Nicewonder Farm & Vineyards

We’ve just returned from a delightful stay at a vineyard with elegantly appointed lodging and a fine-dining restaurant. The occasion was the seventeenth anniversary of our first date, so we decided to celebrate properly.

Nicewonder Farm & Vineyards is in southwest Virginia’s beautiful rolling green hills.

We were greeted with a 2019 Nicewonder Vineyards Chardonnay to sip as we relaxed by the fire in the lobby. My day of travel look included comfortable elements that would easily mix, match, or layer with all the other pieces I brought.

The red is sold out now, but here is the blazer. Similar black pants are here. The tee is here. Similar pumps are here.
Mr. Mickey’s look of the day included sailboat socks.

The light and airy lobby is elegant and comfortable.

An impressive wine cellar is beneath the lobby by the curved staircase.

The spacious dining and bar area is also located on the lower level.

The top is here – The pants are here – The shoes are here.

We enjoyed a delicious evening meal with unique cocktails and samples of wines from the vineyard.

Mr. Mickey’s evening socks featured martinis. Never a dull moment!

Almond Joy Martini
By the Fire
(A drink served with smoke billowing from it.)
Cornbread and Sorghum Butter
Nicewonder Vineyards Chardonnay
Crab and Langostino Cakes with Remoulade.
Smoked Duck
Apple Stack Cake

Links to similar items – jacketteejeanspumps.

Our travel looks for the final day included comfortable elements to keep us warm.

Mr. Mickey and Susan in the spring of 2006.

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  1. What a beautiful place. The staircase is impressive. Happy anniversary. Hope you are blessed with many more wonderful years together.

  2. Your posts are a bright spot in my day 🙂 I enjoy seeing the lovely places you visit, the incredible food, and the beautiful outfits! Thank you -and I hope you and Mr. Mickey have many more years of happiness ahead!

  3. What a fabulous place to celebrate an anniversary! You and Mr. Mickey have had some fabulous adventures during your years together and here’s to many more. Love the socks!

  4. That looks fabulous!! What wonderful meals you had – so pretty too!! That restaurant really knows how to present their food. As always you looked perfect – I love the white jacket. And Mr. Mickey always comes through with flair. Happy 17th

  5. Happy seventeen year anniversary! A wonderful way to celebrate: beautiful surroundings, excellent food and drink and elegant fashion. I am tempted by the sheer black top. I liked it the last time you styled it. It looks comfortable and versatile. Unfortunately, it isn’t on my list of necessary adds this spring. Enjoy your week!

  6. Lovely! Have you ever posted the first photo ever taken of you with Mr. Mickey? I’d love to see how you’ve grown together!

  7. Congratulations Susan!! You both look gorgeous and the place is lovely! Your story with Mr. Mickey is similar in some way to mine with my adventure partner… This year we will celebrate our 12th. anniversary, hope in a beautiful place as yours. Happy 17th. from Argentina!

  8. Lovely way to celebrate! You’re lucky to have found each other and may you continue life together in happiness and good health!!
    Haven’t aged much, either !

  9. What a beautiful couple you both make. BTW, you have aged beautifully and gracefully…God’s blessings on you both!

  10. This may be my favorite blog post of yours. I’ve followed faithfully for about 10 years. It makes my heart happy to see the two of you in 2006 and on your celebration weekend. XO

  11. Congrats on your anniversary! Lovely outing and love Mr. Mickey’s socks. We started collecting motif socks and ties and shirts for my hubby years ago and have had such fun with those not only when going out but at home during the pandemic for a little humorous stress relief! Continue to live a beautiful life; so enjoy your posts.

  12. I believe that the two of you look more handsome/beautiful than you did in 2006. Proof that you’re getting better, not older! Wishing you both much joy.

  13. Beautiful setting to celebrate an anniversary! Mr. Mickey has a great sense of humor as seen by the socks he wears.

  14. You look amazing Susan! What a great celebration! Love all of your looks here. Mr. Mickey looks great too! Congratulations on 17 years of companionship! That’s wonderful!

  15. Congrats on anniversary! Looks like amazing place and food. Loved your outfits and also kudos to Mr Mickey on his socks!!

  16. You both have maintained your looks and you have even more style than in 2006.
    Love seeing your pictures and congrats on the 17 years!
    Loved your black flare dressing pants with the top.

  17. Cheers to a beautiful couple celebrating special times. You both are amazing and perfectly matched! Food and location look outstanding. Love the socks! ❤❤

  18. Congratulations Susan and Mr. Mickey. You make a beautiful couple. Just judging by your pictures you look so happy. Wishing you many more years together.

    Sincere wishes,
    Pat Perkins

  19. Looks like a beautiful place to celebrate a special occasion. You both looked great! Happy Date-a-versary. We celebrated our 19th first date and 6th wedding anniversary in February.

  20. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you two had a fabulous weekend!
    You both look great! The food looks so good.

  21. You two look more youthful and vibrant now than you looked 17 years ago! So glad you’re both out and about and feeling well, and enjoying your life together.

  22. What a great anniversary celebration! Beautiful place, food and drinks—and, you and Mr Mickey both look fabulous. Thanks for sharing your special day with all of us!

  23. Dear Susan and Mr. Mickey, congratulations on your 17th anniversary. Thank you for the beautiful foto’s, so we could be a part of this festive day with you! I hope you will be together for many years to come, may the Lord bless you.

  24. Oh my gosh! this blog post has made my day. Loved all of the photos, the elegant cuisine, the glimpses we got at Mr Mickey’s “formal” socks – the smiles on your faces and the sheer enjoyment you find with each other is palpable through my desktop screen. Bravo to you both! I’m over here giving you guys a standing ovation.

  25. Susan thank you for inspiration arriving in my morning email. Although our hair is white we still too seek some adventure in our life. Nicewonder Vineyards looks like a fun place to visit. We live in central North Carolina so I always enjoy your posts with restaurants etc too!
    Happy you and Mr Mickey could celebrate in style (socks and all).
    Continued happiness to you both.

  26. Happy Anniversary! As usual, you all celebrated with grace and elegance. I have followed your adventures for many years and enjoy reading about each one and seeing your style comments.

  27. What a wonderful get away. You two look so nice and also comfortable. I love the socks Mr. Mickey. Thank you for the post and happy anniversary to you two.

  28. You two are like fine wine, you both are better with age! Congratulations on your 17 year celebration and to many more. ❤️

  29. What a wonderful post……love a man with attention to dress, polished shoes, fab socks…..and of course you looked great as always.

  30. Happy anniversary! Your years together have obviously been joyful as you both look great. Lovely outfits and socks ❤️

  31. First, it’s only 9 AM and my mouth is watering from looking at the food you two enjoyed. What a wonderful dining experience.

    Second, I loved Mr. Mickey’s sailing socks, but those martini socks are so cool! I chuckled at, “Never a dull moment!”

    And third, though you look exceptionally lovely in every outfit, that white jacket and pants is such a perfect example of casual elegance.

    Congratulations on your 17th First Date anniversary. We still celebrate our first-date anniverary, too. After all, it was our last first date, and that’s worth celebrating!

  32. Happy Anniversary! Y’all look lovely. Love the picture at the end of you together. Would love to see the first picture of you two together when you met. Have a great weekend!

  33. Happy “dating” anniversary! What a nice trip and y’all look fabulous, both then and now!! Thank you for sharing.

  34. Wow! Such beautiful pictures of an impressive place! So nice to see this photo of you two back then! Happy first date Anniversary! 🙂 XOXO

  35. What a handsome couple – then and now! And such a lovely place to visit and stay…that’s my kind of weekend getaway. The black mesh-sleeve top looks so smashing on you, Susan, that I just ordered it (on sale!) from Nordstrom. A great addition to my wardrobe.

    You and Mr. Mickey know how to enjoy life and look great doing it.

  36. Happy first date anniversary! Lovely outfits, venue and foods. I think you may look younger now than you did in 2006; your current hairstyle is my favorite you’ve ever had.

  37. Oh my goodness! I love this photo. Mr. Mickey has not changed a bit!!! You both are a delightful couple! How much I wish we live next door! You look beautiful Susan, then and now.

  38. Looks like a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing….. Love Mickey’s socks. My husband has some similar, what fun.

  39. Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary. What a lovely way to celebrate this very important date! You both look marvellous, so well-attired and happy.

  40. Congratulations! What a beautiful place to celebrate. You look lovely as always, Susan, and Mr. Mickey’s fun personality shines thru once again with his “statement” socks. Love it!

    Quick question, what is the ring you are wearing on your right hand? I don’t recall seeing it before.

  41. Beautiful couple 17 years ago. Beautiful couple today ! Susan in the old picture with you & Mr. Mickey, you remind me so much of Mary Hart, she was a past host with Entertainment Tonight. I always thought she was very pretty & so are you. Hope you have many more happy years to come.

  42. What a beautiful couple! Congratulations on the 17th anniversary of your first date!
    Celebrate everything I always say. Life is short!
    I love following your travels and your fashion and food! It looks like you had a wonderful time in VA.
    You know you’re going to get lots of compliments on Mr. Mickey’s socks! They are great; and why not.
    My mother, who is 102 is also a fan of all kinds of themed socks. I gave her lavender (her favorite color) socks with wine glasses and grapes all over them for her recent birthday. They’re so cute. I’ve taken after her too, because socks are so comfortable. I have themed crew socks for most holidays that I wear with jeans on casual days around the house. Mr. Mickey has some kindred spirits in this house!

  43. My husband and I celebrate our first date too. Our first date was on April 19 and we married one year later on April 20th as the church was not available on the 19th. It will be 54 years this April.

  44. Oh I love that you shared the photo of you back in 2006. You’ve aged well together. How is living under the same roof working out? Or did I miss you finding a different place? Love all you share with us, right down to the socks!

  45. My first comment on your posts.
    Happy Anniversary and enjoying seeing more of Mr. Mickey in your life. Love his socks! My husband also likes to snazz things up with fun socks. I find it sexy!
    Love your longer haircut and paired down makeup, you look younger and happier.
    I’m always checking your posts for new ideas. I’m 71, but I look about 10 years younger, smooth skin, fuller lips, similar haircut as you currently have, but mostly dark hair with silver around my face (that looks great when it streaks through the darker hair). Im 5.3 and was gifted with an apple body shape and a short torso, so no belts for me. Im a petite on top despite my ample bosom (38DD) and a regular for pants. I tend to wear dark colors on top to help minimize and neutrals or fun prints in skirts/skorts and sometimes pants. My size 6 feet used to live in heels before I retired but now that is a rarity.
    You give us lots of ideas for your body shape, but it would be helpful to sprinkle in some tips for other body styles as well ie. this is how I style this, but for my apple bodied friends you might be better off doing such and such.
    My jewelry these days is simple when I go out, always my white gold diamond hoops, a wide bracelet and sometimes a necklace. I have a short neck so I have to be careful how and when I wear scarves.
    Some other things I’d like to see in your posts…
    Edgier looks on Mr. Mickey
    More Business Casual and Casual looks
    How to wear dark tops during summer
    Comfortable travel looks when flying long distance
    Cruise wear for Europe
    Travel wear for train travel trips
    Cruise wear for a World Cruise (4.5 months)
    Also looking forward to seeing how you transform Mr. Mickey’s home to a sleeker (less busy), more sun filled look.
    Congratulations again to you two and for making this big step in your lives. It takes a lot of compromise and collaboration to physically blend into each other’s lives.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I share my life and style of clothing, as well as my rare vacation packing and travel tips, so I am not an expert on other body types and tastes. However, I won’t change much at Mr. M’s house or his way of dressing. I’ve learned it is kinder and wiser to accept things as they are, not to expect them to conform to how I want them to be.

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