Wine, Women & Shoes

Wellmont Health System hosted its third annual Wine Women & Shoes event on Saturday, April 29th, to raise money to improve access to and affordability of breast cancer screenings for women in the region. I served as one of the shoe judges and Angela Baker, the editor of VIPSeen Magazine.

Below, Vickie Hungate, Assistant Director of Development for the Wellmont Foundation, coordinated the event.

Below, with my beautiful friend Krista Matthews Wharton owner of Monkee’s of Johnson City, before all the excitement began. I modeled for Monkee’s at this event last year.

We judged so many fabulous shoes!

My favorite part of any public appearance is getting to meet people who know me through the blog.

Suzanne Burritt McKinney (above) is a follower of the blog and the designer of Beauty In Stone Jewelry.

Catching up with sweet friends, I don’t see nearly enough is also one of the pleasures of attending these events. My gorgeous friends Shirley Carrier and Sandy McGlothlin are always dressed so beautifully.

At the end of a fun day, it was time to announce the shoe contest winners and award the prizes.

Shoe Guys include men from the community who are somehow connected to women supporting the event. They hand out wine glasses, help guests throughout the event, and raise money for the event. A King of Sole title is awarded to the man who raises the most money for the benefit. Our winner this year was Steve Smith, President, and CEO of Food City. He is shown hamming it up with the audience below.

I wore a navy tunic with high side slits and a low neckline from Chico’s last year over a modesty tank by Adea and white pants from Fabrizio Gianni. The necklace is vintage. The shoes are by Sam Edelman from a couple of years ago. (The pink band on my wrist is the VIP pass to the event.)

My sincere thanks to Mr. Mickey for giving up his Saturday to take these photos for you.

  1. This looked like a fun event, and for a good cause. Nice to see some sassy shoe designs, many I’ve seen at the mall recently here in Ontario.
    We’re fortunate to have a provincial breast screening program that is covered for exams every two yeas until 74 I believe, and it starts at 50.

    1. Hi Judith; I am from Ontario also and appreciate our health care system every single day. Great to have regular breast screening!

    2. Another Ontario gal here Judith. I’ve been getting mammograms every few years since my 20’s, and annually after age 60 since I have a family history of breast cancer. So fortunate to have such a great health care system.

    3. I love that the province sends us reminders in the mail to have the free screening done every time you are due. That way you can’t say that you are too busy to go!

  2. What a wonderful event. You look amazing and Mr. Mickey did a superb job! Breast screening is so important and every women should be reminded to check regularly. Thank you for sharing this fun event with everyone beautifully dressed, having fun AND supporting the community.

  3. Your cute little shoes with POP were the perfect choice for this event!

  4. You always attend such nice events. (I love the idea of supporting the symphony)and of course look so classy when attending. While I wouldn’t feel comfortable in a long tunic like yours, I can always get inspiration for color combinations or top and bottom combos.

    BTW, your neighborhood looks so nice. I live in a brand new subdivision and there are very few mature trees. Can’t wait for the young saplings to grow so I have a bit of shade when walking in the summer.

  5. Susan, I love that you added turquoise accessories with navy and white. I recently purchased a navy tunic to wear with white also (great minds…) and have been wondering what show to wear with. I may have to go shopping now LOL.

  6. Great event and for such a worthy cause. You look wonderful; I love that beautiful necklace and the way you bookended the turquoise color with those stunning shoes.

  7. I count my blessings for living in a country where all have access to breast cancer screening, regardless of income. This disease sometimes strikes men, too. Thank you for sharing the enlightenment and compassion of the women and men in your country who are working hard at events like this to prevent needless breast cancer deaths. Bravo! Early diagnosis is essential.

  8. Hi Susan. I really enjoyed reading about the event and the lovely pictures! Susan, did you have some lowlights put in your hair? Maybe just the lighting but it looked very nice. Thanks for all you do….such an inspiration.

  9. Gasp! Wonderful shoes! Are the studded heel block sandals in red, black and beige available somewhere? All my usual searches have proved futile. Do you know the brand? This event looked delightful.

  10. You all looked fabulous. I’m pretty interested in your ensemble, Susan. It’s the slits up the side that give you long legs. It works! And your shoes are incredible. It is fun to see women in warm weather outfits. Here in Seattle, we’re wearing parkas and ordering boots online, lol. All that rain makes for an incredible spring foliage-wise, if the rain ever stops.

  11. Sometime, could you discuss how you store your scarves? Or maybe you already have discussed this and I missed it. Thanks.

  12. Thank you for continuing to share your beautiful adventures. You always look beautiful.


  13. Gasp. What beautiful shoes! Is it possible to share the brand or site for the block heeled sandals in red black and beige? All my usual searches have proved futile. This event and the attendees all look so lovely, what good fortune it was to attend.

  14. You looked great Susan; will have to remember the turquoise & navy with white..a nice warm weather combo and thank you for taking us along for a visit to a very worthwhile event. Mr Mickey did a super job..he’s a peach to give up his Saturday!

  15. As always, you have provided us with a “do good” event by making it more meaningful in your fun presentation. Also, much thank to Mr. Mickey. His photographs “do justice” to this wonderful event!

  16. It looks like a lot-of-fun for a worthwhile event. Thank you for the time you spent and giving of yourself to make this event a success.

  17. Just started with your site. Love your outfits. Unfortunately, your clothes will not fit me being a petite top and regular bottom. I also can’t wear heels or wedges due to feet problems. Wish I could.

    The outfits I am seeing give me ideas but finding clothes for my age (near 70) that are age appropriate very hard. Even high end stores for petites cater to the young women.
    Thank you for the inspirations.

  18. What a wonderful event! I like the theme and the creative ways it was used throughout.

    You look beautiful as always. Thank you for everything you share with us.

  19. thank you for making me part of the worthy original event to watch it from far away (I live in a European country ) )though your pictures in blog. I am grateful.
    You have chosen a perfect outfit .

  20. Thank you for the mention! You’re the kindest! It was a fun event and great to see the good turn out! I am pleased to have met you and always inspired by your personality! I had my second year there with Beauty In Stone and I was honored to be a vendor and see such growth from one year to the next.

  21. Just wondering why you don’t post comments of a critical nature. As long as they are written in a respectful manner, we can all learn from them. In my opinion, there is nothing to fear and total transparency is always best. Thank you for sharing your life and style tips.

    1. Questions are always welcome, but criticism serves no purpose. Reading that someone doesn’t like my shoes or my top serves no purpose. We don’t all have the same taste, and that’s OK, but you wouldn’t walk up to someone on the street and say I hate those shoes. It is just rude to leave those comments for a blogger. I never tell anyone what to wear, but I do share what I wore and attempt to explain why. When I get those negative comments, I delete them and move on for my own peace of mind.

  22. I am from SC and this evening I happened to stumble upon your blog while looking at the Kate Spade New York website. I enjoy being just a little different and thought I would search to see if there were any other women over 60 that enjoyed Kate Spade handbags and found your blog. All though I have not had a chance to look at very much of it, I find it so wonderful that you are such a young 60 (I am 67). You look amazing and I admire your style. I think the of the idea of Women, Wine & Shoes to support such a worthy cause, is wonderful. it would be nice to have one here. I have too many friends and family that have gone through too much because of such an insidious disease. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

  23. First, I want to say thank you for supporting such a worthy cause. What a wonderful idea. Susan you look stunning as always!
    I just love the white bell sleeve empire dress your friend is wearing, so stylish. Also, the friend wearing the pearls and gold necklace. Love it!
    Loved the beautiful tops on Shirley and Sandy ( and great hair) . Thank you for sharing the event!
    Also, thank you for “not” posting negative comments. I like feeling inspired when I read your blog!

  24. Thanks for sharing your source for intimates. My favorite bra is a Natori that gives me great lift and shape. Been pondering going to a new panty and now I have one to try!

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