Hints Of Fall

The days are getting shorter, and the evening air is much cooler now, so I am reaching for darker colors and heavier fabrics after the sun goes down.

The antiquated American rule of no white after Labor Day is, thankfully, no longer followed. It is the weight of the fabric that should concern you, not the color. A pair of white jeans are just as warm as a pair of blue ones.

Coco Chanel famously wore white all year round. It was a staple in her wardrobe. Elegant women glide around Paris in their white jeans, wool, and cashmere double-breasted peacoats all winter long. The trick is not to wear white on a day when there will be precipitation. It is impossible to get those splashback stains out of the back of light-colored pants.

This time of year, I start to accessorize with my cognac shoes and bags. I never leave the house without a scarf or jacket in the evening.

The crossbody bag was from Ralph Lauren last year. (Similar here.) The shoes are by Michael Kors. (Similar here.) The white jeans are by Liverpool Jeans Co here. The navy top is by Valentina Signa here. (Use the discount code Instyle through the end of September at Shop My Fair Lady.) I still have a few of these scarves. If you are interested, send me an email to learn how to order.

I am taking a sabbatical to enjoy some time away. This is the final post for September. Toodles!

  1. Have a wonderful time doing all you favorite things! Relax, read, walk and come back with amazing pictures! We’ll miss you!

  2. You will be missed by me as well as many others. Have a safe and enjoyable Sabbatical.
    Look forward to when you return!

  3. Have wonderful fall break! “See” you in Ocober. By then I will have received and worn my new Shapeez bra. So excited to try it out!

  4. Have a wonderful time! I hope we will get to see what you wore and what wonderful places you visit! I have enjoyed your blog for many years!

  5. Thank you for clearing this up….I wore white jeans Sunday before last and got called down for it…..i have 4 pairs of white jeans and LOVE them

  6. Have a great time Susan. Will look forward to you next post when you’re back. PS I am still too scared to wear white jeans. I am sure I would sit on something straight away and stain them. Lol.

  7. I wore white jeans today. Who would be rude enough to criticize you? It was 82 degrees and it’s still summer! No white after Labor Day needs to be put to rest!!

  8. Enjoy your time away,I’m looking forward to hearing about it and seeing pictures when you return! You will be missed.

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Susan. You have helped me make positive changes in my life!!!! Come back soon !!!!
    Sincerely, Rose Blake

  10. Have a relaxing, much needed time away. Fill it with all the things that bring you joy, peace and love.

  11. Enjoy your sabbatical…….will miss you.
    I particularly enjoyed your three part series and your Fall preview.
    Looking forward to many more informative and enjoyable posts.

  12. Susan, I have followed you for several years. You & I have the same love of solid colors & shopping sites. So, I always follow your lead. I saved the blog you talked about the Shapeez bra & decided sooner or later I would try it. Finally, after months of looking at nasty back bulges I sucked it up & ordered an Ultimate. I got it today and needless to say, it is a game changer -I love it!! Never again will I try on half a dozen tops to choose my outfit of the day! Thank you, girlfriend – I am a changed woman!!!❤️

  13. My grandmother would arise from her plot in the cemetery if I wore white after Labor Day ! I was just brought up that way and probably won’t change. I love fall the very best ,even though I don’t wear her warmer colors very well. Still, like you, I enjoy the rich cool tones and I have so many wonderful scarves. Love your cross body bag and your top!

  14. Hi Susan,
    I enjoy reading your blog! I hope you had a lovely birthday and time away. We’re both the same age and have September b-days. I hope I’m aging as gracefully as you are!
    I have a question for you. A while ago, you mentioned that there’s a brand of low profile socks you wear with loafer-type shoes that stay on the feet and don’t scrunch down inside shoes. I looked through the blog, but couldn’t find the comment. I love the look of shoes with no hose, but it isn’t comfortable with most shoes.Thanks so much for any light you can shed on this subject!
    Thank you for sharing your favorite fashion websites. There aren’t as many brick and mortar places to shop as there used to be where I live and this information has been helpful. I’ve discovered Covered Perfectly, Shapeeze and the Portofino Shirt because of you. Thanks so much!

  15. Hello Susan! I recently found you on YouTube and have followed you here to your blog. I am busily preparing for my 60th birthday – not quite sure how THAT happened, and searching for ways to spiff myself up. And Voila! Here you were. I have a quick question. I watched your presentation at the Senior Center (4 years ago?) when you spoke about the Spanx underlayer cami, and also saw your video where you spoke about the Breezies bras. So here’s my question: Do you combine the two now? Or just wear one without the other, depending on your bra needs for that outfit? Thanks in advance for your response, and thank you for your wonderful internet tips. All the best!

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