The Magic of Three

Getting dressed for our Wednesday lunch date is a real challenge during hot weather. One of my favorite styling tips is to add a third piece to look more polished, but finding a lightweight neutral third piece that can be dressed up or down and worn on the hottest of days is where the challenge comes.

This good looking popcorn jacket from Covered Perfectly can be worn with faded jeans and sandals or heels, a silk top, and dressy pants. Don’t forget! When you buy two, you get the third top for free when you shop at Covered Perfectly.

I embrace the rule of three for accessories as well. The belt, the watch/bracelets combination, and a bold blingy ring were the magic combination of three here. Add a nice handbag in a color that complements what you are wearing or matches something else such as the shoes or belt. I usually carry a small bag and wear heels when I know I will only go to a restaurant. Almost all of the jewelry I own is in silver tones, but many of my shoes and bags are trimmed in gold. If I limit myself to only wearing shoes and bags with silver hardware, I wouldn’t have many options, so I have learned to live by mixing gold and silver tones. My inverted triangle shaped body always looks best in heels, and my short waist always looks best in a low slung belt.

You can see from the image above that this fabric is very lightweight and airy. Pauline, the owner of Covered Perfectly, had this fabric woven, especially for this jacket.

The tank and the bag are from Express. The hook belt is from Chico’s. The winter white pants are from Fabrizio Gianni. The shoes are by Nine West from last year. I am wearing Sheer Lipstick in Scarlet from Beautycounter. The jacket was a gift from Covered Perfectly.

Susan After 60, followers can get a 20% discount on up to two items. Use the discount code FNF20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. There are several great styles to choose from, and the discount will apply on up to two items; after that, you can take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 FREE special. Only one discount will work per order.

  1. Great outfit and accessorizing tips Susan.
    Years ago I was taught that when accessorizing, put on what you think works, then remove one. That seems to tie in with the rule of three as earrings would have been my additional accessory, but would have been too much.

  2. Susan, is the one you have on the same one on their site today? It says cream on their site but what you are wearing looks more white/gray? Thanks

  3. The old rule of whites, Easter/Labor Day, has been so firmly ingrained in me, it is hard for me to give in, even in 90 degree weather. What are you calling a winter white? Is it color or fabric?

    1. It is a softer color of white and the fabric is a little heavier than a summer weight pant. Please forget the rules about wearing white unless you are considering belts and shoes or a handbag. White leather items do look out of place in cold weather but white jeans or a white blouse work year round.

  4. I notice from your fabulous watch that you had lunch at 2:30. When you have a later lunch, do you skip the evening meal? Or do you eat dinner later in the evening? I always try to have dinner before 6:00 and then I don’t eat anything after that. That way I’m not going to bed with too much in my stomach.

    Love the light weight jacket on you. Looks like it would be great for this transitional weather.

  5. Thank you for the magic of 3 for warm weather. Florida has 9 months of summer and then 3 months of “sorta-summer”. I appreciate how you manage to provide fashion help for all of your readers everywhere.

  6. I made your power porridge for breakfast today and it was really good! I wasn’t able to include everything, but I got most of it. I could only find a $10 bag of amaranth so I decided to skip that ingredient. My question for you is…since you are pretty consistent eating the same thing every day, how do you feel when you go away for the weekend and eat differently for a few days in a row?

    1. I try to eat the same types of food when I travel. For example, I may have fresh fruit and oatmeal or a vegetarian omelet for breakfast with dry whole wheat toast. My late lunch/early dinner might be a piece of grilled wild caught fish and a couple of vegetables or a large salad. I always steer clear of processed foods, beef, pork, and anything deep fried.

  7. I really like the look going on. It is casual, but pulled together. This was a very slimming look for you. The belt gives you definition. Nice!

    1. I like to wear ankle length jeans in winter with dark hose, socks or tights and short boos that almost touch the hemline of the pants. I do not cuff my pants at all. Cuffed pants form additional horizontal lines, which make my legs look shorter.

  8. Thank you for this information. I’m traveling to Charlotte at the end of the week, and I’ve been putting together my wardrobe.


  9. Thanks for giving us permission to wear white pants (especially jeans) into the cooler weather! I too have had a bit of an aversion to mixing silver jewelry with gold accents on bags & shoes. One thing that helps when I am going to mix is to wear my two-tone (gold & silver) watch and/or wear an antique gold ring on my right hand, while my platinum/white gold wedding band and diamond rings are on the left.

  10. You are so stunning. I agree totally with your styling. That’s how I love to dress too. I’m looking so,forward to,following you.

  11. You look very pretty in this outfit and it would be great for so many occasions. The colors really work well with your hair & coloring. What a beautiful ring & bangles & like the watch with the larger face. I have a couple of items from Covered Perfectly which are very nice;this jacket looks a good lighter weight choice. We do have an Express here, although I haven’t been in ages! The bag & top may have convinced me to drop in. Thank you and have a great week!

  12. I’m loving the blog this week! I would encourage to you to continue with other body types. I’m currently the opposite of you. Small shoulders/bust, but larger waist and belly 🙁

  13. Hi Susan…I turn 61 this year in June and finding your vlog is a God send. I love your style and thank you for the great tips and classy wardrobe examples. This will help me put together a beautiful and practical wardrbe. Thanks for providing the clothing company names…thanks again.

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