Weaverville, North Carolina

Weaverville is a delightful small town located near Asheville, North Carolina. It is home to several great restaurants, pubs, art galleries, a bakery, a lovely florist, a nature park, and many other attractions. We visited Artisans on Main during their grand opening before continuing down the street to our dinner destination, The Glass Onion.

I enjoyed the vegetable gnocchi very much.

Mr. Mickey raved about his fish entree.

Natalie, the lovely owner, came out to say goodbye as we were leaving. She and her husband are both Head Chefs, formerly working in the Hamptons. They dreamed of opening their own restaurant, so they scrimped and saved and schemed, Googling the whole country for the friendliest and most promising site. They were searching for a beautiful, peaceful place to open their dream restaurant and to live. Weaverville was the winner.

Many of the shops have flower boxes and water dishes for dogs.

Your favorite form of fine art may be oils, weaving, sculptures, handpainted silk, pottery, or any number of other mediums; you can find it here in one of several gallery type shops.

Continuing our adventure in Weaverville, we strolled down Main Street to enjoy a cappuccino and share a slice of carrot cake at the Well-Bred Bakery.

We enjoy sharing the places we visit with you and what I (and sometimes Mr. Mickey) wore for the day. There was still some snow on the mountain, so layers were a good plan. I wore a faux-suede blazer (from a couple of years ago), ankle-length jeans, and a white tank from Chico’s. The shoes are navy suede, and they are about three years old. The Antonio Melani tasseled hobo bag is from Dillard’s last season.

The town of Weaverville was established in 1875.

  1. Thank you for once again allowing us to tag along with you and MM on your delightful weekends. In central Illinois we don’t have places like this to visit. So many small towns do not have businesses due to them being run out of business by the larger town malls. So it is very generous of you to see other areas we might not visit ourselves. Always looking forward to your next post.

    1. We are always seeking out small “Mom and Pop” owned businesses because Mr. M and I have owned small businesses for many years. We prioritize family owned small businesses whenever we travel, stay, eat or shop.

  2. What a delightful post! I have cause to be in North Carolina throughout the year (family visits) and will make a point to visit Weaverville. The food at the Glass Onion (must be an interesting story on how they came up with that name!) and the bakery looks fabulous! Just right! I really like how you start a lot of your outfits with basics that we all have, the tanks and jeans, and then add to them to dress them up and add a classy and classic touch! You have fabulous shoes Susan! I enjoy your posts very much and like your classic style.

  3. I’ve only yet purchased one of your scarves and I instinctively reach for it more than any other in my closet. The fabric just feels better than any of the others and it seems to go with everything. Thank you for offering such wonderful things to us and sharing how you pair them with different looks. I’ve never had Gnocchi-think I’ll try that soon.

  4. Lovely town and the food was very enticing. Your journeys are so fun. Do keep enjoying that we may enjoy too. You are truly a beautiful couple. Kate xoxo

  5. Susan,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and look forward to your posts. They are a bright spot in my day!

  6. Glass Onion is a very intriguing name for a restaurant. As business owners, I can understand why you and Mr Mickey seek out the smaller shops and eateries. I think that is what adds the spice to our lives. Homogenized chain restaurants and stores are bland and do nothing to grow the small town economy. Thank you for sharing your day. Your posts about your adventures encourage me to be mindful in my dress and my own adventures.

  7. Always enjoy your posts and cannot wait to see what you’re wearing! You
    look lovely always. I have to say the jacket color is not my favorite on you
    and I don’t mean that in a negative way. Just personal opinion, but then
    again maybe I’m saying that because I don’t like the color on me! Oh dear.

    1. You are correct. Even though that is a cool taupe color, it isn’t my best. I was just longing for a light neutral color that wasn’t white when I purchased it.

  8. I love seeking out the small, owner-owned shops when I travel. Unfortunately, in NYC, as I am sure is happening all over the US, the huge chain stores have just about taken over everything. Finding the unique item is almost impossible now. And, in addition, many of the chain stores are closing because of internet shopping. Customers have become trained to shop only sales now which is fine but the merchandise varies little from store to store.

    Weaverville looks so lovely and inviting. Thanks for taking us along!

  9. Thanks for sharing another delightful getaway with us! My husband and I also love little mountain towns in that neck of the woods, but it’s a bit of a drive for us so we don’t do it often enough.

    You look wonderful as always! I hope you don’t mind my asking, but I’ve always wondered how many photos you take to choose from for each blog post. Do you have any tips on how those of us who aren’t photogenic (at all!) can look our best in pictures?

    1. Know your best side and always show it to the camera. Don’t smile too big but do let the smile reach your eyes. Try to relax. Extreme poses, look like just that. We take ten pictures to get one that I can use on average. Here’s a post from my old blog about How To Pose.

  10. You always make me want to hop in my car and go visit whatever destination you and Mr. M have just enjoyed. Thanks for linking to your How to Pose post. I learned more from that post about how to pose (and what to avoid) than I have from any other article. You really have a wonderful gift when it comes to breaking down a subject into small, easy-to-understand bites. As for smiling, could you offer some more tips? Unfortunately, I seem to look entirely wooden when I smile in photos, even when I feel relaxed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Take lots of selfies for practice. That is the best way to connect with the smile that looks best and how it feels. Having my photo taken a few thousand times has taught me lots of great lessons. Our mirrors lie to us, so use photos instead of a mirror to see how your smile will look in pictures and also how others see you.

      1. Thank you, Susan. I hadn’t thought of taking selfies, oddly enough. You are so right about how mirrors lie to us!

  11. As always love your posts. I too want to travel to the mom & pop places. When you take the photos, it is as though I am right there too. Thank you for taking this journey and sharing it with all of us.

    Have a wonderful Easter.

  12. What a wonderful trip, and once again, the photos are beautiful.
    Thanks, Susan and Mickey for sharing.
    I enjoy your travels.

  13. Thank you so much for graciously sharing your journeys with us. I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend in Asheville NC nearly 30 years ago and still remember the delightful garden tours. I just received my first order from your website. Two of the most beautiful scarves! I’ll definitely be ordering more. I wore one to breakfast with friends and my goodness, how that scarf elevated my outfit! I appreciate your fashion advice, from how to dress an ample bust, to the flat backside. Short of bringing back the bustle, I thought my flat backside was fated to forever ruin the look of clothing. Keep up the fabulous job.

    Phyllis in Arizona

  14. Susan. I love reading your blogs.
    They are always very interesting and
    Extremely well written.
    Keep up the good work. I want to
    Duplicate your day in Weaverville perhaps in mid-May


  15. I usually love all your outfits, but for some reason this one was very flat! Something was not working for me.

    1. The jacket isn’t the right color for my complexion, I needed a haircut, and I had a weather headache, so I don’t think I would have looked my best no matter what I wore that day.

  16. Looks like such a gorgeous place. I’ d love to visit there someday. Your outfit and jacket looks beautiful as well.

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