Birthday Celebration

If we “listen” to our bodies, we will know when to take a break, get more sleep, eat more nutritious foods, or get more exercise. I have been getting all these messages lately, so I took some time off to rest my body, mind, and spirit last week.

On Wednesday evening, we enjoyed an exceptional meal to celebrate my birthday at Gourmet and Company here in Johnson City. It is one of our all-time favorite restaurants, and we are very thankful that it is so close. Long before John Bryant became the Chef at Gourmet, we would drive to Knoxville to eat at the now-closed Orangery where he was the Chef for a few years. He surprised us with one of our favorite dishes from that menu as a gift. When we arrived at our table, there were more cards, flowers from Mr. Mickey, and a beautiful gift from Von and Howard, Gourmet and Company’s owners. The flowers were significant because Mr. Mickey instructed the florist to include six red roses and one white rose (for my sixty-first birthday).

For the evening, the amuse bouches were tiny versions of my namesake Susan Vegetarian Sandwich from the lunch menu. Amuse-bouche is a French term that means a little bit of food served before the meal to stimulate the appetite.

Later in the evening, it was time to open more gifts!

Mr. Mickey wore one of his favorite cashmere sweaters from Polo, Ralph Lauren. These thin crewneck sweaters worn with a blazer are an excellent alternative to wearing a shirt and tie. This man is over the top! He gave me Chanel No. 5 perfume, four sets of my favorite Miss Elaine pajamas, and a custom pair of earrings incorporating my favorite coin, the Mercury Head Dime. (Shown below.) He sent so many beautiful cards; I lost count. We also went away for a long weekend getaway. (More about that soon.)

I wore a long tank dress with a short peplum jacket from White House|Black Market last year. The pantyhose are also from White House|Black Market. I always wear hose with a dress and closed-toe shoes. The suede heels are from Saks Off 5th. The bag is a few years old. (It is the same one I often carry at night.)

The slit at the side of this dress keeps it from looking frumpy. I have worn it in many different ways, but this evening I dressed it up and wore it with a short jacket with a peplum in the back to conceal the fact that I have no behind. The use of ruffles, peplums, darts, small tailored shoulder pads, and other details in clothing can enhance our best features and fool the eye on the parts we are not as happy with. My style tips are never just me sharing my opinion; I study a lot!

Thanks for your kind comments and emails. It was a fabulous birthday!

  1. Belated happy birthday! I missed you last week but am glad you enjoyed your time away from us. You look so classy and classic as does MM. You are so fortunate to have such a considerate partner in your life.

  2. Happy Birthday! Is that a Mickey Mouse watch on Mr. Mickey? If so, no surprise, as he seems to have a really great sense of humor.

  3. Happy belated Birthday! Mr Mickey certainly knows how to treat a lady…he is a true gentleman. You look fabulous…your discipline pays off in your appearance and overall good health.

  4. Happy birthday!!! You always have so much great information to share. Thank you so very much. May you enjoy many more birthdays. And needless to say, you look GORGEOUS!

  5. Your choice of clothing is divine! It is my very favorite! I too am an inverted triangle with a flat derrière . You have given me some great ideas over the years and I will be putting these to good use !
    My longtime boyfriend (17 yrs) are vacationing in eastern TN and Western NC next month and I want to stop in Johnson City on our way to Blowing Rock and Asheville. Maybe we will run into each other!
    Happy belated birthday Susan!

  6. All the best birthday wishes to you! You are my inspiration for losing weight and I follow your tips all the time. I have changed my dinner foods to lunchtimes and lost 10 pounds! Now I eat like you do and hope to look as radiant as you are on my birthday in November (63). Any tips on how to eat right at Thanksgiving which is in three weeks? What do you do? Thanks, from Canada

  7. Happy Birthday week, Susan. Glad you are rested and are having such an enjoyable time! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

    Joanne B.

  8. Happy Birthday Susan!
    What a fabulous celebration!
    I share the month…my birthday is this Friday.
    Thank you for sharing your special day.

  9. Happy birthday pretty lady. Your special evening was everything a girl could ask for. Your friend Mr. Mickey is so dapper. I love that he always is so well dressed.
    Her’s to many more birthday blessings.

  10. Susan,
    You look beautiful and so young. Glad you had a wonderful birthday. I think Mr. Mickey is a keeper.
    Anytime you need a break, please indulge in one. We will still be your loyal fan base.
    Stella P.

  11. Happy Birthday and welcome back to the “world”. You look happy, stunning and elegant, as always! Glad you had a nice break with your lovely companion. Looking forward to you sharing more.

  12. I’m so happy you had a so beautiful birthday !
    I admire very much your look choices, very smart, and up-to-date.
    I noticed also the French part…;)…from here, in France 😉 !
    M. Mickey is also a wonderful man, with all these “délicates attentions”.
    I just ignored this custom to send many cards by advance to a person you live with…Very pretty !
    So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Susan 🙂 !

  13. Yes, Happy Birthday Susan! I LOVE Chanel No. 5 perfume. It’s been my favorite since I first sniffed it when I was 19 years old. I’m now 72 years young! I have tried different fragrances over the years, but always come back to Chanel No. 5. I think certain fragrances just go with your body chemistry. I have the same body type as you do, so I especially enjoy your fashion tips as they work on me also. Thank you for keeping up your blog. It must be hard sometimes with a busy schedule, but please know we are appreciative of the time you put into it.

  14. I’m so glad you had a wonderful birthday AND got some much needed rest!!! You look rested and like you feel better! Good for you!

  15. Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration. You deserve it!
    You mentioned tailored shoulder pads. Can you post a link to those please? Thanks for your hard work in sharing these things!

  16. Happy 61st birthday, sent on my 68th! Isn’t life amazing? I’ve listened to friends bemoan their birthdays for over 20 years. I still don’t understand. Each day is a gift to open and enjoy. Surely most days hold something we can enjoy. I look forward to reading your posts as I continue on my own journey to find what my body and spirit needs right now. And to continue to listen when they tell me as things change.

    Best wishes on your birthday and on your own life’s journey.

  17. Happy Birthday! I must say that your look from the back is lovely! The peplum makes the outfit enchanting. Mr. Mickey showed you a very good time. That is wonderful!

  18. Happy Birthday Susan! You look like a million bucks in that outfit! Its wonderful, but not surprising, to see that Mr. Mickey spoiled you on your special day. You both look so happy together.

  19. I love the look you achieved. Lovely! I like that you put this together from so many old pieces, or I should say previously owned pieces.
    All is stunning , but the jewelry especially so! How does your sizes compare to others, like Chicos? If you are a size 2 or 3 in Chico’s clothes what size is that in your line of clothes?

    1. Scroll down to the lower half of each page of description to read the measurements and more size information. I am wearing a size small dress here because that thin strap dress runs large. I wear a size medium in the other dress and top styles.

  20. Mr. Micky takes good care of you and loves you. Looks like you two find great places to dine where you can dress nicely to go out for the evening. I wish we had that in Detroit.

  21. Welcome back & so glad you had some birthday R&R at such a charming place..saw a lovely pic if the room on instagram. You and Mr M are such an elegant couple. What a great look stunning. Love the blue pjs too. You hair always looks so good, even from the back; mine has a challenging part to one side. Enjoy your birthday week!

  22. Happy Birthday! Mr Mickey is a very special guy and seems so kind and thoughtful while having such great taste too!! Glad you had a wonderful birthday weekend!

  23. Happy Birthday, Susan! You look so polished and beautiful as usual. I’m not familiar with Miss Elaine pjs. Please do tell, why are they your favorite?

  24. Happy Birthday! Mr. Mickey knows how to treat you to a special birthday! I’m going to check out Miss Elaine pajamas. They look beautiful and comfy. Hope your year to come is wonderful for you.

  25. Wish I had a “Mr. Mickey”! He is a gem for sure. You looked very beautiful for your birthday dinner. I am sure he was quite proud to have you on his arm.

  26. Happy Birthday Susan! A little tip from Princess Kate, she put her clutch in the chair behind her back . I tried on my last cruise and it worked well. Love reading your blog and enjoyed you and Mr. Mickey adventures!!!!

  27. I have been following your blog for several years now & enjoy it immensely. Thought it time to tell you & wish you a happy birthday! Tami T

  28. Susan, you look so beautiful. I am so happy for your good life. I am sure you are well deserving.

    I always look forward to your blog posts, not just to see what you are wearing but to learn about your lovely lifestyle. You are an inspiration to this 67 year old widow.

    Thank you!

  29. Dear Susan
    Happy, happy birthday.
    I meet you in early Spring at your
    Lunch and Learn seminar.
    Enjoyed it so much.
    Love your beautiful photos. You
    Really do look great!

    It is so wonderful to read about your
    work and Mr Mickey is such a perfect
    Good luck and happiness to you both

    Jean Holmes

  30. Happy birthday Susan!! You look fabulous and are such an inspiration!! Many more happy and healthy birthdays!

  31. Susan, it certainly looks like you were spoiled for your birthday! How wonderful! You look fabulous and very happy. I wish you many more wonderful years ahead!

  32. Dear Susan,

    I just recently found your blog, and I am extatic! Had my birthday celebration in September too! Reading about you describing the good reason for a peplum in the back, had my daughter and I hysterical.

    Love your outfits. We dress very similar. Only time I am in sneakers is to walk on the treadmill. Bought some tops from Covered Perfectly, and was so happy I did. They are awesome!

    Look forward to more of your pics, tips and honesty! Take care!

    Love, Elaine after 60

  33. A very Happy Birthday!

    You look beautiful and certainly reflects how
    well you take care of yourself and share that with us.

    Lorraine Lorenzo

  34. Happy birthday Susan, our sexy sixties is something to celebrate, you and Mr Mickey have certainly done it in style! Love the complete outfit, your hose and neat shoes just add a certain finishing touch! I see so pics of so many women who wear lovely clothes but spoil the outfit by wearing awful shoes! Maybe this is something you can post on, especially for those who cannot wear high heels anymore!

  35. Happy Birthday!!
    Thanks so much for thinking of ‘us’ (blog readers) on your special day!
    May you have many more birthdays filled with health, happiness and celebration!

  36. What a inspiration you are. Even at 74, I still want the same as you! At size 12, am trying even harder than ever before to lose it. A size 8 is my goal!
    Am in the process of moving across the states which is automatically helping making me rid myself of all unwanted stuff. Am aiming for a simple but elegant life style. With you as my guide, I will make it! Thank you and please continue. Everyone needs to be inspired .

  37. Happy Birthday to you! Mr Mickey did a great job with your gifts! Love the ear rings. I enjoyed today’s post. I always start my day reading your blog. Enjoy the day!

  38. Happy Belated B’day wishes from France !
    You look even more stunning than usual, if this is even possible !
    Have A wonderful year ahead

  39. Your posts are wonderful-especially this one celebrating your birthday. Thank you for making us part of your life!

  40. Happy birthday beautiful lady! You grow lovelier with each year. I love the coin earrings – what a great idea. I have several interesting coins of all denominations and may do a bracelet with them. As always, it is a pleasure to see photos of Mr. Mickey looking dapper and happy.

  41. What a wonderful birthday — and happy belated birthday! I’m in favor of a birthmonth 🙂 And as for Mr Mickey, any man who gifts Chanel No 5 (my fav) is a keeper! Hold onto him!

  42. Belated Happy Birthday, Susan,

    What a lovely celebration you and Mr. Mickey enjoyed together!!!!

    Thank you, again, for sharing your delightful life and treasured advice.

    Loving you, C

  43. Just came across your blog in the knick of time! I echo all the lovely comments you received. You look so perfect and flawless! I enjoyed reading about your captivating birthday celebration and all the special gifts you received. I, too, will be celebrating my birthday in mid October and embarking on a surprise weekend getaway with my special guy. I am so thankful you shared your knowledge on how and what to pack for a weekend getaway. I have been enjoying putting outfits together and feel smitten that I will look more polished and chic on our trip. Now if only I can find the right shoes for cooler weather…

  44. Oh My Goodness!!!!!!….First of All Happy Beautiful Birthday…I just saw your post for the first time on FB today..,.I know that you are an Angel helping so many women let there beauty shine through…How wonderful that through eating good food brought your wonderhealth back and you also lists weight!!You look very beautiful…very vibrant and glowing…I love all of your photos and beautiful clothes…How honored your must feel for such an amazing accomplishment…Enjoy every beautiful moment….I am so inspired by you to be the very best that I can be and to be an inspiration to all of the beautiful women who would l9ve their beauty to shine through even more..Thank You!…I truly would love to meet you sometime….Thank You again for the precious inspiration…Pamela P

  45. Somehow I missed this video when it was new. You look beautiful and I love that necklace! Is Mr Mickey a romantic or what!? What a lovely, handsome man and boy, can he dress! How wonderful that you two found each other. With adversity comes blessings. This video was a real treat to watch.

  46. I love ALL your post recently found them I am trying to take off some weight I recently gained..You seem like a sweet Lady.. the best always to you
    and Mr.Mickey

  47. Your outfit was extremely elegant!! In this tank dress and short peplum jacket you looked just gorgeous!

    Kim H.

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