Dinner in Bristol

The “Mystery Diner” recently wrote about a nearby restaurant that we had not yet visited. We spent some time shopping in downtown Bristol before dinner.

While I browsed in Studio 6, I made fast friends with these beautiful ladies. We had loads of fun chatting with the owner. Studio 6 is a women’s boutique located at 531 State Street in Bristol, VA.

My look of the day included a Covered Perfectly long sleeve tee, Juliet pants from last year, loafers from three years ago, a Helmet Lang jacket from five years ago, and my pewter color Kate Spade bag. The gray wool coat is about four years old.

My choice of simple styles in solid neutral colors give me a wardrobe of easy mix and match combinations that I enjoy for years.

Covered Perfectly tops – $$$ Jacket – $ Jacket – $$$ Pants – $ Pants – $$$ Coat – $ Coat – $$$ Shoes – $ Shoes – $$$ Bag – $ Bag

Large silk twill scarves keep me warm all winter while adding a touch of elegance to my simple combos. That’s scarf folded on the bias. I show how to fold on the bias here. The video here demonstrates how to tie the scarf, as shown.

Our dinner destination was the Brooklyn Grill & Cafe at 2125 Euclid Ave, Bristol, VA.

We shared an appetizer of baked brie with fresh fruit.

I had the Chicken Marsala, an Italian-American dish of chicken cutlets and mushrooms in a Marsala wine sauce with a twice-baked potato.

Mr. Mickey had the Mahi Mahi with lump crab meat.

The house-made chocolate cake was very rich. When we dine out, we often share choices, and I never eat everything on my plate.

  1. You look lovely as always Susan. I particularly love your overcoat, smart but snugly.

    Your food looks delicious, especially the starter and your main. Very tasty.

    We are off on our holiday to India, the food is the one thing I’m a little anxious about as neither of us is over fond of spicy food. Think I’ll cope for lunch and dinner but really don’t think I could cope if the only breakfast options were spicy. Time will tell and it certainly won’t spoil our enjoyment of what we hope will be an amazing experience. Will catch up with your blog as and when.

    Thank you for your inspiration Susan.

    1. Fear not! Indian breakfast choices will be great. Lots of yoghurt, fruit, breads such as roti (similar to pita), thin lentil or rice-based pancakes, along with a variety of things to dip them in. Enjoy your trip & savor the flavor!

  2. Your blue gray wool coat is so becoming. I hope sometime you will style and discuss capes. Would you ever wear a dressy cape over this black outfit? This week I plan to wear a black houndstooth cape over a similar black outfit and wonder What Would Susan Do. Thanks!

  3. You look lovely, as always. Curious about wearing a blazer and then an overcoat. Is there any problem with it being too bulky?

  4. I’ll have to go to the Brooklyn Grill! The food look amazing! We’re always trying to find a new restaurant to try.
    Thanks for sharing the scarf fold.

  5. Hello would love to know more about scarf inventory- just the large 54” ones. I need to use jewel tone colors. Thx

  6. I love silk scarves, but I am afraid to wear them if the weather is the least bit wet. How do you protect your scarves? Does rain or snow damage them?

  7. Would love to see how you style capes too.
    You look lovely as always and so content! Your smile says it all.

  8. A great example of how a simple outfit looks fabulous. I’m looking for a black jacket! I can see how useful it can be to take an outfit to a different level.
    I just want to add that I was lucky enough to be shopping in a boutique that had Shapeez recently. I’d been wanting to try on one for some time. The shop had a good selection and with help found the correct size in the Ultimate Pretty. I’m petite and did not want to look top heavy. Surprise! I did not and the girls were supported well. The back and front tummy area were smooth and looked great. They are expensive, but comfortable and does what I needed. I’ve tried similar shapers, but the Shapeez is in a category all it’s own. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

  9. So enjoy your adventures and dressing techniques. Love to know when you will return to Asheville and Black Mountain. Black Mountain is my casual and serene little place “up the valley” as the say from my hometown of Swannanoa, NC. Don’t blink an eye as they say when you come through Swannanoa.

  10. Your Ralph Lauren coat looks similar to mine. I found mine on Macy’s web site at 50% off! I looked today and it’s back on sale at half off. It’s the Faux-Fur-Collar Walker Coat from Ralph Lauren. It’s a wool blend and is so soft and warm! I got it in dark grey.

  11. I just wanted to say that I love that you link 2 price points for the items which you link. I find that so helpful! Thank you, Susan!

  12. I would love to see your scarf collection , Susan.
    I am an Australian fan of yours and love receiving your blog each week xx

  13. I wore a very similar ensemble to the symphony last weekend, right down to the colors in the scarf!
    However, my outfit had the added panache of aluminum crutches and a knee-high aircast boot as I am recovering from a broken 5th metatarsal.  I’ve been non-weightbearing for 10 weeks and still have 4+ more to go. 
    This blog has been a joy to read and your many timeless & classy looks & suggestions work beautifully for anyone (including those of us that have to deal with limited mobility, as well!).
    You brighten & enlighten us with each and every blog post!

  14. I really like the comparisons you offer in your post about expensive and reasonable priced items. Getting much colder here in Chicago area so I am using my scarves from you and enjoying them. Thank you for the posts.

  15. I’ve been a follower, student for several years admiring your disciplined approach in elegant, simple fashions and healthy lifestyle. Please send me the scarf selection.

  16. Hi Susan – I love your blog. Thank you for great style and travel trips. I would love to see the scarves you have left in stock.
    Thank you.
    Janet Regan

  17. Hi Susan,
    Would you share the scarves you currently have still available for sale?

    Thank you very much!
    Nina Roberts

  18. I am enjoying your blog very much and have shared it with my sister and several friends. I would love to see what scarves you still have available. I also have wondered how you lost the last 10 or so pounds. You looked fabulous before and now. I have lost about 12 but have another 10 to go. I have been doing a Leslie Samson exercise video which is about 3 miles almost every day. But I seem to be stuck. You inspire me with every post to stay true to my more traditional and classic style. I went to Duke and love all your travels and pictures of that area. Thanking u in advance for your response.

  19. I love your style. You’re my new icon. I would love to know more about your scarf inventory. Large silk twill scarves are hard to track down.

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