Black and Camel

At last! We had a few hours of sunshine and seventy-five degrees, so I threw something together and rushed over to the mall to get some pictures for today’s blog post. (I’m sure everyone is growing tired of seeing my living room.) We broke the record for rain last month.

I found these slim, lightweight ankle pants here while I was on vacation in Florida earlier this year. They are perfect to wear with soft tops and tunics since they have a wide, smooth waistband.

The black tunic was a gift from My Fair Lady last year. A similar current top is here. I am wearing a size medium top.

The pearl bracelets here and here and the fabulous pearl necklace here are from Beauty in Stone. She is giving you $10 off any item with the code SAS10. The ring is several years old. Similar here.

I enjoy wearing mesh watch bands in the summer since they are more cool and comfortable. The Native style watch is from Nordgreen here. They are giving away three beautiful watches to readers of this blog on Friday. Please visit the post from Monday (scroll down below this post) to enter.

The BCBG handbag is more than five years old. Similar here. The shoes are here. Similar sunglasses are here.

The rhododendrons blooming in my yard don’t seem to mind the cold, wet spring we’ve had this year.

  1. I really like the Native Navy with mesh band. It looks very easy to read and stylish to wear. This watch is versatile for any time of day.

  2. I love this combination, especially your accessories. Your hair also looks so pretty. How are you keeping your hair cut to this style when salons are not open? I know you were trained as a barber in the service, but what about cutting the back of your hair? I always look forward to your posts. Have a wonderful day!

    1. This is the same cut I got in February. It is just now growing out to a length I like, but it needs some lift. I’ll schedule an appointment soon.

  3. Susan, you look great. I love that color combo. May I ask if the shoes are comfortable and true to size? Not sure if the raffia would be a problem or, heel height. Although I find I can wear a higher heel if it’s a block.
    Hope the sun keeps shining. It really makes a difference in attitude for me.

    1. I’m with you, Karen. If the heels are block style like these, I can wear the shoes with few issues. One of the reasons I like the Sam Edelman shoe brand is that the sizes are consistent. I never have to return them.

  4. This is a great look! I love warm weather clothing in darker colors. I have to ask if you feel secure in a backless shoe? They are unique and so natural and would look well with wooden jewelry also.
    Thank you for continuing to post, Susan, at a time when you must be quite busy. Please let us know how Mr Mickey is doing when convenient!

    1. If the shoes have some height to the heel, I can keep them on my foot, not so much with the flat shoes. Thank you for your kind comment. Mickey is doing very well, and yes, I am very productive from before daylight until after dark. Things may slow down in a couple of weeks.

  5. I am so glad you are able to enjoy a little outside outing. Fresh air just seems to perk everyone up for awhile. Hopefully Mr. Mickey has been able to go outside on a porch or patio as well. You still have your smile so will assume all is going okay with him, wink! Take care and may you have a very pleasant weekend.

    Clara from Iowa

  6. Shades of tan and a dark too, generally I lean towards black, is my favorite go to. It seems so versatile.

  7. Such good news about Mr Mickey!
    I have always admired this black & beige combo. I always saw it a lot whenever I visited Europe during the summer months. Unfortunately, I cannot wear heels of that height anymore. Keep healthy, Susan.

  8. You look wonderful today, as usual. I’m so happy that you have some sunshine and you’re now able to go outside. Everything is in bloom and the colors are glorious! Stay well.

  9. Love the black and tan combo, Susan. Glad to see that Mr. Mickey is doing well. In N.C. it looks like some retail stores will be able to open beginning this Friday. How about your state?

  10. Love the camel and black combination – it looks so great on you and I’m hoping to wear it myself when it warms up here in northeast. Your hair looks so great and showcases your lovely smile. I have another month to go before I can go to my stylist
    Rhododendron’s are one of my favorite- thanks for the picture

  11. I no longer feel comfortable wearing tight pants. Any options you can point me too? Love your blog!

  12. The whole look is beautiful. I love the combination of camel and black,as well the shoes are perfect! I am a new convert to block heels, even though they won’t be completely replacing my heels!

  13. The necklace is beautiful as are the bracelets. Please let us know if you ever get a discount on the French Kande jewelry. I absolutely love them but price is a little steep. You always look so beautiful in everything you wear!!

  14. I bought those pants from Chico’s recently when they had 50% off everything. I love the look of the back slits, but they required some serious ironing after laundering. I bought the ankle length, and since I have short legs (even though I am 5’7″ they look like regular length. Got olive and black. Thanks for the referral.

  15. I like the Philosopher Bundle with mesh band. Always enjoy your your classic style

  16. Love this sophisticated, streamlined look! As a warm freckled blonde, camel is a go-to for me!

  17. I love the pearl bracelets and necklace. Timeless.
    I would certainly enjoy the 32mm native white dual with silver mesh band.

    Sun and warmth certainly help the mood during this pandemic. April was so cold and rainy.

  18. Love this outfit – you look great! And the jewelry is exquisite.
    Wish we had some of your rain here in Wisconsin!

  19. This is a great look and shows how accessories can make a look unique to you. You have a great eye for design! Classic colors in timeless basics can look so on trend with accessories. I purchased those pants in black after I saw them in one of your earlier posts. They are so nice, I went online and purchased them in every color. They look great for work and casual, and I know I will use them a lot when traveling (when we can do that again). I love the shoes, but cannot wear heels that high any more. I have several pairs of dressier mules similar to those you are wearing – in lower block heels. I have the classic cross-strap mules in black and nude suede, a black suede pair with pearls on the straps, and three other pairs in cork, white embossed snakeprint leather, and gray snakeprint leather. I find these are my go-shoes for easy summer looks like this one. So happy Mickey is doing well.

  20. Absolutely love the Native 40mm white dial with brown leather band! What a great look for any outfit. I look forward to your posts, Susan, and hope MrMickey continues to do well.

  21. I love the Native Navy with the brown leather band. It’s a hard choice. If I win I will probably buy more bands. They’re all lovely.
    Thanks Susan, for giving us this opportunity. ❤️

  22. Wow! Your eyes are so expressive! They speak such joy in your pictures. Fabulous as always! Can’t wait to see Mr. Mickey up and about.

  23. I’m not tired of your beautiful living room, but I’m glad you’re enjoying some nice weather and can get outdoors! We’re finally enjoying spring here too, though the forecast doesn’t look great for the next couple of weeks. I love the colour of your pants. They’re very flattering and would go well with so many things.

  24. I’m not surprised by Mr. Mickey ‘s excellent progress toward recovery. His spirit and positive attitude shine through in every picture! Cheers!

    In the metro Phoenix area of Arizona, we have jumped right into “severe heat warning” temperatures. We went from spring to “oh, no”! So at 106 today, no long pants – maybe for the duration. Although the house is pleasant and we won’t be going out except for necessities as we monitor the situation. Be well, Susan, and thanks for all you do. My wardrobe has gotten significantly more cohesive since I began following your blog.

    I would love the Native 32 mm bundle, black dial, silver mesh, navy and black vegan leather. And thanks for offering this.

  25. I like the gold infinity watch. Stay safe. I’m home and loving this time for myself.

  26. I’m so in love with this Native style watch with white dial in silver and the silver mesh and brown leather bands. I continue learning style And fashion from your blog even at 83 years of age. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself

  27. Susan, this black and tan outfit looks better on you than any other outfit i have seen you in.
    Truly black and tan are your colors. I read your blog every day and get so many ideas.

    Thank You,

  28. Susan, looking fabulous as always. I love that color combination. Glad you were able to get out for awhile. Hope Mr Mickey has a rapid recovery so the two of you can resume doing what you enjoy doing together. Take care.

  29. For the drawing for watch, I am interested in Infinity Bundle Silver / white/navy/mesh straps.

    Thanks so much for your blog…. it’s very informative.

  30. Susan, I do not like ankle length pants. Question, do you think if I ordered tall that they would be the right length?

  31. I like the Native style, white dial, silver. These watches are beautiful. Thank you for introducing us to this company. Cheers for Mr. Mickey.

  32. I love your blog, Susan! I relate to your style and appreciate your great ideas. i have grey hair (once very dark brown) and fair skin. I like all colors, but do not now wear camel. I feel with my coloring, there are many choices for clothing that are much better for me. Thank you for your great work and sharing.

  33. I love the Philospher watch as it gives you choices on the band. I am a little older than you but I still try and look my best and still enjoy fashion! You are a great inspiration!

  34. Another great idea. Also purchased the black tank dress Karen Kane and a sweater that was shown with it. Thanks for entering my name in the watch give away, silver Infinity. Stay Well

  35. Hi Susan,

    It’s so nice to get out into some sunshine and be kissed by the sun. 🙂 We all need to get out into the fresh air, it does the mind, body, and spirit so much good.

    Your rhododendron is gorgeous, wow the color is so pretty. Living in Arizona our weather does not permit us the luxury
    of growing these types of flowers/bushes etc. . It’s okay I am thankful we get to grow what we can.

    I did take a peek at your “Adventure Partner”, Mr. Mickey and you, the picture of you both taken in 2006 is really fabulous.
    What a blessing to have such a wonderful friendship and partner. Speaking of Mr. Mickey I hope he is coming along well, baby steps. Hope Mr. Mickey is not in too much pain and you are managing everything okay. It’s big, I get it.
    Happy Day,
    In Arizona

  36. I may have asked this question before but how many pairs of shoes do you have? I always have a problem trying to select shoes for an outfit but you seem to have so many to choose from.

    Thank you,
    Brenda Nau

    1. I haven’t counted my shoes. I have some very casual pairs, a few heels, a few flat sandals, some that are sporty canvas, and a few that are for the evening. I tend to buy what I love, keeping in mind that I tend to be very classic. All those elements seem to work well together. Nude and black boots, heels, and flats are the most important. After that, look for casual and just for fun pairs.

  37. Speaking of shoes–I love the ones you have in this post and they are just like something I would have purchased 10 years ago. I honestly feel that after 60, though, they would be a fall risk. The backless, with high block heel, uhmm no. I would go for the same look but in a lower block heel, with a back.

  38. The Native white dial with the silver band is a wonderful classic look. Very chic, just as you Susan!

  39. I enjoy your post! I try to read them as you post them… You have helped me to choose my basic colors and have downsized my closet with great pieces that I’m excited to wear when I can get out and go after the pandemic is over! I like the infinity gold watch … thank you so much!

  40. I love camel and black together!!! You look beautiful!!! I really love the shoes and your necklace. What length is your necklace? I see that it come in 21″ and 23″. Have a wonderful day! Thank you for all that you do!

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