Sunday Brunch

We enjoyed a leisurely drive from The Biltmore Estate through Asheville to the Grove Park Inn, where they offer a splendid Sunday Brunch.

I wore the gray tank top with the soft pink moto jacket and dark blue denim. Later in the day, I removed the scarf and placed it in my bag. As the day grew warmer still, I removed the moto jacket and used the scarf folded in a triangle, and draped it over my shoulders with the tie to the side.

The Grove Park Inn is more than one hundred years old. It has been updated and added to many times.

From comfortable rockers throughout the property to museum exhibits and gift shops and numerous restaurants, and the Great Hall, it is a delightful place to visit.

The fantastic brunch in the Blue Ridge Dining Room includes a Blood Mary station as well as a whole room dedicated to dessert (Mr. Mickey’s favorite!). The space devoted to salad and seafood captured all of my attention. I didn’t visit another room for hot foods and various types of bread. My strategy for brunch is to fill my first plate with fresh or roasted vegetables and salad. If I have room for anything else, I try a taste of the offerings that are above the ordinary.

The skyline of Asheville was the view from our table.

My Beautycounter lip color is Orchid – Cool Berry here. The best skincare product I have used is Overnight Resurfacing Peel here. My routine includes these Beautycounter products here. I’ve been using the line for almost two years, and I am very well pleased with the improvements.

I hope you’ve enjoyed coming along with us on our celebratory weekend away. The links and pictures of all the items I took are here. Referral and affiliate links in my posts may generate a small commission for me at no cost to you.

This weekend, we will be recording a video and taking lots of pictures of the tops I’ve added for spring and summer. Next week’s blog posts will include warm weather dressing tips.

  1. Happy Anniversary! It looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the Asheville area. Hope to visit it again soon. Take care and I hope you and Mr. Mickey have many more years to enjoy each other. You have been such a big help to me on what to keep in my closet and I love Beauty Counter! Thank you for taking the time to share. Through your blog I feel I have made a special friendship. Love reading everyone’s comments because it helps us all. Have a great weekend!

      1. Susan, you look lovely in pink. I am looking forward to the top I ordered from you a few days ago. As always, tell Mr. Mickey I asked about him. Blessings to both of you. Kay

  2. Yahhh. Enjoyed these posts about your trip but need those warm weather dressing tips. I live in SW FL and it is already fairly warm here. Thanks, Susan. You are an inspiration to us all.

  3. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing. I am fairly new to your blog and I have learned so much about what to keep in my closet. I can hardly wait for your warm weather dressing tips.

  4. I’m also new to your blog and enjoying it very much. I am a petite woman who does not like to wear blazers. Can you suggest an alternative to look casual but pulled together?

  5. So glad to have come across your blog, I retired almost a year ago and brought casual to a whole new level in not such a good way. Knee surgery, Breast Cancer, now diabetes and weight gain. But…….I’m eating healthier, exercising and have purged my closet to the Good Will’s delight. Thank You for the style inspiration and nutritional tips, your journey is now my journey. Rachel

  6. I like the blush faux leather jacket on you. The color adds a lovely glow to your skin. You’ve styled it so nicely several times and I’ve decided it is a really versatile piece that I needed to add to my spring and summer wardrobe. So I finally found one in a petite at Macy’s that will work for me. Thank you for showing me how to wear it with a variety of colors and for multiple occasions. I also will wear it with several dresses and think it will look great! I enjoy your travels too. You’ve encouraged me to look around in my own backyard for local adventures. Thank you for your inspirations!

      1. The jacket is on sale at Macy’s for less than $50 and is by Style & Co. in petites Blush color. I ordered mine online and it is on the way. Hope it will work out!

  7. I visit Biltmore at least four times a year (season pass is a great bargain and I feel I must utilize it!!), and always make time for a visit to Grove Park Inn and its great gift shop. Plus the nearby Grove Park Village which has the most incredible gift shop featuring outstanding regional artisans….it is a must-see even if you aren’t able to purchase any of these works. There is a nice little restaurant there, too, featuring locally sourced products. Thanks for the brunch recommendation! I was not aware of it, and that would be a perfect ending to a week-end in Asheville!

  8. I have a jacket almost identical to this one. It adds such a pop of color to my usual blacks and grays. But now I see it with the scarf and think that it could be even more interesting! I truly enjoy seeing how you put things together to give them a fresh, chic look. Love Grove Park Inn’s brunch but haven’t been in several years. These fantastic pics sure do inspire me to go again soon!

  9. Thank you Susan for all the wonderful tips, photos & just being a girlfriend that I would love to sit down with over an afternoon cuppa & some cookies (but visiting your site regularly is almost as good!). Just found your Blog last week & I have been on it almost every day. I have already ordered your recommendation for hair care & plan to use it today (shampoo, conditioner & styling mist). To my surprise they shipped to Canada within the week!


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