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When the dress code calls for a festive, youthful, casual party look, what do you wear? We recently celebrated Mr. Mickey’s daughter, Regina’s birthday. She has a Goth/Rock’n Roll vibe, so I chose a look to complement hers in honor of her special evening. (Here is a previous post I did to show you Regina’s style.)

  1. Susan,
    I enjoyed seeing all tbe posts from tbe past! I remembered most if not all of them. You always look totally put together with whatever you choose to wear. So interesting to compare then and now! How much younger your new shorter hairstyle makes you look, the long hair pulled you down and made you look some older compared to the shorter hair. You look 10 years younger with your new style

  2. Your style is nimble and adaptable, so freeing for adventures to come! Lean into this new phase.

  3. Are you really selling your lovely home? I remember your story about your situation after your divorce and how you became able to purchase the house on your own. Something to be so proud of, I don’t think I’d eve want to let it go. However, we moved after retirement…….twice!…… everyone definitely has to do what is best for them. Best wishes on finding something that works for you now.

  4. Perfect outfit. Can you button the jean jacket across the bust ? I never know – if it fits in the sleeves and shoulders, but you can’t button it across the chest – is it still ok to purchase. I always feel it should be able to button, even if you never do. My chest is larger than my waist. A big problem for me.


    1. I can button the jacket if I wanted to, but I doubt I ever would. I can’t stand any jackets or cardigans buttoned. I feel I look like a barrel if I do.

      1. So glad you brought this up, Phyllis … Susan, the jean jacket looks so good! Often jackets fit me in the shoulders but I cannot quote button it (or feel like a sausage if I do!) ..: is that ok? I never button my jackets either, but always feel like I should!

  5. Wow! You are in mood for change. I think that happens as we move into different stages of our lives. Fortunately you have figured out where you are heading and it shows! I always enjoy reading about your transitions, because they often reflect mine.
    I also received the nicest compliment yesterday when I attended a ladies group that I’ve been meeting with for a few years. The woman remarked how great I looked and how put together I was. Well, I really feel you deserve much of that praise. I was following those tips I’ve learned from you. You helped me present the polished, but casual style I have always wanted to have. I often think to myself, Susan is able to keep herself healthy and attractive. So can I! I can see it isn’t easy for you. It isn’t without some sacrifice. But you do it in order to feel and look your best.
    Best to you and Mr. Mickey!

  6. How I love your posts!!!! Going through this stage of life “with” you is helping me to transition too!! Learning to embrace change!! Thank you so very much for being here for so many of us!!

  7. Of course I love this look — now you’re rockin’ MY style! LOL! I have to add my voice to those complimenting you on your shorter hair style. Mine, too, has gradually been getting shorter over the past few months, even though I can’t say it’s been a deliberate decision. I still have “good” hair — thick, shiny & healthy with a strong natural wave — but I find it irritates me now when it gets a bit longer because I’m no longer comfortable just pulling it back in an elastic when it gets in the way like I did even a couple of years ago & I haven’t the patience to fiddle with it. How you’re wearing it now is probably where I’m headed, if that makes any sense. I really do love these posts.

  8. Happy birthday to Regina! I remember her from a few previous posts and thought she would be a great friend. Thanks for sharing, Susan.

  9. I have enjoyed your blog for about 2+ years. I have always appreciated your honesty and so many products you share. Now I am going to greatly enjoy being on your downsizing journey. There is so much to consider in downsizing it can be overwhelming. Hopefully your blog will be a good source of ideas and insight to make the process easier. Again, thank you for your blog.

  10. Your look is good as always. Also, you seem to be moving fast with your transition to retirement. I admire that, since all I do as far as downsizing with the house is think and talk about it. I’ve always had a lot of privacy, and do not know how well I would adjust to condo living. Do you mind saying how you plan to downsize your living conditions. I hate giving up my space , although I know it is foolish to spend so much of my time and money on maintaining the property. Just can’t make the break. Thanks Susan for your inspiration.

    1. I will keep this house for a few more years, but I will continue purging, selling and donating a lot of my possessions. I have been letting go of excess things for about four years after selling my five-bedroom house which required a tremendous amount of purging. I plan to travel as much as possible while I am still able to enjoy the journey.

  11. Oh wow! I can’t wait to see how you embrace your new life phase style! We recently downsized as well and it is a whole new experoe now. I, too, let all of my work wardrobe go. Right now, JJill is my go to look but I am always looking for cute “date night”, ladies lunch, Sunday church styles! Congrats on your epilogue!

  12. We downsized a few years ago and couldn’t be happier. I thought I would miss our family home having raised children there plus all the work done inside and out. But to every thing there is a season. There are no regrets when the time is right. Life is so much simpler in a smaller space and the purge was wonderful…and horrible! I’m retiring next spring and look forward to all future posts on this exciting time of life.
    Love this look.

  13. I have just turn 70 and I love your posts.
    Are all your choices of Colors work for a blond woman?
    You said in one of your post that often we choose our handbag a similar colour of our hair.
    Thank you

  14. Susan, you are wonderful. You rock this outfit, but more than that, you’ve worn it to honor Regina, which is shows so much about your character. You are the epitome of grace. The light within you shines through in all you do. However you decide to move on in life, you’re sure to be a great success. I, for one, will be here cheering you on!

  15. I remember when I first started following your blog about 4 years ago you would wear pretty high heels. I was at that point where I was transitioning to flat or low heeled shoes and wondered how you could wear. So now I chuckle to see you have also transitioned. Love how you are embracing and still dress very nice. Thank you for info.

  16. As I approach 64 years old I’m in agreement with simplifing my life. I retired 3 years ago and have changed my wardrobe completely. I also have lost 60 pounds, which lead me to your blog on how to dress appropriately. I appreciate all your honesty of body changes, being true to yourself, so we can each take your wisdom and see how we can incorporate it into our lifestyle. Living in Oregon where the weather is unpredictable I find I dress in layers with sweaters or jackets. I also live in my tennis shoes because I walk sometimes 5 plus miles a day with the activities that I do everyday. I don’t attend many dressy events but I enjoy hearing about social events in your community. I always think how would Susan finish off the outfit I’m going to wear. Thank You for all your inspiration, advice & blogging.

  17. You are a role model for those of us at ‘a certain age’. I am your age, 62 in August, (yikes!) and even though our body types are not the same – I am a pear shape – I have found inspiration on your blog. I was growing my hair out to be natural and when I saw your hair color a few years ago, you clinched my decision to stop coloring it after almost 30 years. Thankfully, it is a similar color to yours and I get a lot of compliments on it. A good haircut is the key! And so nice to not put chemicals on my hair every 6 weeks and to embrace my age. I live in the Pacific NW where the lifestyle is more casual, but I will never (hopefully) be frumpy. Thank you for your amazing blog. Downsizing is the best thing ever. Life is so much easier.

  18. Susan, you talk about how our bodies change as they age? Will you give examples so I can attribute some of my shifting shape to aging?

    1. Gravity pulls everything down after sixty years. Cheeks become jowls. Fat deposits itself between the brows and under the eyes. The waistline grows soft and thick. Thighs start to become thinner as knees get fatter. The back acquires soft rolls that were never there before, and the bottom begins slipping down to the back of the legs to name a few.

  19. I enjoy looking at your various styles! When I’m shopping for clothes now I relate back to what I have seen you wearing and think “what would Susan wear”? Thank you from Australia!

  20. Susan,
    I was at a funeral yesterday and wondered what you might have worn with your solid navy (or black) column? I always stuggle here – not too dressy, not too casual, but Respectful. And also in the Texas summer heat. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

  21. HI Susan, I can no longer wear high heels either – especially after my foot surgery in December. I love wearing flats! But I’m only 5’4′ and I feel like I look frumpy or not dressed up enough for a special occasion. What types of shoes are you wearing now? Thank you!

    1. I am still discovering what works best for me. Flat shoes are not the answer for me either. I need a bit of a heel and more structure and support. I always mention the brand I am wearing.

  22. What I meant to say was “what shoes are you wearing now for dressy occasions”. I do watch and read about your brands so I’ll just keep watching. Thank you!

  23. Thanks for the blast from the past. I enjoyed re-viewing posts from your previous blog.
    Whaaaaaaaat? Your house? Lead on. You have encouraged us to simplify our nutrition and refine our wardrobe. I’m ready for your good advice about how my house could look.

  24. ,Susan, I am so excited you are downsizing your home, retiring your high heels and in retirement mode as this is the place where I’ve been for awhile. Looking forward to your new posts!
    Thank you for your interest and all your work.

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