Memorial Day

I am forever grateful to my shipmates and all the members of the armed forces who died while serving their country. Today is Memorial Day. It is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the armed forces. (I served in the US Navy, and Mr. Mickey served in the US Army.)

The Flags for Heroes were placed to remember and honor Johnson County natives killed or missing in action (KIA/MIA) in wars from the Spanish-American War forward to the present time. More than one hundred and twenty American flags and crosses, with the name and branch of service for each veteran, were placed in Mountain City, TN. The Iron Mountain Riders (IMR) and the support of Worley Hall VFW Post number 6908 and the Johnson County Veterans Affairs Office initiated the project.

Our reason for being in Mountain City was to enjoy a splendid evening meal at Vistas Land & Sea Grille located at the RedTail Mountain Resort.

I am wearing heels because they are Mr. Mickey’s favorites. He asked me not to sell these. I can still tolerate them for a couple of hours. They are a couple of years old from Macy’s. The tank top was from Express last year. The pants are by Lior Paris, and the jacket is by Clara Sunwoo. Both these items are from My Fair Lady.

We enjoy sitting on the terrace to take in the awe-inspiring view with a glass of champagne before being seated for dinner.


The Vistas Land & Sea Grille menu changes often, but we always order something from the fish or vegetable selections. We sometimes share a dessert. This one was over the top! It was ice cream with toppings served in an edible chocolate bowl.

  1. Thank you and Mr. Mickey for your service. My husband served for 20 years in the Air Force. The sacrifices made by those who served and their families that also served, in their own way, make this country the beacon it is.
    Your style information confirms I have been on the right “fashion path” as I near my 70th birthday. Class and style never ages, thanks again.

  2. Susan, I know Memorial Day is to remember those who died in service to our country and Veterans Day is for those still alive, but I hope it is ok to thank you and Mr. Mickey for your service. People who serve in our military deserve a special respect and I truly honor each and every one. Thank you so much.

  3. Would love to see a picture of Mr. Mickey in uniform. Also love that he wants you to keep those shoes ❤️.

  4. Thank you and Mr. Mickey for your service to this country. It’s heartwarming that you share that common bond. And he’s right about those shoes!

  5. Thank you to you and Mr. Mickey for your service. And thank you also for your blog. It is inspiring, educational, and interesting and also a gift as was your service to our country.

  6. We are blessed to have so many willing to sacrifice for our country.
    You look spectacular as usual. My those shoes are stunning! They make your legs go on forever! No wonder Mr. Mickey recognizes their impact. Have a wonderful day!

  7. I thank you and Mr. Mickey for your service. And thanks and gratitude to all those who gave their life (as well as their families sacrifices) for our freedom. We are forever in their debt.

  8. Susan,
    I’ve been a follower of yours for several years and have enjoyed all the places you visit in TN & NC however, this time I find myself super surprised because I go to Mountain City about 4 times a year to visit customers at the ball & roller plant. I had no idea about Red Tail because we usually visit Mountain City in conjunction with Erwin so I rarely spend more than a couple of hours there, at most. Next time, I plan to “smell the roses” along the way!!

  9. Thank you & Mr. Mickey for your service! It’s such a small sentence to convey immense respect & gratitude to both of you and to all who serve or have served.

    Your blog is fantastic! Two of your pure silk scarves are in my closet. I’ve benefitted from so much of your advice & I love the articles about fashions that haven’t worked for you—very helpful! Coincidentally, I’m also a Susan married nearly 45 years to my own Mr. Mickey. Keep up the great work!

  10. You always look so pretty, chic and classy. Thank you to both you and Mr. Mickey for your service to our country. While Memorial Day is primarily to remember those that passed it’s just as important to remember the ones still with us – you gave up a lot to keep us safe.

  11. Thank you both for your service. You are looking especially thinner these days and keep those shoes,

  12. Dear Susan,

    Thanks to you and Mr. Mickey for your service to our Country. Appreciation is just too insignificant a word to use to express the undying love for all of those who sacrificed so much.
    I proudly wear a Navy cap to honor my father and son for having served and my grandson who recently re-enlisted for his second four year hitch.

    Bless you all…..

  13. Thank you to both of you for your service to our country…May the Lord bless and keep you always!!!

  14. I love your blog and watch each one that comes out. I have learned soooo much from you about aging gracefully! I recently ordered the Bisque color Hudley loafers that you had on in one of your blogs ( on accessories). They were from Franco Sarto. I enjoyed their website and planned on purchasing several other things from them, however, I never received my loafers. I was however charged on my credit card. After numerous attempts at contacting them, I have heard no response. Obviously, I will not be ordering anything else from them. I just thought you should know. There is probably nothing you can do for me, but I must admit I am hesitant to order anything else that I admire on your sites since this is my first attempt and this ended with nothing but frustration. I will continue to read your blogs and commend you on your style and attitude.
    Thanks for listening.

    1. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with your purchase from that company. I have no affiliation with that company, but I have made many successful online purchases from them. Did you get a tracking number in your email? You should be able to file a claim for a missing package.

  15. Thank you both for your service. If you were ever on a Navy ship in San Diego and donated blood, we met. Sincerely, Monet D.

  16. Thank you and Mr. Mickey for your service to our country, Susan. We hope you and Mr. Mickey enjoyed your time at Red Tail. John and I have been there many times. That dessert looked spectacular! Although I shouldn’t even think about it. Ha!

  17. Looks like a nice adventure and Mr. Mickey is correct about the shoes though my instincts with them would have pained me before even leaving. I was fascinated by that fabulous menu with such obvious skill involved in the creation. Thanks for bringing us along.

  18. Thank you for your service. I wonder if we were in around the same time…I went to boot camp at RTC Orlando
    Aug-Oct 1977. I went on to complete 20 years, which was a great experience for me.

    1. Thank you for your service! My time in Orlando started in May of 1979. I wouldn’t trade my service time for anything. It was a life-changing experience for me as well.

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