A Gentleman’s Closet

On Sunday afternoon, we took a short drive to nearby Kingsport to enjoy the sunshine and explore. We stopped at Citizens Bank in Kingsport to snap some photos. The old train depot was refurbished and now serves as a branch for the bank. For the past thirty-seven years, Mr. Mickey has served as a member of the Advisory Board for Citizens Bank.

At the end of the day, we returned to my house for homemade vegetable soup, crusty roasted garlic bread, and a glass of wine.

Susan: Jacket or JacketSweaterJeansBootsBag – Similar scarf here or here.

Mr. Mickey: BlazerVestShirtPantsShoes.

Many readers have expressed an interest in Mr. Mickey’s fashion choices and lifestyle, so he agreed to let me show you his main closet today. I took these photos, but I played no part in the organization or neatness. His clothing is arranged by color and style, from dressy to casual.

Knowing the importance of presenting yourself and representing your employer well, he always provided professional uniform shirts for his employees. He continues that tradition as he now works part-time for his daughter, Regina. The solid color dark shirts are embroidered with the Vintage Jewelry Supplies company logo. Staying engaged and busy is part of what keeps him so young at heart.

Even the area of his closet that serves as linen storage is neat and organized.

For more than a decade, Mr. Mickey was a very special Santa for underprivileged local children. For a look back at last year’s photos, visit the post here.

He stores suits, blazers, and coats in the smaller guest bedroom closet, but I couldn’t get decent photos due to the lighting.

His clothing and shoe purchases reflect investments in classic items that he plans to wear for years. After compliments on a blazer or trousers, he has often confided that he purchased the item more than twenty years ago. My takeaway is to purchase the classic pieces that look best on you and stick to neutral solid colors. Invest in the highest quality you can afford and then take care of your purchases so that you can enjoy them for many years.

I met Mr. Mickey at a neighborhood Christmas gathering fifteen years ago on December 10th. From life and clothing choices to manners and business decisions, I continue to watch and learn from him. Now eighty-six years old, he is the most stylish and vibrant person I know. His positive attitude and zest for life are always uplifting and an inspiration.

In his living room is a sculpture by a dear friend who very much enjoyed creating art. The late Fitzhugh Lee Wallace, Jr. sculpted the bust of Mr. Mickey. He purchased the woodcarving of Edward Whymper from the artist while on a skiing trip to Europe long before we met. (Whymper was the English mountaineer and artist associated with the Alps’ exploration and was the first man to climb the Matterhorn.)

Snowfall was predicted in the higher elevations, so we spent much of Saturday inside keeping warm while watching the National Geographic channel. The view above is from Mr. Mickey’s deck.

  1. Thank you, Susan and Mr. Mickey, for sharing your clothing choices, closet organization, and positive outlooks on life. I also appreciate seeing that your shoes are always well maintained and polished. Stay well.

  2. Mr Mickey is truly unbelievable! What a wardrobe! Congratulations on your anniversary in a couple of days’ time. I expect Mr M will take you somewhere very special and we look forward to seeing all about it.

  3. Can I wish you and Mr Mickey a happy anniversary in advance?
    On the day you met my little dog was found abandoned on the beach behind me house and brought to me, as a tiny puppy barely 6 weeks old. December 10th is her “rescue day” and she is still here, 15 years in. A little slower but still happy to walk a couple of miles a day.

    Have a happy day on Thursday.

  4. Thank you for sharing your style! I look forward to seeing your new posts and blogs. I like your timeless style.

  5. Thank you for sharing Mr. Micky’s closet! I love reading your blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Have a great day!

  6. Wonderful that you share all of this with us, your readers. I’m trying to build a wardrobe like yours, classic clothes that I can wear for a long time. Your blog helps me a lot, thank you. /Kerstin

  7. Thank you for the inspiration to further organize my closet. Happy anniversary! How lucky you were to find each other.

  8. Happy anniversary Susan and Mr. Mickey! I have learned so much from reading your blog and enjoying your experiences!

  9. Did you decorate for the holidays this year? Would you share pictures? Thanks! Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best because of your blog!

  10. Thank you for the glimpse into Mr. Mickey’s wardrobe, Susan. I hope the two of you enjoy a lovely holiday season!

  11. Susan what a lovely post sharing Mr Mickey’s closet and fashion style. You too always look so classy and beautiful! Please keep sharing and Happy Holidays.

  12. I love your post. Mr. Mickey reminds me so much of my husband in his organizational skills to his attention to detail. Merry Christmas!

    Tina Thompson

  13. I would love to read this book. I always have 3 books going at once. One for entertainment, one for self-help and one for spiritual growth.

  14. Happy Anniversary to you both!

    Enjoy the week as the holiday season is upon us.

    Stay well!

    Best regards,

  15. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing your lives. You are truly an inspiration especially in these tough times.

  16. Thank you so much for the glimpse into Mr. Mickey’s closet. As I continue to transition my wardrobe into classics, I am also working on my husbands. I think Mr. Mickey has hit the nail on the head- staying active and engaged is the way to age positively. I would love to win the book as reading is a favorite past time.

  17. What a wonderful post, so much fun. Mr. Mickey’s neatness is something I could certainly use more of in my own closet. The goal is set..thank you for the inspiration. Happy anniversary to the day you met!!

  18. Susan, Thank you for recommending this book. I enjoy recommendations for clothes, books, music and movies. Many times it is an experience that I wouldn’t have known about.
    Enjoy the day

  19. What a truly impressive closet, but getting to know Mr. Mickey thru your blog would expect nothing else. Thank you once again for a fabulous read!

  20. Good Morning Susan,
    I love getting up on Tuesdays and Thursdays early to read your new post. My husband and I just retired from owning a dry cleaning business for 35 years. Thirteen years ago we added pickup and delivery service to homes and businesses. During the last year, this service was a sustaining lifeline for our business. Your closest organization posts and this post for Mr. Mickey delight me greatly. I noticed the orange single item tags on the top of the hangers for several items in Mr. Mickey’s closet. These tags are used as a tool for customer service reps and route drivers for counting the pieces in the order to include all the items. I am assisting my 10 year old granddaughter with closet skills I have learned from your post. Merry Christmas to both of you.

  21. Wow! Mr. Mickey and you are two peas in a pod! He is such an inspiration and so stylish as well! What a handsome sculpture of him. I am glad of that Christmas party 15 years ago for you two together to take us on all these adventures.
    Happy Anniversary and may you share many more years together!

  22. Susan thank Mr. Mickey for sharing. I love stories of positive people.
    Please enter me for your book drawing. It sounds like a great read to enhance every day.
    Happy anniversary.
    Take care.
    Mary Wyatt

  23. Susan, you and Mr. Micky are a very classy couple, indeed! Thank you for all of the tips all year and Merry Christmas, my friend.
    Deborah Robinson

  24. Thanks for another great post Susan! Mr. Mickey’s closet is impressive….but so is he! Merry Christmas to both of you.

  25. Susan, you are always an inspiration to me! Happy anniversary to you and Mr. Mickey. The stars must have been aligned when you two met 15 years ago, and I hope you spend December 10th enjoying each other’s company in another adventure! Merry Christmas!

  26. Thank you for sharing. I’m always impressed with your classic style .. stunning . May I respectfully ask “Why do you reference your dear companion as Mr. Mickey “?

    1. He is twenty-two years older than I and held many important positions in local government, and started numerous successful businesses over his lifetime. I had heard of him and read about him in the newspaper all of my life but had never met him before that evening. He almost didn’t ask me out because he thought I was too young for him; however, he did when he returned from a sailing trip a few months later. When we found out how much we have in common, we’ve been enjoying each other’s company ever since. I was raised in the south, so we were taught to call older friends Mr or Mrs with the first name if you knew them well. Many people here in town call him Mr. Mickey.

  27. Thank you for taking us along on your day. I love seeing your part of the country and enjoy your fashion and lifestyle tips.

  28. Wow! What an amazing person Mr. Mickey is! I love how you speak of him with such respect and admiration. I hope you enjoy the holiday season together. p.s., the book looks amazing too!

  29. Susan,
    I do enjoy your blog.
    I’m up at seven fix coffee and check to see if you have a blog.
    Thank you

  30. Happy Anniversary Susan and Mr. Mickey! You are an inspiration to your readers and I continue to learn from your blog. Thank you!!

  31. Susan you are my inspiration I follow you and Mr. Mickey religiously. I would love to win the book. Happy Holidays.

  32. Susan,
    I have followed you for years and look forward to learning even more in the New Year. If you peeked into my closet, you would be proud to see your influence!
    Merry Christmas!
    Karen Talbert

  33. Susan, thank you so much for these glimpses into your daily lives. I love that you occasionally share information about Mr. Mickey’s wardrobe and tell us how he (and you) stay so vibrant and active. Aging really is a state of mind, isn’t it. Best wishes to you both.

  34. Congratulations to both of you for finding each other and enjoying life! I have followed you for approximately eight years and your posts inspire me to this day. As we age I find we enjoy simple things and want to live our best. Thank you. Happy anniversary.

  35. I’m so impressed by his closet! Well done, Mr. Mickey!
    The book sounds lovely and inspiring – would love to read it!

  36. Susan, you look as contemporary and chic as always. Such an interesting story about Mr Mickey, a renaissance man. The bust of Mr Mickey is amazing-what a handsome man. But you know that!
    Thank you for a chance to win this book!
    Keep well and please continue to share your day trips because they bring back special memories for me.

  37. Mr. Mickey always looks as classy and classic as you do. Was he able to be Santa this year? Or was that cancelled due to Covid? I noticed his Santa hat in his closet.

  38. Thank you Susan for another wonderful post. Enjoying each day with whatever we have is an art. You continue to show us how best to accomplish that!

  39. Organization in my closet is not my strong suit BUT it has improved because now I have the time. The glimpse into Mr. Mickey’s closet inspires me. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

  40. Happy early Anniversary! You and Mr. Mickey are an amazing couple and a wonderful example of how to stay young at heart!

  41. Inspired by Mr. Mickey. My husband is 81, just as funny and vibrant as when I first met him more than 50 years ago. Took us nearly 30 years to turn our friendship to a courtship and then marriage.

  42. It is easy to see why you two get along so well, with such complimentary values and styles. My husband could learn a few things for sure. Ha. What a lovely view from the deck. Thanks for sharing with us. Also, I would love a chance to win the book Elevate the Everyday. It sounds like some of the book in my library. I have enjoyed many of the Alexandra Stoddard books on living a beautiful life and reread them from time to time.

  43. HI Susan, thanks for sharing your beautiful outfit and Mr Mickey’s closet. Wow, that’s one organized closet! I keep telling myself to only buy high quality classics, but once in a while a trend appeals to me, and i don’t want to spend a lot on a trend. So that’s where often I end up with not the best quality. Once it becomes a favorite to me, THEN I invest in quality. This isn’t probably the best way, but it allows me to try a trend on a budget (like stripes or a new color). It’s enabled me to stay current and stay on budget! I’d love to receive the above book, who doesn’t need a little everyday uplifting! Amy

    1. You have the right idea! Test the trend at a budget price, and if it turns out to be a good fit with your style, you can invest in much better quality when the time comes to replace it.

  44. I so enjoy your posts. 80 years young with stage4 breast cancer. But still active, great clothes, shoes. I really do take car of myself. Your blog helps me keep my spirits up. Barb Burleson

  45. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us! I’m most impressed with the closet space you each have. Even living in a 5 bedroom home, just my husband and I, the extra closets seem to be filled with my kids stuff because they don’t have room for it. I need to set some rules and deadlines! Reading your blog has helped me pare down my wardrobe but I have categories of clothes that often don’t overlap
    …..clothes to watch grandkids in – very casual for crawling around floor, playing in yard,
    ….clothes to go to football games in (team colors),
    …clothes to hang out at lake house/work in yard (older, don’t mind getting filthy),
    … clothes to cruise and vacation in, warm weather and cooler,
    … clothes to lunch/shop/socialize (although not much of that lately).
    I’m trying to limit my bottoms to 3-4 solid colors (black, navy, white and dark jeans) and buying tops that span categories and go with multiple color pants. You’ve made me much more thoughtful about my wardrobe additions.

    My bookclub, mostly “women of a certain age,” would love that book. Thank you for the recommendation.

  46. Thank you for all you do! I am a huge reader & need to upgrade my life after years of battling a chronic illness, so this book would be a huge inspiration for me. YOU are a huge inspiration! My Pinterest board is full of photos of your outfits. Thanks again–

  47. As a retired school teacher who loves to read, this book would be welcome this winter. Thank you for your informative blog each week.

  48. Hello,
    Thank you for bringing grace, style, and beauty in all your blogs. Staying groomed, dressing with style and quality are so important, regardless of the age. You pave the way for many of us in our “later” years, of being youthful, vivacious, classy, refined, confident, and never giving up on Life!!
    Age is only a number, and this time, each moment IS the best moment of our life!

    Thank You,


  49. In the alwyas changing and confusing times, a reminder on how to “elevate” our lives is something we need to practice daily.

  50. Really enjoyed your post today. Mr. Mickey is definitely a wonderful gentleman. Your outfit choices were perfect for the day. I also read a lot especially these cold winter days.

  51. Thank you to Mr Mickey for allowing us a glimpse into his wardrobe. He always looks elegant, no matter what he wears. His energy for life belies his age. The book Elevate the Everyday is be most appropriate during these pandemic days. I daresay that Mr Mickey’s vibrancy and his flawless style is due to “elevating the everyday”.

  52. What a interesting read this book seems to be. I look forward to reading it since it comes with your recommendation. Blessings to the fortunate winner…maybe me!!

  53. Dear Susan, How kind of you to have these giveaways. Just another example of your generosity and care for others. Thank you for all you do.

  54. Wow! And I thought you were organized! You sure found your match! BTW, at first I thought that was a bust of Dick Van Dyke! So handsome!

  55. I love Mr. Mickey’s closet. My husband could have a closet like that if I’d move out.☹️ And my closet could look like yours if only he moved out. But we have decided to stay together and endure the crowded, shared closet space. ❤️

  56. “Elevating the Everyday Life” has gained another level of importance during 2020 as we hunker down at home. I refuse to feel “trapped” at home and have enjoyed dressing every day as though I have a casual social function to attend. This year I am recovering from total hip replacement, first in August and now—the second was yesterday morning! Physical therapy appointments were both my social outlet and workout, and I learned that if I dressed with intent that those appointments took on an additional level of expectation! I look forward to another few months of surprising the clinic staff with ensembles that allow freedom of movement but yet offer the staff the honor of appreciating their very important work (with something other than sweats!).

  57. Beautiful pictures as always and Mr Mickey always looks dapper. I’m always looking for something new to read!

  58. You are both just the same when it comes to looking after your clothes and accessories. It must be so good to have a place for everything, and I try to organise, but I’m so bad at getting rid of things I end up with no spare space. The longer I hold on to things, the harder it is to part with them. I’ll keep trying. It’s sad that Mr Mickey can’t be Santa this year. Have a lovely anniversary, and I look forward to hearing about it.

  59. Love the title of the book!!! Mr. Mickey’s closet(s) are an inspiration. My wonderful husband is a Levi’s man: Original-Shrink-to-fit-Button-fly-Rigid-501’s. He wears new ones for dress with a sport coat, and old ones for garage projects. Then, when they are ragged, spattered and torn at the knees, he donates them to our daughter who glams them up with heels to wear to church!!!! Who knew ?? I have made pillow covers, book bags, quilts, and broken many sewing machine needles recycling them.
    Best to you both!!

  60. I would love to read this book. Having lost my husband suddenly on March 31 this year, I am learning how to forge a “new journey”. Sounds like Jennifer Melville can help me.
    Thanks for your blog.
    Janice Little

  61. What a wonderful idea. How does one learn if you do not do that.
    Receiving and reading this book would give life a new meaning.
    Thank you.
    Joyce Ciday

  62. This sounds like the perfect book to read during our recent stressful times. Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway! You always inspire me Susan.

  63. I was very happy to see your presentation of Mr. Mickey’s wardrobe. He always looks so elegant and put together.
    Lovely to see a man who loves to dress beautifully and take care of himself.

  64. Thank you for sharing this, Susan and Mr. Mickey. This has given me insight as to how to better organize my husband’s closet and make better use of the space.
    Thanks again!

  65. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to have a copy of the book, Elevate the Everyday by J. Melville. It sounds like just the thing to read these days when everyone’s world has shrunk considerably. I certainly could use some ideas!
    It was fascinating seeing a well dressed man’s wardrobe. Looking put together starts in the closet! Mr. Mickey always looks well-groomed and dresses impeccably. My husband has been taking some cues from him. Always a pleasure reading your blog!

  66. Susan, Thank you for another informative and enjoyable post. Your book selection is especially apropos during our current “adventures” and will certainly be appreciated by the lucky winner. I’m sure that many of us are reading more than ever.

  67. I’m sad Mr. Mickey won’t be Santa this year. Another event this horrible thing has taken from us. Mr. Mickey’s closet looks like yours, just different items! Happy Anniversary. Knowing you from your blog, do you ever wish you had met long before now? Just wondering. I have a feeling you don’t live in a “what if” world. Please teach me how to do that with your no nonsense attitudes. I admire you a lot.

  68. What an elegant, debonair gentleman Mr. Mickey is. Lucky you for catching his eye, but I’m sure Mr. Mickey would proclaim his luck. You two make a marvelous couple who enjoy each others’ company as well as your frequent outings. I say, you both are lucky, especially your paring during the later years. Kudos to both. May your happiness continue. Stay safe and God speed.

  69. I like the idea of buying the best quality you can afford and taking good care of it. I too have some clothes that are twenty years old and still look good. Enjoy your blog!!

  70. Enjoyed the look into his closet! My husband was always been the dresser in his teaching as a law professor for 37 years. Since retirement, not so much and I miss it.
    The book sounds interesting. Take care and be safe. Love your blog.

  71. I would love to get this book. We recently retired from PA to SC….during COVID. It wasn’t an easy transition because I can’t get out to meet new people. I am ready to elevate my new retirement life after wearing yoga pants for the past 9 months!

  72. You and Mr Mickey are truly inspirational. Thanks for letting us come along to share in your fun and adventures.

  73. Thanks Susan. This week’s blog was interesting. Mr. Mikey has a nicely organized wardrobe.
    The book looks fascinating too.

  74. Loved the tour of Mr Mickeys closet! So much easier to dress if everything is organized & ready to wear.. I would keep clothes for many years also if my weight stayed the same so I could actually wear them for that long! Do earrings count? Always enjoy your blog!


  75. Always love your outfits but it was amazing looking at Mr Mickey’s closet. I thought my husbands was great but wait till I show him this. Thanks for the tour!

  76. This books sounds very inspiring. I also love to read and have had fun catching up with a big pile of books. Self improvement books are my favorite. Never too old to improve your life.
    My husbands closet looks similar to Mr. Mickey’s, so neat and tidy. I swear he measures the exact number of inches between each hanger!!

  77. WOW! Thank you for sharing. You and Mr. Mickey are role models. I look forward to each of your posts. Blessings!

  78. Susan, please thank Mr. Mickey for allowing the closet tour. Very stylish man! I would love to win the book. As a retiree, elevating my everyday is something I aspire to. Blessings to your and Mr. Mickey on your approaching anniversary.

  79. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, Susan and have loved getting to know both Mr. Mickey and you through it! Despite not getting to celebrate in the usual way, including Mr. Mickey bring joy to so many children, I know you two will have a beautiful Christmas season and celebration of Christ’s birth together. How lucky you are to have found each other!


  80. Is Mr. Mickey Left Handed? Usually men with an artistic flair about them and very organized are left handed……which is why I say this because my Husband is left handed. He loves to clothes shop, furniture shop and look nice in his outfits.

    Thank you for sharing and getting to know a little more about Mr. Mickey, much enjoyed this post!


  81. I NEED this book. I’m trying to stay positive, but more closings and increased Covid infected people is really getting me down.

  82. Obviously, Mr. Mickey has great regard for you to let you photograph his clothes! What an elegant gentleman. You both know how to elevate the everyday. I would love to read more about it from the book you referenced.

  83. Thank you for sharing your excursions. Kingsport and Johnson City are both beautiful places. The mountainous views driving from your home to Asheville is gorgeous. Thanks to Mr. Mickey for sharing his closet. He always looked so put together, just like you. Nice view from his deck.

  84. Great idea!! life is more than looking well. This book would be most welcome, as are your blogs on travel, clothing, styling, etc. Thank you. ann lee s

  85. Thank you for sharing Mr. Mickey’s closet! He’s very neat and organized.
    I’m working on my closet!

  86. Hi Susan! Long time reader, first time commenter! You have inspired many of my wardrobe choices this past year or so. It was nice to see Mr. Mickey’s closet. I also love to read and would enjoy winning the book. Happy holidays!!

  87. As always, enjoyed your post. How wonderful to share Mr. Mickey’s sense of style and organization!

  88. So thoughtful of you and Mr. Mickey to give us a peak at both his closets and his (and yours) philosophy towards your wardrobe purchases! I always look forward to your posts.

  89. Mr. Mickey’s closet was amazing – never have I seen a man’s closet that organized and clean! I am a realtor and I’ve seen many a closet, most people aren’t that neat. What a blessing Mr. Mickey is to you and I’m sure you to him!

  90. Wow Susan! Great post! One can see by looking at Mr. Mickey’s closet that you two were cut from the same cloth. You probably can complete one another’s sentences. . So admire how impeccably organized you both are. I am still working on that one. What a lovely view he has from his deck. A little bit of paradise it seems.
    Elevate your everyday? How excellent. Couldn’t we all use her insight now that we are entering the 9th month of this pandemic? The title has me hooked. Will have to check this read out.
    Again thank you for sharing and bringing some sunshine to us on this December day.

  91. Book choice is perfect! Tx for entering me in your drawing! I am very impressed with Mr. Mickey’s closets! I love organization….a Virgo trait! You look gorgeous as always! ❤

  92. I showed Mr Mickey’s closet to my hubs . . . He was envious! Mr Mickey is so dapper. Thank you for sharing.

  93. Mr. Mickey is indeed a stylish gentleman and Susan, you are a very stylish woman! You both inspire people everyday to always look their best!! Thanks for including us in your many adventures with Mr. Mickey!

  94. You and Mr. Mickey make such a good looking couple and it’s no wonder you were attracted to each other! I love that you are both so perfectly organized! The book looks like it will be an interesting read and I’m sure I would enjoy it! The current situation in our lives has me spending much more tim3 reading.
    Thank you for all you do!
    Judy Thompson

  95. Elevating the everyday has been my motto and creed for many years. Elevating also means more enjoyment of everything you encounter!

  96. This looks like a very interesting book. I just love to read. Susan I really enjoy your posts. I’ve learned a lot about building a wardrobe and finding what looks best on me from your writing. I’m a little late to figuring it all out, but at least I know now, at the advanced age of 67. My future purchases will be better choices. Have you written a book? That is one I would be sure to buy.

  97. I do try to make every day a masterpiece. In the long run, we have so few of them. I would love to read what someone who has thought enough of such things to write a book about it has to say.

  98. My heart is warmed by the everlasting connection you have made with one another and it was all by fate!

  99. I always enjoy going along on your outings, especially this year when it has often been difficult to get out in person. Thank you for sharing.

  100. Thanks to Mr Mickey for opening his home to us! That book sounds interesting; it would make a great read over the winter

  101. Susan, I really enjoy your blog and advice on style. I especially enjoy following your adventures in east TN, western NC, and southern VA. Thanks for sharing a sliver of your life with your followers.

  102. I love following your day trips and I’m so glad you’ve continued them during this year. Thank you and Mr. Mickey for sharing his closet. This book looks very interesting. Happy Anniversary!

  103. What a wonderful tribute to Mr. Mickey. I am so glad he has been a friend and mentor to you for those 15 years. I am sure he has appreciated you as well.
    Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas holiday.

  104. I’ve been following you for several years and continue to benefit from your classic, elegant approach to life. Best wishes for a love-filled Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey.

  105. Love your blog and your style. Have been following you since your FIFTY NOT FRUMPY days. I love your part of the country. My mother was from Saluda, NC and my grandfather ran the helper engine up and down Saluda mountain for forty years. Sometimes on my trips down there from Cincinnati I would take the back roads just to enjoy the scenery .
    Would love to be the recipient of the book. Recently widowed (March) and retired and Covid I’ve got plenty of time on my hands to read. Take care and you and Mr. Mickey stay healthy.

  106. I like the title of the giveaway book — it sounds like something I need to read! Thank you, Susan, for the opportunity! And thanks for the tour of Mr Mickey’s closet. I will share that with my husband!

  107. While you are learning from Mr.Mickey, I am learning from you. Thank you for your posts. I enjoy every one. (And I am in serious envy of both your closets! Mine is a work in progress that I hope to finish after the holidays. I have some bad clothing choices to weed out and donate.)
    Please include me in the book give-away. I love a good book.

  108. My kind of man – Ha ha! I love having everything neat and organized. I bought the same jeans but haven’t worn them yet. They do fit very well except for being a little long. I will wear them with high-heeled boots. Thanks for sharing!

  109. I am struggling today. Struggling with being alone and missing human contact. I struggle, worrying about finances since this virus has stopped my work. I struggle with finding purpose in my life. Although these worries are constant, I have many things to be thankful for. Health, family and faith. I begin and end my days with gratitude. Jennifer Melville’s book looks like it could be something to help me feel more positive. I do love books and always have a few on my nightstand. Thank you for listening to my rambling, Susan. Best to you, of course.

  110. ELEVATE THE EVERYDAY sounds like the perfect read for 2020 and beyond. In times like these, we need to rejoice in the ordinary, but we should do that anyway. 2020 has changed our “normal” perhaps for the good!

  111. This book is what we all need during this strange time in all of our lives! You have to find something to put some sunshine in your everyday routine. Very hard to do esp. now.

  112. Mr. Mickey is an interesting gentlemen and I never would have guessed his age. What a wonderful companion. Thanks for the opportunity to recieve this book.

  113. Your column is always uplifting to me. I enjoy your travel pictures, your style, and love that you furnish links for us to add items to our closet. This post in particular made me feel like there is hope for me to find a special friend in my life since my husband passed away years ago. Although, it isn’t in the cards anytime soon since I am strictly quarantined. That book is exactly what I need right now being in solitary confinement since early March! Thank you for all you do for your readers.

  114. Would you tell us about your current hair style – style and care? It always looks so attractive and I’m curious. Thanks.

  115. Susan-I love the way you put casual clothes together to look polished.
    I get many ideas from you on what to wear with what.
    Thank you s much for doing this blog!
    Merry Christmas!

  116. You & Mr. Mickey are totally blessed to be able to “enhance” & “elevate” each & every day together during your quiet times & out-and-about adventures!

  117. That would be a great read for 2020. We all need to be elevating our current experiences. Thanks for your great posts.


  118. Mr. Mickey’s closet reminds me very much of a good friend of mine’s closet. He also buys quality items he will wear for years.

  119. Thank you to Mr Mickey for sharing his closet and his wisdom with us today!

    That book looks very intriguing. Whether I win it or not, I may have to add it to my “books to read” list.

  120. Thank you for sharing Mr Mickey’s closet! Love your blog! Been following you for a long time and your tips have helped me to transition from working professional to active retiree!

  121. The scarves you wear always look wonderful. While I love to wear them, they invariably move, tangle or simply wrinkle to a unpleasant level. I’d love to know your tips of scarf care – washing, folding, and any tips for keeping them in place.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful point of view.

  122. I love a well organized closet! Like you, I also enjoy reading. I used to finish every book I started. Lately, I decided to just let them go if I don’t get into them right away. I’m just not willing to spend my time on something I’m not enjoying. There’s just so many books to choose from and time seems more valuable than anything as you get older.

  123. The title of the book, “Elevate the Everyday,” sounds like one that expresses your philosophy for making each day count.

  124. Susan,
    You are very blessed to share your life with such a neat guy. Your love story is an inspiration.


  125. Thanks for taking us along on your adventures! I look forward to traveling again one day soon but until then thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

  126. Enjoyed touring A Gentlemans Closet. Mr. Mickey is indeed an organized gentleman. I like you enjoy classic clothing.

  127. Thank you both for sharing. Love being organized.
    My husband lost weight 2 years ago. Basically went from large to medium. He tried to stay with good basics when replacing his wardrobe. Appreciate all the tips for women and gentlemen.

  128. I must confess that I have followed you off and on for several years and blush to think I haven’t commented before now. I grew up in Bristol (born 1959) and while I live in Florida now, my siblings live in Bristol, Blountville and Kingsport.
    Thank you for your posts and lovely spirit in conveying your lifestyle and fashion! The book sounds wonderful.

  129. I love the sculpted the bust of Mr. Mickey. He captured his likeness and the kindness of him. I hoping he will be able to play Santa again this year using COVID precaution. Those kids need Christmas joy more then ever. Have a wonder Christmas’

  130. What a classy couple! I also enjoy reading., by audio book while stitching or knitting or an actual hands on book on a weekend morning.

  131. Thanks, as always, for sharing your outings with us. You and Mr, Mickey are definitely an inspiration. Thanks also for the recommendation of the book – if I don’t win it (ha ha) , I think I will buy it. My philosophy is to enjoy everyday life to the fullest, and I am always ready to be further inspired.

  132. I adore your blog! I love your wonderful style, tips, and suggestions. I lived in Mountain City, TN, for 25 years, but have now lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, for over 4 years. I still follow you every week. Thank you!

  133. Mr. Mickey has inspired me to organize and color code my closet. Such a dapper young man! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  134. Sounds like a book we all need during these uncertain times and at 68 I’m going to enter a brave new world of “being single”. This is something I should have done 10 years ago but couples grow apart at all ages so I’ll be in the growing number of “grey” divorces but I’ll feel “me” again. So each day we’re given is a blessing.
    Elizabeth Anne Batchelor

  135. WOW, just wow! Will Mr. Mickey please give lessons on closet organization to husbands who haven’t a clue (on many things but in this case closets!)?? Santa, entrepreneur, a classic (even elegant) dresser, handsome and now a closet connosseur. And, I am betting an all around nice guy. So impressive and he may just deserve you, Susan! 🙂
    I read another book recommendation of yours, The Great Alone by Kristen Hannah. One of the top ten books I have ever read so I will be buying this one too. I so enjoy your blog, Susan. Thank you for the time and effort you put into it.
    Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey.
    ~Mary Lu

  136. Can you loan out Mr Mickey to teach my husband how to organize?! How lucky you both are to have each other. Enjoy the Holidays and stay well.

  137. Good morning Susan. Reading your posts, always puts me in a good mood. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! Happy Anniversary tomorrow since you mentioned you met Mr. Mickey on December 10th. Enjoy your lives in happiness and in good health!

  138. We need to appreciate the everyday instead of getting caught up in lots of personal possessions or the business of the world.

  139. Hello Susan,

    When I was off from work I had the opportunity to organize my closet. I love it. Got rid of clothes that I haven’t worn. I just love all of your post. I learned a lot. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  140. Thank you for the pictures of Mr. Mickey’s closet. It’s so much easier to find things in a closet that is tidy. I love to color code my clothes as well. If I’m in the mood for red, I know where to look.

    Thanks for the give away of the book. I’m sure it’s a good read.

  141. This looks like a very uplifting read and we need that extra push in this time of COVID. Julianne Kubicki

  142. WOW what an impressive closet but I’m not surprised – you once shared a picture of Mr. Mickey’s garage and it was just as neat and organized!

    Thanks Susa!!!

    Ellen Johnson

  143. Susan, It was so interesting to learn a little more about Mr. Mickey. He sounds like a lovely man! Your organizational and style tips are a constant inspiration! Thank you again for sharing your life in Tennessee.

    Blessings and Merry Christmas,
    Cathy Coffman

  144. Little things are giant things in the realm of appreciating our day to day; it’s all how we perceive thoughts and actions. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us! I feel peaceful.

  145. I too enjoy reading. I am in 2 book clubs and read scripture every day. Elevate the Every Day sounds like the perfect book to help us get through these crazy times. If not chosen for your give away, I will put it on my list of books to purchase.

  146. Thanks again for giving us another glimpse into your life. I also have a gentleman friend that I enjoy spending time with. We met on a blind date over eleven years ago and have enjoyed many adventures ever since.

  147. Enjoyed seeing Mr. Mickeys well organized closet! You seem to be so well suited for each other. Wishing you many happy excursions in 2021!

  148. Hi Susan and Mickey!

    I just want to say Thank You both for inviting us into your lives.

    You are always so uplifting and encouraging to so many people. I love following you and taking sneak peaks into your kitchens, closets and travels around town!

    Praying you both have a Merry Christmas and safe and happy New Year!

  149. Hi Susan: Many thanks for your columns. Interestingly, the most helpful to date has been the column on ‘unmentionables’! I have realigned my unmentionables accordingly and it has made an amazing difference — no more VPL.

    Thank you!

  150. Always love seeing the places you visit. Plan to make a list and take my husband once he recovers from back surgery. Thanks for sharing Mickeys closet! How organized! Love you style you share! Trying to organize my closet again! Stay safe and healthy.
    One question….what do you think of wide leg pants! I am 5’1”, 65 years old, and about 175 lbs. I would like to wear them. They seem so comfortable!
    Again, thanks for your dedication in sharing part of you!

  151. I love not just the name of the book but the cover. What better way to elevate your day than by wearing little red shoes!

  152. I would love to receive the book. I desperately need to learn to elevate my life. The atmosphere in my house is very negative so I need to learn how to either turn that around of change myself.

  153. Your email is one of the highlights of my day. Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us. Take care.

  154. Thank you for another lovely post! My brother recently moved to your area, and your posts make me look forward to the day when I can visit and do some exploring of my own!

  155. I enjoyed the post today featuring Mr. Mickey’s closet. No wonder why he looks so stylish and put together!

  156. Good morning and thanks again for a wonderful post! I always learn so much from you and got a kick out of seeing Mr Mickey’s organized closet and used it to show my husband – “Yes Dear, they [men} do exist.”

  157. How fun to learn more about Mr. Mickey. You two are the perfect match. I’m happy for you both! Happy Anniversary eve!

  158. So happy that you and Mr. Mickey are healthy and safe. You’re very fortunate to have each other. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

  159. I love your style and so enjoy your posts. And, I appreciate the links. I am now retired and using this COVID down time to exercise and so far have lost 25 pounds, just 20 to go and THEN shopping for clothes will be such fun.

  160. How fun to have a glimpse into Mr. Mickey’s closet. What an interesting man! I enjoy reading your blog and going along on your adventures. I live on the West Coast so I am seeing parts of the country I am not familiar with.

  161. Thank you for sharing you weekend trips – I always enjoy the scenery as I love taking photos of where I’ve been as well. I really appreciate that you find beauty in the everyday.

  162. Love your newsletter! Mr Mickey is certainly a special man to let you view his closet! I’m still hoping to be as organized as you & Mr Mickey!

  163. Dear Susan and Mickey . . . today is the only day we know we have, so elevate and make it one of your best days!
    Peggy Ann

  164. Thank you, Susan! Thoroughly enjoyed this post. Very nice to read about Mr. Mickey. Love his closet organization, as it reminds me of my husband’s: having been in the military, his shirts are are lined up about one inch from each other, colors together from light to dark, & so on.
    I remember a quote: Through discipline comes freedom

    That quote can be applied to almost every aspect of life.
    Freedom means no stress ( mostly) & life can be enjoyed fully. .

    You both look well & happy. So glad to know.

    Be safe.

    Kathleen Strodtbeck
    Collierville, TN

  165. I have a question, Susan. Which pair of shoes from your collection do you like the best for just relaxing at home?

  166. Both of your closets have inspired me to “elevate the everyday” in my world!! We recently moved most of my clothing to it’s own space. I was sharing 1/2 of a tiny closet in an old house built for military officers back in the 50’s. As I work in a counseling/public speaking capacity, my wardrobe grew and the clothing was tight packed in that 1/2 a closet. My husband put me a rather long rod in our utility room and even though it isn’t glamorous…seeing both of your closets (this post and a prior one), I’ve decided it doesn’t have to be dreary and poorly lit and I CAN do something to make that space special and organized! Thanks for the inspiration!!
    With love and gratitude,

  167. Love to hear about your adventures, and being over 60 I admire your artistic, put-together fashion sense!

  168. Mr. Mickey’s closet is an inspiration to organize ours! Sometime I hope you will show us your closet. I do separate all my tops by color but that is as far as I’ve gotten!

  169. I look forward to your posts and getting a little glimpse into yours and Mr. Mickey’s world. You both demonstrate how to put a little joy and magic in the everyday and as the name of the book implies “Elevate the Everyday”, making each day extraordinary. Happy Anniversary!

  170. I love to read at night. I spend my days painting and sewing. I would like to read this book.
    Thank you for this giveaway.

  171. I am quite impressed with Mr. Mickey’s organized closets! He is such a dapper gentleman & the two of you seem to enjoy life greatly!

  172. Absolutely love following along with you and Mr Mickey on your weekend excursions!
    Your fashion sense has given me a lot of guidance when picking my own wardrobe. You always look so effortlessly beautiful.
    …now, after seeing Mr Mickeys closet I’m going to get after my hubby!! Haha

  173. What an interesting book title and topic! I am impressed with Mr. Mickey’s sense of style, and organized wardrobe!
    I hope you & Mr. Mickey enjoy many, many more delightful years together!

  174. I would be anxious to read this book, especially in these trying times…all of us need to try to “elevate our everyday” and perhaps this could be a guide…..

  175. Being a retired teacher and avid reader of course I would love to receive the book. I generally read 2-3 books a month and love the motto So many Books , So Little time!
    Ps – I live vicariously through you and the day trips you take with Mr. Mickey. Love all your posts.

  176. Thank you for including mr.. Mickey’s wardrobe. He is a good influence on my husband. You look impeccable as always. I’d love to win the book.

  177. I could sure use a book like that. This year, for many reasons – COVID & all that goes with it like loss of relationship with family due to the politic this year & including COVID!

  178. This is a lovely post today. I enjoyed the tribute to Mr. Mickey. He is an elegant man and seems to be a supportive and interesting gentleman. You make a lovely couple. I enjoy your narratives and pictures of things you do together, still enjoying life safely even during the time of COVID. Keep doing what you are doing always inspiring us to live a simple, full and happy life. May God continue to bless you and Mr. Mickey as you adventure through life.

  179. Susan, I certainly enjoyed this post. Have so appreciated your travels around your area over the last several months. Such a beautiful part of the U.S. We’re in an agricultural state with mostly crop land, so don’t have the fabulous rolling hills as you do. Fun to see Mr. Mickey’s closet. I must admit that my closet is similarly organized. If you put in the work on the front end and maintain it, life is so much easier when clothes is easily accessible and in its proper place. The “Elevate the Everyday” book you mentioned sounds interesting. Especially now with covid, it’s even more important to live well on a daily basis. Looks like a good read. Happy holidays to you and Mr. Mickey and thanks for your well written blog.

  180. Dear Susan,

    What a wonderful traveling companion and friend you have in Mr. Mickey. From your post, he sounds like a true gentleman. His closest is a perfect example of the organization skills he must possess. I also love to read. It gives me such joy to relax with a good book.

    Blessing to you both!

  181. Happy Anniversary. Mr. Mickey’s closet is impressive. He is very well organized. No wonder he is well dressed. At age 86, I hope to be as energetic and entertaining as he is. Your book will definitely elevate my lifestyle. Thanks for sharing.

  182. Sounds like an interesting read. Susan, being headed for my 74th birthday I am checking out online websites to expand my wardrobe and personal style. And having perused many sites, your is the one I really enjoy and identify with. The classic look and the idea of personal style really speaks to me. Thank you sharing and please continue to do so. I look for your emails every day.

  183. Continuing to love your posts and always enjoy hearing about your “real” adventures. They are so close to my heart when I read them. I oftentimes think of how similar my life is to yours as I begin my retirement years, even though I live in Minnesota! Thanks for sharing your life experiences with us.

  184. I love your blog, your positive attitude, and hearing about your adventures with Mr. Mickey. He sounds like quite a guy…and I would love if my husband was that organized.

  185. I have quietly read many of your posts for several months. How refreshing it is to “meet” another woman around my age who has not given up on style and beauty. Many have. I haven’t given up on either, so your post to my box is always welcome.

  186. Thank you so much Susan and Mr. Mickey for sharing your stylish wardrobe and organization. I’m
    getting my husband to use some of you tips. Happy Anniversary in advance!

  187. Hi Susan,
    Another lovely and helpful post from you! Have appreciated and gotten many ideas from
    Your wonderful posts. I must say Mr Micky seems to be your perfect companion! You two
    are so well suited to one another.
    Enjoy your holiday.

  188. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for another interesting blog. I look forward to your blogs every week.
    You inspire me in so many ways.

    Mary Ellen Todd

  189. Maintaining strong relationships and communication is so important at any time, but especially during this grueling pandemic. You and Mr. Mickey provide a great example of how important those two things are in staying healthy in mind and spirit. Thank you so much for blogging! You offer truly worthwhile content. Carolyn in Colorado.

  190. Please thank Mr. Mickey for sharing his closet. My husband, who died 10 years ago last Friday, used to love clothes and kept a very organized closet. In fact, our second date consisted of him taking me to Brooks Brothers in Chicago to pick out suits and ties!

    Enjoy your time with him!

  191. Thank you for sharing more about Mr Micky. You seem to be soulmates! I’m glad you are sharing this season of life together!
    Mary Scarps

  192. Hi Susan,
    I appreciate all your stories and fashion tips, and those that include Mr. Mickey. You have helped me take a fresh look at our shoes, jackets, sweatshirts and now realize how lazy my hubby and I have become! On another note, I can’t help but wonder how your retirements might have changed with the arrival of the virus. Had you planned to travel with Mr. Mickey? How has this year changed your lives?

    1. I had planned to continue my solo travels, but I will have to wait for a safer time. We can return to our local weekend travels later, but Mr. Mickey is not willing or able to go on long flights or extended road trips anymore.

  193. Thank you both of you for this very interesting post.Very generous to let us see the closet.
    Happy anniversary!
    Books are best friends.

  194. I need to start going to Christmas parties! Would love to meet someone like Mr. Mickey. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

  195. Reading your post every time I see it has become a way to elevate my day…if I don’t win that book, I will most likely buy it. It looks intriguing and maybe will inspire me with new and creative ways to elevate someone else’s day.

  196. Thank you to you and Mr. Mickey for sharing ! I am inspired by how the two of you make decisions about clothing purchases and investing in quality pieces. Mr. Mickey closet is as amazing as the person that he appears to be! So happy you have each other on this life journey. Thank you for your blog Susan.

  197. I really enjoy your blogs about your travels, as well as “meeting” Mr Mickey. I would love to help my husband have his closet more like Mr Mickey’s. Thank you for all your comments and advice.

  198. I especially love the look into Mr Mickeys closet. It’s obvious he cares about the way he presents himself. My husband of 42 years puts forth no effort into the way he dresses. I think it’s wonderful that Mr Mickey stays active and vibrant. I agree it’s the key to aging with grace. I have witnessed the total opposite in my family with elderly parents. They are alive but not living their fullest life. Keep the posts coming. I miss you on Facebook but try to remember to check out the blog on Tuesday and Thursday.

  199. I get a lot of blog posts in my inbox but I never fail to open yours and read it in it’s entirety. Thanks for sharing your life with us. You are an inspiration for so many, myself included.

  200. Hi Susan,

    Your casual outfit pictured in front of the bank was so chic and youthful! You looked great as always. I really admire how you have honed in what looks great on you and then stick with it.

    And Mr Mickey…he embodies an elegant gentleman with a zest for life. His closet is a reflection of his style! How fortunate you are to have him as your companion!

    All the best, Julie

  201. I am always impressed with the way you and Mr. Mickey elevate any excursion to the next level. There is a feeling of ease in every drive or dinner you take. This is the year we all need to aspire to give ourselves grace and a more relaxed pace. Would love to read this book for inspiration to elevate every day!

  202. Truly a gentlemen’s closet! Thank you for sharing Mr.Mickey’s closet, the Santa hat was a nice surprise. Awesome that he volunteers. God bless you both.

  203. Hi from NYC, Susan. I have not posted in quite a long time because of computer issues but could not let the opportunity go by to wish you and Mr. Mickey the very happiest of anniversaries. Mr. Mickey is the most dapper and elegant of men and his closet is pure perfection. I wish you both many more years of good health and wonderful times together.

  204. A very happy anniversary you two. Mr Mickey and you are peas in a pod, so well suited to each other a lovely couple indeed. Aussie Bev xx

  205. That is the neatest gentleman’s closet I have ever seen. Congratulations to Mr. Mickey!! I must get that book, it would be so fun to “Elevate the Everyday”. I try to do that in small ways in my home whether it’s putting fabric napkins on the table or a warm and cozy throw on the sofa.

    Thank you for sharing your weekend outings and your perfect outfits. I enjoy your writings so very much.

    ~Mary Kay Geiger

  206. Closet organization is essential! Thank you for sharing. Mr M’s organization is inspiring. A style “uniform” makes getting dressed so much easier especially when you keep your essentials neat and tidy. Love your blog!

  207. Thank you git sharing. Wearing a style uniform is so much easier when everything is at your fingertips. I admire Mr. M’s organizational skills!

  208. More than ever during these difficult days I find that making an effort to elevate my days is important. Use the good China and crystal, drink that special bottle of wine and enjoy simple pleasures.

  209. Hi…..I’m so excited this is my first E-Mail from you. I signed up so I could receive your blog instead of taking my chances on Pinterest which I was never sure
    I was picking up all the blogs. I’ve only just come across your site so I’m so excited to read all I can. You have a lot of great ideas. Thanks for your input.
    I enjoyed going through Mr. Mickey’s closest with you. Karen Ziegler

  210. Wow, you and Mr. Mickey have a lot in common regarding fashion! His closets are a sight to behold! Take care and both of you continue to enjoy life together.


  211. I truly believe the ordinary can become extraordinary when we have the right attitude and look for the good in all things. I would love to read this book.

  212. Truly a gentlemen! Thanks for sharing Mr.Mickey’s organised closet. Always room for improvement I tell myself. Enjoy the rest of the week. Thanks again.

  213. Always enjoy reading about your adventures with Mr. Mickey. I hope the two of you have a safe and happy Christmas season.

  214. Thank you for the visit. My grandfather was a “dandy,” a nicely dressed man. My mother helped me learn how to dress better than I was. We had loads of fun shopping. She is gone now and I miss our shopping expeditions, so it’s nice to take these travels with you and Mr. Mickey.

  215. Oh Susan, I found this article about Mr. Mickey so interesting. Please let him know how much your readers appreciate him giving us a glimpse into his life. The Bust is simply incredible. Also, I never would have guessed his age. As you said, his zest for life is keeping him young.

  216. I love seeing the historic areas around where you live. I live in a beautiful area called the Napa Valley

    My husband and myself have been walking in different historic areas of our little town because of you and Mr. Mickey. It is so interesting to look at the variations in the Victorian neighborhoods
    And to see how the different districts grew. I also love to look at how beautifully the landscaping fits with the homes. Little details on the homes are always a joy to find and comment on to each other

  217. Susan, What sort of a winter hat would you recommend for warmth & fashion? I have very short hair, ears exposed, & don’t want a hat that covers all my hair. Some height would be good to elongate my face. What do you wear?

  218. I always enjoy viewing your posts. I, too, favour classic clothing, so I admire your fashion choices. I love seeing the area in which you live, too – so beautiful!

  219. I thought that I was organised but Mr Mickey has inspired me to sort out my closets even more. It all looks so neat.

  220. Your posts are always so calming, interesting and give me great ideas. Thank you. And I LOVE the title of your give away book!

  221. Due to a busy day yesterday, I am just getting to this post. Happy Anniversary to a wonderful relationship. My husband is 18 years older than I am and we have a great relationship too. We will celebrate 30 years this coming July, God willing. May you enjoy many more years and good health to you both. This book sounds really interesting, have written down the name and will look for it. Thanks Susan.

  222. Thank you and Mr Mickey for sharing that impressive closet!
    Reading is one of life’s great pleasures and I appreciate a chance to win this book
    Stay safe!

  223. Very impressively organized gentlemen’s closet. So very nice of you both to share and very good to see. Thank you!

  224. Your Mr. Mickey sound so much like my late husband, organized, a place for everything, everything in it’s place, always! One thing I loved about him, among many!

  225. Hi Susan,
    I just saw this post! I wanted to thank you so much for sharing my book with others. I hope your lucky winner enjoyed it. (:

  226. Would love to read Elevate the Everyday. I may adopt that as my mantra.
    Thank you for your thoughtful emails. I always get at least one new idea.
    Janice Little

  227. Hi, Susan,
    As always , I so appreciate your attention to details, even caring for your clothes!!!

    Am so enjoying the clothes I have purchased from your former business associates…

    Please continue sharing with us how to dress in a classy manner wherever we go, and even at home.

    LOVE from Texas

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