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Grooming, skincare, and makeup are integral elements to looking our best no matter what we are wearing. A full face of makeup isn’t always necessary, but sunscreen, moisturizer, and a little lip color can make a big difference in our confidence. Classic basics in neutral solid colors mean even a tee and jeans can look elegant if you add a few styling details.

The elements of my look for our casual Friday lunch date are basics with a twist. The jacket has bold silver snaps with a more streamlined silhouette than the usual trucker jacket. The sleeveless tee has an eyelet detail at the neckline. I tucked in the tee and added a gunmetal belt to define the waistline.

The red handbag has a very long crossbody silver-colored chain, which was a bit too much with the silver snaps of the jacket. When the strap of a flap-style bag is too long, I wrap it around the flap to shorten it. (I use a timer and a tripod to take most of my photos, so the focus isn’t perfect, but hopefully, you get the idea.)

The denim jacket in a darker color is here – the sleeveless tee is here – the bootcut jeans are here – the bag is here – similar short booties are here.

My skincare routine is here.

Several have asked for updated makeup tips, so this is the first selfie with my new phone. (The phone is a very basic Pixel 6a.) In the past few years, I have stopped wearing foundation and updated my eyeshadow placement and brow shape. Notice I keep the shadow above the center of my eyelid, avoiding the outer edge swoop and any undereye color.

I add eyeliner into the base of my lashes and to the upper waterline with a slight upward flick before the last outer eyelashes. Blend eyeshadow up from the base of the lashes so that it fades out above the orbital bone or your crease line. Blending is essential! I fill in my sparse, over-plucked eyebrows that didn’t grow back after the disastrous thin brow trend of the eighties. A fuller and less arched brow looks modern and natural.

I wish I had used sunscreen more liberally and more often when I was a young woman. Here is sunscreen for the face – and here is sunscreen for the body.

The ‘Storm’ eyeshadow is here – The ‘Cool Grey’ brow pen is here – The ‘Noir Onyx’ eyeliner pencil is here – The lip liner is ‘Caprice’ here, and the lipstick ‘Plum: True Berry’ is here – The Bronzer is here. The black mascara is here.

Exfoliating Polish here

My favorite new product from Beautycounter is the Exfoliating Polish. Winter skin can be dry and flaky, but this polishing powder mixed with my Cleansing Oil here makes a significant difference.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Shopping links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission without cost to you.

  1. You skin looks terrific. I have been following you for many years and each year it seems to get better and better. You are a walking ad for eating right and a great skin care regime.

  2. Susan:

    Thank you for mentioning you mix your exfoliating powder with your cleansing oil. I’ve been using an exfoliating powder from another company and mixing it with water was giving “OK” results. I tried it with my cleansing oil this AM and *WOW*. It is a complete game changer!

  3. Is there a way to receive a discount or sample of the Beauty Counter products? They are pricey for something new with unknown results.

  4. Hi Susan, Where did you get your gunmetal belt? I have been looking for a gray belt and a brown belt for a long time. I want a nice leather option and only about 1 inch wide. Most are almost 1.5 – 2 inches wide which seems too wide. Thanks for the help and for all your postings.

  5. Your face looks amazing!!!! Could you further explain how you do the darker color on your eyes. Thanks

    1. Use a flat natural bristle eye shadow brush to place the color where you want it, and then use a fuller fluffy brush to blend the edges so that they fade away.

  6. Your skin is beautiful and inspires me to be more diligent in caring for mine! I have been a fan of lining the upper waterline for several years now. It’s so much quicker for me and I love the results!

  7. Your skin looks beautiful ! Can you tell me how you achieved your brow shape ? Mine are very sparse and I’d love to ‘fill them in’ so to speak but it never looks natural. Thank you !

    1. I filled in the brows with the pencil I linked to here. I use light strokes and follow the natural line of my brows but fill only from underneath the brow and outward. (Never fill or pluck brows above the top. Remember to brush your brows out to blend the edges when pleased with your work.

  8. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing such great tips and recommendations. I read your blog regularly, but don’t often comment. Today’s post was especially helpful to me in so many ways. For one, I’d forgotten all about Merle Norman, but will check out a store now that you mentioned it. I’ve been unable to find suitable replacements for some discontinued products and had run out of ideas as to where to look next. We have a local store, so I can see the colours of lipstick and eye shadow first hand before buying and adding to my growing collection of makeup that doesn’t work for me.

  9. I love the Beauty Counter oil wash. I’ve been using it for a couple of years! Do you put the bronzer all over your face? Thanks, Robin

  10. Posture can make a huge difference to how your clothes hang. Foot hits floor = sternum is lifted. Bum hits seat ditto. It takes about 2 years for it to become habit but well woth the effort.

  11. Susan, I have followed you for several years, since Fifty Not Frumpy. Your hair looks better than ever and your makeup routine is perfect.

  12. Your skin is lovely, Susan. I also wish I had used sunscreen earlier and more faithfully. After standing out side at midday for elementary school recess daily for thirty years, I now consider foundation a necessity in order to cover many dark aging spots. I have stressed the importance of sunscreen with my daughter ( and don’t forget hands and arms!).

    Thank you for all your wonderful tips.

  13. You look younger and younger! Amazing beauty! You certainly take wonderful care of yourself and it shows!

  14. Beautiful makeup as always . I love the soft pink lipstick, and your eye make never looks garish.
    I think the emphasis on the upper eyelid is the key to bringing out your pretty blue eyes. I see some women and youngsters too who plaster the top and bottom lid in thick black eyeliner and it drowns out the colour of their eyes . All you can see are two sooty eyes.
    Thank you for everything,
    Pamela from Wales UK xxx

  15. I’m not personally a Jean jacket fan cause I find myself always pushing my sleeves up BUT I love the flare ends of the sleeves on this one

  16. I also line upper waterline of my eyes, but for the life of me I CANNOT find a pencil that STAYS in the waterline. I will try the Lancome one you cite, but do you have recommendations for any others? I enjoy your postings . . . . Thank you.

  17. I love this outfit with the black jeans and more modern jacket. I purchase jeans from Talbots but the black seem to fade quickly. Just curious if you have the same experience.
    Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

    1. I wash my jeans together, turned inside, and in cold water. I don’t leave them in the dryer for more than a few minutes, but I still see a bit of fading, so I just go with it.

  18. You always look so chic! Can you explain how you apply your eyeshadow in more detail, please? And how you choose what colors to use for day/night or casual/dress up? Im trying to wear less makeup as I age but my skin does not look as smooth and glowing as yours. Have you ever had a laser type facial or dermabrasion done? I hear about so many types of treatments but don’t have a lot of money to spend on non essentials.

    1. I have yet to have a laser or other treatments and probably never will. I use two natural-looking eyeshadow colors combined or alone, but always with a light touch and blend well. The eyeshadows are semi-matte, and the colors are Coco and Storm.

  19. You look amazing. I know you have changed your diet a couple of times in recent years. Have you noticed a change in your skin when you changed your diet. Are any particular foods more helpful than others. Are you still using the tinted moisturizer? Thanks always.

    1. My skin looks best when I drink lots of water and eat baked sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, raw peppers, tomatoes, celery, carrots, etc. Avoiding grains, alcohol, and sugar allows our skin (and bodies) to be at its best.

  20. Thank you for these great makeup tips! As a blond, I’ve struggled with eyeshadows since my sixties! You look lovely.

  21. That look is such a classic, and you accessorize and wear it so well! Casual yet polished with the perfect boots and that red purse – perfection. My denim jacket is a go-to that I reach for often wearing it over black jeans or pants or over dresses as well. Definitely a great staple to have in the closet!

  22. Love your posts! Bought the red purse…a good deal! Thanks Susan. Great basic outfit. I enjoy seeing how you styled a jean jacket. I have many and don’t wear them much; usually because it’s either too hot or too cold for them. This spring I’m going to wear them more; just like this.
    Appreciate the make-up tips too.

  23. Thank you for another inspirational message. I love your elegant look with changes made to make it uncomplicated. I notice your posture is lovely – I think that really makes me feel better about myself when I remember to stand with confidence!

  24. With so many things being bought online now, they come flat folded and have creases that are difficult to remove. Ironing is an option, but then, so is fabric steaming. Do you know of a good quality fabric steamer that is affordable? Thanks for the blog and all the wonderful ideas and links. Blessings to you, Linda.

  25. I guess the closeup of your face is a good example as to what clean eating, sunscreen and good skin care can do. You do look great. Beautycounter does have good products. I am amazed though that you don’t wear any type of foundation or tinted sunscreen.

  26. Now that you are in a smaller space, how do you store your shoes? I need to get a handle on my shoe/bag storage.

    1. The storage unit lets me keep the shoe racks I had before, so I rotate shoes between the spaces as needed. I have the same reach-in closet with one rolling rack and two shoe cubbies to allow more storage in a small area, but I have this item in my cart.

  27. As always you look lovely. Love the eyeshadow look. Could you please tell the brand and colors you use.

  28. Your complexion is beautifully clear. The new way of applying eye shadow is very flattering. Keep up the positive outlook.

  29. Susan, your skin is beautiful! I would love to exfoliate my face, but somewhere read (years ago) that exfoliators can damage aging skin. I’d love to try an exfoliator, but have been hesitant to do so now that I’m 60+. I’m tempted to try your exfoliator. Thank you.

  30. Dear Susan,

    You look so wonderful with your new make up, so young and fresh! Please could you make an actually tutorial Video to this new make up. So we can See, how the steps have to follow. Many Thanks before.

    God bless you


  31. You so lucky to have such “open” eyes. Those of us with lower brows and hooded eyes struggle to make our eyes look wide and “up”. For example, when I attempt to extend my eyeliner with an upward flick at the outer edge, the flick just disappears into the wrinkles at the edge of my eyes. Also, if I didn’t extend eyeshadow above my crease line, it wouldn’t look as if I was wearing any!

  32. How do you have such beautiful, flawless skin without foundation! Do you use Boom stick or anything of that nature?
    Thank you.

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