Brunch at the Deerpark

Vivid blue skies beckoned us to travel to The Biltmore Estate on Sunday. Snowcapped mountains were visible in the distance, and very cool breezes were blowing in the valley.

We have often read about the fabulous brunch at the Deerpark Restaurant on the Estate, so we decided to give it a try. It is a beautiful location, all of the food was presented in the most delightful ways, and there was live music.

Glasses of champagne are served with an orchid bloom.

Our reservation was near the end of the brunch time, so we had the place mostly to ourselves.

Flowers are abundant in every public space on the Estate.

My hero, Mr. Mickey, always arrives for our dates smartly dressed. I wore black straight-leg pants and a tank top from Chico’s last year with a white blazer. The shoes are a couple of years old, and they are by Charles Jourdan. The bag is also a few years old from Nordstrom.

I share where I bought the items I am wearing, but those items are rarely new. My wardrobe includes mostly timeless classic pieces that I mix and match in a variety of ways. On another day, I might wear this white jacket with a gray tank, jeans, black flats, and carry a tote bag.

There were several options for appropriate shoes to wear with this look, but I was in the mood for heels.

During the more than eleven years we have been dating, Mr. Mickey and I have enjoyed many activities and dining experiences. Some of those events are better suited to us than others. We enjoy fine dining and much smaller amounts of food, so buffets are not something we often choose. While this was a lovely way to spend the afternoon, we prefer to share the cheeseboard and the view from the Library or the terrace in mild weather at the Inn at Biltmore.

  1. I don’t think there’s been a post where you AND MM aren’t dressed very classy and classic. You always look wonderful. I also love a black and white look and my black jeans are really getting a work out. I think I need to buy a 2nd pair for when these eventually wear out.

    And I admire your commitment to your way of eating, but I have to ask…with a tongue planted firmly in my cheek… you ever yearn for a good old greasy hamburger or a piece of luscious frosted cake? Just wondering if you have superhuman will power.

    1. No. I can honestly say that a black bean veggie burger satisfies any thoughts of burgers. I may have a couple of bites of cake, but that is always enough. The second half tastes the same as the first. My favorite thing from yesterday’s buffet was the boiled peanut hummus.

  2. YOUr wear a lot of white. How do you clean it or are you a dry cleaner type person. I dislike the smell of dry cleaning fluid.

    1. I hang the items on a rolling rack to air out after wearing. I don’t perspire much or get dirty often because I am careful where I sit and I take small bites. At the end of the season, I will dry clean my jackets if they require it, but most of them are hand or machine wash.

      1. Fabulous surroundings to compliment an elegant couple. Thank you for having Mr. M in the photos. My husband likes to see what he is wearing. It helps him in his choices.

  3. I love how you dress and have a similar coloring and body style so doubly appreciate the insights and tips. But I tend to wear my pants covering the tops of my shoes while you seem to always wear them much shorter – you don’t think that breaks up the line of the leg too much? I’m open to changing how I wear mine but it’s been a long time coming! Thank you for all you do for us –

    1. Straight leg pants should just touch the top of your foot. Ankle pants should stop at the slimmest part of your anklebone. Wide leg pants should stop about one inch from the floor. Shorts and capris should stop at the narrowest part of your leg.

  4. Another lovey adventure for you and Mr. Mickey. I have a request. Mr. Mickey is an amazing photographer and you are such a beautiful subject to photograph but you know how to rock a striking pose. Any tips you could share. I freeze when a camera appears. I never know where to place my hands and what about that purse? Do I tilt my head up, down, to the side, it’s a lot to think about in a split second. Us 60 plus gals could sure use some help to look our best in pictures.

  5. You always seem to enjoy the places that Biltmore Estate has to offer. My husband’s cousins own the estate and I’ll be sharing with them how much you enjoy visiting there. They love to hear this sort of thing!

    1. I feel so at home when I pass through the gates of the Biltmore Estate and have often joked that I must have lived there in a previous life. Please do pass along my sincere thanks for allowing the public to enjoy the beauty of the land and the house.

  6. So pretty & beautiful dining spot. Enjoyed the pic of you & Mr M together. Thinking of your handsome date & remembering a Barbie board dating game we played a lot as girls…you landed on a a Ken! Thanks for the shoe alternates. ..all sports cars!

  7. I will be attending an evening wedding in early September at the Antler Barn on the Biltmore Estate. I am wondering what to wear since I’m not very comfortable in dresses. Thank you, Susan, for any advice you could offer to this fan from Boston who’s never been to the Biltmore. I am learning so much from your blog. I just discovered it a few months ago and it was just what I was looking for!

    1. The last two weddings I have attended I have worn and also seen many other women wearing beautiful pant sets. Check Dillard’s or Macy’s for examples.

  8. What a handsome couple you are! I remember your post about Mr. Mickey bringing you one of Dr. Fuhrman’s books after a health challenge he had. That diet life-style has been a blessing to both of you.

  9. You two make such a lovely couple! Very adventurous and always well put together!
    I have a question for you. You sometimes mention wearing Chico’s and I too am a Chico’s gal. So my question is do you feel Chico’s outlet stores merchandise is the same quality as their boutiques? I know the merchandise is different and the prices are definitely better in the outlet stores.

    1. I believe that all outlet stores feature merchandise much different than that shown in the mainstream stores. There are three tiers of marketing for many companies. For example, Ralph Lauren boutiques have merchandise that you will never see in Dillard’s. The outlets have things that you will never find in Dillard’s. The quality and style at the boutique level will be impeccable, and the prices will reflect that. The quality at the department store level will be very good, and the style will be a little more toned down. The prices at the Outlet store will be the lowest, the quality will be OK, and the styles will be very basic.

  10. So many beautiful images!! Thank you for sharing them with us. You and Mr. Mickey are a fantastic looking couple!

  11. Your pictures are lovely and I am envious. The weather in NC is what I dream of. We are experiencing an unusual rainy and 40• spate of nasty weather. I do love the way you put together outfits. Try as I might, I still have many “orphans” in my closet and creating flattering looks is still a chore. There is always something not quite right. I try to reference your blog when stuck. You must be delighted that so many gals follow your style. After all, copying is the sincerest form of flattery.

  12. Susan
    I appreciate your blog. I’ve learned so much. I have the same white blazer. Got awhile ago and had sleeves shortened. But I feel the shoulder pads still are too large….s. o much so I have not worn it.
    Did you change yours? I am thinking to do that

  13. I appreciate every word and picture of the post “Brunch at the Deerpark” . Really impressed of the picture champagne glass with an orchid bloom and a happy couple !A sun shine beam on us !

  14. Good looking couple, this is one of the times when I don’t agree with your shoe choice or the not same white shell under the creamier white jacket. But it makes me think about the choices and what I would do. So again, thank you!

  15. Hi Susan,
    I want to complement your hair! It always looks great, but it is even more stunning in this post. The natural color is so flattering on you, and I really like the cut. I like the way the cut frames your face, is soft and polished, and allows even smaller classic pearl earrings to be visible. The natural color actually makes you look younger than when you colored it. Well done! Your skin glows beautifully too. Do you indulge in professional facials, or use a certain type of serum or treatment at home? As always, loved this post!

    1. Thank you, Mandy. The less I do to my hair and skin, the better it behaves. Coconut oil is my favorite moisturizer for hair, skin, and nails. Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner in Lavender is my favorite toner. I don’t use any moisturizer on my face at all in summer. I make an effort to drink eight glasses of water a day.

  16. You guys look like such an adorable couple. I love your outfit and with you both matching is perfection. As always, you’ve chosen a great place to go.

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