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I am showing how two fundamental pieces can serve you well in several situations during this series of posts. A three-quarter sleeve scoop neck crepe knit top worn with matching pants can form the foundation for many different looks.

Many of us are still working every day, so the business wardrobe plays a significant part in our clothing budgets. Crepe pieces can be worn with a jacket or cardigan or with a scarf, as shown.

Espadrilles have long been a favorite summer shoe. The more structured type, such as these by Nine West, provide better support than many of the soft flat styles. They can also be appropriate for some business situations. The watch is by Michael Kors. The earrings are from Chico’s a few years ago. The birthstone ring and bracelet are many years old.

This is a typical summer look for me when I have a doctor’s appointment, lunch with friends, or a meeting with my accountant. Crepe knit pants of any style are perfect to wear on pedicure day.

There is space for a couple more outfit ideas so that the fun will continue next week. Have a lovely weekend!

  1. Instead of a comment I have a question. How are you keeping the scarf so elegantly draped on your shoulders as you wear a seat belt or walk about? Thank you for information on scarf stability.

    1. I find that when I wear a scarf draped simply across my shoulders or around my neck, it demands that I have good posture. The weight of the silk twill helps to keep it in place, but you can also use magnets or a pretty brooch to anchor a scarf.

  2. I always enjoy your site and have learned a lot from your suggestions. I’m wondering what to wear to lunch with a friend who has a wardrobe to rival Duchess Kate. It will likely be quite hot and we are thinking of dining outdoors if it isn’t raining. Do you think white or gray dressy jeans and a scoop neck tee would work? Thanks! Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I always look forward to reading your blog to learn and reinforce my personal wardrobe lifestyle. Thanks for the fresh ideas for those of us that are still working. The “casual” work wardrobe has changed so much over the years that it’s reinforcing to know we can still look professional with a more relaxed look. You look awesome and you are an inspiration – you give me something to strive toward as I reach the retirement years. Thank you for all your efforts to encourage and help us as we all continue to age “gracefully”!

  4. Love this series. I moved in with my daughter in 2012 and had to unload years of items. We moved from NC to CA. and space was greatly reduced. Your ideas are helping me narrow my focus on a workable wardrobe. I realized that I need more jackets, which are needed in the San Francisco area.

  5. I read that Nine West has gone out of business 🙁
    The article claimed that the trend towards casual athletic gear did them in. I don’ t know if I believe that as they were good at coming up with fashionable styles and were a brand that I always looked for because they produced a relatively high quality shoe, for the money, and had sizing that was dependable.

    Take good care of yours, they may be hard to replace.

    1. Alas, they filed for bankruptcy in April. A dark day not just for Nine West shoes, but the Anne Klein & Bandolino labels, too, although I think they’re trying to keep the Klein brand afloat with a massive restructuring & are selling Nine West. What happens remains to be seen, but, yes, take care of your espadrilles!

  6. Susan,

    Hi! I love this current series. Your crepe pants are so versatile! Dressed up or down, you have a winner! My favorite style is the crepe, tapered leg with ankle slit. I wear a 6 petite; would the translate into a medium petite??


  7. Have learned so much from your blog and greatly appreciate all you do!
    I will be visiting my daughter in Jacksonville, Florida, next week. In an earlier post you discussed your vacation there and stated that you did some shopping at some upscale stores. I was wondering if you could share where you shopped.
    Thank you!

  8. Just curious–do you wear the crepe pants in the summer? I have several pair but am always afraid I will be hot. Dallas is a place where you can hardly wear anything but cotton or linen (lightweight linen) for several months out of the year.

  9. I am SO enjoying this series. It’s helping me with editing my closet. And making a list for future purchases. Keep those ideas coming. P.S. I have several of your scarves—they are beautiful and of excellent quality

  10. I really love how you’ve put everything together. So classy and elegant yet simple and comfortable.

  11. I hope your client base know about all those excellent, low carb, opportunities out there. Like the penne pasta made with lentils and zucchini and the riced califlower as well as the stir fry riced cauliflower with peas and carrots that all you have to add is whatever you like, onions, mushrooms, a little soy sauce, perhaps shrimp or chicken, or scramble eggs and add. Always delicious and nutritious. Love Susan’s recommendations.
    It is so hard to stay a reasonable size after 60.

  12. I wish you had the straight leg pants in xs petite. Because I am a short-legged petite, I always have to hem my pants(differentleg lengths too!) so a pant that narrows and has a slit is a challenge. Besides, I look longer/leaner in straight leg pants.
    I’ve been enjoying your site for quote a while and applaud you for debunking the myth that mature women automatically are dumpy and frumpy! Bravo!

  13. How do you get your scarves to stay in place? I can’t wear them well because they’re always slipping around. I’m small chested and have rounded shoulders, so I end up looking like an old lady.

    1. I accept the fact that they might move with me. I always tie and wear the scarves in an unfussy way. You can use a pretty brooch or magnets to hold them in place.

  14. Thank you again for sharing what you research and style. I am especially looking forward to two piece outfits with accessories. The crepe pants and top I purchased from your online shop are my favorite! If I could only get one item then I would choose the pants. They are very forgiving. Love your tips on dressing up and down. Fabulous!!

  15. On your shopping site I only see “straight leg” and “basic” crepe pants. Where are these “tapered” crepe pants?

  16. Thanks for all your tips. I’m a different shape and colouring to you, and I’ve a more casual style. Your tips on wearing basics, investing in good pieces, and adding accessories apply to anyone. Yesterday I went furniture shopping, on a tour of slane castle, meal in the bar, then a months mind mass for my husband’s uncle, cup of tea afterwards with the family, then drinks for another family member’s birthday. I wore the same outfit for the whole lot, and felt comfortable and appropriate the whole time. I actually caught myself thinking beforehand “Now, what would Susan do?”!

  17. I miss your site when I first found it where you showed clothing with options of where to purchase and was waiting for 2018 to see what looks you were showing so disappointed hope you will return to updated fiftynotfrumpy.

    1. I’m into my sixties now. What I wore when I was younger, no longer seems appropriate. Clothing that serves me well without having to buy something new every week seems like a much smarter choice.

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