have any explanation? I love fruit to wit cottage cheese and sprinkle with cinnamon .
    Thank you

    1. The glycemic index of dairy products is low compared to other carbohydrate-containing foods, but it has a disproportionately high insulin index. This is because the protein content of dairy, more than its fat content, influences how much insulin levels will rise after eating.

  14. Hello Susan, Colleen here. No matter how I try to replicate your outfits and wardrobe I am not successful. I am much larger than you are, perhaps this is the problem! Please could you share again your before (you lost weight) to the now article. I am unable to trace it. Thank you in advance and kindest regards Colleen

    1. The latest post about my health journey is here. The idea that we need three meals daily and two snacks seems excessive. My health improved exponentially after cutting back to one or two highly nutritious meals daily. (Keep in mind that greens, beans, fresh vegetables, and unprocessed grains are what I consume most.) Losing excess weight was a bonus, but my goal was to improve my health.

  15. As always, Susan, you look lovely and I take note of all of your comments. Additionally, this time I have to say, “Way to go Mr. Mickey. You look fantastic.. Congrats on the weight loss and talking to the doctor about how to manage the sugar levels.”

  16. I have studied your styling photos and I bit – I just bought a black and white houndstooth wool blend coat, on sale of course. Now I have to figure if all black with it or can I add a little color somewhere when I wear it out.

    Thank you for the inspirations.
    Vegetables rule! I put them in front of my husband and he does eat them. Take good care of that man in your life.

  17. How refreshing your posts are, not having marketing.
    You are valued. How helpful your sock post was.
    We are 80 and eat plant protein diet. Divine health is a discipline with JOY. Your tips are valued.

  18. Thank you, Susan! I love that little handbag! Mr. Mickey looks very distinguished! I hope he does well with his adjustment in his diet plan! It’s never easy at first, but after the 3rd to 5th day it’s so much easier and your body will love you for it.
    I have you to thank, Susan! I purchased that book and it has set me straight after adopting some negative habits. I’ve already shed weight and feel much clearer in my brain.

    Blessings to you!

  19. This may seem like a silly question but, how do some people get their photos on here? I noticed some people you can see who they are and others are just empty boxes. I was trying to figure it out, to no avail.

  20. Hi Susan, somehow, I stopped receiving these newsletters, so I signed up again over the weekend. I got caught up on your other blogs and enjoyed them so much. The blog in which you recommended Eat to Live really had an impact. I ordered the book and look forward to getting started on a healthier path. Thank you for that.

    Love seeing Mr. Mickey looking and feeling so great! (He looks dashing in the picture!) That’s what we all need to strive for as we age–being healthy. You and he are perfect examples of how eating healthy foods and exercising reflect so well on your outside.

    You look stunning, and I just love the belt and purse, the way they enhance the simplicity of the outfit.

    Best to you both.

  21. I’m curious as to what Mr. Mickey eats for his small meals. My husband is dealing with high sugar readings and we can’t get them to go down. I’m sure it’s what he is eating but I’m at a loss as to what he should be eating.
    Anything will help.

    1. As I mentioned previously, we both eat cruciferous vegetables, sweet potatoes, whole grains, an occasional piece of wild-caught fish, organic pasture-raised boiled eggs, oatmeal, and raw nuts. Eating less volume and less often has also helped. We never eat fast or processed foods, which often contain oils, margarine, shortening, high-fructose corn syrup, and lots of salt.

  22. Hi. Thanks for including Mr. Mickey in your post. He always looks so dapper and elegant. Most men don’t know how or want to dress up these days so it’s great to see his example. Would you mind expanding info on his diet…it seems somewhat different than yours and I would love to know more. You both look marvelous.

  23. Your style tips are priceless! You always look put together. My mother was like this and passed it down to me. I do get caught up in trends and need to reel it in! Your blog helps me! So happy to hear Mr. Mickey is doing well, he looks charming! It’s hard to change unhealthy eating habits, my hat is off to him! Have a great week!

  24. I know how much Mr. Mickey dearly loves bread so what discipline he is showing! Kudos to both of you for your commitment to health and to each other!

  25. Thank you for continuing your blog after you left social media. I recently met a friend who said “You are all dressed up” when I was wearing a black crew neck sweater and black jeans. Must have been the classic belt, pushed up sleeves, and a small cross body bag that color matched the hikers I wear due to arthritis in my feet. I appreciate your shopping links for accessories the most.

  26. Hi Susan. I’ve been following you blog for quite some time and have learned a lot. My style sense is the same as yours but mine is not quite there yet ( I have trouble putting together outfits still-but I’m learning). So I was hoping you could help me….I have a business casual holiday party yo go to and purchased a Hunter green sweater with a bow tie at the side of the neck and sheer green sleeves. I thought I would wear black pants. Do you have any suggestions. Just the sweater and pants seem quite plain but I can’t imagine any accessories with the side bow tie. Thank you so much and I hope you have a happy holiday

  27. I enjoy and value all your posts! I have always avoided monochromatic outfits but since the pandemic and retirement I find myself replicating your style. Which is so helpful because, I like you have downsized into a smaller space. This post is particularly timely, with the holidays! I appreciate the straight forward advice regarding maintaining a healthy lifestyle especially this time of year!
    Wishing everyone happiness and health!

  28. Susan, I finally read Eat To Live after seeing your recommendation and hearing it from my doctor too. I’m happy to say that after one month I’ve dropped 16 lb. and may be able to avoid having to use a CPAP machine as my sleep apnea seems to be resolved. I’ve never been a fan of many vegetables but I had a smoothie with beets this morning that was delicious, a great way to get in my veggies. Thank you for the inspiration!

  29. Hi Susan,

    What wonderful news that Mickey’s glucose has come down and making changes in his eating habits. For some people breaking away from what you’re used to to do is not always always easy. Back to back and having a person that genuinely cares makes a huge difference.

  30. Susan, you are so inspiring to this grandmother in my active eighty’s. I “entertain” in very small groups, volunteer at a Recovering Addiction facility, indulge my passion for the piano, love walking my sweet Golden, my church and family.

    I think I share your philosophy to present “my best self” on the exterior when in public. I like to think perhaps it nudges others to reach for a pleasing look. We Americans have taken “casual” to the extreme – thank you for showing us how to up our game. Have a lovely, loving Season, folks!

  31. Love your outfit today. I notice you have a belt that matches the jacket. I don’t have that jacket but have a white one similarly styled and plan to wear it with a black top and pants. Do I wear a white belt or black one? I have two white belts but they are both braided and seem to me to be summery. Please and thanks as always.

  32. Love your style Susan and I think out of all the bloggers I read, you have got to be my favorite! You just have “the touch!”
    This outfit is so simple, yet so classy. You look fabulous as usual.
    Kudos to you and Mr. Mickey eliminating foods that you like to eat; not an easy thing to do.
    My husband, who is over 65, and a borderline diabetic, still eats like he was a teenager, with the burgers and bacon etc. Your tips and comments about Mr. Mickey are very helpful. Keep up the great health! You both are an inspiration.

  33. Such an attractive couple! It is so nice to see people dress stylishly for any/all occasions. I live in Southern California and it is far more casual than I like…probably because of the mild climate.

    You are always so put together and smartly dressed without being dowdy or frumpy. Truly an inspiration for this mature woman that still likes to look her best at all times.

    I love your hair longer! Very becoming!

  34. Love the handbag too.
    We went to a wedding with my Son and DIL and she had the cutest little bag, but noted that it isn’t big enough for her phone — a must have !
    Son had to tuck it into his jacket pocket.

    My “what to give for Christmas” antenna went off and I’m on the prowl for cute little structured bags that are big enough for today’s essentials.

  35. You should write a book on your elegant simplicity lifestyle: dressing eating, gardening, decorating, etc. Love your inspiration.

  36. Love your blog, have been following for years from Australia. I live in a small country town with very limited shops. Can you give some tips for online shopping and getting sizes correct. Also, can you give some tips for shoe styles, i have long feet.

  37. Absolutely love your posts! Always helpful! After chemo my hair came in gray & I embraced the color and I’m completely content with it! It’s always nice to see how your wardrobe combinations look with gray hair! It’s encouraging to me!

  38. Hello Susan:

    Could you please let me know which round brush and spray you use for your hair. I just got my thick hair cut much shorter, and I am loving it. Much easier to care for. You always look lovely and are an inspiration to many.

    Thank you.


  39. Hi Susan,
    Can you give us a video tutorial of how you use your round styling brush to blow dry your hair? I can’t quite get how to hold the brush in one hand and a dryer in the other.
    Thanks for all your tips.

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