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There is never a day that I don’t get comments from Facebook followers on the heels I often wear. The truth is, I do not typically find flats comfortable at all. I have been wearing four-inch heels for the past forty years, so that is what feels natural for me both physically and psychologically.



This pair of Chanel inspired flats are reasonably comfortable. They are from Neiman Marcus Last Call. When I am running errands at the grocery, hardware, drug store, wild bird food store (they eat more than I do!), I want to wear flats to cover the mileage quickly. A friend who accompanied me once as I zipped through one of those big box stores asked if we could slow down because he was getting windburn.



The choices we make about what to wear come from a much deeper place than what we see in the mirror. When I put on a skirt that is too short or a top that emphasizes the bust a bit too much, I can’t wait to change. Prints, ruffles, and gathers of any type, as well as bulky textures, make me cringe. Style and how we present ourselves are forms of self-expression. The first rule of style (if there are any such rules) should be, wear what makes you happy!


The black sheer mesh and satin-trimmed jacket and So Slimming Ankle jeans I am wearing are old from Chico’s. The Peck & Peck white tank is old from Stein Mart. The fabulous green bag was handcrafted in Italy, and it was a gift from Uno Alla Volta when I was publishing my old blog, Fifty, not Frumpy. I am not wearing socks here. If I am comfortable without them or if the shoes have open toes, I skip the socks and hose. If I am forced to wear a dress, I do wear hose. Common sense should always prevail over any trends the younger set is following.

  1. You nailed it – “wear what makes you happy”. I’m packing right now for a weekend away visiting my best friend and packing my favourite sweaters, leggings and over the knee boots.
    Have a great weekend Susan.

  2. Hard to find good flats that don’t have rubber heels. I keep looking though, and when I find them I will be stocking up!

  3. Once you get accustomed to flats, your feet will thank you. I had foot surgery when in my 20s and the doctor picked up one of my shoes and said “why do you women ruin your feet with these damn high heels?” After surgery I’ve been unable and unwilling to wear super high heels and always stuck to 2-21/2 inch ones. I’ve always read that if you do wear super high heels, you should alternate them with flats and low heels to keep the tendon and ligaments from becoming too tight. Anyway, I love your casual style.

  4. Yes, I agree with you and Miss Yvonne…”wear what makes you happy”. If you are miserable in something, because of fit or style, it shows in your face and demeanor. The pictures of the birds at your feeders are beautiful.

  5. I also totally agree with this post. I feel my best in heals but unfortunately can’t wear them very often now…still so sad about that. I also have to watch that tops don’t emphasise my bust. I’ve gone out with tops I wasn’t sure about and felt terrible the whole time I was out! Needless to say those tops are gone from my closet.
    Have a great weekend Susan

  6. You are so right about hosiery! Not only do pantyhose make your legs look prettier, they also serve as subtle shapewear, smoothing things under your dress. Look at photos of Princess Kate Middleton! She always wears hoisery with dresses, and she is the epitome of great style. I don’t ever go without hoisery or tights in the cooler months. But I admit I’m pretty opinioned on this topic because I retired from Hanes last year!

  7. Dear Susan,

    I just love your (realistic) fashion blog and most of all, how you avoid prints, wear comfy clothes, but make it all look so elegant with accessories whether you are going out for dinner, to an inn (which we love to do as well), or running errands. I love scarves and shawls and have always worn and collected them too, and now at 58, that’s my preferred way of adding color and pattern to my core solid wardrobe colors, along with earrings I collect, and sometimes a brooch too. Works so much easier and looks so much better for me as I agree with you that prints are no longer for me either! I can no longer wear heels either and never did wear very high heels, but I certainly think they look pretty on you and I agree with you that one should wear whatever it is that makes them feel fab inside and out! Kudos on your new Lovely! Also, speaking of shoes, Tieks ballet flats are all the rage and I think they are adorable with all their colors etc. They are on my list for next year. I now buy only 2-3 pair of ballet shoes every year that are comfortable and only black so I will likely buy 1 black leather, 1 black patent, and 1 black/nude lace for dresses. I wear them everywhere. Easy to pack, store, and be comfy all in one! I keep a very small closet and wardrobe purposely and am so happy with both as makes it easy to get dressed not to mention laundry. I have also gone to 4 colors that all go together. Like you, I am a JJill shopper and this past year have transitioned to as many of their Wearever line as I can because they take me from housework to errands to a night out to dinner or lunch at a nice place out with my husband all in one day if I accessorize them “up.” So comfy and I feel pretty in them. It’s a process! Keep up the good work and blessings for the holidays!

  8. After wearing heels her whole life my mother in law was physically unable to wear anything else. Her ligaments and tendons were so tight she needed to wear heels all the time. Finally into her eighties she tried to wear an athletic shoe some of the time because she became afraid of falling, but it was not a comfortable switch for her.

    1. My mother too was a stiletto wearer and maintained that low heels gave her backache. She lived until 92 years of age!

  9. What makes you happy? At midlife and beyond, we are making so many changes in all parts of our lives. This simple question isn’t easy to answer at times. It’s kind of like the teen years in reverse. Maybe things will settle, and the question will get easier. How do we adjust to body changes, changing hair color and complexion and most importantly, changes in the way we see ourselves and our place in the world?

    I feel a lot of empathy for teenagers. It’s good I have one in my life right now, because we’re at the same intersection in life, but going in different directions.

  10. Susan I stumbled on to Susanafter 60 a couple of weeks ago . I just turned 71 am 5ft 2in and am very healthy ” take NO Meds ” but something happened to me after my birthday . I felt like I was old and no reason to get up in the morning and get dressed , I was so depressed and then I found you and could not stop reading . Thanks to you I have cleaned my closet , put togather some of your out fits . I feel 40 again and look great . Keep up the great work . You are my angel . Barbara

  11. When I worked I always wore heels and thought my arches couldn’t do flats. Then when I stopped working I eventually eased myself into flats then I got it in my head that I couldn’t do heels because I thought I would wobble and fall.
    “This is silly”, I thought one day,”all of this has always been just in your head”, so started “training” myself. Now of course I can comfortably wear both. So my lesson learned was not to constantly wear one type of footwear (unless of course you need to for health reasons), mix up the heel levels.
    Lovely bird shots, BTW, what is the gorgeous red one?

  12. I am so the opposite of you. I cannot wear heels, and, except for sandals, I detest going without socks. I now this really ages my look. I want to be comfortable. Any suggestions?

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