Spring Check List

Changing to the spring wardrobe means letting go of some items and making appointments with healthcare professionals and the talented nail and hair techs who never let me down.

I first showed the top here, so it is now sold out. A similar current top is here.

Along with editing my wardrobe for spring and summer, I visit my eye doctor for a complete exam. My prescription hasn’t changed since last year, but I wanted to get updated frames, and I plan to put prescription lenses in these my favorite sunglasses. I’ll share more about that process as soon as my glasses arrive.

In spring, I also restock sunscreen here and here. My lip color is here. The lip liner is here. My skincare routine is here. Similar earrings are here.

The bag is about four years old, but the shoes are here.

I often get professional pedicures but I also learned to do them years ago. Open sandals require attention to the feet, even without wearing red polish. The solar oil here is a game changer for dry heels and cuticles. In a few days, I will see Whitney at Rumors Salon, my excellent nail tech.

As I dress for warmer weather, I find that some things no longer fit how I like. I will donate these jeans since the waist and hip area fit well, but the legs are too tight.

I also have an appointment with April to get my hair cut this month. In addition, I will visit my dentist for a checkup and cleaning and my nurse practitioner (NP) for my annual physical. There will be follow-up tests such as bone density and mammograms. I visited my dermatologist last month for my six months skin cancer follow-up.

It is vital to care for our health by exercising, resting, eating fresh vegetables, and getting regular checkups. Maintenance visits with professionals also make getting ready a pleasure. A good haircut and pretty nails give me a daily boost.

In addition to taking care of our physical body, spending time with positive people who care about us and enhance our life is vital to our well-being. As an introvert, stepping in front of the camera or spending time with friends and family isn’t always easy, but I feel much better afterward.

A summary of recent outfits is here. In addition, shopping links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission without cost to you.

  1. I moved to a different state this winter. Do you have any tips on how to find a new hair stylist? Reviews on line can be so contradictory about the same person. Any suggestions?

    1. If you see someone out and about who has hair similar to yours in texture, and you like how their hair is cut, ask them who does it. Women stop me occasionally and ask that question, so I’m prepared with one of April’s cards.

  2. Susan, that is exactly how I found my current hair stylist, who I have been going to for over 15 years. Thank you for a timely reminder of all things healthy.

  3. You look beautiful! And you’re always inspiring. Thank you for continuing your work here.

  4. Terrific column!
    It’s a good idea to make appointments to take care of ourselves so no excuses.
    Those earrings are a fun summer addition too!

  5. Susan, I appreciate your posts. You are inspiring and true to yourself. I have been reevaluating my clothing choices, and trying to shop, when I need to, more mindfully. My goal is to have a much smaller wardrobe with higher quality clothing. As my skin has also become more sensitive, I’m trying to choose better fabrics such as organic cotton, or merino wool. I still have a bit of polyester activewear and that seems to work well. Do you have any advice regarding clothing fabrics and how well they hold up. Thank you.

    1. I have avoided polyester, acrylics, and acetate for a few years. Those fabrics don’t hold up well, and I don’t like the way they cling and pill. Natural fabrics look and feel better most of the time, but there are a few manmade fabrics, such as viscose which are very comfortable on the skin.

  6. It’s interesting to see how our tastes in fit change from year to year. Some pants feel too tight (with no weight gain). But I do like my tops more fitted lately ( less frumpy). You look great it those colors, btw.

  7. Susan,
    I’m so glad I found your blog bc at 65 I am finding it challenging to age gracefully. I moved to Minnesota 10 years ago where the weather is harsh half of the year and was told to “give up on looking cute” and dress for the weather. I have succeeded in finding attractive cold weather clothes but any focus you can find to offer that subject next winter, I’m all ears. And thank you for teaching more women about BeautyCounter. I’m a brand advocate too:)

  8. So pretty in that soft red top. I admire your strengths and useful tips! Thank you for blogging!

  9. That side view of you is adorable! Those white pants with the flare leg are so flattering on you. Thank you for your delightful posts! They always make me smile!

  10. What an interesting comment you made about being an introvert Susan , I can relate to that. it isn’t always easy to be with people , family or
    friends but I too always feel better afterwards, I don’t mind my own company but I am finding as I get older I seem to get lonely.
    It’s wonderful you have Mr Mickey, I think you are each other’s soul mate.
    As you have probably known this weekend has been a massive event in U.K. having a King and Queen crowned, the reason I mention it is King Charles
    and Queen Camilla are way in their seventies but they are soul mates and deeply in love . Also there was another person who stood out amongst all the
    Pomp , circumstances , regalia and a highly religious ceremony was a Lady called Penny Mordant who is a Senior member of Parliament and her duty
    at the Coronation was to hold and present an ancient sword to the King. The reason I mention this is because her background is as a Naval Officer.
    She for some reason reminded me of you, beautiful yes , but something else too. Discipline! The way she held herself and Wow her outfit was gorgeous,
    not one crinkle or crease. Do look her up at the Coronation , and apparently she held that Sword for ages which was very heavy and she didn’t flinch but
    kept herself upright.
    Your discipline in how you have just mentioned , how in Spring you visit Dentist , Nurse Practitioner etc etc even down to having a Pedicure. Thank
    you Susan for your inspiration and teaching us discipline without probably realising it. Know wonder you and Mr Mickey are soul mates with shoes that
    shine like his car you wouldn’t settle for anything less being ex Navy Officer and of course the ‘ themed ‘ socks are legendary.
    Sorry I go on Susan but it’s cathartic to send you sincere comments.
    Best wishes Pamela from Wales UK.

    1. Thank you for telling us about Penny Mordant. (I watched most of the Coronation Service on The Royal Family channel on YouTube.) She impressed me very much with her discipline and grace.

  11. I love your handbag. You said it was old, do you possibly have recommendations for something similar? Thank you

  12. I like your hair this longer length, it suits you. You always appear so confident. These tips on keeping up with maintaining our health is a great idea, which can slip by before we know it. I recently lost my dear husband, I wish he had taken better care of his health, he was only 71. I miss him so much. Take care you and Mr Mickey and seize the day.

  13. I think you look lovely in those jeans. The different fit, for a change, looks very nice on you.

  14. Thank you for making my morning. I love your outfit. You look even more exquisite than normal.

  15. I’m 69 and have been following you since 60. Lol! You have been so helpful. The above comment from Pamela in Wales was spot on! Hi Pamala! I know there is controversy with the Monarchy but I’ll just say…. The Brits do it right! The pageantry, discipline, beauty, cuteness of the young royals ETC. AMERICANS love it for the most part. ☺️

  16. This was a great reminder to visit our health care providers and also take the time to care for ourselves. This does include our hairdresser. I’m having a terrible time finding one where I now live so when I go back to my old hometown I visit my hairdresser there. Now the problem is I don’t want her to retire!
    Thank goodness you still get in front of the camera for your style recommendations. I am also an introvert and can relate to what you said at the end. I really agree about spending more time with positive people it does make a difference. It’s really hard though when the negative person is a family member. It’s hard to limit time with that person. They do bring you down. But if there is a choice being with positive people does make a difference in attitude.

  17. Susan, thank you for mentioning these important items – having regular physicals and mammograms. Another thing to add is the importance of having up to date immunizations. This is especially important for those who are travelling. Another important thing you said & exhibited was how important it is to check your outfit in a mirror – the white jeans.
    I missed responding to your Black Tie blog. You and Mr Mickey look so elegant. Your outfit is very similar to my go-to for concerts, ballets & opera. Thank you for spreading elegance and graciousness in an age of of super casual and at times, too much attitude.

  18. Looking great as usual! That is how I cut down on my wardrobe too. How many times have I said. “This is the last time I am wearing this” No matter how new or stylish it is.

  19. Hello Susan! A wealth of information noted today! I relate to being an introvert, and how speculating on matters can rein in my social interactions. It always ends up being a good time, and then I wonder why all the fuss?!

  20. Susan, the red top with white looks great on you and will work through summer. I always get great ideas from you, thanks so much!

  21. I love your jeans, every time I see you n a pair. Where do you shop for them? It seems like all jeans I try on are too big in the waist, or to tight in the buttox, or thighs, and have gotten too tight, I don’t like the jeans that look so nice until you wear them for an hour, then the back starts getting saggy and the waist gets stretched.
    PS You have helped me go from frumpy to sassie, I love it, I wish I know your blog was out years ago, But I’m grateful I have found it a year or so ago.

    Thank you, for helping me, I feel so much better about myself, and most of all your outfits I have, But didn’t know how to put them together nor add accessories, All I needed was to add a scarf, jacket or necklace, It’s great,
    I’m sure you have helped more of us than you relize.
    Also I;m 65 but like you, I look 48, I’m tall 5’8″, 147lbs, with a small waist and medium hips, it’s always hard to find things that fit well, or doesn’t need alterations.
    I have been looking for a med. blue sweater and scarf that I have seen you wear, It’s one of my favorites.

    Susan Sennett

    1. Click on the blue links in the text of my articles. Usually, the word here will be a link to take you to the site where I purchased the item. Since you may have an hourglass figure, you may need to look for curvy jeans so the waist is smaller. Also, buy jeans with no more than 2% elastane to fit snuggly so that they will still fit nicely when they stretch out a little.

  22. I will be so interested in the results of your Dexa Scan, I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis a few years ago and have had 3 of the reclast infusions about 2 years apart. These have shown no significant improvement. Now my doctor insists that my diet is my problem. Taking calcium and vitamin supplements are not the answer. My mostly vegetable diet all my life has robbed my bones and body, I need to eat meat and lots of foods with collagen, which I do not care for. I hear so many conflicting opinions from the medical field I get very frustrated. I’m not and never have been a meat eater, now I’m told it is the best alternative or only hope I have to rebuild bone. I’m older than you and I hope that you have no sign of Osteoporosis.

  23. I noticed that your handbags are on the smaller side. Try as I might, I never seem to be able to downsize enough to fit my things in a smaller bag. Could you give any suggestions for must haves in a purse, options to organize, and space savers? Thank you.

    1. When running errands for the day, I take a tote or handbag to keep up with all I might need. However, when I am just going out for brunch or dinner, I only need keys, glasses, lip color, cards, and cash.

  24. Love your blog and been following for years. Are you aware that a weight loss company is using your images on their advertising. I see it in google when the different stories pop up. You look beautiful as usual but do not know if you authorized. I took a photo so if not just let me know and I will send you the photo/ copy.

  25. Hi Susan,
    I am interested in your comment about using CND SolarOil for dry heels – could you please clarify if there is a different oil for heels or is it the same oil for both? Thank you!
    And thank you so much for all the wonderful tips you offer all of us. You are an inspiration!

  26. What an inspiration to take care of ourselves inside and out! Love everything about this post! Thank you for sharing!

  27. Why or what do you contribute to body changes and clothing ? I know you eat good and exercise daily… how about vitamins? Take care!

    1. Besides a spoonful of cod liver oil daily, I’m not taking supplements or vitamins now. The process of aging and the pull of gravity changes our shape. Bums, thighs, calves, and ankles become thicker even though our weight may not have changed.

  28. Are you aware that Keto Weight Loss gummies is using your image to advertise their product on Google?

  29. Hi Susan great post as always! I thought I read you no longer wear heels. The sandals are so cute – but high. Did I misread that along the way, or is there a type of heel you now find does work? I’m veering more toward flats due to foot issues.

    1. I don’t wear the stilettoes I once wore, but the block heels and platforms are comfortable. Most flat shoes are very uncomfortable for me because I have high arches.

  30. I am turning 60 this month and have been coloring my hair. I have recently been thinking about letting the gray grow out. I have seen some pictures of women who have done this and during the process the hair doesn’t look very pretty. Can you give any tips on doing this? Also, is it advisable to just go ahead and color my hair gray? Thank you.

    1. These days colorists are very good at several techniques to make your growing-out stage less noticeable. For example, I used a temporary color to soften the effects and kept my hair short sixteen years ago when I stopped coloring it. If I were going through that again, I would explore high and low lighting on the surface to camouflage the new growth.

  31. I enjoy so much your posts on Pinterest. You are beautiful.

    I just turned 78 in January and have my own business. I don’t see clients often and live alone with my dog. I have felt more frumpy than ever.

    I wish I had a wardrobe like yours just to be able to look polished and put together when I do go out. I’m getting a lot of inspiration from you.

    Thank you!!!

  32. Susan
    Another beautiful look!
    Are these white jeans the GAP jeans or BR?
    The GAP seem to have a larger flare.
    I bought blue from GAP. They take some getting use to after years of skinny jeans.
    My husband asked if they were “mom” jeans but he liked them and said the were very youthful looking.

  33. Catching up on your posts. I particularly like this one. It reminds us to take care of ourselves; sometimes put ourselves first and to just get things done. I’m inspired to make all my appointment.

  34. Hello Susan. It is always a pleasure to read you. I was wondering what your preferences are for manicures? Do you prefer to wear your nails natural, short and buffed mist of the time?

    1. I wear “Dutch Tulips” often for my pedicure color. It’s by OPI. My manicures are always buffed, natural, and neat. Color lasts about three hours on my hands because I am constantly scrubbing, planting, or polishing something.

  35. Thank you for your response. I can relate and wear bold red on toes too paired with simple and clean manicures! Have a lovely day.

  36. Susan, you look lovely as always.

    On the near future, would you do a refresher course in the things and way you eat.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. At most, two meals per day, no seconds, always smaller portions, primarily fresh raw or steamed organic vegetables. Wild-caught fish such as salmon, sardines, or herring about twice a week. Occasionally I have a piece of free-range organic chicken breast with steamed or broiled vegetables. Avoid sugar and anything processed, such as cooking oils and premade salad dressings.

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