The Leather Jacket

Like Goldilocks, I have searched for the perfect leather jacket for the past few years. The first one was too bulky; the second one had too many belts, studs, and zippers; the third one’s epaulets made my neck appear shorter, but I finally found the perfect (for me) leather jacket.

With clean lines, supple leather, and no hardware, it is precisely what I wanted. The elegance of simplicity always serves me well, so I look forward to wearing this jacket with any look. The shorter length means it will work well, even with dresses.

The jacket/blazer is here. Knowing that Mango’s jacket sizes run small, I ordered a size large instead of my usual medium.

The pants are here – bodysuit here – a similar belt is here – a similar bag is here – the heels are here. The earrings are here. For reference, I am five feet, five inches tall and wearing a size medium top and eight pants.

Mr. Mickey and I were on our way to enjoy a Christmas lunch with friends.

Don’t forget your Christmas socks!

We wish you joy and peace as you spend time with family and friends during the holidays.

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  1. I am loving these fresh new looks you have been showing us. I am sure you are very excited to be trying them and showing them as well! Thank you!

  2. Susan, you are a lovely vision of happiness and health. So wonderful to see both of you out and about, enjoying this holiday. Thank you for all the great advice, especially the 5-part series just recently posted.
    I always look forward to reading your blog-and rereading the items that really resonate!
    Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey. To good health and good people in our lives and time to enjoy!

  3. You both look fabulous and festive! Mr. Mickey’s socks are always a big hit. Your outfit is perfect in its simplicity, very chic.

  4. I like that you said perfect “for me”. I used to run to order some of your suggestions, but the short top thing does not fit with my size/shape. I still look to you for your inspiration. Now, do tell about the bodysuit. Really? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  5. You both look awesome. So classy but not over the top. I like you new haircut too. It is shorter and not as heavy. Your hair shows your beautiful face. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.

  6. Susan, You always inspire me to edit my wardrobe and to focus on better and fewer pieces Love that black leather jacket, it’s just beautiful. Looking super sharp, as always, Mr Mickey! Happy Holidays! Now if it would just cool off here in Southern Calif, it was 80º yesterday!

  7. Hope you are both doing well.. wishing you both a very merry Christmas and happy and healthy week year. Warmly janne Bradley.

  8. What a perfect Jacket! You look great. And Mr Mickey. Love the socks. Merry Christmas Susan and Happy New Year. I look forward so much to seeing your posts in 2024.

  9. BEAUTIFUL leather jacket, Susan. It reeks simple sophistication.
    Like you, I prefer shorter jackets, cardigans and sweaters. I’m only 5’3 and would be swamped otherwise.
    Both you and Mr. Mickey look very swish.
    Thank you and Happy Christmas.

  10. You both look so festive happy and relaxed. The leather looks butter soft. Full marks to Mr Mickey and his baubles lol.
    Enjoy Christmas and I am sooo looking forward to Spring a way to go yet but onwards and upwards .
    Nadolig Llawen. I will leave you both to work that out, have fun.
    Pamela from Wales UK xx

  11. Hi Susan – I love your jacket. It looks like yummy leather. Just curious whether you have tried I have ordered several things from them and been very pleased with the quality and great prices. Their products remind me of Banana Republic, but they are much less expensive due to direct shipping and no store fronts. Check out their similar leather jacket for $199. I ordered a large cashmere wrap for a Christmas gift at $99. Free shipping and free returns for one year.

    Here is the jacket.

    Merry Christmas, and keep your blog posts coming. Thank you.

    Kay Carter
    Beaufort, NC

  12. Delighted to see a post today. The leather jacket is beautiful and such a classic shape. I also look best with the shorter length for tops that is so popular now. I wanted to say again how much I like the Beautycounter shampoo and conditioner. I really only used the tiniest amount. My gray hair is soft and smooth again. The water at my new home is harsh and the Beautycounter products counteracted the harshness so well. I’ve been through so many products these last few months, trying to get my hair to behave. Well, Beautycounter shampoo and conditioner worked!
    Continue to enjoy the Christmas season and gotta’ love Mr. Mickey’s socks!

  13. Oooh, you and Mr. Mickey are looking FINE! So stylish, elegant, classy, attractive–that applies to you two, and to your attire!

    Merry Christmas!

  14. Beautiful look! I notice on the website that the bodysuit has a low scooped back. Does that show your bra in back, or do you have to wear a special bra with it in case you need to remove your jacket? Since I overheat occasionally with hot flashes, I like to be prepared for that.

  15. Merry Christmas,

    What a very nice couple that you make. I agree if we can keep things simple looking it will stand the test of time and always look nice. Happy New Year.


  16. I enjoy your posts so much. I’ve learned a lot about how to dress to suit my body type—although it’s very different from yours. I wish you and Mr. Mickey good health and happy holidays.

  17. You look great! Love the short jacket as I am only 5’1 and I am so tired of the long tops that overwhelm my petite frame. Happy, peaceful and healthy Holidays!

  18. Merry Christmas to both of you. I like your leather jacket, are they heavy? Are they warm? After seeing your companion’s socks…..I buy socks of all kinds for my 3 adult sons for Christmas, and they love them!

    Thanks, Laura

  19. I love your jacket! I have always wanted a leather jacket and yours is perfect. Simple and elegant. Enjoy the holidays and I wish you and yours much happiness and good health in 2024!

  20. Beautiful leather jacket, Susan! I have a similar one from the late 1990s. While it is in perfect condition, the shoulders were designed with large shoulder pads. I removed the pads and it looks much better; however, the shoulder seams, of course, fall further down the arm. Do you think it is still suitable for casual wear? I have noticed similar styles still on the market.

  21. Thank you for this posting! I have a nice black leather jacket – almost identical to yours but a longer shilouette – hanging in the back of my closet. I have been debating donating it because I just wasn’t inspired as to how to style it. Recently, I purchased a small red leather crossbody bag, so this posting brought it all into perspective for me! Thanks! And Happy Holidays to you both!!

  22. Thank you very much for your helpful advice…and for your kindness and generosity to share your knowledge and talents with all of us. Merry Christmas!

  23. Love the look on your figure! If you ever run across a similar classic black leather blazer in the longer hip length, I’d really appreciate if you’d post a link! Thanks for your blog and so many great fashion tips and ideas. I’ve bought several of the items, including the shoes you are wearing above. I’m pretty sure I can expect the three Graces necklace in the new warm color this coming Saturday (my birthday)! Glad you are doing well, you look great!

  24. I love your leather jacket and how you’ve styled it AND your journey to find it. I decided I wanted a black leather moto jacket and was fine with a bit of a splurge. I have no idea how many I tried on/ordered/returned before I said, “Forget it. This is not me.” Then when I wasn’t looking a coated black denim “jean jacket” popped up at a store I check often … and on a great sale. I snapped it up. It gives me the leather look I wanted but is far less edgy. You are a great inspiration to remind me often that whatever the cool kids are wearing, I need to first of all wear what makes me feel like me. Thank you.

    Wishing you and Mr. Mickey a very merry Christmas and a spectacular 2024!

  25. Merry Christmas to you and Mr Mickey! You both look very elegant and festive.
    Jacket is very cool!
    Question about other older leather jackets. Are they still wearable! More blazer like…I Have a brown blazer type and a red zip up. I’m wondering if they should. Be discarded. Also, I was in Paris this fall and noticed the women wearing longer, oversized blazers/jackets. Some even with a padded shoulder look. Is this a trend? I haven’t seen it here.
    So interesting.
    Keep blogging! I enjoy your posts. The best of health and adventures to you and Mr M.

    1. Merry Christmas to you as well!

      Rather than thinking about what is in style or on trend, I thought about what looks best on me and what I feel most comfortable wearing. I have a longer faux leather blazer, but I rarely wear it. I knew if I had one of the simple, shorter jackets, I would often wear it with the high-waist, full-length flare jeans and pants I have enjoyed so much recently.

  26. Miss Susan…you guys look great!! And that fella you have is so handsome and full of whimsy!!! I always look forward to the sock selection Mr. Mickey has prepared for us!! Merry Christmas to you both!!!

  27. Merry Christmas to you & Mr. Mickey! I wish you the best for 2024 & look forward to seeing how you inspire us with your great ideas.

  28. Wow! You both look the picture of health and happiness. Love Mr Mickeys socks! Wishing you both a Peaceful and Happy Christmas

  29. You both look so stylish! I love seeing the timeless items you have put together in various combinations. And of course, Mr. Mickey’s socks have become a “thing” that many of us look forward to.

  30. LOVE Mr. Mickey’s socks! My husband actually asked for fun socks for Christmas, and I was so thrilled. Why not have a little fun!
    You both look fantastic. Black and red is a clothing combination I favor. I just think it always looks great.
    The leather jacket is lovely on you Susan! It wouldn’t work for me; especially the price point. I love your method though, of not buying a piece until you find one that’s perfect for you. Then it’s worth the money. I vow to do that in 2024. I buy too many things at lower prices that are maybe not exactly what I want, but they will do. I end up giving many of those items away. Not good for the budget. I’m learning from you though. You really have perfected your look.
    Glad you are both healthy and happy and still “steppin’ out!” Happy Holidays to you both!

  31. Love the jacket and Mr. Mickey’s Christmas socks! (He always looks dapper!) Your jacket style choice is prefect and will take you far with your wardrobe for years to come. I too am over the ‘extras’ on shoes/boots, clothing, accessories. i find those ‘extras’ tend to age a piece fast.

  32. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, Susan, and to Mr. Mickey! We enjoy seeing all of your wonderful suggestions you Both have . Like you, I needed to try several lengths of leather jackets (I am short waisted at 5’3 1/2 inches); and I am retired so am looking in several price ranges. I have not had success yet but will keep trying. So thankful to see you both glowing and looking great after health issues this year. I am enjoying Mr. Mickey’s fun socks and I am giving my hubby some for Christmas. Thank you Susan and Blessings always for all you do to share your healthy eating & fun meals, exercise, photos & the beautiful trips you take and lovely styles. May 2024 be Healthy and Happy and Blessed with Joy of Family and Friends for all of us!

  33. Love the Mango Leather Jacket. A Mango store just opened in the mall near us. I would not have gone into the store but now I will! Thanks for the heads up that the jackets run small. Love your style. Happy New Year!

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