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If you always shop in the same few stores, you may find yourself in a style rut. For example, when I realized I had no dressy tops appropriate for the summer heat, I had to do a bit of research to locate what I had in mind. So I looked for tops at White House Black Market. I shopped there when I was younger, but not in the past few years.

It was refreshing to see different options, and a few of them were appropriate for me. I bought this top in a size medium in white and also black. I showed you the white top last week, and several asked to see the black version. The top in black is here.

The white top from the previous post is here, and more sizes are available now.

I am delighted with the fit and quality of these tops. They come with a very lightweight matching camisole with adjustable straps and little snaps inside the top to keep them in place. I wear a nude bra with the white one and a black bra with the black top. The bras are here. The white ankle jeans are here.

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  1. Susan, I remember that you’ve stated that you don’t wear black next to your face now that you are older but I think you look stunning in the black top!

  2. The black top looks fabulous on you! In fact, it looks better on you than some of the models! I hope you and Mr. Mickey are enjoying your summer and have completely recovered.

  3. Susan, I have and continue to learn a lot from you. I do have a request. Now shoes present the greatest challenge for me. Would you please consider a post on both how to chose the right shoe as well as sources for shoes? Thank you very much for your consideration.

  4. Susan, the black version of the lace blouse looks so very elegant on you. Many thanks for taking the time to re-visit the WHBM site and update the availability of the white one. I was able to purchase the white version in my size this time. I am retired and my lifestyle now requires very few “special” pieces — but I do know I will be able to wear this lovely top for years to come. Quality over quantity!

  5. I love the black top! It looks amazing on you. I haven’t shopped at BMWH in about 10 years so will have to rethink that.

  6. I actually like the black top more than the white on you. Very pretty. I love the way your hair looks in the picture with the black top.

  7. Good point about if we shop at the same stores we get into a rut!! I can see I’m doing that and yes things all pretty much look the same. I also used to shop at WHBM.
    Good post. I do look forward to reading your blog posts.

  8. I love the black and white look! I think it’s a really nice way to wear something lacy without looking overly ‘fancy’.

  9. Susan, after your previous post I went to the WHBM site to look at this blouse. Multiple reviews mentioned that it was very stiff. What are your thoughts?

  10. I used your link, but unfortunately they were out of size 12 in both colors. I love this post as I am finding it difficult to find dressy elegant tops. I hope you do more post on this topic.

  11. Honestly, you look so sharp and much younger, especially in the black version! A constant diet of solid tops can really age a woman, I think. I am going to have to stop at WHBM!


  12. I clicked on the link for the black top and saw that it was long sleeved. Thought there had been a mistake with the link. But after coming back and looking at your picture more closely I saw how you had pushed the sleeves up. Nicely changes the look. Two looks from one top!

  13. I love these two different-colored, stylish tops, they make dressing in my favorite colors (B&W) so versatile.

  14. So smart, Susan. Those tops are so very pretty as well as being functional. And I envy you the warm weather.
    We’re just approaching spring here, and it’s been a freezing winter and I’m so over my wardrobe!

    In a couple of days, I’m going to have a try-on of everything (warm weather and cold), shoes and all, and I’m going to be cruel to be kind. I’ll have a v.large bag close by to fold things into and one for shoes – ready for the charities. If a combination works, I’ll take a pic and file it in a ‘wardrobe’ file. I want to end up with a small, elegant collection.
    After watching your transformations through the years, I want to have the elegance, simplicity and functionality of your wardrobe.
    I hope you’ll approve of my plan. Best wishes to yourself and Mr. Mickey.

  15. Susan, after you showed the white top I checked out the WHBM site, but was confused because under Product Details they show a petite length, but it doesn’t look like it comes in petite sizes. Am I missing something?

    1. I don’t know the details of the petite sizing at WHBM. Some companies do make things in a shorter length and call them petite, but we know there is more to it than the length.

  16. Hi Susan, These tops are pretty but made of polyester.
    I’ve always considered that an unbreathable fabric, too hot to wear in summer.
    Of course, I’m dripping wet here in Oregon during an unusually high heat wave – 107 today, 108 predicted for tomorrow.
    Can only tolerate linen or cotton and even then, with these temperatures, I’m a drippy mess. Ha. ( Normal summers here are in the 80s, some of the hottest days in the 90s.)
    I haven’t worn polyester in a long time so maybe it’s made differently today. Is it comfortable for you?

  17. YOU are lovely!! Susan, I also love 154 Jo Malone. Can no longer find in the body lotion. Any idea? Many thanks, McGettrick

  18. While I liked the white top in that style from your previous post, the black top with the white pants creates a much more stunning and slimming look above the waistline area. Fabulous look!

    I’m curious as to why we rarely see you in solid colors or in a few prints as in your previous posts from a few years ago. You look so nice in colors of your choice!

    1. I have built a neutral core wardrobe for my retirement/travel/downsizing lifestyle for the past few years. However, I may add a few colors, such as lilac, plum, and red, in the future.

  19. I thought the all white outfit was so pretty last week BUT this blouse in black paired with the white jeans is gorgeous!!!

  20. This beautiful top in black or white “fits the bill” for so many needs. It can be casual, dressy, airy and breathable in hot weather, mostly gorgeous!!!!!!

  21. Thank you. i find it very hard to find age-appropriate dressy clothes. I have been searching for an outfit for a Palm Springs wedding. Everything is either super young or very expensive.

  22. Susan, personally I love black tops for myself year round. I am 73!!!! Wear a lot of black and white year round. In my opinion you always look stylish and dressy…… but the black top compliments your coloring much better (just my opinion). The colors you mention will be a genuine change for you from your neutrals, and I am sure you will love the change for future buying. Stay cool and healthy!!

  23. Susan!!!! The black top is fabulous, you look stunning. White one also good but black is great!

    Thanks for the posting

  24. Hi Susan. Aren’t you glad you bought both the black & white tops! I love both looks but the black is just a tad dressier! Great additions to your wardrobe.

  25. Susan

    You look slim in the black top. It looks great on you with your gray hair. Also, it stops at the waist–really, really looks nice. I have found that clothes from White House Black Market run small on me. I like Chicos, but White House clothes are more classy. I enjoy your emails.


  26. Susan,

    I have become a fan of WHBM for about a year now. It started when I couldn’t find pants that fit me. I don’t like baggy jeans and pants with saggy thighs and rear nor do I want skin tight. That’s what I found with the “vanity sizing” that seems to be the trend in clothing manufacturing based on “average” American women. WHBM offers true to size in both slim and curvy cuts. Happy I found them.
    The black top is lovely and I agree it’s the structure that gives it a nice line. Flowy looks can be too casual for me.

    Thank you!

  27. Like so many here are saying, love the black top on you. The white is also nice but the black to me is stunning & just my opinion but more youthful than the white. The white blends in with your coloring & the black offers just the right amount of flattering contrast. I do think white looks great on ladies with a tan or naturally darker skin tone however. Btw your hair looks very pretty & looks like maybe you are wearing it slightly longer ? Anyway very attractive.

  28. @dailychoicesmag. Is using a picture of you to headline an article on Twitter. Not sure if you gave them permission. Thought you’d like to know !

  29. The black top is striking with your silver hair! I’d love to hear/see your thoughts on transitioning our wardrobes to fall!

  30. OMG, Susan you look beautiful in that awesome black top. Love, love, your post. Stay amazing and enjoy this wonderful day God has given us.

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