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My closet, once stuffed to the brim with every color, cut, and style of clothing you can imagine, was never my happy place. Even with all those options, I would spend thirty minutes or longer trying to get dressed each day, and I never felt particularly confident or stylish. I no longer spend money on clothing or makeup, or accessories that I rarely wear. I don’t shop to fill a void in my life and don’t care what is in style this month. I wear and enjoy all of my clothes and accessories for several years.

Fewer clothes but better choices allow me to get dressed each day without stress. Those items reflect the woman I am now and fit my shape. They also work with each other as a cohesive group. These jeans are from a couple of years ago, and the slate gray shirt is old. Both items are from Express. I sized up on the shirt to avoid gapping, and I had to get the jeans hemmed. The shoes are by Franco Sarto from about three years ago. The bag is by Calvin Klein via T.J.Maxx, and it is almost four years old.

The look below is a typical work-at-home, casual, comfortable look for me. If I run an errand such as going to the bank, I might change my accessories to something a bit more polished, as shown in the photos above. The cashmere cardigan is several years old by J.Jill. The loafers are also several years old by Louise et Cie.

I wear less makeup than I did for most of my life, and skincare is way more important to me now that I am over 60. My makeup takes about ten minutes to do. My daily routine of getting dressed and putting on makeup is easy and straightforward, but it gives me natural and comfortable results. I share my everyday makeup techniques with you in the video below.

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  1. Susan, you are an inspiration. I am turning 60 next year and am trying to adjust my wardrobe as I no longer work. It’s easy to get caught up in the fashion game. I appreciate your ideas and expertise.

  2. You give thoughtful advice. I grew up wearing my “old, more worn” clothes for everyday. I had to learn to buy everyday clothes. I often resorted to jeans and a one size fits all, logo t shirt or sweatshirt. Sometimes it felt cozy and relaxing but never was a look that gave me style points. I love your cardigan, shirt and jeans look. Feels good, looks good. I’m working on looking good, just for me. A lovely sweater may not work for washing floors or working in the garden but I still have my jeans and t shirt for that!

  3. Hi Susan
    The video was really helpful and I’m envious of your wonderful complexion (and attractive appearance irrespective of what you wear!). I live in Sydney Australia with a very different climate and lifestyle, but I still find your general style tips very relevant although I have to look through earlier posts if looking for seasonal ideas. Is there any way you can add a sidebar similar to the earlier blog (fiftynotfrumpty) because that let me search through the archive by dates.

  4. Always great advice from you! I have listened and am trying to follow your suggestions. I tend to keep and wear my basic pieces for years and fill in with a few new fun pieces each year. I have the most allergic skin and unfortunately cannot tolerate any fragrance on my face including essential oils…boo on that!

  5. I commented on your YouTube video but wanted to say again here how important it is to use makeup that is organic especially as we continue to age. Our skin becomes so thin and delicate and absorbs everything put on it. We don’t want to be putting harsh chemicals on our skin or lips! I am glad that Beauty Counter uses mostly organic ingredients. I use mineral based makeup and it has made a great difference in my skin. I also use 100% organic Shea Butter under my eyes and on my lips. It really does soften those wisdom lines we have as we age. When I was still teaching, ( retired now) my high school students always thought I was 10 years younger than I was! Love your blog, Susan, and all the info you give us. You are a classic beauty!

  6. Beautiful scarf! Love the color and geometric pattern. Will keep an eye out for something similar that’s not silk.

  7. You are a sweetheart for sharing your tips with us. I have found so much inspiration from your blog. You are a beauty inside and out.

  8. Thank you, Susan! I have never replied before, but you are so sweet to teach us how to be lovely, elegant (I took notes from your blog post a year ago), and humble. Your humility is so very feminine, and inspires us to be like you!

  9. The skin care and makeup tips are so appreciated. I enjoy reading your email/blog every day and save them into a folder for future reference. As a woman in her 70s I so appreciate seeing all the clothes, shoes and bags featured. Thank you for connecting with our generation.

  10. Hi Susan, You look so polished even in your most casual clothes. I looked for the beautiful gray blouse but all the larger sizes were sold out. It’s beautiful.

  11. Thank you for your helpful and inspiring information. You have mentioned your closet several times. Would you ever share a photo of your closet and how you organize your clothes?

  12. Thank you Susan for showing us your daily wear along with dressier styles for restaurants and events. Less is more as we age and it feels so liberating to free our closet of excess stuff that isn’t needed. I’m glad to know someone else has to get alterations. Hope you give us tips for holiday dressing for casual and dressier events.

  13. Your tips on clothes and skin care are always so helpful and insightful about looking good as we age. But you are also lucky in having such a positive attitude to life, sharing your experiences and enjoyment in pleasurable moments with us. What is inside as well as outside makes a big contribution to looking good in our later years. You are an inspiration; a wonderful example of ‘joie de vivre’, as the French say.

  14. Delighted to hear from your video Susan that you stopped colouring your hair some time ago. I am 66 and still tied to the colour regime. My husband is not keen on me going grey and of course my hairdresser tells me I am too young. So I am sooo scared to cease the colour but would love to see what my hair would look like. I have heaps of greys and they start to show through after about 10 days. Your hair colour looks great. I am very envious

    1. DE,
      I am in the same situation. My hairdresser tells me I’ll hate it, but I’m at a point where I’m always at the point where I need a touchup. Since I still work, I wonder what the reaction would be if I walked in with grey hair one day. One of these days, I swear…I’m going to do it!

    1. I use a crayon/pencil type here that you need to sharpen. I find that they stay in place better. Using a similar color of dark eyeshadow to smudge and blend to soften the line also helps to keep it in the proper place.

  15. What a tremendously helpful video! Thank you Susan!
    Recently I mentioned your wonderful blog to a cousin-in -law, and shared some of your helpful ideas with her. She laughed when I told her your name… ironically, Sherry Souther is well acquainted with you! She shared with me some of her fond memories of gathering at the family homeplace; gatherings that you & your family hosted. Small world!
    Thanks again for taking the time to create a video that is so helpful. Even prestigious beauty counters do not use the practical, common sense techniques that you have incorporated. How refreshing!

    1. Thank you for the comment, Gail. Sherry has always been such a sweet lady. We do indeed have wonderful family gatherings. Perhaps I will get to meet you at one of the NC gatherings. That would be fun!

  16. I love your scarf Susan. I have way too many clothes and a lot that I used to use for work before we moved. I now work from home. I am keeping most of my clothes and nice shoes though, as one day I might want to go out to work again and I would hate to start again. I also have two sizes and am waiting until I have got to my weight goal (I am nearly half way there! Yay!) before I have a cleanout. Yours is the best blog Susan. I subscribe to a few but I get the most out of yours! Thanks.

  17. Susan
    I just turned 70 last month and have been enjoying your posts very much . You are always so elegantly dressed and are an inspiration. Your tips are extremely helpful. I am so thankful you did not have to remain in a life of solitude and that you found Mr. Mickey .

  18. I was wondering if you could give us some information on the proper care of cashmere sweaters. I have experienced little holes in the few that I owned!

    1. Add some cedar balls or planks to your closet. It will keep the moths away. Even if the care label reads “dry clean only” handwashing, a cashmere sweater will make it softer over time. Use baby shampoo or a mild detergent like Woolite or Essence. Press out the excess water, but do not wring the sweater. Instead, lay it flat on a towel and reshape it as it dries.

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