Saucy Red Top

Red is the color I reach for when I want to project authority and feel more confident. Everyone can wear red; the magic happens when you find the correct tone of red for your coloring.

I am showing an example of a casual daytime look. If I wore this fun, edgy top to go out to dinner, I would carry a small black clutch bag, wear black or white slim-fitting pants, and black or nude shoes. If I wore this top as formal wear, I would carry a beaded evening bag and wear slim-fitting brocade pants with glittering beaded sandals. Considering the cut-out on one shoulder, I would not clutter the neckline with anything more than a dramatic pair of silver earrings. My earrings for evening or formal could be much more dramatic with stones included. I will share more pictures on the Wednesday post of the same item worn, dressed up, or dressed down in the future.

The jeans are by the Liverpool Jeans Company. I like to wear this style of jeans or pants with shirts and tunics that are not tucked in because they have a wide, smooth waistband. If I buy the ankle style, they don’t even need to be hemmed.

The Clara Sunwoo tunic was a gift from My Fair Lady. It is the perfect tone of red for my coloring. The fabric is exceptionally comfortable. As with all fine knits, you should wear them with care. The material can pick easily from jewelry prongs or straw bags. Wash in cold water—Air dry.

I have to pack my bags now. More about that on Monday. Have a great weekend!

  1. Love this red! And I look forward to your posts using the same garment in multiple ways.

    One question–what about bra straps with a garment like this? Do you need a strapless bra?

  2. I have avidly followed your blog for years, watching the evolution of your fashion sense and lifestyle. I am very curious about your transition to retirement. Your life has been a testament to hard work. I would love a post about this new phase of your life and how you will navigate the change.

  3. So are your jeans in this picture a pull on style? I have issues with the button and zipper part when wearing tunics showing through at times. I own one pair of the pull on style but need additional options.

  4. I ordered the jeans and really love them! I got the ankle length, but because I am rather short, I’m going to have to hem them a bit but that’s certainly OK….they are great! Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Susan, you look beautiful as always! Do you have any pointers for finding the right tone of red for our coloring?

    One trick I learned from you when wearing button & zipper pants is to wear the bottom of the shapeez bra over the waistband of the pants when wearing a tunic.

    I have learned so much from you! My closet is thinning out and and I am buying mostly basics with scarves, jewelry and bags for accessorizing. Thank you!

  6. Looks very nice on you Susan. Would love to see pics of the same top dressed up and dressed down, with accessories! Look forward to Wednesday!

    Elaine from Florida

  7. Great colour for you! The style is modern and edgy without being “over the top trendy”. Would love to see a pic when you are wearing the “dress up” version with the brocade pants.

  8. Just an FYI to your readers. I ordered a pair of the Liverpool jeans on Aug 13 and as of today the 24th, they still have not shipped. I ordered two weeks prior to a trip so that I could take them, but that’s not going to happen. I contacted customer service and was told that they are going through a warehouse move that brought a delay to their orders shipping out. So don’t expect a prompt shipment right now!

  9. I will research these jeans as I am always looking for jeans that fit my toothpick legs. My problem is a thick waist and extremely thin thighs and legs. If I get the waist to fit the legs are usually too wide! I look for higher waisted styles with spandex and size down. It’s a constant battle!

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