Date Night Adventures

If there are rules to live by, mine would include the following:
Use what you have and enjoy it.
Show up, dress up, and live life to the fullest every day.
Never miss a chance for adventure.

The lip color is Girls’ Night here. My skincare routine is here; hair care items are here, sun protection items are here. Slim ankle jeans in black here. The denim jacket is also from Talbots, but it has sold out now. Here is a similar style, and here is another. The shoes are from last year. Similar here. The bag is several years old. Similar here.

On Friday evening we took a drive up to Banner Elk, North Carolina, where we enjoyed a delightful early dinner at Bodegas. After dinner, we drove over to the campus of Lees McRae to shoot a few photos; then, we drove to the top of a mountain to look for the Eagles Nest Winery. It is a beautiful setting which we plan to visit soon, now that we know how to find it. It was a delightful evening!

All of Mr. Mickey’s items are from Polo Ralph Lauren. Similar items are linked; shirt jeansshoes.

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  1. Great advice, enjoy every day and count every blessing! Beautiful scenery and post. Learned about a new area. Thanks!
    Handsome couple!

  2. What a beautiful part of our great country to explore! You and Mr. Mickey look sharp as always.

  3. I bought the same jacket from Talbots months ago when you first posted! I think my jacket needs a trip to your neck of the woods! LOL. Thanks for the styling inspiration. Mr. Mickey looks like he gives you a run for second looks out on a date night! Blessings to you both for much health and happiness.

  4. Very nice pictures! We used to live in that area. It’s a pretty place. I really like your rules to live by. Something we all need to remember. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You and Mr Mickey look spectacular and happy and are in beautiful surroundings.
    Shoes of a bright color are perfect for that pop especially in warm months. Scarves are often not an option in warm seasons and a colorful handbag we carry is not always on our person.
    I’ve seen in the past denim jackets in this style on the QVC website just fyi. Don’t remember the designer, maybe Isaac Mizrahi.
    Thank you for helping us to live a happy and fulfilled life, Susan.

  6. I can’t get over how good Mr. Mickey looks for his age, actually for any age! So glad he recovered so well. Please tell him to smile when you take his picture. His smile lights up his face & the room, I’m sure.

  7. So glad you show off your man friend he’s seemingly looking more fit! I love your words to live by!

  8. I really enjoy your post. Very happy that you are not constantly shopping and really encourage wearing pieces that are already in one’s closet. You make me think before buying clothing or accessories.

  9. Love the photos. It helps in these challenging times to view other places we can’t even think about visiting for a long while yet I think

  10. Hello Susan
    I have been reading your blog for quite a while now and love your content. We are on the Covid roller coaster here in Sydney Australia 3rd week of lockdown and more than likely another week or two to go. I thank my lucky stars that we live in the Blue Mountains on the outskirts of Sydney and have our gardens, space and nature around us.
    You and Mr Mickey make a very handsome couple. Thank you for your helpful fashion and food tips.

  11. Two favorite restaurants of mine in Banner Elk are Stonewalls and Sorrentos. I think you will enjoy them even more than Bodegas.

    I am a lifetime native but also live about six months a year in NYC. Best of both worlds.

  12. My husband and I have visited friends in beautiful Banner Elk several times over the years. We’ll be back again this August. Perhaps as we poke around the shops and eateries, we will run into you and Mr. Mickey- that would be a treat for us! Thank you for your latest recommendations!

  13. Just a suggestion—I love the pop of red for your shoes, but it would really pop with the addition of red scarf or necklace!,

    1. Too many matching elements can look dated especially when they are not worn close together. Keep in mind that nail polish and lip color are also pops of red.

  14. Love your photos because we’re still in lockdown here in Canada & travel and eating in restaurants is still a dream. Susan, you have always looked amazing in the colours you wear. Women in some other blogs finally got their colours right after a consultation and I applaud them for doing this. Have you ever had a colour analysis and/or style analysis and would you suggest this to help a woman look her best? Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. I have not had a professional analysis done, but it is obvious that warm or dull colors don’t do me any favors. But, on the other hand, I look well-rested and happier when I wear cool, vibrant colors with my neutrals of white, gray, and navy.

  15. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for sharing all your pictures. You’re a great photographer. I always look forward to your posts and enjoy your pictures and beauty tips. You and Mr. Mickey are looking well. You can see you are both happy.


  16. Beautiful scenery. A beautiful couple and beautiful advise. What more do I need to add to my day.

  17. You are right on with your outlook. Gratitude is also a must that seems to keep me on track no matter what happens.
    Love your denim jacket and shop your closet tips. Too many coordinating pieces do give a “matchy” dated look when addressing color. My colors to avoid are the same as yours. I just came to learn my colors by holding them near my face. That is my test and it works for me.
    You and Mr.Mickey make a lovely and most stylish couple. Thanks for all your help.

  18. Susan, I wholeheartedly support your point about avoiding too many items of the same accent color. I immediately thought that the red shoes were just exactly right with this outfit. Another red item (other than cosmetics) would have been too matchy-matchy. You have been gradually educating us away from matchy-matchy toward a more thoughtful and tasteful look.

  19. Hi Susan,
    I always look forward to your posts. Casual, dressy or formal, your look is always classy.
    The one pop of red just makes this whole look.
    Wishing you well,

  20. SUSAN, if you EVER make it to Florida and Daytona Beach area, you have an open invitation to our home. But I’ll put you to work going through my walk-in closet and storage closet to shed many pounds of clothes that would be almost new. I seem to have gotten into a rut and really don’t know how to weed it out. The closet downstairs has seven (yes, seven) animal print t-shirt style tops. I can’t wear but one a month as the only place I wear them is church. Maybe that’s my biggest problem. I don’t wear my clothes. I hoard them. Can I get a witness? I NEED HELP. I’m trying to watch you and put it to use so that when I walk again – and I will – I can keep, give away and throw away. Thanks for trying to teach us what our mother’s didn’t have a clue about.

    1. That sounds like a fun time, Myra, but I usually go to the west coast when I visit Florida.
      Tackle your wardrobe by starting with one small section of your collection since it is so vast. First, separate those items from everything else by putting them on the bed or a rolling rack. Then, try on each piece to consider a few points. For example, do you really love it, will it go with other things you often wear and is it current? Work on a small section each day, week, or month so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

  21. Dear Susan,
    I retired a year ago and still can’t find a solution to narrow my clothes. What do you suggest? As a teacher, I really had a lot of clothes and I don’t know where to start.

    1. Pack away the things you never wear and store them for now. Then, if you don’t think about them or have to pull them out of storage in a year, you likely won’t miss them. You can sell them, donate them or recycle the garments you no longer need or want.

  22. Mr. Mickey is sure lookin’ spiffy! And so are you, of course. I’m a fool for red shoes! Love them!

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