Wine Country Tour

We spent a long weekend touring some of the vineyards in The Yadkin Valley Wine Country. This week I will share a few snapshots of our trip. On Wednesday, I will share the clothing items I took and the various looks I created from those few pieces.

On Friday, we visited the RagApple Lassie vineyard. We tasted a few of their excellent wines, petted the sweetest dog ever, bought a book from the author, and got a chuckle from the amusing art sculptures on the grounds.

We were pleased to meet Hunter D. Darden. She is the author of several children’s books and Tapestry, A poignant, life-changing story widely used by hospices and church libraries and featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

The main reason for our visit to Wine Country was to attend the annual Mercedes Benz Auto Show held on the grounds of the beautiful Shelton Vineyards.

It was such a pleasure to meet and chat with Ed Shelton. He and his brother Charlie purchased a plot of land in Surry County in 1994. It took a few years to get it ready, and the first plantings went into the ground in 1999. The winery opened a year later. Shelton Vineyards is now the largest family-owned vineyard in the state, and more than 30 wineries have sprouted up around it.

Can you guess which car was Mr. Mickey’s favorite?

There will be more photos tomorrow!

  1. Susan, I’m planning on purchasing some Covered Perfectly tops and thinking that a small would be the right size as I’m not quite 5’4 and weigh 137-134 lbs. Does that sound right to you? Thanks in advance!

  2. Love car shows too! Looks like you and Mr. Mickey had a wonderful weekend. You look stunning as always and you look great in a hat! My husband and I have been to your part of Tennesee and it is just beautiful! Can’t wait for the future photos of this trip. I love following your blog as you are so genuine!

  3. So enjoyed this post as I do each and every one. You look fabulous as always.

    I have a question on the shapeez tankee long bra you mention so often. Is it all the way to your waist and is there ever a problem with it rolling up. Do you wear the tankee long even when dressed casual like this weekend post. I am getting ready to order one from the website.

    1. I wear the long Shapeez bras daily. I have the Shortie, but it is rarely hot here, so I don’t wear it often. I find that the Ultimate and the Tankee style are both lightweight and comfortable, but they give me smooth lines. I do not ever have a problem with them riding or rolling up like some other longline bras I have tried in the past. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine.

  4. If possible when you show photos of beautiful flowers and shrubs, could you name them for those of us who are horticultural ignoramus? I do enjoy your travels very much.

    1. The flowering trees in the photo at the top of this post are Crepe myrtles. The mounding flowers are most likely Vincas. While resembling Impatiens, they thrive in full sun, whereas Impatiens do not.

  5. Just came back from a trip to California, which included spending time at the vintage sportscar race (at Laguna Seca) that was a part of something called the “Monterey Historics.” While I typically wear a baseball-style cap when we attend vintage races, I had heard that the crowd at this race would be more upscale, so I followed your lead and wore a hat similar to the one you are wearing in this post. I also wore a scarf each day to add color to my outfit. Because of your example and excellent information, I was perfectly dressed! And I just loved the hat – it did such a good job of keeping the sun off my face.

    We saw a gull-winged Mercedes at Monterey that resembled the one that Mr. Mickey liked the best. It is a beautiful car – and the opened doors really do look like “gull wings!”

  6. I love to read your adventures with Mr. Mickey. My husband and I would like to know what model the very first Mercedes is? Also, if you are ever in Ontario during the first weekend in June, please don’t miss the Fleetwood Country Cruize-in at the Plunkett Estate. There are an estimated 3,000+ vintage cars, rods and customs and specialty vehicles on display. We would love to host you in London! Enjoy the rest of the summer!

    1. That would be a real treat! I would love to take you up on that someday. The 1886 three-wheeled Benz Patent Motor Car, model no. 1, is regarded as the first automobile (patent no. 37435)

  7. Hi Susan,
    You are so classy. I love your blog.
    Would you be able to point me in the direction of finding jeans that ate not skinny cut and do not cling to my thighs. Of course not wide jeans but fall nicely from waist down.
    Styles past couple years are so form fitting and we all don’t have the right legs to wear them.
    Thank you.
    Mari Jones
    Virginia Beach

    1. I agree with you, Mari. Skinny jeans are not flattering on all body types. I always look for classic straight leg jeans in a dark wash. They are most suitable for many of us and also for more occasions.

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