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Since early childhood, I have been fascinated with the accouterment of femininity. My favorite “toys” were my Mom’s black kitten heels and a silk scarf. Those heels spent more time on my little feet than they did on hers. From the age of three, I dreamed of growing up to wear red lipstick and high heels.

After getting my first job, I still remember saving two paychecks to spend all of the money in one day on five pairs of high heels on sale at the end of summer. Throughout my life, when I have felt sad or less than well, getting dressed and adding a colorful scarf and snazzy shoes has instantly elevated my mood. My formula for getting dressed has almost always been the same; wear great fitting classic pieces that flatter my shape and then change the look and attitude with accessories.

We snapped these photos after my Wednesday lunch date with Mr. Mickey. I am wearing a color block tunic I showed you earlier. The off white pants are the same color as the off white on the tunic, and they are from last year by Fabrizio Gianni. The shoes are from last year by Sam Edelman. The bag is by Michael Kors. The sunglasses are by Dolce & Gabbana.

  1. Hi Susan.

    Love your French Kande pieces. Just my style. Do you know if they have a supplier in Scotland or if they would send to Scotland.

    Have been looking for something very like this for some time now.

    Always enjoy your blog and although I sometimes need to substitute a heavier weight piece of clothing for the climate the principals still work very well.

    I look forward to many more interesting blogs.


  2. Really enjoyed your video. I love French Kande too and how it changes each outfit making a statement that seems just right each time. Thanks. Kate Baker

  3. I really enjoyed your review of French Kande jewelry. Many years ago, i purchased antique sterling silver medallion pieces for my daughters. They are keepsake pieces and love the look. Can you tell me if the medallions with the large bales can be removed from the beads? I like the idea of being able to change from color bead to another.

  4. Love this video on French Kande jewelry. Thanks so much for your tips on how to wear these great pieces you have.

  5. I now own two French Kande pieces since seeing them on your blog over the past couple of years. I agree, they are so well made and quite beautiful. I have more pieces on my wish list …

  6. Thanks for such a lovely video highlighting your French Kande collection and how you choose the perfect necklace for your clothing. I have had a love of jewelry since childhood and have collected some beautiful pieces, particularly silver, especially Mexican or Scandinavian ones, over the years.

    I feel that as clothing has become so plain for the most part, jewelry adds that unique, personal touch needed to look interesting.

  7. I really enjoyed your video. The jewelry is beautiful! My favorites were the first two pieces. I like jewelry that makes a statement. I don’t have a lot but what I do have is distinctive. French Kande is very distinctive! Peace! Cheryl Tucker

  8. You always look beautiful, but I think that top would look better with black slacks. I know white is cooler, but I think it would go better together. Just my opinion…

  9. Great video. I contacted French Kande recently to ask about discounts for your followers. Perhaps when they see how much you contribute to their sales, they will
    modify their policy. Your blog is #1 for me.

  10. Susan, thank you for the video. Would you please give the specific name of your necklaces? There are so many categories and collections I am not finding your pieces. Thank you!

        1. Susan your link to the necklace in sentence 5 is not working for me and I can’t tell from all the offerings what it is. Can you try to re-link? It’s a beautiful necklace. That you for the video.

  11. Really loved this video. Relating to architecture was very enlightening for me. Beautiful line of jewelry hat needs to find its way into my style. Thank you!

  12. I adore French Kande. The pieces are beautiful and creative. I am hoping to convince my family to get together for my next birthday and get my first piece for me.

  13. Your volume is very low. Would love to hear what you are saying. My kindle is at max volume and your voice is muffled.

    I love your blog and would love to hear your presentations.

    Just fyi. Have a great weekend!

    Tanya Hackney

  14. Susan, would you consider giving us a tour of your beautiful home? Your taste is exquisite in more than just your clothing and jewelry. I’m thinking of replacing my carpet with wood floors and would love to learn more about your decor choices and why you made the choices you did. Thank you.

  15. Hi Susan,

    I had initially mentioned wanting to see more about French Kande and this was awesome!! Thank you so much.

  16. This is such a good look; casual but ladylike. The French Kande pieces you paired with it are wonderful choices. You will make a great affiliate! Enjoyed the video very much…loved the pearls! I can remember as a girl, my Aunt who was a teacher cleaning out her closet and bringing us her old heels. My sister & I were thrilled to finish wearing them out while playing school.

  17. Hi Susan, do you have any suggestions for a long French Kande necklace for a 5 foot tall petite? I would love to get one of their statement pieces but am afraid it might overwhelm me. Thanks!

    1. Look at the measurements of each necklace. The pendant should rest not much lower than the line of your breasts. If you contact them at French Kande, they might be able to help you further. I know that they make each necklace for you as you order it.

  18. I keep getting drawn back to looking at French Kande jewelry. I may purchase a statement necklace for my 60th birthday. Thanks for the video and I’ve enjoy watching your style aesthetic especially as it subtly changes over time. Perfect!

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