How I Wore It

This post is for those who asked to see examples of how I wear some of the new items I shared earlier here.

I didn’t have the sweater vest or the cropped tee yet, so I didn’t share those with you in the original post. I wore the look above to run some early morning errands when the temperatures were in the fifties. The short boots are at least three years old, and the bag is from last year, so I’ll share links to similar items.

Sweater VestCropped TeeJeansBagBooties

A doctor’s visit was why I wore the most luxurious pants I’ve ever owned. I ordered a size larger than I wear in jeans. The bag in black is sold out now, but I linked the same bag in Chalk. The bag here is similar.


I wore the above look to get my flu shot and car washed. Besides the jeans, nothing in the look is new, so I’ll search for similar items.


I wore the above look to visit the grocery store and my storage unit.


Gray, white, navy and black are my primary colors, with blue or red as accents. Limiting my wardrobe’s prints and colors means everything can be mixed, matched, and layered as needed. I always consider how the pieces I add to my collection will be worn with what I already have. A cohesive assortment of garments, shoes, and bags means a greater variety of looks using fewer items.

You may already have similar elements, so perhaps the outfit photos will inspire you to combine those pieces in new ways. In many cases, my items may be over two years old, so I link to the most similar items currently available. Shopping links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission without cost to you. A summary of recent posts is here.

  1. Lovely looks for fall. Thank you for sharing them.

    Are you healing well, and is radiation and/or chemo in your future?

    1. I folded all my scarves and placed them in clear sweater boxes. Jewelry is in a jewelry box on a night stand and in the top drawer below it. Bags are on the top shelf in my closet and displayed on the dresser.

  2. Love the colors in your capsule wardrobe. This season is the first I have decided to try this concept. I am so excited about forming outfits with my basic colors. So glad you are healing from breast cancer surgery. I am a 3 year breast cancer survivor. Hope abounds!

  3. Susan, you have never looked more beautiful. You are glowing. I know life has sent you some challenges but the way in which you have taken care of yourself over the years has prepared you to meet this bump in the road head on. You exemplify a lifestyle that has served you well. You have no idea how many lives you have influenced with your words of wisdom. Thank you.

  4. Susan, all of these stylings are lovely. I’m wondering what size you purchased in the Gap cropped tee and if you needed to tuck it in any way. I generally wear petite sizes and have appreciated and taken advantage of the continued cropped top trend. Please advise also the size of the beautiful Forever sweater.

    1. I bought my usual size, medium in all the tops. The cropped tee didn’t need to be tucked in. Thankfully! I’m so glad to see a few shorter shirts and tops showing up now. The reason I sized up in the pants was because they are dressy. They should fit looser than jeans to look elegant.

  5. I have question, I hope I can ask it here.
    What type of hair care do you use?
    I have similar gray & use a purple bar shampoo & conditioner. I have very thick heir but after washing it gets so dry & “fly away” it is hard to manage.
    I would appreciate any advice.
    Thank you

  6. Hi, Susan – love the way you are using your newer pieces with older classics – still classic but so fresh! Still with a good eye for what suits you. You look wonderful! Hope you feel as well as you look! Thanks for sharing.

  7. you always look fabulous and vist some mangnificent places with Mr Mickey. Both of you really are style icons

    Stay well and safe

  8. Lovely Susan
    You uplift and inspire us with your confidence and beauty.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I struggle with finding my confidence in my 60’s and you are such a help.

  9. Evening Susan, thanks for these tips, you look very stylish. Also thanks for the links to stores and companies who sell these or similar products. I live in a small town in NZ with a great couple of ladies shops but it is always a delight to see the new styles and items you feature. regards Gail

  10. I see that you rarely wear necklaces anymore, I recall you saying it depends on your clothing, buttons etc but I find myself leaving them off also, because you look so neat and classy without them. Do you think they are dated? Do they call too much attention to the chest area?

    1. I often wear a long necklace with a crewneck top. It gives a more pleasing V to take the eye away from the roundness. The same vertical interest can come from jackets and vests worn open.

  11. Always look forward to your posts and this one was wonderful. Love the clothing and the mix and match. Thanks for continuing to share your life and style with us. You are an inspiration.

  12. You are simply gorgeous and I love the way you dress

    I’m petite so I’m challenged. No flared pants for me. They make me look bigger than I am.

    Wishing you good health and much happiness.


  13. Dear Susan, I am enjoying your posts so much and I am really glad that you posted all of these photos together. I remembered back to a previous post where you mentioned the look of crew neck vs v neck and your suggestion to have the v fall no farther down than the height of your head. I have used this suggestion many times in my style.

    You look like you are feeling much better, so glad for that. And Happy belated birthday, we are actually one year apart and our styles are soooo similar, but I am way out in the country and don’t have the opportunity to be as stylish as I would like to be. Your posts help me feel connected to my other self.
    Thank you,

    How often do you change your bag?

  14. Susan…..thank you for helping me with my shopping, and then showing me how to wear the pieces. Such a burden lifted off me!

  15. Susan, so happy to see you showing up in my mailbox again! I wish you all the best.
    Question. How do you switch out your handbags so easily? I keep so many “things I might need” in mine.
    Keep inspiring us! I bought the black turtleneck from Banana Republic you displayed recently. I love it!

  16. Hello,

    I enjoy reading your articles and the fashions your wear. I do have one request, do you have suggestions for women who are short? I am not able to wear long tops because they cut me off. I have read that short women should wear V-neck tops and up to their waist. Also high rise jean or pants are another could fit for us short women.

    Thank you.

  17. Susan – so glad you are progressing well with your surgery and treatments! Smile every day and keep going – there will be other health issues as we all age (trust me) – but the only way to handle it well. Ten years cancer free but still visiting my oncologist (yearly) – I love your new decision to go with wider leg pants! So much more flattering for you. I was never in favor of all the tight fitting styles that have been thrust upon us in past years. Love love the fuller legs and have always kept some of mine (especially my linen and velvets) so in good shape there. I have one thought that I have never seen addressed- you always wear a lot of tank tops for layering. Here is what I have always done and works better for me. When I wear a jacket or cardigan that I am NOT removing, I wear a thin t shirt underneath (usually short sleeved – but whatever works)- this way I can launder that after wearing and not worry that my jacket or sweater has been soiled by any under arm perspiration. Fortunately, I do not have a real issue with that, but it keeps the top layer fresher – just launder the thin tee after wearing – I prefer silk – just hang to dry. I only own a few tanks. Maybe this will help someone else – just my opinion,,,, thank you – stay well,

  18. You are one beautiful, classy, put together lady. I love your style
    You take such good care of yourself . I so enjoy your site

  19. Thank you for continuing to post! Yours is the only blog I read and always amd pleasure to see a new post. Question, awhile back you posted a link to a product that keeps long sleeves from rolling back down. Can’t find it. Would you be able to link it again?

  20. Hi Susan, love that you posted pictures of everyday outfits and where you wear them!
    It’s very helpful.
    Glad you are active and vibrant still.
    You take good care of yourself and it shows.

  21. Toujours aussi ravissante Susan, dans toutes les tenues présentés ! Vous n’hésitez pas à porter des chaussures à très hauts talons, et j’aime beaucoup la distinction, l’élégance et la grâce que cela vous donne.

  22. I love all you’re looks. Very beautiful. My daughter suggested I get some new outfits and I stumbled across your site. I really didnt know where to start. I looked at the links provided and know I can put something together now. Thank you for sharing.

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