An Ordinary Day

The Malibu Punch items I bought from Chico’s earlier this year are getting some wear now that the weather has heated up. These are the So Slimming Girlfriend Ankle Jeans worn with flat sandals from Ralph Lauren from a few seasons ago.

When I wear an intense color, I make sure all the other parts of my look are neutral and toned down. No more than three colors in an outfit is an excellent general rule. The white tank top is also from Chico’s here. The white cotton cardigan is a couple of years old from Cali and York. The cuff is by Thistle & Bee. It was a gift from Mr. Mickey.

These pictures show an example of what I wear on an ordinary day, which might include running errands or visiting with my parents. When you wear a crossbody bag, make sure to keep the bag on the front of your hip to avoid drawing unwanted attention to the bust. The small crossbody bag here has no name. I bought it in the little shop located in the Martha in Abingdon, VA.

Tomorrow, I will show you another casual everyday look, including the Malibu Punch Asymmetrical Hem Tunic. Have a beautiful day!

  1. I just tried on trousers in that shape and colour.! You look fantastic in them, but I decided they aren’t for me. Now I’m wondering.

  2. I am such a fan. It always makes my day to see an e-mail from you. You have been an inspiration and I thank you for all your hard work.

  3. How are you liking your haircut? Looks great but do you think you’ll keep it with the layers? I’m considering something similar for summer

    1. I like the length and the bangs very much, but humidity changes my hair a lot. I hope I can keep the same style through the summer. I don’t like looking like a poodle.

  4. Really like that look! It’s similar to a look I might wear more on a daily basis. I think I’ll have to try the Malibu Punch jeans! Really like the color! They look great with the neutral toppers, shoes, and accessories!

  5. Thanks, Susan for your dedication to allowing us to travel with you on your journey. I also commend you on the courage you show in sharing your stories, baring your face to teach us the makeup applications that work for you, and being honest about what styles/colors no longer work for you. And most importantly, why they don’t and what does! You have shown me how to assess my own body, how it changes much more frequently than I realized, and what to keep in mind. My wardrobe is certainly much more “me” than it’s ever been. And although clothing purchases may be fewer, I have more outfits! I was ruthless this last early spring and someone is enjoying the shoes and clothing that no longer suited me. You are the only blogger I follow, and I’m grateful for your work.

      1. It’s interesting to me that we all have our insecurities and areas we worry about. For instance, I hate to expose my ankles and the tops of my feet. (My ankles are fine and no real foot problem, but they always look *so pale and white*, and it makes me feel incomfortable…. The thought of wearing “ankle pants” makes me shudder!!
        My solution is to use a little powdered bronzer on the tops of my feel and on my ankles when they are exposed, esp during the winter.

  6. Even on an ordinary day you look stunning! Love the new hair style and always appreciate your advice.
    Hope you noticed Princess Kate rewearing her beautiful dress for the Royal Wedding on Saturday. Can only assume she also follows your blog!

    1. I have noticed that Princess Kate doesn’t hesitate to wear the same items again and again. That’s just one of the many things I admire about her. Thank you for the sweet comment.

  7. You look perfect. You are still so young looking. I started reading your work because my friends are allowing their ages to dictate their lives. They all dress so boringly because they are in their fiftys now. I needed a mentor of fashion. Thank you!! Monet from San Diego. Sorry, I have to wear flip flops. It is a law here.

  8. I love the Punch color! If you have a tip on another topic I am interested it would be greatly appreciated. I love your shoe style. I feel shoes can make or break a wardrobe. However, now in my mid 50’s and years of working standing on my feet, my feet are dry, cracked and I am embarrassed to wear nice shoes that may show my cracked skin. I use lotion but only temporarily helps … a bandage. Do you have a beauty product or regiment of foot skin care that would work on these tired feet?

    Thanks for being such an inspiration for women like me who never had great female role models that exuded self confidence like you do.

    1. Thank you for your comment and question. That’s a great topic. Lots of us have issues with dry skin now. My nail technician uses a buffer type file to remove dead skin and then uses apricot oil to massage my feet and legs. While some may say that going to a Spa to have your feet taken care of is a waste of money, I believe it is a crucial healthcare step. I have been going to the same lady about every three weeks for about five years. As we age, issues with nails and feet can cause significant health problems. Seeing a professional can make a huge difference in the condition and health of our feet. Look for a salon that has stringent cleanliness rules.

  9. I love this site! Your outfit, as well as your description are beautifully done. This site has ‘class’!
    Thanks so much, Susan

  10. I admire your 3-piece way of dressing. 1 basic bottom with a top and either a jacket or sweater as a top layer. Whee I live when the temperature soars to 15 or 16 degrees Celsius that way of dressing is too many layers. Do you have any good classy way of dressing with the least amount of clothing?

    1. When it gets too hot for a third piece, I wear a very lightweight three-quarter sleeve top and large earrings. A bold piece of jewelry can act as a third piece.

      1. ¡Queé gran idea es usar la pieza de joyería como una tercera pieza!
        ¡Gracias por todos tus consejos!

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