Bloom in Bristol

Celebrations make everyday life seem special, so we always look for something to cheer about. One of my favorite sayings is, “Yay for us!”

We ordered champagne at lunch in the middle of a month with no holidays. The server smiled as she popped the cork and asked what we were celebrating; without missing a beat, I answered, “It’s Saturday!” She enjoyed my response so much; she remembered us when we visited again almost a year later.

In keeping with enjoying each day as if it were a special event (it is!), we wear our good clothes every day and drink champagne for no particular reason.

We have enjoyed visiting Bloom in Bristol a couple of times, and we look forward to returning often. The service is attentive and friendly. The food is fresh and delicious.


Does anyone else have to remove their glasses to eat?

Each of us ordered the Breakfast Burrito without meat. I always order greens when they are offered as a side.

Now that Mr. Mickey’s glucose issues are resolved, and he has lost more than twenty pounds, we are returning to our tradition of sharing a decadent dessert once a month.

The dessert included a moist brownie on a layer of raspberry puree, topped with white and dark chocolate shapes and chocolate ganache. All the bits were edible.

It’s always fun to visit nearby Bristol, and there are many things to do when you get there. However, it’s far enough away to feel like we had an adventure for the day.

None of the items in my look are new, so I’ll look for similar items if you want to shop. JacketSweaterJeansBootsBagScarfBelt

A summary of recent looks is here. As always, shopping links may allow me to earn a small commission at no cost to you.

  1. Good morning. Yes I remove my glasses to eat.
    Every day is special. We are self employed so sometimes leaving the office in the middle of the week for a long lunch is more fun than waiting for the weekend. We also find less people out and about making our celebrations seem better with less traffic and noise in restaurants. We started this week celebrating a new week by having breakfast Monday morning at a favorite places instead of heading to the office first.
    I enjoy everyone of your post.

  2. Good morning! Everything is beautiful as usual; your outfit, hair, smile and couple-ness (not a word, I know). Would love details on the dessert!

  3. Yes! I, too, remove the glasses when I eat. Unless I’m alone, then I’ll be reading a book.
    I’m glad you described the dessert because I just can’t believe they put so much decadence onto one plate and I was so curious about it.

  4. I love that you celebrate everyday. I also don’t have anything “put away” for a special occasion. My mother actually had towels we couldn’t use! Haha. Yay for Mr. Mickey and both of you! XO

    1. A silk slip is still in the box with a tag attached and in a drawer at my mother’s house. First, it belonged to my great-grandmother, who was saving it for new, then my grandmother kept it for forty years, then after she passed away, my mother took over. Who knows if anyone will ever use that beautiful slip? It is much too small for me, but it is now about eighty years old and brand new simultaneously.

  5. Susan, love seeing you in a bright and cheery color. It looks lovely on you and as always , so polished! Thanks for all your ideas.

  6. Yes, the first thing I do at home before being seated for a meal is remove my glasses and place them on the counter away from the table. When eating at a restaurant, I leave them on. Don’t ask – it’s my own personal quirk which seems correct to me.

    I grew up in a very casual and a very small home. Things were well worn throughout my growing up years, but we had towels that were saved back for company except they were never used.

    Susan you look fabulous and I look forward to your now frequent postings.

  7. Susan,
    Your post is so inspiring.every day can be a cause of celebration.I am happy to see you return to your basic formula of color,proportion,and classic style.
    Happy to hear Mr.Mickey health issues resolved.I was missing the fabulous desserts .
    Best Wishes for a blessed New Year

  8. I’m catching up on post so I need to comment on the fur vest first. You look amazing then and now but I like it better with long sleeves. I personally prefer wearing them but I heard you mention that 3/4 makes us look slimmer. I need my fashion guru to give me more information. Next, your hair is so pretty and looks so healthy. I’m considering going gray but still need to consider all my options. Finally, I love celebrating life. Getting up, painting my barn, putting together a lovely outfit just to go pick up my three grandkids from school, I never get out of the car, sill brings me great joy. I’m thankful for a lifestyle that allows me this pleasure so why not look my best. Thank you Susan for the example you present to us and for allowing us a glimpse into your life.

  9. I’m enjoying your wardrobe additions and how they show your individual style.
    Just wondering if you ever go to the movies together?
    We’re going to see the new Tom Hanks movie tonight.

  10. I love the bright and cheery jacket! Such a lush color! You look beautiful celebrating in that lovely restaurant. My husband and I are going out this morning to celebrate Friday with a breakfast. Have a wonderful week! By the way, I bought some Merino wool sweaters and am loving them. They are soft and warm without adding bulk under my jacket or coat.

  11. Nice article. A couple of questions. 1) How long of a drive one way to Bristol? 2) Please explain the desert, is the egg shell looking topper edible, if so what is it made of? Thank you.

    1. It’s twenty-five miles from Bristol to Johnson City. The dessert included a moist brownie layer topped with white and dark chocolate shapes and chocolate ganache. All the bits were edible.

  12. Love everything in this post! We should celebrate life every day!
    Missed the posts with you and Mr. Mickey sharing dessert! Glad he is able to enjoy them again.

  13. Beautiful! Q: What do I do if waistline has “ disappeared”” (5’5”..wearing sz 6-8 jeans..8-10 tops..)? Do I leave top untucked under jacket (create a long column of color head to toe) with focus of color on jacket/scarf? Hints, please.

    1. Leave the top untucked, wear the same color top and bottom, add a belt to pretend that’s where your waist is, and then wear a jacket or cardigan open. The scarf, belt, and or bag color can relate. The shoes should blend with the pants or the color of your legs (with dresses) to elongate.

  14. Good for you. That is great having champagne for lunch. Everyday should be a celebration. You look awesome and so does Mr. Mickey.

  15. That’s sad about the slip but sounds so much like my family as well. I have worked hard to overcome that “ save it “ for later mentality, replacing it with “why keep it if you’re not going to use it”. I would rather have it bless someone else than take up space in my house if it’s not going to get used.

  16. Yes, I remove my glasses to eat also. I think I must wear my glasses on my head a good bit, because I seem to find myself hunting them only to remember they are on my head!! Thank you for allowing us to be a part you and Mr. Mickey’s outings. My, what a radiant couple you are! Continue to live life to the fullest possible. Enjoy beautiful treasures everyday. Sad to say, but if we don’t enjoy our treasures, someone else will when we are dead and gone even if its strangers that purchased them at the estate sale!

  17. I love this look ….. and this meal! Good for you and Mr. Mickey. I love “going along” on your adventures.


  18. I’m the opposite as I only wear my specs for reading, sewing etc., so often put them on to see what I’m eating!
    I love your posts and you have inspired me and my husband to tour around your area in Autumn. We are in Melbourne, Australia but your state and surrounding states have been showcased so beautifully that I just have to see it.
    So good to see Mr Mickey back in top form and you looking lovely as usual, Susan.

  19. Absolutely liove the slip story! So special each time you open the drawer, maybe a note tucked inside for its forever home. You could write a story all around it I’m sure. Love that jacket and of course, “it’s Saturday “! Enjoy and make everyday special!

  20. I love that –just celebrating every single day. I do this as well. I lost my husband 7 years ago and I celebrate each and every day; I wear the good clothes, carry the pretty purses and wear the good jewelry.

  21. Hi Susan,
    “Yay for us,” is a good uplifting vibe. I like it!
    I also like your your response to the server, “it’s Saturday.” That is an excellent response and a way of making new friends.
    C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s to Mr. Mickey for getting his glucose under control. Wow, and lost 20 pounds. Yay for Mr. Mickey. Great accomplishment. I’m sure your influence helped a great deal. He must be feeling better. Please tell him he’s a ⭐️ STAR

  22. Brava! And thanks for the reminder to dress up and make every day special! I confess I’ve slipped into the sloppy coastal look here in S. Texas! Shame on me! Here’s to breaking my new boots in and wearing them more often!

  23. How lovely that you still have your grandmother’s silk slip in its original state. It’s a piece of fashion history! I do hope that whoever you pass it on to will preserve it.

  24. Hi Susan! It is wonderful to hear that Mr. Mickey’s glucose issues have been resolved. I’m having the same problem, without much advice from my doctor on how to lower the number. How did Mr. Mickey do it?

  25. Love that you just celebrate life! We all should make that a priority. And speaking of priorities, I turn 69 years this month and have vowed to really get in good physical shape and improve my health so I would be interested in hearing hoe Mr. Mickey resolved his glucose issues. Would you share his routine?

    1. In addition to reducing the quantity of food he was consuming, Mr. Mickey stopped eating bread, dessert, pasta, fruit juices, and all refined carbs. Instead, he has oatmeal, salads, a small amount of fresh fruit, and wild-caught fish.

  26. Love everything except the tiny handbag. Is it me or does it just seem the wrong size? So teeny, it almost looks like a little girl’s purse!

  27. When we lived in Abingdon we often went to Bristol. There are some great restaurants there. I do take my glasses off when I eat whenever I wear them because they are only for distance.
    Good for Mr. Mickey and getting his glucose levels under control. I would like to learn more for my husband.
    Also great color on you.

  28. I laughed when I read, “Does anyone else have to remove their glasses to eat?” Luckily, my close up vision is still excellent even though I am well into my sixties! When we dine out, and the menu is presented, everyone at my table quickly searches for their “readers” while I simply remove my glasses (I’m far-sighted). Enjoy today’s adventure!

  29. Hello Susan! I enjoyed your sharing in the lovely outing you two had! Your brightness and joy in life are beautiful examples!

  30. Hi Susan,

    Love your outfit and your philosophy: Live your best life in your best clothes everyday! Perfect!


  31. You look wonderful Susan! I love the color of that jacket. Yes, I always remove my glasses to eat but strangely always need them when I need to judge color up close! I’m not sure why but my friends say the same thing.

  32. I live in Marietta, GA and I’m planning a trip to Johnson City. Could you recommend some places to visit, restaurants, and lodging?

  33. Susan…….Such a great color for you (jacket)! Love your look using newer and older classic pieces along with something unusual and interesting. I especially love your hair and that you keep it so beautifully. My hair is silver and looks like yours when I take care of the cut….but I tend to let it grow longer and it weighs down my face. Thank you for the guidance and inspiration towards elegance.

  34. I love your attitude! Partly a hangover from working days, I put on a nice outfit, good jewelry, put on makeup and fix my hair everyday. I don’t feel ready to face the day without it! Your jacket is beautiful, as a designer I love juicy rich colors!

  35. I am so inspired by you outlook on life and your fabulous dress sense. I live in the UK so it’s sometimes difficult to get the items you use. Please continue to inspire us.

    1. In addition to reducing the quantity of food he was consuming, Mickey stopped eating bread, dessert, pasta, fruit juices, and all refined carbs. Instead, he has oatmeal, salads, a small amount of fresh fruit, and wild-caught fish.

  36. Love love your outlook on life!! I will definitely be borrowing that “Yay for us!”
    So grateful to hear about Mr. Mickey’s great health report. Yay for him!

  37. I love this color combo on you and on me , too! TheBloom looks amazing and the food delicious!!!

  38. Hello there from beautiful Wales.I love you and Mr Mickeys adventures , and Wow he lost 20 lbs, well done to him! I only
    need to loose 7lbs but can’t budge it! Truth be known I am not trying hard enough, must give desserts a complete miss .
    With regard to taking glasses off before I eat, well I wear Varifocals, as soon as I get out of bed I put them on and don’t
    take them off before I go to sleep. Varifocals are fab as you get 20/20 vision all day long.. I don’t even realise I am wearing them.
    I would like to try contact lenses but somehow never seem to get around to it. I wear lovely dainty glasses, I don’t follow trends
    in eyewear.
    Anyway talking of trends, I like so many of your followers love your classic timeless look ‘ it’s NOT boring! but I was in shock
    when you adorned a grey tweed baseball cap with pearl beads on and the shiny black patent ‘ bover’ boots well a definite thumbs down.
    Please don’t be offended but I like so many of your followers I adore you and Mr Mickeys adventures and how smart you
    both always look , shiny shoes ! Well Mr Mickeys take some beating, he is always so well groomed, I some how couldn’t imagine
    him in a trendy cap scruffy tea shirt with a logo and baggy shorts . Oh howI love you two.
    Hey another thing I notice when you name the places you visit like Bristol , Birmingham,these are Major Urban cities in U.K.
    and Abingdon is a big RAF base. I wonder if settlers who left Britain all those centuries ago named places in the America’s from
    where they came from. I notice French, German Dutch etc name places too. It’s the same with Australia when I visited .
    Well Susan I don’t comment often but whenI do I hmmm I get carried away . lol.
    Stay well and happy both and look forward to your next adventure.
    Best wishes Pamela fro Wales UK. Xx

  39. Mr. Mickey and you share numerous practices of my husband and myself. As it is difficult for him to get around easily
    any longer, our trips involve primarily his visits to the physician (very few) and running errands. During those times,
    we make a point to dress with care, wearing clothing that speaks to other than relaxing at home. When folks com-ment, I share that these “outings” are “dates” for us. We do need to make each moment count and find pleasure wherever possible.

    And, yes, I remove my progressive lens eyewear other than when in need of seeing at a distance.

    Congratulations on Mr. Mickey’s weight loss. He looks teriffic; and you, absolutely beautiful, something I find comfort-able to say at my age of 81.

    1. In addition to reducing the quantity of food he was consuming, he stopped eating bread, dessert, pasta, fruit juices, and all refined carbs. Instead, he has oatmeal, salads, vegetables, a small amount of fresh fruit, and wild-caught fish.

  40. Oh my goodness! Someone in the family has to wear that slip just because! 🙂

    I hit reply under your comment but it didn’t open a box.

  41. Susan, you’re probably already aware of this and I’m not sure what can be done about it, but I noticed that your image is being used in a video promoting a product called Lumina Luxe. It doesn’t give your name, but it indicates that you, at age 76, use this product and are glowing. Since I know you are a consultant for Beauty Counter, I knew it was false. I also know you’re not 76!

  42. Susan and Mr. Mickey,
    I am inspired by your attitude of enjoying the simple things in life. My husband and I do the same thing. We have been blessed to meet others our age doing the same thing and had some great conversations with total strangers who view each day as an adventure. It certainly adds joy to your life!

  43. Another great color combo…..I ,wear these colors as well, they compliment my skin and silver/gray hair. My basic colors are gray/black/navy…sometime kaiki slacks. I, build from them. I, don’t wear alot of white, because it makes me look heavier. I, recenty dropped 25 pounds and purged my close,t and rebuilt my wardrobe. I, was coming to the end of my pieces when I came upon you and your blog on pinterest. I have been a little discouraged with the aging process lately, I will be 67 in April. There has been times when I come to your blog just to have someone who understands and is going thru the same thing!! You have encoraged me sooo…. many times!! In my wheelhouse I am the encouager, so when I , need some…there usually is no one!!!t Your blog has become very important to me!! TYVM

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