A Summer Day

A typical summer day starts with a brisk early morning walk for about an hour. As soon as I cool off, I water plants and prune them as needed.

None of the things I wore on my walk are new, so similar items are linked. HatSunglassesTopJeansSneakersNo-Show Socks

Pictured below is the little shade garden I started in the backyard last year. The elephant ears certainly are making a bold statement. When I look out from my breakfast nook, I can almost convince myself I am in the tropics.

After my morning chores on Tuesday, I decided to drive to Roan Mountain to buy fresh South Carolina freestone peaches from the Davis Girl’s Peach Shed. This ritual has been a favorite summer tradition with my family for decades. It’s a pleasant drive, and the peaches are always delightful. I purchased half a bushel of peaches to share with Mr. Mickey and my parents.

It was a beautiful day, so I decided to return to a waterfall I haven’t visited for many years. Elk River Falls, located near Beech Mountain and Banner Elk, North Carolina, is a short drive from Roan Mountain.

The brief hike from the parking area to the waterfall is steep but scenic.

It is beautiful but very dangerous, so I admire it and all waterfalls from a safe distance.

As soon I returned home, a long soak in the tub was in order before lunch. A cup of Epsom Salt can be the cure for aching muscles. I enjoy all the Dr. Teal’s soaks, but this was a good day for the Mineral Soak here.

Summer vegetables from the farmer’s market and my father’s garden made a delightful late lunch. Note that I eat lots of beans and that half the plate includes raw vegetables.

I drink eight glasses of filtered water every day, but even more than that during the summer. My Big Berkey filter is on the counter by the coffee maker. I’ve had it for about five years, and I’m very pleased with the fresh-tasting water it provides.

Many ladies have asked me about loungewear and my favorite pajamas. Unfortunately, the style of pajamas I enjoyed wearing for several years are no longer made, so I had to look for an alternative. I’m happy to report I have found a super comfortable and elegant pajama set that I can highly recommend.

You may use “PJ10” for 10% off on any of the Pajameez line. (This is not a sponsored post.) Pajameez are available from my all-time favorite bra company click here. I am wearing the size medium in black with white piping trim. A variety of colors, patterns and more styles are on the way. The fabric is bamboo viscose, and it has numerous benefits.

Breathable and temperature-regulating (It keeps you cool if you have night sweats.)
Moisture Wicking
Sustainable (needs no chemicals to process)

Wash in cold water and hang on hangers on a rail or hook to air dry for best results.

Some of the shopping links on this website will allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

  1. What a delightful day you had! Thank you for bringing us along. PS : You even look great in PJ’s!


  2. Hi Susan after 60. I’m Mike after 70 🙂 and enjoyed reading about your daily activities. You have a very peaceful life. I look forward to reading morr.

  3. Hi Susan, you rock in those PJ’s! They are lovely. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful scenery so near to your home. You are truly blessed.

  4. I love these posts with random bits of information and beautiful photos. I will be trying out the Dr. Teals as I am a fan of their epsom salt soaks. Also, I highly recommend Soma’s cool nights pjs. I think you will like their line and the variety of options.

  5. Susan, you got me hooked on Miss Elaine. Has that line been discontinued ? As always you look great! Arlenr

  6. We had a peach and apple orchard when we lived in the country and I became quite a peach snob. I can barely tolerate what is sold in grocery stores. Peaches are a fragile fruit and have to be picked long before ripening in order to ship without the fruit being bruised to death. Now I prefer getting them from roadside stands or at the orchard itself, as you do.

  7. Your blog today reminds me to take a trip up the Columbia Gorge to get peaches. It is just about that time of year where I live. I love fresh peaches and the ones you bought are beautiful!
    I also enjoy a comfortable p.j. So thank you for the tip about Pajameez. They look beautiful!

  8. It sounds like you had a busy day! Your elephant ears are so pretty! I lost several of my older ones to the extremely cold weather we had this year but still have a few. I always feel a little cooler just being around them!

  9. I found some delicious white peaches at Fresh Market this week. I forget in between summers what a treat they are. We even used the white peach juice to make Bellini cocktails!

    Your nature photos are gorgeous, as always, and those pajamas are terrific. I’m reading more and more about bamboo clothing, so thanks for that link.

    Finally, I know you get regular pedicures, as do I, but how do you keep your feet looking so young? Does that sound weird? Well, if you’re going to wear summer shoes, it’s nice if the feet are still as attractive as possible, no matter what your age. Thanks, Susan.

    1. I do my own pedicures (weekly in summer) and use a lot of oil after I file the rough bits smooth. The oil might be solar, apricot, olive, or coconut, but that could be the key.

  10. In less than a month I will be visiting 3 State Parks in your area including Roan Mt! We will be in our RV. I plan to look back through your posts to see what will be good things to check out! I also bought the Big Berkey last summer after your posting about it. I have had several comment on how good my water tastes! They go on and on about how good it tastes! I take it with us in our RV. I bought the bottle to take on a 13 day trip next week since we are flying!

  11. Thanks again for the pictures – they really show the beauty of your area.
    When I first saw the picture of you in the PJ’s I thought you found Victoria’s Secret PJ’s. They look very similar. I wait for a sale and they are the most comfortable PJ’s I own.

    Enjoy the peaches!

  12. I love that little area. Elk River Falls is so beautiful! We used to go there for a family outing and just sit on the rocks and watch the kids swim and the dare devils jump off the top into the water. Love your dinner plate!

  13. Oh my gosh! Someone else uses Dr. Teal’s! It has helped me through so many aches, physical and mental, over the years.

  14. Susan,
    Thank you for brightening my day. I enjoy reading about your exploits.

    By the way, you look stunning barefoot!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Love your PJ’s. So disappointed they don’t have tall sizes though. I appreciated your answer to Ms. Warner. I really should treat my feet better and will try your oil “secret” to beautiful feet.

  16. Hi Susan,
    Oh yum, peaches are my living favorite fruit and mangos. These peaches look so good.
    I can no longer hike anymore but I appreciate seeing beautiful trails. Elk River is so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing your Tuesday adventure.

  17. Have you had any issues with your Big Berkey–like rust. I am leaning toward purchasing one but I was considering the berkey light just because it’s see thru so you can tell easily when to refill. I know the stainless looks better. I appreciate your thoughts since they are pricey.

  18. Susan,
    Lovely pictures today. I have a question, albeit maybe a bit personal.. You eat healthy, as I see today and from previous posts. Do you avoid gluten and/or dairy? Also… do you have any troubles with being “regular” ?. In my post menopausal life, constipation has become a real issue and a continual battle. Do you deal with any of this ?

    1. I only avoid highly processed foods and red meat. I eat most other foods in moderation, with vegetables being my priority. If I drink enough water and eat at least one piece of fresh fruit each day, everything works as it should.

  19. I really recommend the Cool Nights and other bamboo PJs from Soma. They also have wonderful flannels for winter. I’ll have a look at the Pajameez – thanks for the tip!

  20. I like how you eat. Can you tell us more about how you prepare your beans. I’d like to eat more but need ideas on different ways to serve them.

  21. I have reported those people to Facebook, and I’ve asked them several times to stop using my image. I do not endorse that product nor that company in any way.

  22. Those pj’s are very attractive and look comfy also. You mentioned your lunch eaten around 1 pm is typically your last meal of the day. So you fast until you have your breakfast? I am trying to eat more fresh vegetables and I love green beans also. I think it is wonderful that you have both your parents and that your father has a garden. Both of my parents have passed and I miss them very much, we were very close.

  23. I have been following your blog for many years. It has been refreshing to get some wardrobe advice from someone with the same body type as mine. I thank you for that. It’s lovely to see the pictures of the beautiful areas you visit and the always dapper Mr Mickey. I wish you both many happy adventures together.

  24. You are correct. The company has stolen my video and is using my image without consent and with a false name. I have reported them to Facebook, and I have asked them several times to stop. Thank you for telling me.

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