Tips For A Weekend Trip

A long weekend away is pure bliss for me, so another of my birthday gifts from Mr. Mickey was a few days at the Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, North Carolina.

I wore the bulkiest items to travel, including my favorite Jessica Simpson strappy sandals and a light-weight black blazer by French Connection. I am also wearing white ankle jeans from Chico’s and a white camisole from White House|Black Market. When we travel in the small sports car, there isn’t much room for luggage, so one learns to make every item count. I have devised a travel wardrobe that serves me well, and everything fits into a small rolling carry-on bag—more about that in a moment.

First I want to show you the suite where we stayed. I could move right in! We loved the high ceilings, the decor, the veranda, and the bathroom. The Inn is ideally situated right on the main intersection in the middle of the village so you can walk to shopping and several other restaurants. Madison’s restaurant, a wine garden, great stores, and a world-class Spa are there on the property so that you can park the car for the weekend.

There was enough room for a queen-size bed in the bathroom!

A box of truffles, chocolate chip cookies, and champagne welcomed us.

We had a delightful dinner at Madison’s. I wore the same blazer with a black camisole from Express, Travelers pants from Chico’s, along with different jewelry, a small bag, and other shoes.

I created this collage on Polyvore to show you all the items I packed and wore on the trip. Each item must work well with any other. I included three tank tops, a blazer, a gray cashmere cardigan, blue jeans, white jeans, black pants, some jewelry, comfortable walking shoes by Sofft, two pairs of sandals (pewter and nude). I also included pajamas, a cosmetics bag, a clutch bag, and a few different scarves, which all fit nicely into my CalPac rolling carry-on bag. I took both Scarlet and Currant, which are my all-time favorite colors of lipstick. Each is from Beautycounter here.

I hope this helps you plan for your next trip. I’ll share more photos with you later in the week.

  1. I would love to see more pictures of Highlands.My family visited relatives there every summer when I was a child,which was a long time ago.Sue

  2. Perfect; wonderful birthday. How can you top it next year; hmmmm! Hope you will post more pictures of this wonderful experience in your inspiring outfits.

  3. Susan, it seems like you share everything I need to know about all the aspects of my life! My husband and I have been doing a fair amount of traveling. Sometimes I accompany him on business trips. Your information in this post is helpful for that. I love taking photos of the hotel rooms we stay in, because in a few years we will building our retirement home on our lake lot. Seeing the shots of your beautiful suite gives me inspiration on that. And I am continuing to rebuild my wardrobe after losing 15 pounds. It is a major undertaking, and I need all of the help I can get. Your posts have been so helpful giving me guidance in every way!

    Thank you.

  4. The room looks lovely. Aren’t those inns in old mansions so much more classy that the run of the mill chain hotels? The deck alone looks worth the stay. I’ve also learned to pack items that interchange well but wonder….do you ever take a hanging bag? I often want to take something that needs to lay flat or hang on the coat hook for the drive, thereby eliminating the potential for wrinkles that can occur in a suitcase. There’s no guarantee the hotel has an iron in the room and I certainly don’t want to carry one with me.

  5. Hi Susan,
    thanks for all your tips and suggestions…look forward to your posts every day. I love wearing white pants from April – August, but am hesitant to wear into September, like we used to feel about white shoes. How long do you think it’s acceptable to wear white pants into fall?
    What a lovely inn…thanks for sharing!

    1. You can wear your white jeans all year round. I have seen pictures of the world’s most fashionable women on the streets of Paris in the snow wearing white jeans and black boots.

  6. I went on a cold weather trip for a week last year and followed your packing tips. I took a small rolling suitcase, and wore every item. It took some planning in advance and a little extra time to pack, as I had to eliminate many choices.

    I brought lighter weight sweaters, tights, wool socks, scarves, gloves, hats, mittens, one pair of sneakers and a pair of boots. I wore the heaviest items for travel. Down items pack very well.

    Three pairs of pants, including what I wore for travel, were enough. Winter colours and fabrics like wool are very forgiving. Lighter weight wool pants are warm with tights and wool socks. I felt dressy enough when we went out for meals, or visiting museums and galleries. The secret is definitely in making sure to choose items that work with each other, both in color and fabric. Skirts and dresses were definitely out, as our trip was part adventure and part city.

    It can be done, and you showed me how. Thank you!

  7. Wow that suite is truly fit for a queen – love the bathroom and heated tiles (I am always cold!) Mr. Mickey picked a perfect place to continue the celebration for your birthday. Someday I would like to explore that area. I love historic homes and places. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Susan, What a beautiful area; it’s been a long time since I was there, but have nice memories. Thanks so much for the suite video and for showing the set of pieces you packed. Enjoyed!

  9. I love the pale gray sweater/duster shown in your collage, and think it would look great with jeans and a crisp white blouse or t-shirt. A great set of transitional pieces you’ve shown us. Thank you.

  10. Susan, great post. And, so glad you included your capsule wardrobe. Where did you purchase your rolling duffle?

    Thank you for sharing, once again.

  11. Thank you Susan for displaying your pieces. Now I see how easy it is to interchange items. I plan to update my wardrobe and simplify following your advice. Do you plan to display boots and sweaters? You look marvelous !

  12. Susan, have you thought of doing a members only page for us ladies where we could post pictures of us in outfits we have put together for your input? You may not have the time and be too much to manage. Just a thought. Loved the pictures of the beautiful Inn.

  13. Beautiful get away ! Thanks for sharing Susan.
    I always struggle with what to pack for a long weekend. Your trips are great 🙂

  14. What a sumptuous hotel suite! Picturing my husband and I there, and picturing myself wearing some of the same beautiful clothes you wore. Your collage of the pieces you took is brilliant!

  15. Aloha and thanks for your blog. . I am new to it but find we have similar taste and style. Do you have a packing program for a Fall cruise ?.. .I am departing for a three week trip and my luggage is full and figure I am taking too many pieces. . but its stuff I like to wear and don’t get a chance to in Maui. Cocktail dresses, dressy heels, wraps, cluch, warm daytime touring jean outfits, booties, raincoat, hat, scarves, gloves. ..

    Mahalo and thanks for your great website!!

    Kathleen Bartholomew Loy (on Facebook)

    1. I always try to pack a mini version of my wardrobe. I dress about the same way on vacation as I do at home. By all means, take and enjoy your special occasion items if you will have the chance to enjoy them. Bon Voyage!

  16. Timely post, Susan! You’ve given me some much-needed inspiration. My partner & I are taking a week’s mini-vacation in 2 weeks’ time, the catch being we’re on motorcycle. Because we’re going to be doing a lot of highway riding we’ll be wearing full leathers (for protection should the bike go down) plus rain gear, so it’s jeans, tees & a hoodie, but I still want something “nice” for evenings (we’re staying at nice inns), dining & shopping/sightseeing. Another catch: it’s all got to fit into a Harley saddlebag; experience has proven I can cram a lot in if I do it right, but everything has to be non-wrinkle! You inspired me to add a pair of strappy silver heels to the black slip-ons, pants, camis, pretty sweaters & 2 silky jackets I was planning on (we’ll take cabs around town, not the bike, so don’t need heavy outerwear). My guy’s taking slacks, a classic shirt, tees, an Irish knit sweater & a couple of nice turtlenecks — he can get away with wearing them under the biker jacket still look stylish AND sexy as heck!

    It took me decades & a man with a motorcycle to teach me how to pack light. I used to be one of those women who packed half her wardrobe “just in case”, & wore 1/10th of it. But I still love reading about how everyone else does it!

  17. Such a coincidence. My husband and I stayed at The Old Edwards for one night on our way from Sugar Mountain returning to Florida. It was a very nice place II’ve been in the hotel FF&E purchasing business for over 40 years). It was summer and the ac in our car broke on the way back to Florida in July. Highlands was wonderful -the drive home – not so much. Marilyn

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