Drop-In For A Visit

Hello! Welcome to my home. I’m so glad you could stop by. In-person visits are minimal to nil this year, so I thought a virtual visit would be fun today.

Our weather is sunny, but the temperatures are only in the forties, so that means I’m bundled up for a casual, comfortable afternoon at home. I have never been a fan of cold weather, but even less so nowadays.

My staying at home look includes high waist straight leg jeans here. The cozy cardigan is old, but here is a similar one. The long sleeve black tee is here. The short boots are here.

The entry features a chest I purchased many years ago while living in the New Orleans area. The gemstone pedestal is a very old one purchased at an estate auction. The figurine is one of a pair I found in an antique store in Black Mountain, NC.

I started my collection of blue and white objects in the early 1980s. I appreciate things that serve a function as well as being beautiful.

I downsized about seven years ago and had to find new homes for several rooms of furniture, art, and countless decor items. The objects I have now hold significant meaning and give me pleasure when I look at or use them. Everything has a story.

One of the Victorian period figurines is in the foyer; the other is in my office, shown below. It is to the left of the entry. My sister gave me the barrister’s bookcase when she and her husband built a new smaller home a few years ago. The black and white prints are of the Paris Opera House (Palais Garnier).

To the left, after my office and a guest bath, is an antique library table. The gallery wall of black and white images includes some of my favorite architecture and landmarks. A rarely used formal dining area is to the right of the entry. The ginger jar with a lid was my first blue and white purchase in 1983.

A wall divides the kitchen area from the living room seating area and the dining area. I was relieved to learn that the oversized Hudson River style painting from my previous home would fit in this space. It looks very romantic in the early morning light.

Some of my Monique Carr oil paintings are displayed on the narrow wall between the laundry room and the pantry.

The bright breakfast nook off the kitchen is now home to all those plants that enjoyed living on the screened-in porch during the summer.

I had all the walls throughout the house painted in the color Almond Paste from PPG Paints before I moved in. I love the warmth and the soothing glow of this muted beige color.

You will often find me curled up in front of the fire with a book in the winter. I’m reading the newly published one by Mr. Mickey’s cousin, Rebecca, at the moment. The book is based on caring for her Alzheimer’s-afflicted dad in her home. Mr. Mickey appears in the book as her Dad’s cousin, “Will.” If you would like to read the delightful and heartwarming book, it is here.

The ornately carved writing desk was another auction purchase. I found the cast iron candle stand on the table in a garden center. It weighs a ton, so I dust around it.

Around the corner from the table is my bedroom. It includes a bench, chairs, and tables found at auction or handed down from my parents.

The bedside lamps were in the living room of my childhood home. The sconces beside the European print above my bed were a special housewarming gift from Mr. Mickey. He also gave me the bronze fairy atop the bureau many Christmases ago. One of our friends did the watercolor of Main Street in downtown Johnson City.

Outdoor dining is a warm-weather option on the open deck off the screened-in porch. I found the urn many years ago in New Orleans. It contains a unique collection of seashells I’ve picked up during my travels around the world.

Thanks for stopping by today. It was lovely to have some company.

Congratulations, Barbara McCarren! You are the winner of the handbag from the Tuesday post.

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  1. Thank you, Susan, for the invitation to visit your home virtually. It was most pleasant to see the spaces that inspire you. Also, thank you ever so much for all your grooming and fashion tips; they have definitely helped me to revamp my wardrobe. Stay well.

  2. Gentile Susan
    Dicono Che la casa rispecchia la persona, sono perfettamente d’accordo. Classica ordinata Di gusto sqisitamente femminile. GRAZIE del gradito invito

  3. Thank you Susan, for sharing your home and precious things with us, great idea. Your home is as individual and stylish as its owner. Just as with clothes, I think the things that surround you should reflect your personality. They can also remind you of your history. Divorce and downsizing taught me which of my items of furniture and possessions really matter to me and give me pleasure every time I look at them. A hoarder by nature, when de-cluttering it helps me always to keep in mind this quote from William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”.

    1. The house came with a huge TV mounted on the wall in an upstairs sitting room. I never watch TV, so I don’t even have cable. I much prefer reading a book or listening to NPR for classical music, news or weather.

  4. Thank you for the lovely tour of your home. Your fashion sense is impeccable as well as your home is beautiful.

  5. I will gladly echo the comments of your Italian follower: “They say the house reflects the person, they are in perfect agreement; classic, tidy and of exquisite feminine taste! Thank you for the appreciated invitation.” I didn’t sleep well last night and was dreading waking up today, getting so fatigued with the current whole world situation. But then I remembered it was Thursday and as usual your blog put a smile on my face and gave me hope for the day. Thank you Susan, for sharing a little bit of lovely!

  6. I always enjoy my Tuesday/Thursday visits with you Susan. Thank you for sharing your life and insights with us!

  7. Wow, what a wonderful tour of your home. Thank you for inviting us in for a treat to see all the fabulous items you shared with us. . Such lovely pieces you have and I can see why you love many of them.

    Clara from Iowa

  8. Your eye for art, color, balance and mood has gifted you for clothing as well. Someone said, “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” I see that truth in your decor choices: classic, elegant & clean. Thank you for sharing your sweet, welcoming home with us!

  9. Thank you for the lovely visit to your home. You have so much beauty around you. Again, thank you for sharing. Helen O Soares

  10. Thank you for inviting us into your lovely classic home. I too, love blue and white pieces and thanks for the paint color which is perfect with your tile flooring. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!

  11. I certainly enjoyed our virtual visit, Susan. Thanks for the book suggestion. You’ve introduced me to other authors I now follow.

  12. Susan,

    Your home is lovely. Your style is very much akin to my Mother’s. My parents often traveled to New Orleans (from Texas) for auctions, or to shop in the antique stores, when they were building the home I grew up in. I now have several of their pieces, though I’m a bit more eclectic and casual in style.

  13. Thank you for the tour of your beautiful home! What a wonderful way to start the day. I especially loved the urn filled with seashells! I have a basket filled with teal-colored glass fishing net floats. I love reminders of travels to places near and far. Lovely post!

  14. Thanks for inviting us into your home. I admit to being somewhat of a voyeur and love looking at houses. I should have been a real estate agent but couldn’t “go in for the kill” to make a sale. I’m not enough of a designer to be able to put individual pieces together to make a room look good. It is obvious you love everything you have. And the black and white photo of you and Mr. Mickey near the stairs is lovely.

  15. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Many months ago I emailed you about seeing pictures of your decor. I have similar tastes but no sense of style. Thank you for ideas on how you’ve put it all together. It’s very classy & elegant!

  16. Thank you for inviting us into your lovely home. So glad you included the paint color. Love it. I am so over “gray “ everything. Your home exudes warmth & class. Kudos to you for not having a tv. That is something I should strive for. It can be such a waste of time. You and Mr. Mickey have a wonderful weekend. By the way he has excellent taste too ! Also forgot to mention, I love your choices in artwork. Especially the Hudson River painting

  17. Your home is absolutely lovely and a reflection of your good taste and value of traditional pieces of furniture, art, decor!

  18. What an absolutely stunning home you have! I love all of the décor, and especially appreciate the quality pieces you acquired over the years that compliment each other so well. Every corner is inviting and authentically warm and welcoming.

    Thank you, Susan.

  19. I so enjoyed my visit to your lovely home. Everything,Hong is beautiful and your antique table in the entry is awesome. Enjoyed it!

  20. Thank you for the invitation to your lovely home! It’s beautiful and so welcoming. I love the back story of all your favorite pieces❤️ What a treat to curl up to a warm fire & read! I live in Florida & never had the opportunity to light my fireplace in 35 years!

  21. Enjoyed the tour of your home as it is beautiful. I am like you, love to curl up in front of the fire and read a good book. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and stay safe.

  22. I wondered about how your home looks like from your pictures. Thank you for inviting us to see it and sharing your stories with us. You are a lovely lady and I think you and Mr. Mickey are fortunate to have each other!

  23. What a lovely home! It’s so nice to see a home that reflects the owner and not all the newest trends. I love the color of your walls and the architectural features throughout your home.
    It is good advice to limit television viewing. I watch NPR too and read my local newspaper. That is enough to be well informed, giving me time to read and engage in hobbies.
    Wishing you and Mr. Mickey the best that life has to give.

  24. Thank you for allowing us into your lovely home, Susan. At last I got the tour I’d been waiting for, and it didn’t disappoint.
    Maybe a Christmas tour next month?

  25. Thank you for letting us visit your lovely home. Your excellent taste is reflected in each room.
    Carolyn Sakamoto
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  26. Your home is lovely and welcoming. I enjoyed visiting you tonight. I’ve downsized to a condo and I know what you mean about keeping only things that you enjoy and mean something to you. I have a few items from my childhood home that I treasure.

  27. The charm and grace of your home certainly reflects its occupant. So kind of you to share your lovely personal space with us. I can almost feel the warmth of the fire.

  28. Congratulations Barbara McCarren!
    Thank you for the tour of your beautiful home, Susan. I love looking at house interiors and this probably accounts for the number of decorating magazine subscriptions I read each month. You might enjoy The English Home magazine.
    The items in your home that really caught my interest are the Asian blue & white ware. Every room in my house has several pieces of blue & white ware because it’s so timeless and fits in with any style of decorating.
    I’m looking forward to reading My Dad My Dog.

  29. Thank you for sharing your private spaces with us- its very generous of you – they are as graceful, elegant and unpretentious as you are !

  30. So very nice of you to let us visit your elegant home. I worked as a decorative artist for many years and it seems to me homes reflect the style and personality of their owners. I think your home proves my theory.

  31. I remember a home tour you did several years ago, and I again so enjoyed this one. Your home is a perfect reflection of you: elegant, warm and beautiful. Thank you for a delightful interlude. I feel as if I’ve had a spa-like mini-break. And congrats to Barbara; I know how delightful it is to win one of your giveaways!

  32. Thank you so much for inviting me into the intimacy of you lovely home. I could so envision sharing a cup of tea with you in your cozy living room. We could discuss the different books we’ve read and other such pleasantries. Or we could share our love of clothing and accessories Thanks again for the visit.

  33. What a treat to be able to peek inside your home. I love the dining room. I’ve never seen it in your photos but it is beautiful! And I love the Hudson River painting. So pretty. Your home like you is an inspiration to your readers. Thank you for sharing with us!

  34. That was a lovely visit and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for inviting us into your beautiful and tastefully decorated home.

  35. Thank you for inviting us into to your beautiful home. It’s absolutely gorgeous and charming, just like you. Thanks again for letting have a peek!

  36. Enjoyed the visit… love your decor and sharing your love for blue and white. I look forward to your emails and share your love for East Tennessee… I am from Elizabethton but reside in Georgia boa.

  37. Susan,
    Your house is just as I imagined it would look like….classic, elegant, and filled with things that bring you joy.
    Thank you for the lovely tour!

  38. Such a lovely home! It reflects your sense of calm and peace. All of your pieces fit your sense of style. Thank you for the glimpse into your life.

  39. Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful home Susan. It’s lovely and your pieces of collective items that “speak” to you. Enjoy it in health and love. I enjoy reading your posts. Have a great day!

  40. Susan,

    Thank you so much for the tour of your lovely home. I, too, collect blue and white. I see you have some of the same flower pots ( fish bowls) that I have and I decorate with plants as well.

    When we bought our present home, the Master bedroom was a real harsh green. I tried to decorate it but finally said this color has to go. We painted the walls antique white and decorated with cream and blue accessories. Every time, I walk in the room it makes me happy.


  41. Thank you, Susan, for this delightful surprise. I look forward to your emails with all the fashion and beauty tips, and down to earth advice. You are a shining beacon in a world of uncertainty. Your home is beautiful and elegant, just as you are.

  42. Susan,
    Your home is beautiful. It’s wonderful that so many of your treasures have a story.
    Thanks for sharing and opening your home to others.

  43. Oh my goodness!! Your home is so warm and inviting! You’re beautiful treasures are truly stunning! As this cold weather season comes, stay warm and cozy. Thank you for sharing your wonderful home.

  44. Thankyou for the very welcomed invitation today, I’ve so enjoyed visiting you and seeing your beautiful home, perhaps next time we’ll have a coffee. Have a lovely weekend

  45. Susan,

    Thanks for giving us a glimpse inside your home. I appreciate that you have personalized each room with things you enjoy and have a special meaning to you.

    I also appreciate that you are becoming creative with your site and being flexible with content during these crazy times we are experiencing. I find myself being less motivated to be creative and finding It harder to begin new projects than I did when this began. I am 71 and retired. Until March I volunteered with the American Cancer and drove patients to their treatments several days a week. My mom was in a skilled nursing facility but passed away on April 28, after not being able to see her for seven weeks.

    Some days get really long so it’s nice to connect with others even virtually. Thanks for sharing.


  46. Thank you for inviting us on a fun tour of your lovely home! So interesting to have a peek at your many beautiful treasures and the wonderful way you arrange them. What a nice way to make us feel as if we’ve had a comfortable visit with a friend!

  47. Thanks so much for a lovely visit. So interesting to hear the stories about your furnishings and artwork. You have a beautiful home!

  48. Thanks for having us over. We’ve caught glimpses every now and then in your posts, but I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that we sincerely appreciate the opportunity you have given us to visit and tour the rest of your home. It is very much you. Classic and beautiful.

  49. Your home is beautiful and I love all the items you have collected. I am so happy to have discovered you since this pandemic. You have inspired me to revamp my closet and clothes.

    I look forward to your posts

  50. It was a delightful virtual visit! Thank you for sharing your elegant home. I only recently discovered your blog and am enjoying it very much.

  51. Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us! It’s always good to surround ourselves with the memories/things that bring us joy every day. Have a good Thanksgiving and stay safe! xoxo

  52. Susan, I felt I must compliment you on the content of your blog! It is a combination of new and reaffirming of information that is needed to hear repeatedly to understand and put to use. And in the midst of a pandemic nonetheless!
    I hope women in their 30s and 40s are reading your blog and learning to recognize how an elegant, meaningful yet uncluttered life will serve them well now and in the future. It is a process that can take years to grasp!
    Thank you for the tour of your beautiful home – a very special treat.
    I like to read newspapers and news magazines at times. I am curious if you are a reader of newspapers, and if so which one (s)?
    Thank you……

  53. Hi Susan,

    So nice you opened up your home for a “virtual visit.” You have a lovely home filled with so many treasures that you love.
    Every room tells a story of your life. Thank you for sharing your castle. So much to be grateful and thankful for.

    Rebecca Warner’s book, “My Day, My Dog” looks like a sensitive read, Rebecca must be an exceptional human being to care for her parents. We need more Rebecca’s in this world.

    Take care and stay very safe, you can’t be too careful.

    All my best,
    Katherine in Arizona

  54. Lovely home and thank you for showing us how you have decorated. It seems very elegant and cozy. I am going to explore the almond paste color for my dining room. Happy Thanksgiving!

  55. Hi Susan. Thank you for inviting us into your lovely home. What a treat! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I especially appreciated the backstories of your treasured belongings. I enjoy reading beside a fire also, but what stops me is the messy cleanup. We are considering a gas insert. Do you have an insert or is your fireplace woodburning? Thanks again, Marilyn

  56. Thank you Susan, I very much enjoyed my visit. You certainly have a decorator’s touch. Your home is elegant.
    Quite stunning! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  57. Hello Susan,

    I have been a follower since your days of blogging “Fifty Not Frumpy”. I have recently let my hair go gray (I am 64) and I am pleased with the change and my new look!

    My BFF complimented how well the color of my tee shirt (bright pink or Fuchsia) went with the color of my hair. She said I should wear more “jewel colors”. I have never heard this term before so I looked it up. I would be very interested to know what you think about “jewel colors” and gray hair. I never considered not wearing a certain color and wanted to ask you if there were traditionally any colors women with gray hair should not wear? My skin color is similar to yours. and I have brown eyes. Thanks so much!

    1. I also favor jewel tones and neutrals most. It matters most the undertone of your skin, the colors that look best on you. It sounds like you might also have a cool undertone.

  58. I loved the tour of your home. The first pictures inside the walls looked yellow & I loved it but then you mentioned all the walls are a beige. Does it look differently in different light? I’d love to hear about your travels around the world, and about your time living in New Orleans. Or are you planning on writing a memoir? I so look forward to your posts regardless of the topic. Thank you.

    1. The paint color on the walls does change with the light during the day. Thank you for your kind words. I have been trying to organize and narrow my focus enough to write a book.

  59. I enjoyed visiting your lovely home.Thank you for showing it to all of us. Your fashion tips and pictures are greatly appreciated.

  60. What a wonderful treat! Your home is lovely!
    I lived with my mother for the last 10 years of her life and have been staying with my sister and her family until I was emotionally ready to move forward in life so…

    I’m moving in to my own place next week!!! it’s a rental so, unfortunately, I can’t paint or anything and it’s quite … brown. But…it’s a brand spanking new unit that no one has ever lived in with all brand new appliances so I’ll take the trade off and just have a lot of make it work moments!

    Plan on hitting up estate sales and such as I gave all of my furniture away to my nieces and great-nieces when I knew that I would be with Mother long-term as I would have spent more in storage than any of it was worth. But this time I’m not letting anyone talk me out of what I want! I have craved a dark blue velvet Chesterfield sofa for over a decade and I’m holding out until I can find a good one at a price I can afford. Also…no matchy matchy stuff. I want pieces that I love and can use for multiple purposes…especially if it’s nowhere near what the world thinks it was made for!

    Again, thanks for being such a lovely person and an inspiration in many walks of life.

  61. Enjoyed ‘snooping’ in your hone!! Love seeing personal design not the trendy stuff. Thank you for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  62. Susan your home is just beautifully decorated. So cozy & elegant in every room. Thank you for sharing and caring about each and everyone of us who enjoy your post.

  63. Your home is even more lovely than I had envisioned. Ever since you started posting many of your pictures from home, I’ve wanted this tour. It was such a treat! So elegant! I love the fact that all the pieces are true treasures not just pretty items put together for show.

    The photos of the weekend trips you and Mr. Mickey take are beautiful. It is so nice to see your part of our beautiful country. Autumn is always a favorite season that transports me back to days of my youth when my parents would take me for those weekend car trips through the mountains of northern Arkansas.

    Finally, I wanted to tell you that I’m a seventy-two year old retired teacher, and I just bought my first ever pair of white jeans all because of you. They were on a sale rack that I probably wouldn’t even have given a second look had I not seen your post about white jeans. I live in Thailand where it is always warm/hot and they are so comfortable for this climate. I am shopping for a second pair.

    Thank you for the tour and all your fashion tips. I always look forward to your posts.

  64. Greetings from a dull day in Scotland. What a beautiful well appointed home. So tastefully decorated. I too have a collection of blue and white china, albeit small. I love the freshness of it and it goes with the navy and cream decor of my sitting room. Elaine

  65. Thank you for the invitation.It was a big pleasure to visit you in your beautiful home far away.
    I knew we were sister souls!
    I collect blue white pieces too!(in medeterranean style ) Ι live in Greece.
    Blue is the sea for me

  66. Hi Susan – care to share an update with us on your COVID recovery process? Still feeling OK? Have you changed your behaviors any to protect loved ones in your life? You seem to have bounced right back but I’m hearing all these stories about “long haulers” and wondered if it had impacted you long term. Hope not! Thanks!

    P.S. Looking forward to visiting some of your NC places after all this is over

    1. I am also concerned about the long term effects of having COVID. I still cough a lot in the mornings and often feel as if my lungs are congested. The battle with insomnia and the roller coaster ride of emotional issues continue. Some people report that they cannot carry on with their lives as before. They become exhausted by crossing the street, fumble for words, or suffer from depression, anxiety, or PTSD. I continue to experience the same issues in varying degrees.
      Some of my neighbors recently tested positive (not through exposure to me!), but their symptoms were very mild, and they all had quick recoveries.
      No one else in my small circle of contacts has been ill, thankfully. Everyone in my family keeps socially distant, limits all interactions, and wears a mask in all buildings.

  67. Thank you for sharing your lovely home! It reflects the “haven” I envisioned you would have. You are a friend from afar and I enjoy your musings and input about life.

  68. That looks like a Duncan Phyfe dining room table and chairs, a favorite with the three sisters in our family. I look forward to the end of the Pandemic when we can host a dinner party with friends. You have a lovely home.

  69. Dear Susan.
    What a lovely home you have and I am so pleased you obviously enjoy everything in it.
    Just wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving Day.
    Many good wishes from Marilyn Lea in Wales, U.K.

  70. I am so grateful for my four sisters during this crazy pandemic. We live all over the US but have been zooming each week to boost each other while living through COVID.

  71. You have a lovely classic home. My eye goes to your
    statues and their support columns. The black items are u usual and beautiful. Could you give us a source?
    Thank you
    Frances in MD

    1. The black items are from the Victorian period. They were made to look like the more expensive bronze statues that more wealthy people of the time owned, but they are not bronze.

  72. Thank you for posting your home tour. Everything is so lovely in each room. Your home is very warm and inviting and you know how to showcase so many interesting things. I am curious of your taste evolved over the years or if you’ve always had a talent for coordinating rooms in your home.

    My taste has changed over the years. I’ve never been attracted to “modern” furniture but more traditional furnishings, I like to make small changes in my decor each season but for the most part things remain the same and in the same positions. I live in a condo now, so furniture is place where it fits best. My husband and I chose the condo three years ago and have enjoyed condo life. Alan died suddenly of a massive heart attack at home 17 months ago, but I am comforted being in the home we chose together.

    Kathy Briscoe

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Kathy. You asked a great question. My sense of style developed over time and was greatly influenced by my travels and living in many large cities. While living in the New Orleans area, my passion for traditional and old-world home decor fully blossomed, and I found my niche.

  73. Your home is beautiful! We have similar taste–in our homes and in our clothes! I have a similar mahogany table in my dining room. I have never used it. We eat in a dining area off of the kitchen that looks out into the DuPage River. It is beautiful, but the house is toooo big.

  74. Your home is beautiful, and I love how you purchase and collect such historically interesting items. Thank you for the tour!

  75. Thanks for the tour – your home is lovely. And I very much like the color Almond Paste; it’s very restful, calming.

  76. I found your blog over this past year and have really enjoyed it! You have beautiful taste in clothes and decor! You truly have an understanding of your own personal style. Thank you for the drop in visit approach! Clever and it felt very warm and welcoming!

  77. I enjoyed the tour of your home You have given me ideas how to arrange my objects in my home.

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