Weekend Travels – Part 3

We took advantage of much more pleasant weather on Sunday. I dressed in light layers to drive to the top of Pilot Mountain and brunch at the beautiful JOLO Winery.

That’s my always well-dressed companion, Mr. M above. We were intrigued by the very tall rock formation jutting out of the ground along the way to the top of Pilot Mountain.

The End Posts offers a delightful dining experience both inside and out on the terrace with live music.

Does it even count as brunch if you don’t have champagne?

We tried the delicious Spinach and Artichoke Dip with Crostinis.

The decision was difficult, but I ordered the Chicken Parmesan.

Mr. Mickey had the Lobster Ravioli (and half my chicken).

We topped off the perfect meal with the Carrot Cake Bites for dessert.

That’s the band playing in the gazebo for the outdoor diners. The grounds of the vineyard are stunning!

We were so excited to visit JOLO for the first time; we forgot to take a picture of what I wore while we were having brunch. I recreated the look for you above. The white jeans are from Liverpool Jeans Co., early spring, and the cardigan is from Chico’s last year. Since nothing I am wearing is new, I’ll link to similar current items below. Referral and affiliate links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.


We hope you have a splendid Labor Day Holiday!

  1. Thank you Susan for your blog and videoz. Three weeks ago was my 50 yr. high school reunion so I went to,what I call YouTube university for help in what to wear to the reunion. A video of yours came up. I eat bed it and then I binge watched the rest of them. You were a great help in deciding what to wear to the reunion. Thank you again. I had a great time at the reunion.

    1. You are right Anna. Both our wardrobes consist of mostly solid neutral colors, but he wears khaki pants often in the summer whereas I wear white. I just realized his look is very similar to the one he wore the day before. The shirt is short sleeve, the pants are lighter and of a more casual fabric for Sunday.

  2. Susan, did you have the top hemmed shorter? That would be a good length for me, but I must have tops shortened to achieve it. The top on the link you suggested looks longer.

    1. I did not get the top shortened. The designer understood that long tops are not as flattering as we might think. I wish I could find others that don’t overwhelm those of us with short waists.

  3. How do you choose your fabulous outings? Does one of you do some research of great spots, great restaurants? Your holiday weekends always look so fabulous. Do you never take longer holidays where you fly?

    1. It is difficult for Mr. M to get away for more than a few days, and flying is no longer an option for him. I do travel solo for extended periods. We often return to destinations we know and love, but we also do some online research to decide if a place is one we would enjoy.

  4. When I wear a similar fabric top over jeans, the waistband/button/zipper always look ‘lumpy’ underneath. How do you keep such a smooth look?

  5. Thank you so much for this post. You’ve inspired me with your look of the long cardi over sleeveless tank and white pants. I have a casual dinner to go to tomorrow night at a French bistro and I just didn’t know what to wear. But seeing this, now I know what to do! I have the white Lior pants and will pair it with a Chico’s India Ink (navy) Travelers knit tank, and a long linen knit cardi by J.Jill in a Prussian blue. I’ll tie it all together with a necklace that has all of these colors plus a little turquoise and silver in it. My shoes will be a pair of suede block heel pumps in taupe. My bag will be a taupe leather clutch by Anne Klein that I’ve had for 40 years! Woo hoo … and I didn’t buy anything new to pull this look together. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your wonderful advice on wardrobe styling. I’m 74 years old and always want to look my best.

  6. I loved your outfits I am wondering if you would ever consider wearing a collar that shows a little BIT of the blouse around it, I forget what it is called I ask this because I find a blouse under a v neck sweater to be both too bulky and to warm for me or is this considered a no-no?

  7. Susan I just love seeing your travels, meals, and great looks you & Mr. M ate wearing. I also enjoy the comments and questions! Thanks for the fun and inspiration!

  8. Susan, re: the dickey idea! I love those little “neck shirts” however, I don’t like the bulk of a shirt under a pullover sweater.

    And, they are darn near impossible to find except as turtlenecks or basic colors. Not cheap, either.

    I just went through my closet and was downsizing multiple blouses I no longer wear. Idea! I cut several down into the dickey shape and now have a variety of them to wear under sweaters.

    Next time I’m shopping at a thrift store, I’ll keep my eyes open for inexpensive shirts to repurpose into a dickey. Bonus: any size shirt can be made into a dickey!

    1. @Leslie: They still sell dickies. Do a web search: IGotCollared as they carry quite a variety of them.
      @Susan: Just playing catch-up and enjoyed your weekend travel series plus all your wardrobe tips.
      @Mr. Mickey: Your photography is a amazing!

  9. Do you always wear a slim leg jean or slacks? I usually wear a straight leg and rethinking maybe I should be wearing slim leg jeans instead.

    1. Sometimes, I wear wide-leg culottes or slightly boot cut jeans. I look for straight leg jeans when I shop, but they don’t always look that way on me because I have thick calves.

  10. Love your advice for us over 60 ladies. Sometimes it’s hard to take an honest look at ourselves and make changes. Even small steps soon add up. Thanks & stay kind and positive as you are.

  11. Hi Susan, Loved your Weekend Travel series. Planning on taking a trip to NC and your suggestions on places to see and eat were intriguing ! Thanks for giving such great suggestions. Thank you, Pam Kehoe

  12. Thank you for a great website. Enjoy you very helpful tips and your sharing beautiful photos. Wish I had discovered your site sooner.

    Carol S.

  13. I love your style. I also love that you show clothes that you continue to wear and love. I have been following your blog for a couple of years and always enjoy seeing a new post. I enjoy your restaurant highlights and the foods you choose. I hope you continue doing your blogs, I like the idea that you promote quality and being able mix and match without needing the buy new all the time.
    Thank you

  14. I can’t seem to get into your site or access your comments in weekend travels Part 3 or anything else that comes up on this site, can you help me?

  15. I always have a hard time deciding what color purse to wear with my white jeans in Summer. I notice your purse is bone; does that fight with the white jeans by making the bag look somewhat dirty?

    What other color would you have chosen to go with your outfit.

    Thx for all your tips.

    1. The color of the bag is stone, so it is just a cool grayed version of white. I don’t worry about colors matching, but I do try to keep them all in the cool tones. Any natural tone leather or even straw would be a good choice.

  16. Thank you for your posts. As I go through my emails, ditching most of them, I always slam on my brakes to open your post. They are a pleasure to read, study and absorb.
    Again, thanks. Mrs.R.

  17. I am so happy to have found you! At the age of 65 I found myself in a rut with clothes, not having a clue what I should be wearing, buying or not buying. I retired 8 years ago, so I haven’t had the need of wearing business attire and wanted to settle into a more casual look; however, my look has been too casual-just clothing, no outfits. Your blog has inspired me to purge all those items that do not work for me; especially the suits that I will never wear again. I look forward to receiving your newsletters for further instructions and inspiration. Thank you so much, from a fellow southern girl.

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