Styling A Dress

When the weather heats up, I reach for a dress since that is the coolest and most comfortable option. When purchasing a dress, I look for a fitted bodice or A-line style rather than a straight shift style. A blouse or dress that falls from the bust makes me look larger than I am. Lightweight fabrics including a minimum of colors and patterns are also priorities.

My daytime accessories included silver and pearl earrings, small silver bracelets, and nude sandals. The lip color is Orchid here.

We spent the day in Virginia on Saturday. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a lovely lunch on the deck at The Girl and The Raven in Abingdon.

Later in the day, we visited the Abingdon Vineyard located along the Holston River. A small band performed live music on the terrace, as several families enjoyed picnics on the grounds.

In the evening, we visited the Bristol Hotel for dinner at Vivian’s Table. Later we went up to Lumacs Rooftop Bar to watch the sun go down while enjoying an after-dinner cocktail.

I changed my shoes and accessories for the evening. The same dress can serve many purposes with accessories of different attitudes. For example, I could wear this same dress with silver hoops, a denim jacket, and white sneakers for a very casual fall look.

The mesh nude pumps and orange straw bag dressed up my look, and the pearl necklace filled in the neckline without being too showy. I found the dress, the shoes, and the bag here last year. Another favorite source for discounted fashion and accessories is here. A similar style of dress is here. My lip color is Plum here.

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  1. Such a pretty dress! So many of the styles I have seen this summer resemble nightshirts, no shape whatsoever. Thanks for the tips in selecting a dress for the more well-endowed ladies.

  2. Can you reveal who makes that darling dress? The link took me to Saks but I’d like to be able to search the actual dress. Thank you!

  3. I’m glad someone else told you about your image being used to sell the bras. I searched to try and find the name after I saw you in the ad as I quickly passed it by. I’m so sorry they are using your image without permission. It is underhanded!
    I love the style of dress too. It is flattering to many body shapes. I don’t have a large bustline, but definitely prefer this feminine shape. You always accessorize so well. I’m working on trying to use my jewelry and handbags to change the look of my outfits. You are such a good example! It is so enjoyable to travel along with you as you sightsee around your area. Best to you and Mr. Mickey!

  4. You always look so lovely! I enjoy all the beautiful pictures of places you see on your weekend outings. Thank you.

  5. Great idea for a dress. I don’t wear them much either as I prefer a skirt and blouse or tee shirt. You always look so great and I love your styling tips.

  6. I looked for the dress on your link but couldn’t find it. Maybe you bought it some where else. Could you help me fine it? Thank you so much. I just love your fashion sense. Judith

    1. My clothes are rarely new, so I tell you where I bought them or try to find something similar. The dress is from last year, so it is sold out now. I also hope that inspiration will give people ideas for using things that they might already have. I found a similar dress here.

  7. A lovely cool look and the dress really suits you! Also another wonderful weekend adventure with Mr. Mickey to beautiful locations. Thanks for sharing!! I always look forward to your posts with all your wardrobe, beauty, fashion, etc., tips.

  8. I’ve spent some lovely weekends in Abingdon. Think I ate at The Girl and The Raven when it was something else, and I love that winery! Spent a lovely rainy afternoon there tasting. Great examples of some of the ways you can wear one great dress!

  9. The dress is perfect for the occasion. The fit is flattering and it hangs nicely. The shifts I see for summer are too shapeless and remind me of sleepwear. I’ve seen women that really need to read your post regarding under-garments and fit. Oh… and the need to buy lined thin fabrics or a slip!
    The places you share with us are perfect for a day out and I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you,

  10. I look forward to your posts, Susan, always so refreshing. We are relocating and soon as we finish with this big task I would love to follow your living style, driving to different places and seeing nice, pleasant places! Thank you for sharing, please don’t quit!

  11. Susan…….I think only you would take the time to change your shoes for nighttime. You always look great and I love how you have gracefully made your style more relaxed, yet still so put together.

  12. It’s so nice to change your look for the evening in such a simple way! It must make things so much more special and I’m sure I speak for many of us by saying we are looking for more of that in our lives as well. I’m busy packing for a trip right now, and definitely going to add my favorite dressy sandals and a necklace too, at no extra cost to packing space!

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