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I recently added a few bold coral items to my casual wardrobe. Coral and turquoise are colors that universally look good on most skin tones. Coral is an excellent complement to a mostly gray, blue, black, and white wardrobe. I am wearing the lipstick color “Beautycounter Red.” The link to that color is here.

I wore this look to the grocery store, visiting the office at my warehouse, and to the bank. It is an effortless casual look that consists of a tee and jeans but is elevated through the accessories and the top’s details. These are all wash and wear very comfortable items. Casual and comfortable need not be sloppy. The key points are fit, proportion, and accessories that work together but not too many of them. A necklace would have taken this look over the edge.

The Marilyn style straight jeans are by NYDJ. The Asymmetrical Hem Tunic in Malibu Punch is from Chico’s. I am wearing large crystal and silver hoops, one bold ring, and one bangle bracelet. Too many accessories can make us look a bit tacky, but a few well-chosen pieces can take a look from boring to head-turning.

Without my Shapeez Ultimate style bra, you would not see me wear this top. Here’s another little tip: I am wearing the bra’s bottom edge over the jeans’ top to smooth out those bumps from the zipper and loops.

Wearing heels has recently fallen off my radar. I am still learning how to play with proportions and styles to get the combinations I have loved in past summers to continue to work for me. Platform shoes and low wedges or block heels complement slim leg pants much better than flats. Ballet flats and sandals with no heel do not have enough visual weight to balance slim leg pants with a tunic. These platform espadrille style shoes are by Marc Fisher. While they are high, the foot remains almost flat.

I hope that sharing my best tips and tricks allows you to get the most out of your wardrobe and always look confident and comfortable.

  1. Colors look fabulous on you and, as others have been saying, your new hairstyle is SO flattering & looks darling ! I am a petite 5’1″ so I am not a fan of tunic tops for me personally as I feel like I am wearing maternity clothes. My alternative to those is “crop” tops (hitting at about the hips), which are not always easy to find but I like the look better on me. Your tips are spot on and I have used them a lot. Wondering how you don’t get hot & sticky wearing those Shapeez tank style bras, in the summer? For those of us generously endowed, there is no place for the “under the girls” perspiration to go to & evaporate. I have put my short versions away for the summer because even those seem to trap the sweat. Have a great Memorial Day! I am sure you & Mr. Mickey will have something lovely planned.

  2. I really enjoy these posts. Your comment on not wearing the Chico’s top without your Shapeez caused me to return to their site and order one! Was able to share that you recommended them

    I am revising my wardrobe, too so your posts are very important to me.

  3. Hi, Susan, Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful style and wardrobe tips with all of us who wish to age as gracefully and naturally as possible. I look forward to each and every post. I am 65 years old and still work full time as a Realtor in Arizona so always need to look my best — your advice is of tremendous help! Have a wonderful holiday weekend and stay cool! Happy trails, Peggy Roberts, Fountain Hills, AZ.

  4. Hello, Susan,
    So many great tips in one post. Thank you! I sometimes wonder if my accessories are too minimal, but this confirms my line of thinking. Also, I find being petite means being aware of how certain items can quickly overwhelm me. Blessings.

  5. Hi Susan,

    Thank you your consistent posts! I know you mentioned that at home you are always dressed for work (as in the picture above), but I am curious what you wear when you are lounging. I struggle with looking nice and being comfortable. If you ever want to address this in a post, I would be interested!

    Thank you,
    Joan Hester

    1. My all-time favorite pajamas are flannel back satin by Miss Elaine. You can find them at Belk and on Other than that, I get dressed and am ready to go at a moments notice.

  6. Thank you for providing ongoing tips and strategies for dressing and living well. I’m much shorter than you and have a different body type, but I used your suggestions about proportion, mixing and matching, color, layering, accessories – and so much more – when I shopped for a new summer wardrobe last week. [I’ve lost a significant amount of weight over the past year & needed to buy all new clothes.] Just about everything I chose from the rack looked good on me because I knew what to look for, thanks to you! I used to be clueless about how to put an outfit together, but it has really clicked for me because of your blog and photos. Thank you so much! 🙂

  7. HELLO SUSAN! I agree with most of your comments today but the shoe issue. The coral is a good color choice for most all and looks good. Shoes??? For me, although I like the wedge style – I do not the like block heel look with pants for me! I also disagree with the flats and slim pants and a tunic. I LOVE my ballet flats and sandals with my tunics and slim pants!!! Of course, I am five feet seven inches and long legs – but I always receive compliments – how many movies have we watched with Audrey Hepburn in her flats and fitted pants looking fabulous???? I think it is just a preference and depends on your figure. I know too many of my friends who wore heels MOST of their lives every day and have had very serious feet issues at this point in their lives. A dear friend even had a series of amputations – ending with the entire leg — (no diabetes involved here) —— without getting into specifics – doctors said it was all due to wearing heels every day so good to switch off to flats or wedges….. great advice. A good friend who is a podiatrist agrees! Sooooo – I hope all use good choices where shoes are concerned……. thank you for your advice!!

    1. When I wear flats with slim fitting pants, my legs look shorter and fatter. You and Audrey have long slender legs on your side. I do not, so I have to improvise.

  8. Thank you for your input – you may have shorter legs – but you look great in this outfit. As we all say, depends on our shape, size and height!!!! I love to see your black and shite combos – still my favorite! In the summer especially – I love adding a pop of yellow with it. Packing for a week in Maine and will take a lot of that color combo. Great holiday weekend all!

  9. It never cease to amaze me that people who read this blog feel the need to disagree on your suggestions. Time and time again you explained what works for you and why. You alway share the reason behind why you choose certain of article of clothes and shoes. If you are tall and slender and ballet flat look good on you then wear them. If you prefer shoes with a wedge or block you can choose to them as well. Susan give use lessons on dressing that works for her and we can choosevto use them or not. It’s not appropriate to list a host of reasons why you disagree with her choices. If what you are doing works for you then keep doing , if it doesn’ then see if any of Susan suggestions work better. Please stop with all the I have to disagree with comments.

    1. I agree Willette! Susan graciously offers suggestions and we are free to make our own decision about if it works for us or not.

  10. Wow-zer!!! This whole outfit from top to bottom and from inner wear to outer wear is working 100%! You are as polished as a diamond. Thank you for leading by example to amp it up abit even for running errands.

  11. The color of the top is lovely and the jeans look really great on you, good to see you in jeans again. The cut, style and length of the jeans are perfect and attractive.

  12. You often mention the Shapeez Bra which sound really great, I went through all the process to buy some but got to the end and they charge $48 to sent to Australia, have no idea why postage from this company would be that much. I am sure they are missing out on a lot of Aussi customers as I have seen nothing like them here.
    Have got many ideas from your posts, thanks.

  13. What I like about you, Susan, is your willingness to evolve. When the body shape changes and the inevitable wrinkles appear, insistence on keeping up with the trends and trying to look young instead of appropriate and “polished” makes one a caricature not a style icon. Hence, you end up with certain fashion bloggers that look ridiculous and . . . I need say no more. Thanks for all the great tips.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. A few years ago I noticed that when I tried on what the younger set was wearing it didn’t make me look “hip,” it made me look silly. I decided to keep it simple and classic for the duration.

  14. Love this outfit on you. Totally agree with you re adding unnecessary accessories – it can look so tacky. So many “age enhanced” women seem to be doing exactly that these days with the belief it makes them look younger. Less is always more!

  15. I just bought this exact shirt this week upon your recommendation. I was wondering how to accessorize. Thanks for the posst.

  16. Hello Susan…
    Found you and love your way of dressing
    I like keeping my clothes within 3 or 4 colors , all interchangeably
    Super easy and easy to assemble
    Thank you

  17. Susan!

    Thank you for the heads up on the beautiful Malibu Punch Color! I was able to get a pair of jeans in my size (00Petite). I also picked up a pair of faux pearl earrings for only $7!

    That has got to be the prettiest color I’ve seen in a long time.

    Thank you for your blog. You look lovely and are always classy and kind.

  18. Hi Susan
    I have only just found your blog and absolutely love it. I have just turned 60 and am semi retired, I had a long career in senior management and only knew how to dress corporately. Now I am wanting to define my next stage in life style. I love your tunic top featured in today’s post and went to the Chico website to purchase but am unsure of sizing. I live in Western Australia and usually wear small petite. I am just 5′ – can you advise on compatible sizing please.

    Kind regards

  19. Hi Susan: I am so happy and appreciative to have found your blog. You have led me to many interesting finds and the Shapeez is almost a necessity for my body type. I had a dream that I was in a restaurant and saw you sitting there and you were by yourself. I left without saying anything, not wanting to disturb you. Isn’t that funny, because in real life I would have had to say hello and thank you for your fashion and beauty tips!

  20. Hello Susan! I just can’t thank you enough for all of your great advice. Your blog is the one I most look forward to. I have made so many good changes in my life because of you! I have purchased this Chicos top in two colors. I haven’t worn them yet because I am waiting for my new Shapeez bra to come. I have purchased three French Kande pieces because of you. And I eat a healthy nutritious breakfast using your oatmeal porridge recipe. Not to mention I have tried many of your dressing and accessorizing tips. I want you to feel love and appreciation coming your way and gratitude for all that you do to uplift women. Bravo!

  21. I have just recently purchased a Shapeez bra and loved the tip about wearing it over the top of the jeans. I have always hated the lumps and bumps that the zipper and tabs cause. Thanks!

  22. My body is similar to yours but I have a major problem with long camis riding up to just under my bra. Drives me crazy. Do you ever experience this? How is the brand you wear with regard to that?

    1. Do you mean the Shapeez bra? It is way more than a cami. I have never had a problem with it moving around or riding up. Even when I wear it over my jeans, it stays put.

  23. Susan,
    I ,too, recently found your website and thoroughly enjoy it. I will not repeat the lovely comments above but must say I totally agree! Thanks so much and look forward to more.

  24. Hi Susan
    Thank you for the link to Chicos sizing, good news they do ship to Australia and I have placed my order!

    Susan from WA

  25. Susan, Thank you for blogging! You have style and grace and I want you to know how much I look forward to your posts.
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  26. Thank you Susan! As usual, great style tips! I love Chicos also and have a lot of their items but haven’t bought any of the Malibu Punch items yet. I want to thank you for the tip on the Shapeez Bras. I just bought one to wear under my mother of the bride dress for my daughter’s August wedding. I also have been reading Joel Fuhrman’s book on healthy eating. I’ve lost a few pounds and feel great! Another super helpful tip! You are helping me keep styling and healthy as I progress through my 60s!!!!! Thank you so much!

  27. I would love to see woman’s manufacturer of clothing focus more on some royal blues and some teal or turquoise as these colors look great on most woman and are hard to find.

  28. Susan every time I read your thoughts I am so thrilled because I am thinking the same and that is a real buzz.
    How can I purchase when I am in England?….thankyou

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