A Casual Weekend Look

Many have asked me to show more casual outfits. This Saturday afternoon look was appropriate for running errands and visiting my parents.

My coat is from White House|Black Market a couple of years ago. A few inches above the knee is the most flattering length for me.

Jeans and a sweater have become my winter dressing formula. The combo is so easy, and it keeps me warm. I’ve never been a fan of bulky knitwear. When I discovered cashmere sweaters from Everlane, it changed my winter style for the better.

The blue heather sweater is here. My trusty Levi’s jeans in the color ‘Role Model’ are here. The silk scarf keeps me warm and adds some color and pattern. I folded it in a triangle and then wrapped the ends around my neck twice and tied a little knot to create an infinity scarf.

The boots are a well planned recent purchase. They are by Marc Fisher here. I like them so much because the top is sleek and closefitting on the ankle, and the block heel is very comfortable. The Michael Kors bag is here. Referral and affiliate links in my posts may generate a small commission for me at no cost to you.

Dry winter air always takes a toll on my hair and skin. I’ve been using No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil (here) every morning for significant relief. When I wake up, my skin feels super dry, so one of the first things I do is massage the oil into my face and hands. I scrunch what remains on my hands into my hair.

Mr. Mickey often comments on how much healthier my skin looks this winter, so I decided to treat him to some Counterman. He had never used grooming products above soap and water, so he is thrilled with how his skin looks and feels now. The set here makes an excellent gift for a gentleman with a beard. (Thirteen years ago, tomorrow, Mr. Mickey and I went on our first date.)

  1. Thanks for the beauty oil tips and how to tie and infinity scarf! Always enjoy your blog! Love my no-show socks you recommended before!

  2. Hi Susan! The facial oil…what do you use on your face before and after the oil?

    I must have missed the no-socks post. I thot I read every post…..

    Thank you for all you do. I love your blog and how simple you make everything for all of us.

      1. Susan, I bought these on your recommendation, and with some reservations because of the cost of postage to Australia, but I’m thrilled and delighted with them. They are the only ones I’ve found that stay in place. Thank you! I look forward to seeing you in my inbox.

  3. Which neckline on the cashmere sweaters do you prefer? I’m wanting to order one but unsure about the neckline. I like the v neck but feel like the crew neck would be warmer. Thanks!

  4. Dressing casually is tough for me. I want a little gleam and shine but yet not so much polish that I avoid hands on chores because I’m dressed too nicely. It’s such a fine line.
    Thank you for the reminder of the small knot magic trick of turning the big scarf square into an infinity.

  5. Another fabulous look! I wonder if you might suggest an alternative to a cashmere sweater? I am severely allergic to any kind of wool and am always cold in the winter months even wearing a cami under all my sweaters and blouses.
    I live on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. Thank you.

    1. Look for a thick crewneck cotton knit long sleeve Ts. I have those in several colors and until this winter, wore them repeatedly under jackets, vests, and cardigans to keep warm.

  6. Reading your blog today, you mentioned visiting your parents. How fortunate for you to still have your parents and can visit with them – enjoy that time with them. So many of us have no parents left, as in the case of my husband and me. …….so give them an extra hug from those of us who miss our parents – even in our sixties and seventies!! Thank you. Your choice of Saturday clothes is right on –

  7. Hello Susan, Awhile back, you were asked for a recommendation for mascara that doesn’t clump. You’d suggested CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom mascara. I bought it shortly thereafter and have been very pleased! Not only is the price right, but also after using it for two months it still goes on without clumps. Thank you so much for this. Your tips and tricks are very helpful.

  8. Susan, I was impressed by the integrity and transparency of Beautycounter. No harmful chemicals and no testing on animals. I will be trying it very soon. Beautycounter has a “Never List” on their link. Kudos to them!
    Did you know Cover Girl does not test on animals, however they are owned by a company who does test on animals?

  9. Happy anniversary! Also, thank you for the bonus scarf and Beauty Counter samples I received with the scarf I ordered from your site. I love both the scarves and enjoyed the samples.

  10. I recently purchased a cashmere sweater by Everlane…perfect for our Houston humidity on chilly days!
    Thank you for all of your suggestions! I am also changing some of my former ways of dressing!!!

    THANK YOU, SUSAN!!!!!!!

  11. Susan, you look radiant in this look, and your smile is so happy. I’m not sure what Mr. Mickey said to get that smile, but it must have been good. This blue cashmere is so lovely. I own 2 cashmere sweaters, a black crew (timeless in my opinion), and a recent Macy’s purchase of a dark cherry long cardigan. Both feel delicious while wearing and keep me so warm. Happy anniversary to you both! Amy

  12. Hello, Susan!
    I recently bought two bottles of the Brightening Facial Oil and it’s wonderful!
    Question- what accessories would you recommend wearing with a red leather jacket, and being petite size, what would be the best way to wear a scarf?
    I thank you in advance for your response!

    1. A red leather jacket is a statement piece so I would wear small, simple earrings, one ring, and a watch. The best way for a petite lady to wear a scarf is in a V (neckline) or draped around the neck to create vertical lines. Avoid fussy ties and drapes that close up your neckline.

  13. Love the double breasted coat. When you wear jeans, with boots, do you wear straight leg or boot cut jeans? I think boot cut looks best with boots that have a 2 inch or higher heel, but do you think straight leg is better with a flatter…..1/2 to 1 inch…..heel? Thanks!

    1. I try to wear pants that work with rather than against the top of the boot. Ankle pants are sometimes the best option. Bootcut can be a bit dated looking in some cases.

  14. My new go to blog first thing in the morning , I love your style and the way you present it, You are a classy woman Susan and I am happy to have found your blog, Thanks for sharing your ideas, you are an inspiration. I am German, 73, but as you know it is not very easy to achieve that non-frumpy look. Thank you and keep up the good work,

  15. I’m considering your Beautycounter facial oil recommendation. If I click on the link via your blog. do you get credit? I hope so. Love your words of wisdom..

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