Birthday Dinner Date

We celebrated my 67th birthday Wednesday evening at our favorite restaurant, Gourmet & Co.

I wore a new denim jacket (here) to inject a youthful vibe into my favorite black elements. I’ll share links to similar items since the other things are no longer available. CamisoleWide-leg pantsPlatform SandalsBag

Mr. Mickey stopped by earlier in the evening to place a card and a dozen roses on our reserved table. He is always so thoughtful!


(Note Mr. Mickey’s martini socks. He is always the life of the party!)

Chef Jacob sent us the most delightful appetizers. The sun-ripened tomato was heart-shaped!

Halibut with fresh vegetables was each of our entree choices. Everything was perfection!

Chef Jacob also sent a delightful new dessert in honor of my special evening.

Thank you for all of your kind comments and good wishes this week. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Happy Birthday Susan! It looks like you were well celebrated with a lovely dinner and thoughtful companion.
    I love the details on the jeans jacket.

  2. Happy Birthday! and many more!!!! You both look beautiful.
    Thank you for all your tips and advice Susan, you have helped me with improving my wardrobe and trying many new ideas over the years.
    You mentioned showing more pics on how you plan to accessorize the bigger looser coat and flared jeans. I loved that look on you and decided to do some tryouts, it definitely helps to have your height and beauty to wear it well. The sales person and I had some good laughs trying to decide if I looked more like a “bag lady” or “shoplifter” in the coat. Living in an area where it does get cold I loved the idea of wearing the coat layered over cardigans or jackets. Looking forward to more pictures

  3. Happy birthday and best wishes for many more. We will be celebrating my birthday this weekend. Such a beautiful time of year for birthdays.

  4. Happy belated. Birthday Susan. Celebrating the little joys of life are so important, especially when we have times of trial.

  5. Happy Birthday Susan! You are a beautiful and talented woman. May God richly bless you through the coming year and for the rest of your life!

  6. Happy Birthday, Susan. Even though my message is belated, i pray that your day was awesome and that this next year will be full of health, joy, and happiness for both you and Mr. Mickey!

    How is Mr. Mickey doing with his health journey? Please do a simple update on him in your blog. We regular readers think of you both as special ‘cyber friends”!!

  7. Happy Birthday! I hope it’s a beautiful year for you. I am very happy to see you both enjoying a dinner together. Please keep us updated on your lives.

  8. Happy birthday and glad you had someone awesome to share it with. Susan. You look just fabulous. I did laugh at Kathy’s comment.

  9. Happy, Happy Birthday. I’m happy to see you out and and about. My best wishes for good health to both you and Mr. Mickey. You are a stunning couple.

  10. Celebrating birthdays can bring out the nostalgia in me. I know you have served in the Navy, lived several places, and worn many hats in your career life. You have faced some health challenges. And you certainly seem to have found your soul mate in Mr. Mickey and are living life with grace and elegance.

    As you look back over your life, what would you tell your younger self on living life well?

  11. Happy Birthday Susan!
    You and Mr. Mickey have been in my prayers and I am so pleased to see you both looking and feeling well and happy!
    God bless.

  12. Belated birthday greetings! You look beautiful as always and Mr. Mickey looks dapper as usual! What a lovely celebration!!

  13. Happy birthday.
    What a year it has been for you! And still you glow! I really applaud Mr. Mickey’s sweet gesture. His heart is pure gold.

    I love that jacket but jaw-dropped at the conversion price! $A300.00 Still, maybe my husband can contribute half for my rapidly approaching birthday.
    You’re an inspiration, Susan.

  14. Happy Birthday! You look beautiful as always and Mr. Mickey looks very handsome as well. May you both have many more birthdays to come.

  15. I found a jacket almost exactly like this one, braid and all, at Cato. It was slightly darker and a little boxy. Love it. Happy birthday!

  16. Happy Birthday! So nice to see the two of you out celebrating the finest in cuisine and your Special Day.
    I hope all is going well and remember we so enjoy your wardrobe and accessories you add to your outfits.
    Well wishes to both of you. You two are lucky to have each other’s company and care.

  17. Happy birthday Susan! I had no idea you are 67, you do not look it! Lovely dinner, and Mr. Mickey’s socks are the best! You two are a beautiful couple, neither of you age!!

  18. Wishing you a wonderful belated happy birthday! It looks like you & Mr Mickey had a delightful time & as always you’re a darling couple! Cheers!

  19. Happy birthday, that meal looked delicious and how lucky are you too have such a thoughtful partner, I hope you really enjoyed your special day

  20. Happy belated birthday Susan, it is so great to see you both looking so well after your recent health scares, long may it continue! X

  21. Happy birthday wishes to you both! The dinner , the flowers, the clothes, everything looks wonderful! And also the beautiful dessert in honour of Susan`s birthday looks very nice! I hope you had a lovely time and may God bless you both! Sincerely, Jolanda

  22. Happy Birthday Susan. You look lovely, as always. Several posts ago, you mentioned “elevated” as one of your keywords. Do you have other posts which expand upon that concept? Best wishes for another year. Cyber hugs and love, Cheryl.

    1. To me, elevated means you put some thought and effort into your outfits. For example, I may wear a simple tee and straight-leg jeans, but I will wear a belt, a seasonal bag, and shoes and add jewelry to complement the attire. I wouldn’t feel like the best version of myself wearing jeans, a tee, flip-flops with no makeup, bedhead, and a slouchy shoulder bag.

  23. Happy Birthday, Susan! Thank you for the lovely photos of your celebration w/ Mr. Mickey! I love your outfit choice, too!
    It appears both you & Mr. Mickey are recovering well from recent cancer surgery/treatments! I hope that continues!

  24. Susan, you and Mr Mickey are such beautiful souls. Happy belated birthday wishes to you. Sending blessings and love to both of you!

  25. Happy Birthday, Susan! Wishing you God’s blessings on your special day and all year long. Best to Mr. Mickey. You both look fabulous.

  26. Susan, You are looking wonderful at 67! I was born in Feb 1956 and I’m struggling with keeping my weight down. I love your blog on health, travel and fashion!
    Happy Birthday ! Thanks so much!
    Freda J Latham

  27. Susan, You are looking wonderful at 67! I was born in Feb 1956 and I’m struggling with keeping my weight down. I love your blog on health, travel and fashion!
    Happy Birthday !
    Thanks so much!
    Jane Latham

  28. Happy Birthday from one fellow Virgo to another! All the best to you! You both look so nice. The roses are beautiful and the food looks delicious.

  29. Happy Birthday! May your year ahead be filled with much peace and beauty. Thank you for all the inspiration you share in so many lives.

  30. Happy Birthday Susan! So glad to see you and Mr. Mickey out celebrating! My birthday is the same week. You are a continual inspiration. Cheers!!

  31. Happy belated birthday Susan. My birthday was Thursday 14th. I also got roses and dinner out with my sweetheart.
    Mr. Mickey is a keeper!!
    Judy Layton

  32. A happy belated birthday to a lovely 67 year old who looks many years younger than her actual age. You and Mr. M certainly both retain your ages very well and are an inspiration to the rest of us. Your Mr. M and my husband are two of a special kind of guys. We are certainly blessed with such special men in our lives.
    Looking forward to seeing and hearing more of your travels, clothing advice as well as maintenance in food and body. I always learn something new or am reminded of something you have passed on to us before. Take care and keep sharing your “secrets” with us as they are truly important as a learning tool, at least to me.
    Clara from Iowa

  33. Hope you had a very Happy Birthday and a healthy year ahead. You and Mr Mickey look great and hope you continue to do your little travels ahead. My husband and I love visiting towns and was so inspired by the towns you visit that we are going on a tour next month to visit a number of them. Thanks for all your photos of these towns that helped make this trip happen. Be well.

  34. Happy birthday. Wishing for you only good things and many more healthy and happy birthdays. Pray all is going “ well” with your treatment

  35. Lovely post of your birthday celebration. I echo all the sentiments of birthday wishes from your followers.
    I did wish you a happy birthday on Wednesday!

    I am so glad Chery T. asked you the question…
    As you look back over your life, what would you tell your younger self on living life well?

    I loved your response. When I was very young, our family dentist (and good friends with my parents) shared with me something I’ve never forgotten. To be curious. Learn something new every day. My English teacher in high school told us one day in class to open the dictionary, learn a new word every week. Though it has been 60 years since I graduated from high school, those words spoken by our family dentist and my English teacher have stayed with me all my life. I’m grateful I was paying attention, living in the moment at the time.

  36. I wish you a very Happy Birthday Susan! Thank you for taking us on your date night. It is delightful to see such a fine example of a lady and gentleman enjoying one another’s company. You two remind us that life is a special occasion and should never be taken for granted. You are my very favorite email to receive. Such a breath of fresh air in today’s world. Prayers for both of you to enjoy many more happy, healthy, prosperous years together!❤️

  37. Dear Susan,
    I have tried to send a reply twice now and it would not send, Came up as an error message.
    Wanted to wish you a belated birthday. May all your dreams come true.
    Love Mr. Mickeys style, what a special guy.

  38. Quand je vois le couple que vous formez avec MMickey et le hasard bienheureux qui vous a réunis, je pense aux vers que Louis Aragon a écrit pour son amoureuse ,Elsa .
    Que serai-je sans toi qui vins a ma rencontre
    Que serais -je sans toi qu’un coeur au bois dormant ,
    Que cette heure arrêtée au cadran de la montre,
    Que serais-je sans toi que ce balbutiement…….
    Je ne sais pas si la traduction rendra hommage a la beauté de ces vers . Mais vous méritez que l’on vous les dise….

  39. A “take your breath away” evening, for sure! Let’s all make someone’s birthday this special!
    Enjoy, Susan and Mr. Mickey – delighted to “share” your outings!

  40. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Beautiful table with flowers wine and great food. Looks lovely with Mr. Mickey’s pre-planning. So very thoughtful.

  41. Oh! I miss wishing you a Happy birthday!! It looks like another wonderful evening with special treats and company:) Blessing for a healthy, happy year ahead.

  42. I remember 67 when I was still healthy. It was a wonderful year. I hope you will have a wonderful year too and remain in good health for years to come. God bless you in your cancer battle. It’s a vicious enemy. I hope you will have the victory.

  43. Belated Happy Birthday greetings! You two looked marvellous at dinner.
    I hope that the year ahead is a wonderful one. free of health concerns for you and a clean bill of health for Mr. Mickey.
    Very best wishes,

  44. I have been away for awhile and am so happy you are still here doing this blog!! Looks like we share a birthday?! I just had my 68th bday on Sept 15 (1955). So I’m a year ahead of you. ( I’m just assuming 9/15 is you birthday from this post)
    Anyway Happy Belated Birthday to you my fellow Virgo. I knew there was a deeper reason you resonate so much with me!! Best to you and I’m so glad to have found you agin!!

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