The Vacation Wardrobe

I enjoyed spending last week in southwest Florida, where the sunny daytime temperatures occasionally reached ninety. Today I am sharing the items I took with me on my trip. Pictured are just a few of the possible combinations using the pieces I packed.

When I travel, I dress in a polished, discrete, and comfortable style. My blazer is a few years old. Similar here. Similar jeans are here. The shirt is here. The tank is here. Shopping links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

The coral tie sleeve top is here. The other items are linked below.

A similar blue and white striped shirt is here.

The white shirt is old. Similar here. The packable hat is here. Other items are linked below.

The light-weight soft cardigan is here. My tank is old. Similar tanks are here. The white jeans are here.

A similar coverup dress is here. My swimsuit is here. Similar sunglasses are here. I wore FitKicks to protect my feet while walking on the beach.

The dress is here.

The shirt is old. Similar here. My Nordgreen watch is here.

The magenta top is here.

I was glad I had the cardigan on chilly mornings when I went for coffee.

I took only a few pieces of jewelry with me.

The pearl lariat necklace is perfect to upgrade casual looks. It is here. (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item)

My gifted sleek white leather sneakers are super comfortable and modern looking. (They are here.)

My Sperry boat shoes below are from last year, but I found them for you here. I ran through the Atlanta Airport for about a half-mile to catch my connecting flight before the gate closed. I was thankful that I wore my Sheecs SECRET 2.0 Low-cut thin liner no-show socks (here) with these shoes. The socks didn’t budge, and I didn’t get any blisters. YAY! Use the coupon code SUSAN for 15% off full-price items for one purchase only at Sheecs.

The espadrille wedge sandals below are here.

The bone color handbag I took with me is here. The tote bag is one I found at a consignment shop. (Similar tote here.) My CALPAC rolling carry-on bag is old. (Similar here.) I also used packing cubes (here).

A few days before I left, I started using a self-tanning lotion here. The day before I left, I gave myself a pedicure and manicure. The color on my toes is Dutch Tulips here. I keep my fingers neat and natural and use Solar Oil (here) often.

The YouTube video below shares an overview of all the items I took and a few packing tips. The bra I show in the video is the Ultimate style by Shapeez here. (Use the code FIRSTTIMEBUYER10 for a $10 off discount entered at checkout.)

  1. I love all these looks. I’m somewhat younger than you, but have a similar style, also regarding nails (usually a pedicure but always natural nails on my fingers). I mostly prefer simple, classic looks, and have started swapping out a lot of my prints for more solid-colored tops, although I do still like the occasional polka dot or floral top for added interest. This is partly due to inspiration I’ve gotten from your blog. And I know you’ve mentioned in the past that you don’t often like to wear dresses, but I have to say you look cute in your swimsuit cover-up. Thanks for this post.

  2. I do like your new hairstyle Susan, it’s a fun look.
    I also LOVE the plum/damson dress. That is so beautiful and the colour really suits you.
    Thank you for the inspiration you share with us. I’m adapting your ideas to suit my lifestyle and build. xx

  3. I know you fly when you go on vacation. Would you ever take a solo road trip? I am
    a 69 year old widow who still works as a teacher. Spring break is approaching and I would love to take advantage of time off. I have a been a widow for ten years and only travel when my daughters take me. I look at all your trips and would love to see some of those places. Your solo travel inspires me to want to travel. Am I crazy to want to want go alone? Any advice would be appreciated.

  4. I have two pairs of pants from Chico’s. Both pairs result in “saggy knees” just wearing to church! While I liked the look of the olive pants And the versatility. I don’t need another pair of pants if the knees get all saggy

    1. I didn’t have a problem with bagging or sagging any more than I do with other pants. Don’t ever put them in the dryer. The heat melts spandex so that makes pants lose their shape and stretch out very fast.

  5. Thanks for this and the video, it helps to see things all together.
    Would you wear a grey coloured trouser and use a light grey bag in place of tan with your cool colours ?
    I am not keen on white trousers so wondered if the light grey would be a replacement.

  6. I loved all of your travel looks. You give me tips as to how to put things together. Love the Chico’s ankle pants. Question: Does the bra you wear get hot in the summer ?

  7. Buongiorno Susan molto carino il video, purtroppo vista la situazione che stiamo vivendo qui in Italia credo che per un po’ niente viaggi per un po’ Ono appena tornata da Londra ma giustamente all’aeroporto ci hanno provato la febbre.

  8. Dutch Tulip is my go to for a pedicure. It’s the most perfect red!
    Is that black cover up From Fresh Produce? It looks like theirs and if it is I m guessing you’ve had it for awhile. The brand is hard to find now but I have a couple of pieces still that are at least 20 years old!

  9. Love this!! Thank you so very much.
    All the pieces look perfect!
    I am about your size & coloring with silver hair.
    I have such a difficult time finding bright colors. Most clothing is muted tones which I cannot wear.
    I’m especially Interested in the pants you got from Chicos, I am going try them on during my next shopping trip.
    Thanks again.

  10. I love this! I live in Florida and it’s usually HOT! I still want to look stylish and stay cool at the same time.

    By the way, love your cover-up. You should really wear more dresses, especially in Florida.


  11. Love your style. Susan, I have asked before, but no response; if wearing black, would you ever wear black or off black pantyhose in the summer? (Such as black skirt/dress with black shoes).

  12. Hi Susan,

    Loved all your looks, here. I’ve contemplated the Soft Surrounding dress for years. I’m 5’3 and while it comes in petite, I’m worried it will be unflattering. Do you think we shorter women should steer clear of this length and volume? I have the Chico pant and I loved them until I washed them. I washed them in cold water and gentle cycle -no dryer. Horrible mess. The fabric really would be hard to press, too. Any advice on what you do for upkeep? Love your spirit of adventure!

  13. I tried to order the Sheec socks but they were out of stock in my size and no place from them to let me know when they would be available again or no longer for sale. This has happened several times in the past where I tried to order something you recommended on other items and was disappointed they were out of stock or no longer available. Guess you are so popular with your recommendations that items just fly off the shelves….. Thought you would like to know if you didn’t already.
    Love your blog,
    Clara Bulens from Iowa

  14. I just wore a similar outfit yesterday while traveling; jeans, navy wool blazer, brown loafers but I wore an off white and navy striped top. I received so many compliments.

  15. Hi Susan! Thank you for your blogs and tips and beautiful photos; I missed you while you were away! I thoroughly enjoyed the video where you explained what you took and why. Not only do I tend to pack everything AND the “kitchen sink,” but the refrigerator too, if I can get away with it. I’m curious about the scarf with the horses on it. Who is the maker/designer of that one? I wish I could find one like it. I remember you wearing it in a past blog with an overcoat, I think, and you looked so beautiful in it.

    1. I bought that scarf years ago at a boutique in Blowing Rock, NC. The owner told me that she bought it when she was at market in Paris. It is silk, and it was about $265. The only marking on it is Radical Chic, which is a Russian Company, according to Google.

  16. What are your folding techniques to keep things from becoming wrinkled? I travel a lot for fun and work and I think packing cubes are the greatest, but no matter how I fold, I end up having to iron out wrinkles. I’d love to see how you fold a blazer, cardigan and shirts!

    1. I wear the blazer and fold/roll the other items to pack in my luggage. There will always be some wrinkles, but if I hang them in the bathroom while showering, the wrinkles almost always fall out. My room also had an iron and board for the stubborn creases. If you travel often, you may enjoy a travel steamer (here).

  17. When it gets to 90 degrees, do you still wear the 3/4 sleeve tops? How do you manage to not look “wilted” in the heat? We travel to SW Florida quite often and I feel like I have to choose between comfort and looking put together. Any tips would be appreciated!

    1. I guess I am cold-natured. I didn’t find 90 degrees to be a problem with any of the clothes I took with me. I was in and out of air-conditioning often, so maybe that’s why the heat didn’t bother me.

  18. Welcome home! It’s wonderful to escape and happy you enjoyed Florida. We love Sanibel island too. Your fashions always inspire me and thanks for sharing your great tips. Pretty new hairdo too.

  19. Love all the tips and pictures. That was a lot of work you did for us, thank you! I’m glad about the tip of no dryer for spandex blend pants. I love loose cotton dresses as pop overs for swim suits and for chilling on the patio in hot climates. All your ideas are very helpful!

  20. A perfect vacation wardrobe. . You have covered all the ocassions and the weather. This time if year we can have warm days and cold nights. It pays to be prepared with layers. All good comfortable shoes and just enough jewelry for the times when you need to look a little more polished. Thank you. This is so helpful. Do you pack a raincoat or just stay in if it rains?

    1. I checked the weather a day before I left. If rain had been in the forecast, I would have packed or worn a raincoat. I was lucky! There was only sunshine during my stay.

  21. Thanks again for information about packing. I use packing cubes too. I used them on my last trip a week ago to Los Angeles. On the way there I used them to pack so I could find things easily. I took an extra one and packed my dirty clothes in that one. I got a pair of black Sketchers to wear while there and ordered a pair of white ones. I’m still not used to wearing sneakers with skirts or dresses but I will try that on my trip next week to FLA.

    Love that you brought a long dress. I thought the coverup dress was one that you would wear out and not a coverup! I never worry about where I find things and some items at Walmart go with Chicos things and no one knows unless I tell them. I bought a pair of knit pants at Walmart years ago and pair them with cute tops and faux leather jackets and no one is the wiser.

    Thank you again and have a great weekend.

  22. Hello you look so pretty & nice looking clothes. My question is where can I purchase that beige looking bra body cover? Thank you gracie

  23. Thanks for the video. You are so talented at putting “looks” together. I’m going on a trip to Egypt in the Spring and this blog was very helpful. I think you look great in the Soft Surroundings dress. You should wear more dresses!

  24. HI – I don’t mean to be mean but I liked your old hair style better. This cut makes you look like an old lady. I know we are older but that doesn’t mean we have to look older. Please let your hair grow in.

      1. Hi Susan – I feel your shorter hair style is very flattering & ‘lifting’. Also the eyeglasses really suit you. Thank you for sharing your travel wardrobe.

  25. Hi Susan, can you tell me approximately what the thigh measurement is of the Chico’s pull on pants. That’s where I carry a lot of my weight. Thanks

  26. Love the new hairstyle, especially with the bangs tousled forward. The reading glasses also look GREAT.

  27. Hello to you and the month of March! I would like to know if the suitcase shown is a carry on and fits in the compartment above the seats. also did you have a larger tote size purse to use as extra storage on the plane? Thank you Susan

      1. How safe is the tote bag – Is it a zipped bag ? The smaller shoulder bag – would it be better to use a small cross body body bag ? Once there I can see how they work from your photos.

    1. I rolled it up from the top when I packed it and hung it when I arrived in the hotel. The dress did wrinkle a little, but I also hung it in the bathroom while I took my shower. The results were acceptable.

  28. Susan I really love the tote you used as your second item. Could you tell me where I might be able to purchase it? Thank you.

  29. Hi Susan,
    I liked the large 51 inch scarf from your travel wardrobe. Do you have any left?
    Thank You,

  30. Do you have any large scarves left. If not, do you know where I can find one?
    I really enjoy your blog and your you tube channel.

  31. Great post. Some fun looks but I just wish there would be more dress and skirt looks for hot weather! I am not a fan of slacks in general and especially when it is hot!

    1. This trip taught me a lot about hot, humid weather. I have since purchased some midi-length lightweight flowy dresses to wear on hot days. (Knee-length isn’t in my playbook anymore.)

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