Brunch At Rowland’s

Sunday Brunch has always been my favorite meal to eat out at a restaurant. My plates get smaller as the day goes on because I never rest well when I lie down with a full stomach.



Our weekend travels took us to Blowing Rock on Sunday, so of course, we visited one of our favorite places for brunch (or any meal!). Rowland’s is located inside the mansion at Westglow.


Corn Bisque


Shrimp and Grits

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon instead of ham.

Crab Mac and Cheddar

I do enjoy a good Cappuccino.

Chocolate Earth for the road.

We almost forgot to take a picture of what I wore. These are the olive-colored jeans I told you about in the previous post. Since we were only going away for a couple of days, I took some jeans and tank tops, and I wore this jacket the whole time because temperatures are already chilly here.

If you missed the video earlier this week, I share how I fold a square scarf most of the time.

  1. Again, as usual, you look so classy and elegant. The place looks very scenic and the food looks yummy. You make me want to visit Tennessee some day. It’s on my bucket list.

  2. Hi Susan, Such a beautiful spot — and a great outfit, too! I got those same jeans from Chicos (color is trending this fall as a fun alternative to black and blue, yet coordinates with both! ). Mine are in the new Diamond Fit which I discovered online. Chicos pants that fit my waist are often way too big in the hips and thighs for me, so pants go back or get taken in (have always been straight through waist, hips and thighs — I’m thin, but not very girlish in my figure :-/). Anyway this cut is perfect since the waist is the same but the hips and thighs have less volume. My regular size fits perfectly with NO alterations! Thought others lacking in the hips, rear, and thighs dept might like to know.

  3. I love your olive coloured jeans.
    Beautiful setting, can I ask a couple of questions?
    In the first photo there’s a lady standing behind a sort of mini podium— why? ( I live in the UK, so maybe it’s an American custom)
    And what is/are “grits” ?
    I certainly learn from your blog, Susan.

    1. The person standing behind the podium is the Valet. He will take your car and park it for you until you are ready to go and then he will go and retrieve for you. Grits are a food made from corn that is ground into a coarse meal and then boiled. They are often served at breakfast, lunch or dinner in the south.

  4. Thank you, Susan, and M. Mickey, for this little and very convenient video : it’s a very good way to put a scarf on.
    And thank you for all these posts you write quite every day : so lively, smart, and useful.

  5. Love the olive jeans. Love, love, love the shoes though the heel looks high. I continue to read how senior and young women alike wish shoes were more comfortable. Why aren’t the designers listening.
    Thank you for your postings. I look forward to reading each and every one.

  6. Every where you go, you seem to find restaurants whose food presentation is a work of art! Looks delicious. And I love the olive pants. Olive is one of my colors and I think it looks amazing with navy. Never thought of this combination before.

  7. Your pair of black and tan shoes are super-stars. As always, you look sharp. Thank you for sharing your meal with us.

  8. The scenery of the places you visit are spectacular. One interesting thing I have noticed is that with all these sumptuous meals you show, you never seem to gain any weight! You look absolutely fantastic in your clothes and apparently have learned how to eat well but not too much….

    1. Thank you, Nancy. I often order a salad and an appetizer, or I just eat a small portion of what is served. I never mindlessly eat just because the food is in front of me and I drink lots of water, before during and after the meal.

  9. Thank you for answering my questions, Susan. Valet parking is very rare in the UK, hence it never occurred to me to think of it !
    I’ll have to look up a recipe for grits and try it out.
    You live in a beautiful part of the world!m

  10. I have enjoyed your posts and have learned a lot about how to dress for this season of my life. My husband and I will be at Redtail Mountain Resort at the end of October. What type of clothes would you suggest for the weather in late October?

  11. Love your tips, and your outfit choices. I find your suggestions useful and easy to adapt to my own clothing choices.
    Thank you for all you do!

  12. I love the mountains, and I love the way you wear your scarf. That’s a great idea for tucking it under the jacket to hold your scarf in place and not have quite so much scarf under your face. Looks great! Thanks for all the tips you share with us.

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