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Being with friends and family surrounded by the stillness and beauty of nature is a perfect day for me.

Since very early childhood, a trailhead has been one of my most favorite places on earth. The day is full of possibilities, and my spirit is at peace as it is at no other time.

My dear sister, Glenda, and sweet friend Dina, and I enjoyed a perfect day hiking to a waterfall at Laurel Run Park yesterday. The trail is a 4.3 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Church Hill, Tennessee, that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round.


We lost count of how many species of wildflowers and butterflies we saw. Butterflies are drawn to the ultraviolet light provided by the large groups of flowers and abundant shallow freshwater, so we were surrounded by them for most of the day.

Wild Iris.

My beautiful friend, Dina, is taking a rest.

From atop the waterfall.

Looking for fish.

We never discuss what we are going to wear, but we often show up in the same look and colors.

Set along the serene Holston River, this 440-acre park was the backdrop for the 1984 movie, The River, starring Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek. After the conclusion of the movie, the property was ceded to Hawkins County.

  1. I enjoyed that lovely adventure with great nature pictures. Hadn’t seen trillium in several years. Thanks. Kate

  2. I love the rolled brim hats. You wore one a few weeks ago but I can’t find the site you posted to purchase one. Could you share again please. Thank you.

  3. What beautiful pictures! I love the mountains, woods/forests and hiking! What a glorious day you all had!!!

  4. Oh so beautiful! What a lovely gift you have given your followers on this Good Friday! The photos are lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  5. My sister and I live in different towns but frequently show up very similar outfits. Once we both purchased the exact same purse while shopping separately. The sister connection never ends and thank goodness for that. So nice to see you and your sister spending time together doing something fun.

  6. Looks like a wonderful day; great prelude to a long weekend. Glenda and Dina are just a cute as buttons also – three wonder women on a day out!!

  7. As you can imagine, a stated called The Prairie State (Illinois) doesn’t have many places like this. You are so fortunate to have a place so peaceful and serene to hike. Looks like you had a lovely day.

  8. I’ve always loved nature, and do not seek it out enough, but your words describe it perfectly for me — The stillness and beauty of nature feed my soul.

  9. Your pictures are great! Such a beautiful trail. You three added to the beauty. Thanks for sharing Susan.

  10. I so enjoyed your blog today; feasting my eyes on what you captured on your hike. It was all so beautiful; but what caught my eye the most were the beautiful colors of the butterflies. Thanks Susan. Happy Easter!

  11. One can feel the serenity simply by looking at the wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing that beautiful trail. Looks like you are mastering your new camera Susan!

  12. Gorgeous pictures!!! Feels like I just took the hike with you all! Love the mountains, forest, fresh air, sites and sounds found there!
    From a Florida girl!

  13. Catching up on laundry here, so it was very nice joining you three lovely ladies on a virtual trail hike. Outfits are both cute & practical down to the shoes! Thanks for sharing..the trail is indeed beautiful; enjoyed all the great photos-had never seen wild iris before. Happy Friday afternoon!

  14. A perfect day for sure – I absolutely love butterflies so thanks for sharing these photos.
    Happy Easter Susan – have a great weekend!

  15. Thank you for sharing your day with such beautiful pictures. Absolutely breathtaking, a very special place indeed.

  16. Looks peaceful. We love hiking the trails up to waterfalls. Susan what type shoes ( everyday) and clothing are they wearing in Europe this time of year?

    1. The weather at this time of year changes often. You would be wise to dress in layers, classic pieces in solid colors are always appropriate. Comfortable shoes for lots of walking has to be a priority. You might see nicely polished penny loafers or cap toe ballet shoes often. If you wear canvas shoes, look for ones that look more like Chuck Taylors instead of cross-trainers, which make your feet look much larger than they are.

  17. I am built similarly, and I have a challenging time finding pants that expand for my waist and aren’t hugely billowy down the legs, and are quick drying for hiking day after day. Any favorites?

    1. The pants I am wearing here are by Mountain Hardwear in a size Medium. I tried on many pairs before deciding on these. The wide, smooth waistband is very comfortable, and the material is quick drying and very light weight.

  18. Great nature shots, especially of the butterflies: getting those little buggers to hold still can be tricky!

  19. Obviously you are doing quite well at learning to use your new camera! Beautiful pictures.

    Today I received a scarf from you which is the very first thing I have ordered from your shop. Its just beautiful and the quality is very, very nice. I can’t wait to wear it. I was wondering if you could do a post or video on how you fold these square scarves to lay as nicely as the ones you often wear?

    Thank you so much for such a classy, helpful blog!

  20. Aren’t we blessed to enjoy God’s creations on a beautiful spring day. Many blessings to you Susan at this glorious time of Easter!

  21. Stunning pictures. Please advise what model of Oboz boots you are wearing. Thanks, I enjoy your site immensely!

    1. Visit the Oboz website to determine the type of shoe/boot that would be right for you and the activity you will be doing. I bought mine at a local sporting goods store from a professional who asked me lots of questions and determined the right fit for my foot and what I would be doing. You may need to try on four or more styles to get the right boot for you and your activity. There is no particular style name or number on the pair I bought.

  22. Susan, these photos of your hike are beautiful. Do you mind if I ask what type of camera and lens you use?

  23. Your blog and pictures are so fabulous! I love all the beautiful sites you show us as well as
    your excellent taste in clothes, make up and accessories. You are truly a classy lady who seems
    to be intelligent, thoughtful and kind as well. I truly enjoy your blog. Thank you!

  24. Your photos are really lovely in this post, it is great to see a different part of the world through your blog.
    As you mentioned the hat you wear, please could you also mention the sunscreen you use both on your face and body – if different ones.
    I need high spf sunscreen but finding ones that aren’t white and do not stain clothes are hard to find. Can you remove sunscreen marks on white clothing…. Any tips?
    Thank you.

  25. Your pictures are beautiful! I love the close up detail. The colors of Springtime are lovely. I would love to hike this trail some day. Thanks for sharing.

  26. I love the idea of hiking but am terrified of coming across a snake. This trail looks very cleared and welcoming. You are such an inspiration on so many levels Susan.

  27. This is such a beautiful area. I follow you for all the great fashion, but was thrilled to see Hawkins County Tennessee mentioned. My great grandfather’s family were all from there and are listed in a Hawkins County Historical book. He and his wife moved to Nebraska in 1913. Thanks for always inspiring me and showing such neat places in Tennessee.

  28. What a beautiful trail. I could not walk that far anymore so it is a delight to share this trip with you. You bring joy into this 77 year old woman’s life. Thank you.

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