What’s The Difference?

I often get the question, “How do crepe knit items compare to the Travelers items from Chico’s?” While I enjoy wearing both styles of pants, there is a difference.

On a recent evening, I attended a cocktail party with the ladies in Bravissima!. (We are active in promoting and supporting the performing arts.) I wore the dazzling blue tank and jacket by Clara Sunwoo from My Fair Lady earlier this year (now sold out). I paired the pieces with a necklace from Chico’s. The shoes are several years old by Anne Klein. The bag is also several years old.

The Shapeez “Ultimate” bra makes all the difference in the appearance of my clothing.

Judy is my sweet friend and almost next-door neighbor. We showed up at the event in nearly the same look. She is wearing the Travelers pants from Chico’s. I am wearing crepe knit pants. This photo is a great way to show you the difference between the two styles of pants. The crepe pants I am wearing are lighter in weight, and the fabric is not shiny. When I find items in crepe knit, I usually buy them because they are comfortable and flattering.

  1. I am 5’4” tall and wear a size 10 or 12 petite. What size do you recommend for the pants on your shopping site?
    I love following your blog!

  2. That’s the reason I prefer crepe to the standard Traveler’s knit. Although there are some Chico’s Traveler pieces in crepe too. I just do not love the feel of that acetate/spandex blend. Thanks for the great photo showing the differences! Your posts are always very informative.

  3. Thanks for defining the difference, Susan. I own a couple pairs from the Travelers collection and have decided I’m not a fan of the weight, the shine or the hard “hand”. I’d hesitated purchasing any others until I could determine I would be happier. You just made my decision for me. And since I just reached a healthier weight and need two sizes smaller, I know exactly what to do. And thank you again for sharing your research and saving me a lot time, money and mistakes. Things are definitely shaping up in my wardrobe. By the way, I so enjoy tagging along with you and Mr. Mickey on your adventures.

  4. Wish the crepe pants came in Long/tall sizes. Traveler’s pants at Chico’s and a similar style at Talbot’s are made of fabric that’s just not practical for the weather in the south.

  5. Susan, I tried Chico’s Travelers pants before i ordered your crepe style in Navy with a matching tank. I prefer the slimer cut and lighter weight of the fabric. I had a ball finding different tops, jackets, and scarves to add to the basic pants and tank. It made packing for a 15 day cruise a breeze.



  6. I would love to order all styles of your pants if offered in Long/tall sizes also! I hope you can add that to your site soon.

  7. Hahaha! I just left a comment on yesterdays post with this exact question!! Sorry I was reading in order and didn’t see this until now. Glad to know I’m not the only one with this question. Thanks!

  8. I am a big Chico’s fan and have many of their items. However I cannot stand the feel the Travelers items made from the acetate/spandex mix. I also don’t like the shine. I have quite a few of your crepe pieces and I am very happy with them. They feel good and look good and are the very best items to pack for a trip. For anyone who is undecided between the two, choose Susan’s crepe items.

  9. Susan,

    Thank you for highlighting the differences in the pants. I believe I would much prefer the crepe pants from your site based on the look and the material. Thank you to others who have responded regarding the materials.

    I currently wear a size 14 jean. I’m actually between a 12 (tight) and a 14 (a bit loose). I am a curvy figure. Which size crepe pant in the 709 and 704 styles would you recommend?
    If they do not fit, do you allow returns/exchanges for an alternate size?

    Thank you for your insight and the advice you provide.

  10. I am thinking of trying the crepe pants as an alternate to the Chico travelers. I like the look of the matte fabric and slimmer legs. I am quite small and wear 00 petite in the traveler pants. What size would I wear in your brand? Although I am nearly 20 years older than you and much smaller, I have taken many of your suggestions to heart. But, alas, no more high heels for me!

  11. Susan, I’m always striving to keep extra pounds off through diet and exercise, so this is a lifestyle question: when do you walk? Morning before shower/makeup or evening? I find excuses to avoid it both times! Looking for inspiration here!

  12. Thanks for the information on Yon Design. I’m a big fan of the Clara Sunwoo basic separates, how would you say Yon compares in price, fit and quality?

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