A Casual Look

In this series of posts, I narrow my focus down to two basic pieces to show how they can serve you well in several situations. The three-quarter sleeve scoop neck top worn with the basic tapered pants can form the foundation for any number of smart looks.

Even when I am running errands such as going to the Farmer’s Market, I want to look like I put forth an effort to look my best. Casual doesn’t have to mean sloppy. When I am wearing a casual look, there are a few tips I always use. Less makeup and accessories and a less structured bag and shoes that look appropriate with casual attire.

The pop of color and pattern from a fun summer bag can take a casual look up a notch. Embroidered bags continue to be very popular for that reason.

A bit of gray eyeshadow near the base of my lashes blended up to the crease, some mascara, and bright lip color are sufficient. Moisturizer is more critical than a foundation for me. My makeup and skincare are always by Beautycounter. My website is here. I am a manager for Beautycounter and have been using it exclusively since last fall.

I never wear running shoes for anything other than walking in the neighborhood. These casual suede sneakers are by Kenneth Cole. I bought the shoes and the Levis classic denim jacket from Dillards.com last year.

The fun continues on Friday!

  1. Hi, Susan — Love your blog! Will the pants be available in Tall sizes (32 inch inseam)? I ordered a Medium but the 30 inch inseam is just too short for me. Thanks!

  2. I do think it’s nice to take pride in our appearance no matter where we are going!! And the fact that there are fun sneakers in every color and style makes it easy to be comfortable and still be stylish!!
    That purse is wonderful too, Susan!!!
    Thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration!!

  3. 1. Could you have chosen dark shoes with the outfit? Still trying to get that all figured out. Shoes match ankles, right?
    2. Where we live the third Ocie for errands is too hot and just black, brown, and navy are too dark. Do you think you will ever add white, off white, tan or blush to your inventory?
    3. I so appreciate your educating us. Side by sides, back views, changing looks by changing a piece or two is always especially appreciated. AND SO GRATEFUL FOR NO ADS IN THE MIDDLE !!!! Thank you!

    1. I would only wear dark shoes with dark pants is if the pants nearly covered the shoes. With ankle length pants, it is always more slenderizing to wear nude shoes. The designer tried the lighter colors, but they are a bit too sheer for pants. You might find some light color linen pieces that work for your area better. Thank you for being part of the fun! (I hate ads too!)

  4. You have been so helpful to me. I have stopped buying things just because they were on sale. I also pass on jackets or tops that are “eye catching”. I have learned many of my purchases were a one time thing. We have dinner once a month with several friends. All the “eye catching” things were a hit, but a one time thing. I now wear black pants and coordinate tops & jackets.
    My husband sends his best. He is a fan too. Mostly because he no longer waits & waits for me to get ready. Adore you Susan

  5. Susan, I’m always surprised to hear your claim of having thick legs. They look curvy/slim to me and I think one of your best features. The only problem I have with your pants is that with flat shoes a skinnier leg would be more slimming/elongating. As I look back through your blog I always like you best in skinny pants/jeans. I could see those pants more with sandals that have a slight wedge or heel. Just bringing this up because you and I are almost twins and I’m trying to figure this out for myself. Thank you so much for these fascinating posts.

    1. I have never been able to put on boots or skinny jeans. Most of my pants have straight legs, but they often fit like skinny jeans. I’m not buying heels or slim leg pants anymore. Any garment that skims the body without showing every dimple and bump is so much more flattering at this time of my life. I was going for a very casual vibe here so, wedges or heels would not be the best choice because they inherently dress up a look.

  6. Susan, your outfit is cute and looks comfortable! I wondered if the crepe pants are prone to snagging? I guess I’m wondering how they might work for daily use or are they better in more “going out” situations? Also wondered if your designer could create a longer “capri” style pant for warmer weather, that would hit a more attractive level of the leg (below the calf)? Thanks for continuing to show us all the possibilities!

  7. This casual look is still classy because you have the nice top and pants as a base, and the beautiful haircut and makeup (which forms the base of how YOU look). You are a good example. 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for your ideas and tips for the more mature generation!! We all need it from time to time. Is there any chance you would consider a series on outing basic pieces if a person is starting from scratch on a limited budget. I really feel I need throw out everything and start from scratch

    1. You may be able to keep more than you think. Start with reorganizing your wardrobe. Put all like items together, lightest to darkest. If you have a lot of print items, hang those together. You may find that if you buy a few solid color pieces, you can make more outfits from what you already have. Do get rid of anything that you never wear, doesn’t fit or that doesn’t reflect the woman you are now. Good luck!

  9. Soon it will be too warm for the Levis jacket here in southern Maryland. Would one of the sheer kimonos you blogged about last year work? Would the shoes need to be changed, or would the shoes keep the look casual? Love the looks you’ve presented.

  10. I too have learned so much from your blog and like a previous comment, think twice before I buy that flashy jacket now. I’m curious if you are going to be wearing the cute Chico’s tangerine outfit. I love the color and was wondering how you fit it into the “ color column” approach of dressing. Thanks again to you and that handsome photographer Mr. Mickey.

  11. Your efforts are appreciated so much. Everyday you bring me new ways to feel better, look better and enjoy my surroundings. I also find your clothing ideas to be budget friendly. I’m working to live a more pleasant and less stressful life and your blog figures into that plan. Once again, thank you!
    As if you are not busy enough! I also would be interested in some posts on how Mr. Mickey manages to look so well put together. My husband finds it a challenge and has asked for pointers.

    1. We both tend to wear only solid, neutral, classic pieces. Note: When we first started dating, I helped him clean out his closets. All the plaid and print shirts and things he never wore are gone now. He always wears a jacket to dinner, and long sleeves turned up instead of a short sleeve shirt. He only wears shirts with collars. Socks match pants. Belt matches shoes. Khaki pants should be worn with light tan shoes rather than black.

  12. I just bought those relaxing casual sneakers this spring and love for running errands etc. I like your hair also. Thank you for your good advice and research you do.

  13. Thanks Susan! Even simple attire doesn’t work if you don’t understand how to put it together. Much appreciated!

  14. Hello Susan! Your hairstyle is very attractive. Do you ask your hairdresser for a layered cut? I am curious how you style as it appears to be a smoother less curly/wavy look than before. I always enjoy your blog!

    1. I have been blowing it out to keep the bangs straight. It is layered in back but left long enough on the sides to tuck some of the hair behind my ears.

  15. Hi Susan, Always love your posts. Help, I live in Scottsdale Arizona and always dread the summers here. Linen is really the fabric that is suitable for the intense heat. I find any of the synthetic knit or even more substantial cotton knit fabrics just too hot. Linen is a maintenance issue if you want to look polished. I generally iron it or send it out if it a nicer piece.
    Linen is generally oversized, loose and lacks structure. Its difficult not to look sloppy or just simply rumpled. I’ve scoured the web looking for a site with fashions that won’t just swamp my frame, but very few appear. I’m tired of being relegated to the standard J Jill or Chicos linen big shirt. Any suggestions for us ladies who live in hot climates?

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I have been to Scottsdale many times. Fabrics that are made from natural materials such as cotton, linen, and rayon are most comfortable in hot weather. Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber, but it is made from natural raw materials and resembles natural fibers in its properties. I’m with you on the linen. I can’t take the wrinkles. I have enough of my own!

  16. I have noticed that you wear mostly ankle lengfh pants and it looks so nice on you. I wear a size 10 shoe and feel like it would accentuate my large feet. Am I paranoid??

    1. If you wear the same color of shoes as your skin, you will look just fine in ankle pants. With dark long pants wear the same tone of shoes. Paris Hilton wears a size 11 shoe! Size 10 is the average shoe size for a supermodel. Rock on!

  17. Thank you Susan. One more question. If you had to choose between purchasing pewter or nude colored sandals, which would you select and why?

  18. Thank you! With a white shirt you’d still choose nude? I appreciate your opinion and all of your posts. I have learned so much. I have been able to have more discrimination when passing those clearance racks and look at the “show pony” pieces alot differently. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world!

    1. The shoes should not relate to the other parts of your outfit if your goal is to have longer looking legs. The only area of concern is what is going on from the knees down. If you break up that line with blocks of different colors, the area will look shorter and wider.

  19. Thank you for the tips for men. I’ll pass them on to my hubs. He’ll be thrilled to have such simple ideas!

  20. You are my new best friend, I truly struggle with putting it “together” and failing miserable. I have truly enjoyed SusanAfter 60. I am 69 now and have short grey hair. Thanks

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