All White For Summer

We enjoyed a delightful Saturday afternoon in Blowing Rock, NC, where we briefly stopped to see the swans in the pond at Chetola Resort.

Along with lighter colors and more open weave textures, I wear a more delicate fragrance in summer. Jo Malone 154 here has top notes of mandarin orange.

I bought this top in white and black to wear when the heat and humidity are at peak levels. The length is perfect for my inverted triangle shape, and the elastic sleeves can be pushed up for a slimming effect.

BlouseJeans – Similar Bag, Sandals, and Sunglasses. My sunscreen and skincare products are here.

Both my pearl bracelets are from Beauty in Stone Jewelry. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item.)

All the birds were seeking shade and molting their feathers to cool off.

Even the fading summer blossoms are beautiful.

I hope you find a cool, shady spot to curl up and read a good book today. I bought this one yesterday as I perused in Blowing Rock Antiques. About seven years ago, Christopher Spitzmiller & Anthony Bellomo began the restoration of a historic Greek Revival farmhouse in the Hudson Valley of New York.

The book was a compromise. I wanted everything in this store!

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  1. I’m getting ready to walk about a mile down the road to church, in this warm, humid weather here in the DC area. You’ve just inspired my outfit choice! Thanks for the beautiful photos. They are a wonderful, much-needed distraction from the rest of what I have read on the internet today.

  2. Blowing Rock is such a nice little town to explore. We like to sit in the town park and just people watch!

  3. It is easier for me to find a cool, shady spot than it is to find a good book. I like your cut-out overblouse.

  4. Your summer top is very unique. I’m sure you enjoyed the beautiful scenery on your outing!

    Have you or Mr. Mickey had to adjust to each other’s home daily routines or food preferences/ meal options? Have you adopted to some of Mr. Mickey’s food or daily routine preferences , or has he adopted to some of yours?

    1. Neither of us eats a lot, so the adjustments have been minor. I stock the fridge and pantry with healthy options for the weekdays, and we mostly eat out or go for an adventure on the weekends.

  5. What a lovely place. Everything was so green. Here in South Texas we are in drought and the land is parched and brown.

    Loved your white blouse. You always look so serene.

  6. Susan,
    Like many of your fans, I look forward to each of your posts and seeing what you’re wearing, where you’re traveling, and what you’re up to. You look especially cool, confident, and as always feminine and chic. All white is all right on you!

  7. I jumped right on the cutout blouse, only to find it not available in my size. It looks nice and cool on you.

  8. I just received the LL Bean white shirt like the one you were wearing in your last post. It’s perfect and I love the wonderful workmanship. I’d never bought anything from LL Bean before, but they now have a new customer; I ordered two more shirts in small prints. Love seeing what you’re wearing and how you style your clothing and accessories.

  9. You have such wonderful places to visit (and eat!), all within driving distance. Thank you for sharing your adventures.

  10. Love your outfits and adventures. I don’t wear white as I have a dog and would have a hard time keeping it clean. How fun to explore on the weekends.

  11. I like blowing rock….and it had to be cooler there. I must find that antique store you talked about, delicious! You looke very nice, but I’m not an all white girl……

  12. Hi Susan,
    I enjoy following your journey! Would you please share your skin care routine with me? I get texts & emails from Beauty Counter, but I have no idea what to order. I’m 72, a little fair skinned & hate the wrinkles.

  13. So refreshing, Susan! I would never have been bright enough to purchase a black and a white in the perfect blouse. Something to remember!
    Italy is on the agenda in September for this spry gal of 83. . .and I will be watching for traveling wear (with the Susan flair).
    Happy last of warm July!

  14. Susan,
    You look cool and stylish in all white. The cutout blouse is popular this summer and really sets the look apart from the usual white tops. I have my eye on one and hope it goes on sale soon.
    The Antique Store looks interesting. Living in a smaller home curbs my urge to buy anything other than a small item like the unique little square plate I have on my dresser to hold a few hairpins and barrette. It’s so humid lately I have to tame my hair later in the day.
    I have the afternoon free today and will go to a nearby park on Lake Erie to finish my book. Insect spray is a must due to the large population of deer.

    It’s always a pleasure to hear about your outings with Mr. Mickey.

  15. Good Morning Susan. Thoroughly enjoy your blog. Your style I wish to emulate. Living in Las Vegas with temperatures in excess of 105 degrees is a style challenge. Do you have suggestions for desert style? Where you reside is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for any suggestions.

    1. Lightweight natural fabrics that stand away from the body are the most comfortable in the heat. Avoid clinging knits and materials that don’t “breathe.”

  16. Had to comment again on this beautiful cut out top, it is now on sale and I hope to see Susan model the black in the near future, I believe it would it would be so dressy and gorgeous with black slacks or a long black skirt. The model wearing the black is down below the top page with the white. Scroll down and across bottom.
    Thanks for all the ideas.

  17. Hi Susan
    I bought the pearl bracelet like yours from Beauty in Stone. Love it! Thank you for the discount!
    Another Susan

  18. What fresh less is more summer whites, you look so relaxed. Isn’t summertime beautiful and flowers bloom in all their splendid colours and swans on the lake must have made your day out with Mr Mickey one of those glad to be alive days.
    As always take care and thank you for a lovely post,
    Wales U.K.

  19. Hi Susan,
    Just wanted you to know I attempted to purchase white butterfly blouse but they were sold out in my size.
    I know there is little you can do regarding stock of a company but since you are a influencer prehaps WHBM can increase their stock on items you purchasr.

  20. Hi Susan,
    Love this top. Would you mind sharing what size you purchased? I am not familiar with WHBM sizing.
    Was it true to size chart measurements? I am 36 in bust, and same height as you.
    Thank you.

  21. So hot and humid in the Florida panhandle..Your outfit choice was superb inspiration as usual.

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