The Spring Wardrobe

Sometimes, it’s easier to make what you have work in different ways than to shop for new items. New pieces are showing up in stores and online, but not much has captured my interest.

These photos share some transition-to-spring looks that feature white jeans. The exercise shows how adding one thing, like a pair of white jeans, may be all you need to make your wardrobe spring-ready. The fuller leg and higher waist look modern and flatter my shape, so I know I will wear them often. My jeans (here) are the only new item in these images. (The straight-leg version of these white jeans is here.) I’ve styled them with tan block-heeled shoes, which are at least three years old. The jeans, shoes, and the scoop neck tank here are the same base in each photo.

The first look could work for a lunch date with the gals, a doctor’s appointment, church, or even dinner. The necklace with tassel is here, and the bracelet is here. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.) The leather jacket is almost sold out, but it is here. I am wearing a size large. The gray bag is old, but a similar one is here from the same company. A similar belt is here. The watch is here.

An open neckline and lighter-weight layers can make a combo more warm-weather-appropriate. Lighter colors and thinner fabrics are perfect for warm, sunny days.

The cropped denim shirt is here. The striped cotton tee tied around the shoulders adds a bit of warmth as well as style.

A tweed navy jacket looks quintessentially spring with white. The jacket is now on sale here. The earrings are here. The ivory belt is here.

When the sun is shining, the calendar says spring, but the air is still chilly; layers come to the rescue. I layered a V-neck cashmere sweater here and a pale gray blazer over the tank and added a silk scarf to pull the look together. The woven leather clutch relates to the black in the scarf.

I used items I’ve been wearing through fall and winter but styled them differently for these photos. A wardrobe of seasonless elements in neutral colors is infinitely versatile. I hope these examples gave you some ideas for jazzing up your wardrobe for springtime.

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  1. While I look forward to all your posts, the posts like this one using the base of jeans, tank, and shoes to create 4 different looks are always my favorites. Thank you for putting these looks together. Love the cropped denim shirt with striped tee over shoulders! Great idea.

  2. While I love the classic straight leg jeans, I have to admit I have gotten hooked on the flare and wider legs. They are so much more comfortable when one has large calves, as I do. Thank you, Susan, for opening my eyes to this current look.
    And, yes, petites (short legs) can wear them successfully. As usual, you were spot on.

  3. I’m looking forward to spring and more daylight! The outfits you put together are perfect for our cool weather. Great combinations using what we already have with a few new additions. I’m off to my closet to plan outfits. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for the spring outfit ideas. This time of the year spring looks wonderful. I’ll have to check out the pants. I’m not great with white pants but I might try these. I really like the denim shirt.

  5. Thanks for this great post. One thing, thinking of your blog reminded me to do this week was to put on a special necklace my daughter gave me for Christmas. It is a long one. I put it over a striped tee and felt quite special with that and a nice jacket and three quarter pants on. So wanted to really say thanks for encouraging experimenting different looks.

  6. Lovely combinations, as per usual. Elegant and up to the mark. You always present so beautifully.
    I’m not a fan of flares, so would probably substitute a classic straight leg because in the end, it’s how smoothly we put things together. I read a post this week from another blogger and basically all shapes of jeans seem to be ‘in’, except the skinny jean. Good to know.
    Also, high-rises can often be difficult for women with big busts as there’s not a great deal of visual (let alone physical) space between the bust and waist, so mid-rises that are well-fitted fit the brief there and actually make one look taller and slimmer (with the right kind of elegant shoe).
    Thank you for the post and for your classic combinations – it’s always inspiring.

  7. One fantastic post after another! It made me smile about white jeans; time got away from me last year. That was the only addition I wanted to look for at the time. Thank you for the reminder because the search is on for sure this year.
    We gathered for a joyful luncheon today for my mother’s birthday, she celebrates 99 years of a blessed life, but we are the lucky ones to honor our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great- great- grandmother. Thank you for the book titles (The Great American House and Wear It Well) that I was able to reserve at the local library. I enjoyed both very much. You certainly did give us ideas for jazzing up our wardrobes! I’m sure I’m not the only one who scrolls through your post’s multiple times and think – wait a minute, I have that already in my closet. You’re the best. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Classy + casual! Nailed it! I love all these combos! Navy and white is pretty together.. Thanks for another great post!

  9. Thank you. I love the combinations. I am not a fan of the flair. I know the industry changes so we have to buy the new style. I won’t be buying them.

  10. I love a flare pant. It really balances my frame. Thanks for showing so many looks with the same base! Very helpful.

  11. When I clicked in “here” for the jeans, nothing popped up. It appears to be missing the link. Thought you would want to know.

  12. I love the varied styles you used with the white jeans. Such a great way to change the look so reasonably.
    Again, I was able to copy and paste some of the outfits but not the first one which was the best one for me but wouldn’t let me copy. I was disappointed but at least the others went into my “Susan Album” so I can be reminded about the accessories you use as generally I remember the basics.
    I also have the tassel necklace from Beauty in Stone and wear it a lot. Love that piece as well as the earing she made for me.

    Clara from Iowa

  13. Another classy post. great combinations!
    Susan I also couldn’t see the first pic …kindly send to me too!
    Thanks so much for your much anticipated and interesting posts…… love them.
    Maureen S.A.

  14. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your spring pull together ideas. Thanks to the capsule wardrobe I have everything except the flared pants. I am 5’1” and look like “Popeye” in the flares so I stay with straight legs and the linear look. I purchase my pants from Talbots because they are the only store that sells true petite lengths with no hemming needed. I do hope you and Mickey are doing well.

  15. Susan what fun the 2 fashion video/Milan people watching channels you included. Comments were interesting especially on Opera evening.
    Hope you and Mr are both well. My husband’s son included a picture of a daffodil in bloom in his Atlanta yard. Spring is coming. XOX

  16. You look lovely, as always. But I’m having such a hard time wrapping my head around the 1970’s bell bottoms. They look ok on tall women, but I’m quite short and thin. I bought a pair of flare leg jeans, put them on and just started laughing! I was back in 9th grade!
    Trends be damned, I’m sticking to straight leg jeans!

  17. All the outfits look so sharp and you can never go wrong with a navy and white combo. I happen to have the Beauty in Stone bracelet that you are wearing and it is a lovely piece that I wear often. Question: do you have a link to the scarf or one similar?

    I will be traveling to the TN area come spring and look forward to checking out some of the spots you and Mr. Mickey have highlighted in your posts. So looking forward to that! Have a great weekend!

  18. Thank you ! I have just subscribed and I’m enjoying your posts. I especially like that you show us how to use the pieces that we already have in our wardrobes.

  19. This was such a nice break. I’m so ready for spring. I suffer from a serious addiction to purchasing jackets. My fall/winter wardrobe is overflowing with them after being home so much due to the flu at the holidays. You’ve inspired me to swap over to spring.

  20. I love this and your last post. They must have taken a lot of time. I love this post, it really made me take a look in my closet at things that I normally wouldn’t together. It helps that I just organized my closet in order of the things that are in there All the long sleeves together, 3/4 length together, etc. I’m 71 and had never thought to do this before. It was a real eye opener. I actually had duplicates of two vests. Thank you Susan.

  21. Susan, you look so glamorous in these pictures.
    I’m now searching my wardrobe for suitable items for spring. In the UK they are starting to promote denim with shorter sharper jackets with wider leg trousers. You’re spot on Susan, well done.

  22. I love the Scoop Necks from Banana Republic you’ve shown, but I’m not comfortable buying on line … never have been. I located a store not far from me. It’s an Outlet or Factory store … but I’m just trying to get my size right. I’d like to see how they fit, then come back and buy here with you. I think these items are a staple and won’t go out of style and will be something the store will carry year round. I wanted 3/4 sleeve and noticed when I kept clicking … they do offer it. So wish me luck Georgieanne

  23. I love your style, your blogs and all the photos taken during your weekend getaways and celebrations. Thanks for all your tips on how to dress well after 60.

  24. Your blog is the absolute best! Wish I had known about it years ago!! By the way, you look like a retired fashion model. that is what I thought when i first saw your picture!

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