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One of my favorite things about cooler weather is being able to wear a jacket again.

I invest the bulk of my clothing budget on jackets. I value them because a great navy blazer can transform a humble pair of jeans and a white tee into an appropriate look for almost any casual event. Jackets help me to appear more slim and polished, no matter what else I wear.

I can wear a unique jacket with a basic black top and pants for almost any special event to create a great look. This jacket is by IC Collection from ShopMyFairLady.com.

Accessories can finish a look with pizzazz, but too many accessories can tip the balance of elegance. I have learned to look at what I am wearing with a critical eye before going out the door. Since I cut my hair shorter, I now wear small stud earrings to cover my ear piercings. When wearing larger statement earrings, I never wear a necklace with them. That is just too much going on around my face, especially when wearing sunglasses. If I wear a hat, I do not wear any jewelry near my face.

There is no magic formula for knowing when to remove or add accessories, but two statement areas in one look are my limit. For example, in the summer, I may wear a simple tunic with a long bold necklace and a stack of three bold but different bracelets on one arm. If I added bold silver earrings to the look, it would take me over the edge.

  1. My favorite clothing item is a jacket. For a while it was difficult to find great jackets because the style became more flowing with lots of cardigans and softer tops. I think the structure of a jacket is so flattering to women of our age group especially.
    Since childhood, I have loved jewelry. Not necessarily the bling, sparkly type but more interesting, bold or dramatic pieces. You have a beautiful collection, many of which you apparently have created yourself. I would love to know more about how you came to be a jewelry designer. Are you basically self-taught or did you study this field by taking courses. I would love to see a blog post about this subject!

    1. Thank you, Rebecca. I am indeed self-taught. Cooking and making jewelry are two of the things I taught myself to do but I do not do much of either these days. My hands are too weak to perform the detail work that is necessary for jewelry making but you can read more about my designing career here.

  2. Hi Susan,
    I love the items you have for sale on your shopping site especially the pants . Are you planning to add any petite size options? Im only 5’2″ so I’m hoping the answer is yes!

  3. Susan you are my newest inspiration and role model. You always have classy style advice for dressing up or down for mature women who still want to look their best. Can’t wait to try a few of these outfits for myself. Keep the great advice coming I’m not far behind you at 56. Your blog has made my week!

  4. Susan – you are absolutely amazing! I looked into the site you mentioned which is your Vintage Jewelry site and was blown away by your knowledge of jewelry creation. You are so generous to share what must be years and years of your learning of this fascinating subject.
    Thanks again. I intend to study your jewelry website for inspiration and ideas.

  5. Beautiful outfit! And I love your hair shorter – it looks very classy and elegant on you. Were these pics taken outside of the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga? It looks like an exact spot at the aquarium where I’ve been before.

  6. Nice look.I am not a big jacket wearer. I am busty so I don’t feel comfortable wearing jackets. If it fits across my front, the rest feels big.

  7. The fit of jackets is terribly important, I think. Not so easily accomplished when buying “off the rack,” especially with problems for older women such as even a small “dowager’s hump,” concave chests, broad shoulders, whatever. Years ago I learned that fit should start with the shoulder seam, but I’m not quite sure how one makes adjustments as a tailor might do. Such expertise is not readily available in many areas now. Loved your suggestion on inserting a v-shaped wedge into a waistband. Wondered if you had any other alteration suggestions such as that?

    1. I agree that it is difficult to get a jacket to fit us later in life. The unstructured jackets that are made more like a cardigan might be our best choice in later life.

  8. I LOVE that jacket! Your comment about in investing in jackets is a great idea! There is a Chico’s outlet store near me and I think I’ll see what jackets they have that I can wear with pants, dress or skirts!! Thanks!’

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