Navy With Bold Color

Color can certainly help you look your best. I enjoy dark colors on my top half to minimize that area, but I love to add a pop of color with a satin or silk scarf.

I have a funny story to share with you. I recently dreamed a picture was published of me in the local magazine showcasing all the local goings-on. I was wearing all the wrong colors to an important function. My hair was dyed a color that was too dark and harsh for me, and my makeup was too dark and heavy under my eyes. I was also wearing ripped faded jeans with heels so high I couldn’t walk in them. I woke up so upset; I had to get up and look in the mirror to make sure my hair was still gray before I could go back to sleep.

Part of being comfortable in your skin is honoring what is right for you at every stage of life. I am not going to wear anything that makes me feel uncomfortable physically or psychologically. I do wear heels, but never so high that I can’t walk with ease in them. I may wear faded jeans with a navy blazer to the grocery store or at home with a tee, but they never have holes in them.

This knit fabric is so forgiving! It flows across the body without clinging to my jiggly bits. These pieces come out of luggage, and the wash looking great. The cutout shoulder top and pants are both by Clara Sunwoo from  The cutouts are subtle, which means the top is bra-friendly and very comfortable to wear. When you purchase items as a set, a tip to remember, launder them together even when you wear them separately so that they will always look the same. I hang these pieces on my rolling rack to let them air dry. Tumbling fine knits in the dryer substantially shortens the life of them.

The wicker clutch related to the color, pattern, and attitude of the silk scarf worn draped across my shoulders. The bag is from last year by J.McLaughlin. The navy suede shoes are a couple of years old. I wore this look to attend church services with my family on Easter Sunday.

  1. I just ordered a French Kande necklace to celebrate my 65th birthday in May!! I chose one with initial and had notification of shipping

  2. I agree with you about bra straps. I absolutely hate when they show and unfortunately too many people wear tops that allow the straps and even the band to be exposed. I even have some of those adhesive strips to use if I need to anchor the strap so it doesn’t slip.

    I don’t wear a lot of scarves but using one to cover the cold shoulder look is great for church yet you can take it off afterward if you prefer to let them show.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Very nice, Susan. It’s my favorite way of dressing: a dark column with a splash of color on top. Maybe I learned that here? Navy can make all the difference for those of us with fair skin. Black can be too harsh as we age.

  4. Your story made me laugh! I love how you think 🙂 oh and I just adore those shoes.
    Have a great weekend Susan

  5. Thank you for sharing. It is important to feel comfortable with our choices. I love the scarves you use to perk up an outfit. If you are on a budget they certainly extend a wardrobe. I absolutely love that little clutch! I’m going to have to hunt for a wicker purse!

  6. Wonderful outfit with that lovely scarf! I’m looking forward to your video on layering necklaces. And your dream is too funny. Even since retiring from being a college professor, I have dreamed several times of the first class day where I walk into the classroom and suddenly realize I’m teaching a course on a topic I know absolutely nothing about. Fortunately, that never happened in real life but the dream results in a heart-pounding awakening! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Susan–
    Recently you wrote about having covered everything in all your years of blogging. Please don’t stop! I am new to your blog and am loving it. It is formatted beautifully and I appreciate the larger text size. I always feel so positive after visiting your latest writings. The photos are great too. Loved the ones of the bluebells since I have never been to that part of the country. Thank you so much for your positive and joy-filled attitude about aging with grace. I know you do not promote products but I would not mind hearing about music you love, books you read etc. I think our tastes in all things change past 50 and your sharing would be fantastic. Also, not all of us are married and so some ways to look/dress for times with our gal friends would be good. You may have written of this in the past but since I am new to your site I haven’t found those articles yet.
    With deep appreciation!

    1. I am not married either, so there isn’t always someone to snap photos of what I am wearing. I try to share most of my looks with you, where I am going and why I wore what I did. When my gal pals and I get together, it is usually to go hiking to take photos of flowers, birds, and waterfalls. I’ll keep trying to show you a larger variety of looks.

  8. Susan,
    Please continue to model your scarves. I would never have imagined that the beautiful scarf you have on is the one pictured in your online store. How different it looks on you!
    Have a great weekend!


  9. I have a few nice jackets from Talbots that have shoulder pads. Do you recommend I retire them? Do they add years to my style?

    Do you ever plant flowers or herbs? Or do you find you are way too busy?

    I love to follow your suggestions and find they work for me too.

    1. I do love to plant flowers. At this home, I have more shade than any other so I am experimenting with very small shade gardens near my entry. I’ll share photos when it gets a bit more mature.

    2. I have successfully had the bulky shoulder pads removed from some of my jackets. The tailor can replace the large ones with smaller ones that square your shoulders a little.

  10. Beautiful colors in your scarf! I also wore slacks to church at Easter. I remember as a child wearing straw hats, white gloves, patent shoes, & my sister & I would usually have matching dresses; often from the Sears catalog. If we were lucky, a straw handbag. We both also had crinoline slips one year that actually had a tube going around it that you could blow air into so the skirts would pouf more! At least the straw bags are still here. Sorry about the bad was funny though..& hope you sleep better & have a great weekend!

    1. Laura I had the tube slip too and your post brought back memories of an experience that scarred me for life, LOL. I was very young, maybe second or third grade. It was the beginning of the school year so I was wearing a dress and not my Catholic school uniform. My mom had washed the slip probably, I’m just guessing, the night before and it still had some water in the tube. I’m not sure how but it was leaking. Unbeknownst to me, as I’m sitting in class, underneath my little chair a pool of water had formed. The nun thought I wet my pants! I was mortified.

      1. Patricia, how absolutely awful for you! Another odd thing about those slips was that when they got warm, I could catch a whiff of the vinyl from the tube. Always reminded me of the inflatable pool toy scent! Nice to hear from you. No vinyl these days here, but a good deal more spandex! Thanks Susan for a great post!!

  11. I like your style Susan. I really like the fact that you are aging gracefully. That is what most of us in the real world are doing.

    But, you make it look easy, and for that, I am grateful. I am a nurse, who works 13 hour shifts, and when I can, I like to enjoy my femininity. Thank you for all the tips about make-up and clothing. I have been telling my friends about your blog! BTW, I’m 62!

  12. Your present post with the nightmare is both philosophical and practical for me.
    I knew but now swear : I am not going to wear anything that makes me feel uncomfortable physically or psychologically.
    Your navy outfit is perfect. And now I know how to drape my big square scarf (a gift long in my drawer )on my shoulders.

    How nice the dolphin fountain behind you !
    Thank you Susan.

  13. Susan I always enjoy your style and the places you share on your weekend travels. I look at your blog and catch myself smiling you look so happy and confident. I recently lost 30 pounds and started searching for style advice for my age, I enjoy your blog and I also enjoy my scarves I purchased from your site. You are truly an inspiration! Thank you, Sharon

  14. Over a period of about 3 years I lost 140 pounds. 60 year old skin does not, sadly, bounce back, so The only correction is surgical. I had “part one of two” done, which has entirely changed my body. I now look remarkably balloon bottomed, made even worse by the fact that I exercise a lot, so have muscular legs and a JLo caboose to go with my flabby pouch. I haven’t had nightmares about it yet, but I’m close!!!

    Isn’t it strange how the things we are occupied with in life come to terrorize us in our dreams? 🙁

  15. Hi Susan, I think you look fabulous. I am just a month older than you, and do so agree with your take on style. Navy is a colour that I never used to wear (too reminiscent of school uniform) but in the past couple of years I have been really drawn to it and I often wear it with fuchsia or lime.
    I’m Eloise, based in the UK and new to your blog. I recently started writing my own blog, This is Sixty, which is a collection of all sorts – food, travel, memoir and more…..just whatever interests me. I hope you will take a look and join in.

  16. Looking fantastic. You have created a “scarf monster” out of me. I do love scarves and wearing them every day except not always in the summer. I went through all my scarf collection and noticed I don’t have many of those large square scarves. I need to add more to my collection. Also, during editing I’m donating all scarves which are not silk. The cheapie ones just don’t look as good.

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