The View From Here

Being in the mountains has always made me feel like the earth has gathered me up in her arms.

On our last evening in Highlands, North Carolina, we enjoyed an excellent meal at Ristorante Paoletti, located across the Old Edwards Inn street.

The weather was much warmer this evening, and we were having dinner at an early hour, so I wore the white ankle jeans with the gray tank and the black blazer. I added the pewter sandals and the clutch bag worn with the chain.

Sometimes I forget to take pictures of what I am wearing, so I recreated the look for Sunday. The temperatures were going to be much higher as we left the mountains, and we were going to be traveling for most of the day, so soft layers were the smart thing to wear. I draped the cashmere sweater over my shoulders to use as needed and wore the black tank over the black Travelers pants.

Here’s a tip about choosing a scarf: Look for one that includes the same color as your hair. It will go with your coloring and most of the things you like to wear.

The collage above shows you all the items I packed in the small rolling carry-on bag to recap. I could have created even more looks with these few pieces. You have seen a mini version of my remaining wardrobe this week. Over the past year, I have been brutally editing my jackets and tops. I appreciate the ease of owning pieces that all work together and allow me to add the accessories and scarves I enjoy wearing so much. It is just a matter of getting the proportions right after you have collected the basics. The next task is editing my pants.

Now sit back and enjoy the view as we wound our way through the serene North Carolina mountains on our way home.

I hope you have a restful weekend.

  1. Good morning Susan..this is an early post! I’m on my first cup of coffee here in eastern NC. Gotta love those mountains..I always feel we are really away from the normal routine when the first foothills come into view. Thanks for the photos..lovely scenery after the beautiful stonework at the Inn. Especially like the recreated outfit for Sunday and the tip about including your hair color in the scarf choice…you look great & it’s a bit more relaxed with the cardi vs jacket! Was thinking about how the French Kande jewelry repeats the look in many of your scarves with the chain, medallions, and tassels. Oh, was wondering if you have considered carrying a longer tunic in that great basics fabric? Wishing you a wonderful weekend as well! L

    1. I normally start the posts at about 3 AM, but I don’t publish them until later. It’s going to be a busy day today, so we are getting an early start. I will check into a longer tunic style for you. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Such gorgeous scenery – I feel rested just looking at the photos! And thank you for the travel wardrobe suggestions – I have a tendency to always over-pack, so will keep this in mind next time I travel.
    Have a great weekend Susan.

  3. Good morning, I really enjoy reading your blog. I have learned quite a bit from you and I like your style! I am older than you….a few years over 60, and live in Roanoke, Virginia. Not too far away from you. Anyway, the reason I am contacting you is to tell you I wear size 2, or 4 in pants. It depends on the style. I’m excited to hear from you. LuLu Thomas.

  4. Yay for you, Susan on the “brutal editing” of your wardrobe! A few of the best things are all we really need — especially in our 60’s and beyond.

  5. You are having a positive effect on the way I dress. I keep my radar on for attractive scarves that are bright but grounded in a basic neutral. I am aware that my at home clothes need a huge up grade so that I am prepared for drop-in visitors and unscheduled trips to town. Coming up with 8 low-cost easy care outfits is a new goal. You are challenging me to step up my game.

  6. The scenery is just gorgeous and peaceful. What a great getaway. The tip about wearing a scarf that includes your hair color makes sense…thanks!

  7. Besides shopping, what do you and MM do on your weekends away? I see a golf course in one of the pictures. Do you golf? We don’t golf but my husband always wants to “do” something while I’m content to find a front porch or deck and just sit and enjoy the scenery or read. Neither of us are in to hours of shopping. I’m curious how you fill your days.

    1. We take short walks, sit and watch people, explore neighborhoods to admire architecture and gardens, read, watch a movie or just rest. Neither of us can or wants to golf. We always have loads of fun.

  8. Thank you for your many pictures of the mountains and your travels. They are so beautiful. I love the area and plan to relocate to North Carolina in the near future. Recently, because of hurricane Irma, I was in Johnson City. It was the closest vacancy I could find at the time. Had a chance to visit Freiburgs restaurant and Gourmet and Company. Very pleasant.

  9. I love your website and your style….comfortable elegance. You are a lovely lady…..with a handsome husband. You travel to such beautiful places. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Loved the pictures. Looks so peaceful. I was wondering if you encounter any problems walking in heels on those brick sidewalks? I remember my heels being ruined once in a similar setting as the heel kept going between the bricks.

  11. When we cruise I make sure everything coordinates although I still overpack for a week long trip. Love the tip on matching the scarf colors to that of your hair. Makes so much sense. I love the black, white and grey on you and with your hair but they don’t work for my coloring. It is a great example to transfer to my colors.

  12. I feel the same way about the mountains, but in my case the mountains are in the northwest.

    I find your advice on editing one’s wardrobe to be very helpful. As I prepare for retirement from work and a focus on new ventures I am taking stock on many fronts, not the least of which is the closet!

  13. You inspire me to “brutally” edit my clothes as well! Makes life so much simpler and easier to decide on what to wear…Thanks for always showing your travel ideas along with your outfit choices as I love to find new places in the area to travel to….I wear a size 4 so would love to hear from you…. Thanks!

  14. Love all of your travel stories and photos. Hope to visit that area in December. Love the mini travel wardrobe you pictured. Wish I was a size 4 or even 6, someday. Did you show the olive jeans? Will your winter outfits be ankle length? Thanks, Judy

  15. Hello Susan,
    Just a note to thank you for your informative blog….I am almost 62, have been retired for a year and am the queen of choosing the wrong things to pack for our frequent trips….hopefully a study of your great style and ideas will help me! blessings, Barbara

  16. Hi Susan. Question from Australia. ( Love your site and those beautiful places you visit and include in your blog!).

    I love your inclusion of scarves in many of your outfits..but… how do you keep them in place?
    I am guessing you pin them somehow into your top to keep them from moving around an losing the effect, particularly when they tie on the side.
    If not, do you have a method you could share as I find mine flop down and look less than elegant.

    Thank you for your inspiration

    1. I don’t pin the scarves. I accept that fact that they might move when I tie them on the side. When the knot slips to the front, I move it back to my shoulder and try not to be too concerned about it. Most of the time I drape them over my shoulders and place a cardigan or jacket over the point in back so that they stay anchored in place.

  17. I could read your posts for hours! They are so full of the best mix of fashion, food, travel and of course your lovely and full lifestyle. I must confess that while I totally understand your transition to more flat shoes, I love your oufits with heels. Your blog totally changed how I dress and guided me toward establishing my own signature style formula, which centers on fabulous heels! Your blog turnrd me on to the magic of d’orsay heels and nude or silver/gray sandals with white. A total game changer for someone who had all black and navy shoes. Your fashion sense and amazing life story are riveting. Keep it coming!

  18. Beautiful! Where did you get the lovely grey cashmere sweater from? And which style of Chico’s Travelers are those?

  19. Hi Susan

    Thank you for giving me so much inspiration. I have been looking for stylish tips for years now and at last what you recommend/wear is just up my street. I have copied many tips but as I am a totally different shape (and age) I have tried to adjust things which might suit me better, including the colours of your scarves. I can wear most colours you wear but I’m not happy with black. I find n avg blue u e is a better option for me. T hank you so much and I look forward to your next post.

    Lynda UK

  20. You always look quite nice – lots of pictures!! ……. but for your shoes – usually trendy and almost always quite high heals. We want to look fashionable in our sixties but certainly “age appropriate” – As grandparents, we enjoy attending their activities. Women our age realistically cannot wear shoes like this unless for a very short period. A dear friend has a broken ankle from trying to look “updated” in these strappy shoes made for YOUNGER women – Just a suggestion to show more practical footwear. We all know what looks best on us by this point in our lives and (like you) have visited and traveled to beautifu places. Happy to be here after dealing with cancer and other health issues —— blessings – good luck…. Thank you….

    1. I have been wearing heels all of my adult life regardless of the current style. That is what I am comfortable wearing when we go out to eat. (Which is often the only time I have someone to take photos for me.)
      I am glad you are here too. I hate cancer!

  21. Hello Susan! I discovered you a couple of years ago on Pinterest. I was looking for outfits for someone in their fifties who wants to be stylish. I’ve been following since!
    My husband and I discovered Highlands in August. We loved it and are going back in a couple of weeks. We will be doing some shopping but also doing some outdoors activities. I would love it if you could do a more casual collage for a 3 day trip. I’m terrible at packing; always packing too much. Thanks for bringing us ideas so we can be fifty no frumpy!!!

    1. No matter if you are casual, dressy or a mix of both, your goal should be to take pieces that can work together to create different looks. For one example, a silky feminine tee can be worn with capris and sandals, but it could also be worn with dressy pants, a scarf, cardigan over your shoulders, and pumps out to dinner.

  22. Susan,

    You always look lovely – enjoy your blog. My problem is – I am finding it very difficult to pull together an outfit for two reasons.
    1) I’ve gained a lot of weight – all around my center
    2) Shoes – even before my increase in weight my feet started bothering me – so I am stuck with very few selections now – all my cute shoes are no longer an option.

    While I work on my weight I still would like to look stylish, but I want comfort too. And there is no hiding my belly – so what suggestions do you have for a gal that used to be a stylish queen?

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Debra,
      Think most about bringing the focus up to your face. Wear shoes that are comfortable for you, but always match the color to the hem of your pants or if you are wearing a dress, wear the color of your legs. The best option is to keep the visual line going from face to foot without a lot of distractions or breaks along the way.

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