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Have you ever dreamed of having a place to go where you could leave all your troubles behind and rest well for a couple of days?

I have rarely taken more than two or three days away from work in the past twenty years. (When you are building a company from the ground up, you can’t just walk away and leave it.) Since we both own businesses, we must find a close enough retreat to reach in two hours or less but far enough away from the hustle and bustle to allow us to unwind. We have found such a place! Mr. Mickey and I have visited RedTail Mountain many times to enjoy fine dining at Vista’s Land & Sea Grille. This past weekend we decided to spend the night there. The photo above was taken from the enormous windows in the seating area shown below. The clubhouse and restaurant are less than a block away on the other side of the tennis courts. All of the units have stunning views of the golf course and the mountains beyond.

Even the smallest detail was attended to with close attention. The linens and pillows were impeccable, and the bed was exceptionally comfortable; I slept for almost ten uninterrupted hours. For someone who rarely sleeps for more than five hours, this felt like a week-long vacation. The kitchen is fully stocked with everything needed to prepare and serve a full meal to guests in the dining room. You have the option of renting by the day or even by the year. (So tempting!) There are one, two, or three bedrooms available, and each has been recently upgraded and redecorated to perfection.

This was the most luxurious shower experience ever! You have the option of one to six shower jets, with temperatures controlled precisely.

My travel look included Jag jeans, a white layer tank from White House|Black Market, a jacket from last year at Neiman Marcus Last Call. The shoes are by Gianni Bini from Dillard’s last year.

After we unwound, unpacked, and put everything away, it was time to get dressed for dinner. My travel bag included black jeans, olive color jeans, and a black tank. I also brought scarves, black shoes, a pair of flats (just in case), jewelry, and a clutch bag to complete the looks.

The black tank and jeans are from Chico’s. The shoes are a couple of years old by Sam Edleman. The clutch is several years old by Kenneth Cole Reaction.

Our dinner at Vista’s was perfect in every way, as it has been each time we visit.

The view from the bedroom window the next morning.

  1. What a beautiful getaway! A perfect place to unwind and be pampered. You and Mr Mickey know when it is time to “recharge your batteries”.

  2. You and Mr Mickey are wonderful ambassadors for your part of the world. When we take a holiday to the US east I will be looking back at your posts.

  3. Wondering if these JAG jeans are their “pull-on” style. I am always frustrated with the lumps and bumps of traditional jeans under my tops. I have just ordered some pull-ons and have mixed feelings. The pull-ons feel like *cheaters* somehow. . . . My fashion editor is my adult daughter; I’m afraid when she sees pull-on jeans, she will say they are for old ladies!

  4. You look so great in the jean outfit. The colors are wonderful on you. Love the shoes, too.

    I second Pondside’s comment. I have noted some destinations that my husband and I look forward to visiting. RedTail Mountain is at the top of the list.

  5. Beautiful place, thanks for sharing all of your travel information. I love the all black outfit so much. Who makes the beautiful jacket?

  6. Looks lovely ! Isn’t it amazing how just a couple of days away can rejuvenate you! I’m all for weekend getaways ! And as always, you look fantastic !

  7. Susan, thank you for sharing your experiences and clothing outfits.? This will definitely help me in packing for trips.

    Also, I love your lip color in the first photo. Would you kindly share what it is?

  8. You are so fortunate to have so many beautiful places within a two-hour drive. I always feel as if I’ve had a mini-vacation every time I look through your travel posts. Lovely, lovely — you, Mr. Mickey and the resort. And that final photo of the deer — oh my! Heaven!

  9. Susan,
    This looks so beautiful, and I am wondering if this might be a nice place to spend a winter month? What is the winter weather like there? We’re in Michigan, and always looking for an escape during the cold and snowy months. Thanks for sharing this place.

  10. Thank you for wearing jeans. You prove all ages can wear them and look great. It’s all about what we wear with our jeans.

  11. Susan, this place is so very lovely. I am so glad you and Mr. Mickey had this respite. It is very important to take time for yourselves. You simply cannot run the tank on empty.

    I owned my own consulting business for eight year so I understand the difficulty of taking a break.

    My husband and I are fully retired now and are blessed to own a lake house. We spend the entire summer there.

    Be well. Love your blog!

  12. Just perfect, thank you for sharing. Oh, on the side just cleaned my closet bags of clothes on the way to Houston. Sandra Almy

  13. Susan, thank you for sharing your life with us.
    The new school year started today. Last night I made your porridge for the next 5 mornings to have healthier meals to begin each day. It was very filling and tasty. I passed on the donuts and the free bags of chips in the staff lounge today, thanks to you.

  14. The Red Tail Inn looks so lovely and relaxing! I love the decor. You’ve made me want to give this place a visit Susan, although it would be quite a distance from South Jersey!

  15. Great travel idea – pants , black, olive and jeans. Those really cover all the bases and you don’t get tired of your clothes. The olive bridges the casual to nicer afternoon events . Another great blog!

  16. Beautiful! I really enjoy your post and very happy for you and your husband. I have picked up a lot of your tips and purchased 2 scarves from your collection. I have received many compliments from people. I love your shoes but can’t wear heels, or I should say won’t, I’m into comfort now! My son is getting married next year, any tips for the mother of the groom? Always look forward to your post

    1. Thank you. I’m in the no more heels camp as well. I still have a few older pairs which I wear out to dinner sometimes, but I won’t buy more. This link (click here) will take you to a navy dress at Dillard’s. They have many other styles and colors of dresses that would be appropriate.

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